President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 1769 Winning young gongzi

Mu Weicheng wasn’t afraid that Ling Nua

uan would spend his own money, but he was afraid that she wouldn’t. Looking at the girl sitting on the sofa, constantly throwing fruits into his mouth, Mu Weicheng leaned against the wall on the side with his hands crossed in front of his chest.

The people he liked were muttering in front of him, time was sometimes still, sometimes it became especially vivid. Mu Weicheng sighed, he was looking forward more and more to the day when he would really become family with her, and how blissful that scene would be.

Mu Weicheng realized that when he thought about it a little too far, he could no longer stop his desire.

In the blink of an eye, four months had passed.

Yang Chuchu, with a big belly, struggled to move around the house. From behind, it was hard to tell that she was pregnant, because her waist shape was still very beautiful. As long as she turned around, she would be able to see her sharp and bulging belly. The due date was next month, and the little guy had already been inside her stomach for almost nine months.

Not only that, Tang Qi also frequently came over to see her. She used to say that she didn’t like this daughter-in-law, that she was young, that she wasn’t sensible, but people’s minds were all grown up, and time can slowly change a person’s way of thinking, Tang Qi could also see that, although Yang Chuchu was young, and had a special job, her character was not bad, she wasn’t pretentious, her character was calm, and her relationship with her daughter-in-law was also very good. More importantly, her eldest son treated her like a treasure, able to make everyone around him like her.

“I can’t even breathe properly. I can’t sit and I can’t lie down either.” Yang Chuchu frowned as she looked at the man beside her. She had finally gotten used to the pain of getting pregnant. When she was young, she felt as if she was walking on air. But now ?? She paid for her nonsense, saying that she was pregnant and didn’t have any feelings for him, but now she felt pain in her face.

“Chuchu, thank you for your hard work. When this stinking brat is born, I will definitely teach him a lesson.” Luo Jinyu’s face was full of pain, but he didn’t know what he could do to help her, so he could only say something to comfort her.

“Are you really willing to fight against a newborn baby?” Yang Chuchu pursed her lips and smiled.

“I’ll wait for him to grow up before I try again.” Luo Jinyu immediately changed his words. Moreover, he was determined that he would have a way to teach his son a lesson.

Yang Chuchu laughed. She was angry and her face was red again. Luo Jinyu reached out to pinch her face, “Chuchu, your face is round. It’s so soft. It’s very easy to pinch.”

“Ouch!” Yang Chuchu immediately pouted. Only then did Luo Jinyu realize that not only was her skin soft, it was also very tender. With a gentle pinch, her skin turned red. He quickly stopped and blamed himself, “Sorry, I won’t pinch next time.”

Yang Chuchu nodded. “Alright then. You bully me now, and when I bully your son in the future, I’ll pinch his cheeks as well.”

Luo Jinyu had an i

ocent expression, then he smiled: “Okay, I don’t care how you bully him.”

Yang Chuchu stared at him speechlessly. This man was truly heartless.

“I want some water.” Yang Chuchu said.

“I’ll take it for you.” Luo Jinyu stood up and came in with a glass of water. Suddenly, he heard Yang Chuchu scream in pain, “Aiya, my stomach is tightening. It hurts.”

Luo Jinyu was scared to death. He put down the cup of water in his hand and ran to her. He said anxiously, “Chuchu, Chuchu, what happened to you?”

“I don’t know. Is it going to happen soon?” “Wu wu wu. It hurts.” Tears welled up in Yang Chuchu’s eyes.

“I’ll take you to the hospital now. Wait a moment.” Luo Jinyu Jun was anxious. He immediately reached out his hand to help her up and walked out of the door, but Yang Chuchu seemed to be unable to move. She couldn’t even move her legs.

Luo Jinyu immediately held her up. Although she was pregnant, she wasn’t so heavy that Luo Jinyu couldn’t bear her weight.

