President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 1989 And i want to see her play on

Ji Tingyan finally understood why Bi Ting was so angry, it was because she was worried for her. She couldn’t bear to let him take her, so the man sighed and took her into his embrace, gently pressing his chin against her forehead, feeling mixed emotions. He would send her back after a few days, let it be night, let it be night, he thought of her crazily.

Ji Tingyan felt his arms tightening around her, and the depression in her heart finally dissipated. She subconsciously raised the corner of her mouth. This kind of mood had all sorts of emotions, but it was happy and at ease.

Ji Tingyan looked out of the window at the constantly changing scenery, but her heart was becoming calmer and calmer. If she did not know that she was here to do such a dangerous thing, she might still be able to hold on, but now she knew, no matter which place in the world she was in, she could not stay any longer. She had to see him from time to time before she could feel at ease.

After driving for over an hour, they finally arrived at a lake. On both sides of the lake, there were rows of buildings that were built with two floors. Some were old, some were new, and the only characteristic was that they were sturdy and sturdy.

“These houses were all built by my brother’s men. This is our current base. After a while, we will come here as merchants to negotiate. We must get rid of those bastards.” He did not hide anything from her.

“Then… Are you in danger? ” Ji Tingyan’s breathing stagnated, and she sat up nervously.

“Of course I won’t be in any danger, all these years of training were not for nothing, I am very confident, these houses were designed by my brother, his defense is very good, if that group of bastards dare to come, I will definitely make sure that they will not be able to return.”

“Are you trying to lure them here?” Complete one fell swoop? Would this break the law? ” Ji Tingyan asked worriedly.

“There are no laws here and no one will take care of them. Both sides are small countries that are constantly being harassed by terrorists. If we can get rid of them, then we will solve their difficulties.” If it wasn’t for his father, his fate and his younger brother’s would not be like this. After pla

ing for so many years, the two brothers will work together and one day, when they have the ability to avenge their father, they will not miss this opportunity.

“Did you and your brother do so much just to avenge your father one day?” Ji Tingyan’s heart was in pain. They had endured so many years just for one thing, and to them, this must be the most meaningful thing in their lives.

He looked into her eyes and blinked, as if afraid to look into her clear eyes.

A tall iron gate opened, and the convoy entered. The door closed, and Bu Ting pushed open the door and got off. He turned around and handed his hand to her. “Come down.”

Ji Tingyan placed her hand on his palm, and gently leaped down from the huge SUV.

Cheng Yue also got off the car, when she suddenly heard someone call out to her, “Big sister, you’re really here? “How unexpected.”

When Cheng Yingguo heard this voice, his scalp went numb and he turned around. Wasn’t that Wang Chen? He ran over with a smile and an excited expression, as if he was a child who had been given candy.

“I… I came with Xiaonai. ” Cheng Yue felt somewhat uncomfortable, she didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

“I know, so you came as well. Since you came, it means that you didn’t lie to me.” Wang Chen smiled even more happily.

Cheng Yue really couldn’t bear to insult him. In fact, she had lied to him, this silly brat, following by his side, his heart was actually so sincere. Sigh, he should be a black wolf, Wang Chen, can you remember to learn more from your boss, don’t be fooled so easily by others.

“Yes, I’m here. You still have a present for me?” Cheng Yue smiled.

“How did you know I had a present?” As Wang Chen spoke, she turned around and beckoned to her, “Come and see what I’ve prepared for you.”

Cheng Yue forced a smile on her face as she glanced at Ji Tingyan. She did not understand the meaning of her smile and could only follow Wang Chen.

When Ji Tingyan heard that Cheng Yue and Wang Chen’s matter was of such concern to her, she said in a jealous tone, “When did you get them together? “You are so enthusiastic about other people’s affairs, but I have never seen you so serious about our affairs.”

Ji Tingyan was stu

ed, she turned her head back to look at him, pursed her lips and smiled, “Who said that I wouldn’t take it to heart, and would still come thousands of miles away to meet you?”

“Little Xun, come over and introduce us.” Bo Ting immediately called for his younger brother, who just got off the car.

He stretched out his hand towards Ji Tingyan with a smile, “My brother said that you guys have only known each other for a few days and already have deep feelings for him. His eyes are not bad, I’m called Bind Xun, his twin brother.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Ji Xiaonai.” Ji Tingyan replied with a smile.

“Surname Ji?” “May I know your relationship with Ji Mu City?” Suddenly, the smile on his face became even more joyous.

“Huh?” Ji Tingyan was shocked, does this brother-in-law have a pair of Fiery Eyes of Truth? How could he guess the relationship between her and her big brother?

“Why do you ask?” Ji Tingyan became nervous, she still wanted to hide her identity, she just wanted to have a simple, normal relationship with Xiao Ting.

“I feel like you are similar to him. I remember that he has a little sister that was born from dragon and phoenix.” Xiao Xun raised his eyebrows and said with a complacent expression.

Ji Tingyan was about to faint, she was embarrassed and didn’t know how to reply.

“Little Xun, don’t ask anymore. Go and do what you need to do.” Ba Ting frowned, and directly told his brother to leave.

Ji Tingyan’s beautiful eyes froze for a moment. She looked at Bi Ting, not knowing what to do.

“Ba Ting, why don’t you ask who I am?” She followed behind the man and walked towards a house.

“If you don’t want to say it, I won’t ask.” Ba Ting suddenly stopped in his tracks as the distracted Ji Tingyan bumped into his back. She let out a low cry as she backed off and stared blankly at the man’s firm back.

“If I don’t tell you, aren’t you curious?” Ji Tingyan didn’t give up and wanted to find out everything.

“Even if I am curious, it doesn’t change your identity as the big miss of Ji Family, does it? I went to find you that night outside the country. Your brother was standing by your side, so it’s impossible for me to not recognize him. ” Jia Ting turned around, staring at her with a dark expression, before he finally spoke out his i

er thoughts.

“Ah?” “You already knew?” Ji Tingyan’s chest tightened. She suddenly felt that her thoughts were ridiculous and thought that she could hide it from him. It turned out that he knew everything from the start.

“If you didn’t tell me your real name, would I not know? “Idiot.” Ba Ting lightly scratched the tip of her nose: “You still want to see how long you’ll keep hiding this from me.”

Ji Tingyan suddenly wanted to be angry, wanted to shout at him, was this man playing with her? He already knew who she was, yet he still wanted to accompany her and watch her continue acting. Bad.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I want to go home.” Ji Tingyan stomped her feet in frustration, turned and left.

The man grabbed her and forcefully pulled her into his embrace. “So what? You think I’m someone you can take?”

“I don’t know who you are, but you are a despicable person. You are still waiting to see me make a joke out of you. Bound Ting, just you wait. I must remember this debt.” Ji Tingyan said angrily as she gently struggled in his arms.

“Hey, you two, can you not scatter the dog food? Think about us single dogs. ” Xiao Xun’s voice came from a window on the second floor.

Ji Tingyan pushed him with all her might, and the man finally gave in: “Are you tired? Go to my room and rest.”