President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 527 I have a mistress now

Luo Jinyu turned around and pressed the restless little thing under his body. Then, he saw her face blushing nervously.

Luo Jinyu’s large hand reached into her chest. His fingers easily undid her first button ??

Yang Chuchu’s beautiful eyes suddenly widened. Her snow-white face was as if it was on fire; it was completely red.

“You ?? Are you really going to do that with me? ” Yang Chuchu saw Luo Jinyu’s finger gently undoing one of her buttons. He looked into her eyes with a burning gaze. The hidden danger in her eyes made her seem as if he wanted to eat her up.

“Don’t you want to?” Luo Jinyu’s tone was low and hoarse, exuding the wild charm of a man.

Yang Chuchu had always been bold, but at this moment, she was a little scared. She felt that the reason why she kept showing such desire was because she knew that Luo Jinyu wouldn’t do that to her. However, at this moment, she felt so nervous that she couldn’t breathe.

She wanted to stop, but she seemed to have angered him. If she stopped, would Luo Jinyu mock her for the rest of her life?

He definitely would feel that she was only bluffing. Then, how would she ever raise her head and act like a human in front of this man in the future?

“Yes, I think, of course I do!” Yang Chuchu purposely lifted her chin, replying with dissatisfaction. However, her small body, which had been pressed down by the man, couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

Luo Jinyu looked at this pretentious little thing. It seemed that this time, he was really going to scare her. Otherwise, this little thing would always play with him. It made him so hot that he could not bear it anymore.

“Alright, let’s continue!” When Luo Jinyu said this, he raised one of her legs and pulled it up with his hot palm.

When their skin touched, the man’s scorching heat directly left her skin and burned her heart. Yang Chuchu was completely stupefied.

When Yang Chuchu saw that the man was about to reach out to take his shirt, she couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

The way the man undid his shirt with one hand was simply too fascinating. It was lazy and casual, making it hard to look away.

Yang Chuchu felt her throat start to dry up. How strange, she clearly wanted to resist.

Luo Jinyu had already undone the second button. His dark eyes were still locked on that crimson red face, waiting for her to stop.

However, Yang Chuchu was completely enchanted by his lazy look. How could she remember to stop?

The atmosphere in the living room had reached its climax. It was as if the next second, both of them would ignore everything in the world ?? Trampling the bottom line!

“Dingdang!” At that moment, the doorbell rang. Someone had come.

The doorbell continued to ring, bringing the atmosphere back to its normal temperature.

Luo Jinyu stood up and said with some dissatisfaction: “Who dares to be so tactless? You actually interrupted my good fortune! ”

The man cast a sidelong glance at Yang Chuchu, who was obviously relieved. When he purposely said that, he saw her face stiffen.

“You’d better hurry and open the door to see who it is!” Yang Chuchu urged softly as she inwardly sighed. She was so nervous, so close to danger.

Almost, she was really going to follow Luo Jinyu to the point of having children.

She wasn’t mentally prepared yet. She had heard that doing that would hurt the most, and she was afraid of it the most. Thus, she felt that she would probably have to wait a very, very long time before she could accept it.

“Why is it you?” After the door was opened, he heard Luo Jinyu’s somewhat cold voice.

Outside the door, Mi Fei’er raised the bottle of red wine in her hand. “This is a bottle that I have been collecting for years. If you want someone to share it with you, can you enter?”

Luo Jinyu glanced at the wine in her hand. He said with indifference: “Sorry, I’m not in the right place right now!”

Mi Fei’er noticed that the third button on Luo Jinyu’s black shirt had been unbuttoned, revealing his firm chest. She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

Even his figure seemed to be stronger than before. Even though he was wearing a shirt, his thin shirt could still draw out the perfect outline of a man’s body. He definitely had the ability to make women scream and go crazy.

Mi Fei’er had been divorced for more than a year, and she had always had very high requirements for men. She had always been very vigilant with her eyes, and when she was handsome, money often didn’t attract her, and when she was rich, she often became ordinary. Therefore, Mi Fei’er had already been away for more than a year, and had already paid for the taste of men.

Especially after meeting her again, the feeling of emptiness in her body had already made Mi Fei’er retract her former pride.

When they met in the past, most of the time, it was Luo Jinyu who took the initiative to look for her. She had always maintained the reserved and proud attitude of a woman, so she rarely took the initiative to meet him.

But now, she realized that if she didn’t seize this man with superior resources in time, countless women would definitely snatch him away.

“Where is it inconvenient?” Jin Yu, I’m already standing here. Do you have the heart to chase me away? ” Mi Fei’er had come prepared today. That was why she was wearing a beautiful black dress with two-thirds of her snow-white skin exposed. As she walked, she had attracted the attention of countless men.

She believed that if she had the ability to attract other men, then Luo Jinyu would definitely like her dressing.

“Who is it ??” Yang Chuchu sat blankly on the sofa for a while before she immediately ran over to check out what was going on.

When she ran to the door, she saw Mi Fei’er wearing cool clothes and holding a bottle of red wine. It seemed like she came to drink with Luo Jinyu.

The reason why a woman poured herself a glass of wine was to give a man she liked a chance.

Yang Chuchu was not stupid. The moment she saw the wine in Mi Fei’er’s hand, her pretty face instantly froze.

Luo Jinyu said lightly, “I already have a mistress here, if you still want to come in and have a drink ??”

Mi Fei’er saw the little girl hiding behind Luo Jinyu. She was so angry that her face turned pale. Her fingers tightly gripped the bottle of wine. She tried her best to act indifferent: “Since you have someone to accompany you, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

With that, Mi Fei’er turned around and walked towards the elevator. Her face was completely pale and she wanted to throw the bottle of wine at Yang Chuchu’s face.

That damnable little vixen, why, is she everywhere?

Mi Fei’er didn’t expect that she would lose to a girl that was inferior to her in every aspect. Could it be because she was young?

Heh ??

Mi Fei’er suddenly thought about the recent rumor that had spread through the circle. That Qiao Chuxin didn’t seem to have the chance to marry into Ji Family anymore, right?