An hour later, she arrived at the designated hospital and was immediately examined by obstetricians.

“Mr. Lo, your wife is probably going to give birth soon. You should prepare yourself. A doctor hurried over to tell her.

Luo Jinyu’s mind was empty and his entire body was stiff. Earlier, he was covered in cold sweat and at this moment, with the help of the wind, it had become even colder. He did not expect it to be this fast.

“Doctor, please help her.” Luo Jinyu pleaded anxiously.

“Don’t worry, we will guarantee the safety of the adult and the child. Please wait outside the door, a woman needs time and process to give birth.” The doctor comforted him and followed the other doctors into the delivery room.

Luo Jinyu hurriedly called Cheng Ying and his mother. When they heard that Yang Chuchu was about to give birth, they immediately rushed over.

Yang Chuchu was going through the most painful hurdle of her life. Unprepared, she was put into the delivery room by the doctor, and then stayed in the delivery room for more than three hours, and when she heard a loud cry, she felt like she had died once. Sweat and tears intertwined on her face and in her hair, she wanted to cry, but she lacked the strength to do so.

Luo Jinyu and his two mothers were waiting outside the door anxiously. Time passed by second by second, it was torture for Luo Jinyu, a man who had never understood the meaning of tears since he was young. His eyes were now completely red, he was staring at the door, staring at the wall, walking back and forth, his mind was blank, he did not know what to think, his heart was anxious and filled with worry.

Finally, as if they were at the end of their wait, they heard the door open and a doctor and two nurses came out. In their hands were a newborn baby that had just been washed clean.

The first thing Cheng Ying did was carry the child. With tears in her eyes, she asked the doctor about the condition of his daughter. When the doctor told them that the mother and son were safe, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Tang Qi, on the other hand, wasn’t angry. She understood Cheng Ying’s feelings. Although she was also her mother, she was only a mother-in-law now.

“Jinyu, come over and see your son.” Tang Qi immediately called out to him, and he heaved a sigh of relief before slowly walking over.

The little guy exposed his two small hands. Luo Jinyu looked at that little person and his heart seemed to have been shocked by something. He had a son, which meant that he was going to be a qualified father.

“Come and take a look, this little guy is so beautiful.” Cheng Ying said in a low voice, her face filled with love.

Luo Jinyu took a glance. This red color, wrinkled skin, where is it pretty?

He only dared to think about it, dared not say it out loud, or his two mothers would attack him.

Luo Jinyu stretched out a finger to touch the little hand that the little guy revealed. Suddenly, the little hand of the baby suddenly retracted. Although it didn’t have any strength, it held his finger and didn’t dare to let go. Only then did Luo Jinyu’s thin lips rise slightly, and he smiled a little.

Yang Chuchu was pushed out of the room. Her forehead was covered in sweat and she looked tired. The first person she saw when she opened her eyes was Luo Jinyu. His eyes were filled with anxiety and concern, as if he was the best medicine to cure Yang Chuchu’s heart.

“Chuchu!” The man only gently touched her face, calling out in a low voice with heartache.

Yang Chuchu exerted all her strength and said, “There will be no more births in the future. If you want to give birth, find someone else to give birth to.”

It was clearly a warm atmosphere, but Luo Jinyu was forcefully amused by her words.

“Alright, it won’t happen anymore!” He promised her, lowered his head, and kissed her on the forehead. “You have the final say.”

In the high class maternity ward, Yang Chuchu was already resting on the bed with Cheng Ying and Tang Qi by her side. Luo Jinyu walked in after going through some formalities.

Cheng Ying’s eyes were filled with disdain as she watched her daughter suffer like this. Luo Jinyu knew that he didn’t do anything good, so he became more respectful when he spoke to Cheng Ying.

Of course, Cheng Ying only didn’t like him for the time being, it was all because of her love for her daughter. After that, she felt that her daughter had found the best husband, and her attitude had changed.