President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 1768 The impartiality of love

This proved that he had already married his beloved woman, and did not let too many people know about the i

er workings of that day’s wedding. Everyone was able to feel the happiness and romance from just a few photos, and everyone was very envious of that unknown girl who had just stepped into entertainment industry and received their love. Now that love had blossomed, what awaited her was a happy life.

After Ji Yueze’s wedding, the two of them started their vacation trip. Little Rascal and his two month sister-in-law accompanied him, along with a few bodyguards.

Ji Xiaohan took his wife, son, and friends back to the country together. Their time was very precious right now, so they didn’t have any plans to take a vacation for the time being.

When she had time, she would pick up her design work to compose her blueprint. Although she did not go to work at the company right now, her design work was still only used by the company, her current work was purely idleness and boredom, this was the optimal state of her work, no one could affect her design script, she could freely use it, she could freely think in the source of inspiration, her work became increasingly unique, and all the news that came back from the company was good news, someone loved it, someone applauded.

Ling Nua

uan hadn’t seen Mu Weicheng for two days. Although the phone was still ringing, it was hard for her to quench her thirst for love. Therefore, Ling Nua

uan decided to meet Mu Weicheng. She really wanted to meet him.

Ling Nua

uan got the driver to drive her to Mu Weicheng’s house. She registered with the guard and carried a bag of delicious food towards the elevator.

Suddenly, the elevator door opened and a middle-aged beauty walked out. Beside her was a young beauty. The middle-aged beauty had a tense and sad expression on her face.

“Aunt, I don’t think he likes me.” The girl said with sorrow.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. You should properly contact him. Maybe he will wake up one day. He’s not young anymore, so he shouldn’t think about the major events of his life.” While the beautiful woman was comforting the girl, the girl’s complexion became a little better. “En,” the two of them left together.

Ling Nua

uan didn’t know that the beautiful woman who walked over was Mu Weicheng’s aunt. The reason she came today was to introduce her niece to Mu Weicheng for a blind date.

Ling Nua

uan went upstairs and knocked on the door. Mu Weicheng opened the door and saw her. He was stu


“Warm, why are you here?” Mu Weicheng was surprised and happy at the same time. When he missed her the most, it was really good to see her suddenly appear in front of him.

Ling Nua

uan immediately waved the bag in her hands. “Here’s some good food for you.”

Ling Nua

uan walked in and walked to the sofa. Just as she was about to put down the bag, her beautiful eyes suddenly swept across the tea table. There were several cups of water and some fruits that had been washed.

A woman’s intuition was the most accurate one. Ling Nua

uan felt depressed, so she quickly turned her head to Mu Weicheng and asked, “You have a guest at your house?”

“Yes, my aunt is looking for me.” Mu Weicheng felt a little guilty seeing her staring at him.

“Did they just leave? She didn’t come alone, and had a beautiful girl by her side. Did she come here to make a date with you? ” Ling Nua

uan had a good guess when she thought about the two people she met in the elevator.

Mu Weicheng didn’t expect Ling Nua

uan’s intuition to be so accurate, it made his hair stand on end.

“Warm, how did you know?” Mu Weicheng walked in front of her and asked with a dry smile.

“Don’t ask me how I know. I just want to ask you, what was the result of your blind date with her?” Ling Nua

uan sat on the sofa with her arms crossed and an unhappy expression on her face.

Mu Weicheng chuckled and replied, “Of course I won’t have any developments with her. I have clearly indicated that I already have a girlfriend. I believe they will understand what I mean.”

“Is that so? “Mu Weicheng, there will be a price for lying to me.” Ling Nua

uan narrowed her eyes arrogantly, “Then why didn’t I hear them say anything? They also said that you’re still single and that you still have a chance in the future, so your aunt told that girl to contact you properly. ”

Mu Weicheng: “…”

Ling Nua

uan immediately stood up. “Forget it, I didn’t come at the right time. I’m leaving.”

“Warm, don’t go.” Mu Weicheng Jun’s face was filled with anxiety. He blocked her with his hand and pleaded, “Warmth, I didn’t say that just now. That’s because I still can’t shine through our relationship.”

Ling Nua

uan was angry. She couldn’t stand the thought of Mu Weicheng dating another woman. She was too petty to allow other women to find him.

“What can’t I tell them? Do you think they can do anything to me? I’m not afraid. ” Ling Nua

uan was currently angry. Mu Weicheng’s words made her very sad, which was why she said such irrational words.

“I know you’re not afraid, but I’m afraid, the people from our Mu Family are still somewhat extreme towards your brother, I’m truly afraid that you’ll be in danger. If I’m not by your side, what if they find trouble with you?” Now that Mu Weicheng loved someone deeply, he became very careful. He couldn’t gamble, not even once.

Ling Nua

uan looked at him blankly. For a moment, the emotions in her heart were complicated.

“Are you really thinking for me?” Ling Nua

uan calmed her anger and asked him in a low voice.

Mu Weicheng stared at her and nodded: “Of course, if I can honestly admit our relationship, why would I need to lie to them?”

“Alright, I’ll believe you, but I still have to warn you. No matter who wants to introduce you to a girlfriend in the future, you have to reject them as soon as possible to prevent them from harping on you in the end.” Ling Nua

uan pointed a finger at him angrily, indicating that she wasn’t joking and was seriously warning him.

Mu Weicheng smiled helplessly: “If I didn’t reject other women for you, do you think I would still be single?”

Ling Nua

uan’s breathing slowed down. This made sense.

“I just don’t feel good. I’ve seen that girl just now. She’s soft and weak, and with a single look she can arouse a man’s desire to protect her. I’m afraid ??” I was afraid that if she was your type, wouldn’t I catch cold? ” Ling Nua

uan rushed into Mu Weicheng’s embrace, hugging him tightly with her two small hands and pressing her face against his chest. Unknowingly, her voice was choked with sobs.

Love a person to the depths of love, even a little misunderstanding will enlarge infinitely? In the end, it became an internal injury.

Mu Weicheng rubbed her shoulder and said softly, “Warmth, I have always been very slow and dull with my emotions. It’s not easy for me to fall in love with someone, so you don’t have to worry.”

“En, if one day you are biased towards others, you must tell me in time. Don’t drag me down, you must cut off my thoughts with a knife, and make me give up earlier.” Ling Nua

uan still felt wronged, but also unwilling to accept the fact that she had said such ruthless words.

The man trembled violently. He lowered his eyes to look at the woman in his embrace who was feeling no sense of security. He sighed and pressed his lips against her hair. “I’m worried that the person who will abandon this relationship will be you.”

Ling Nua

uan trembled and immediately raised her head to look at him. She firmly shook her head. “No, I will not. I will definitely treat you wholeheartedly.”

Mu Weicheng looked at her determined eyes and smiled. He patted her back to comfort her: “Alright, I know you’re sincere now. What delicious food did you bring over?”

Ling Nua

uan immediately ran over to open her bag which was filled with her favorite snacks. “This nut is very fragrant. If you pay me back, it will be very delicious even if you replenish the nutrition.”

Mu Weicheng looked at the colorful wrapping and frowned, expressing his doubt.

“Relax, it’s not poisonous. Eat quickly.” Ling Nua

uan demanded of him with a stern expression.

Only then did Mu Weicheng put one into his mouth. After taking a bite, the fruit’s fragrance overflowed and nodded: “Indeed, the taste is not bad. Why do you eat so many snacks every day?”

“Well, what is it?” Ling Nua

uan blinked in fear that he thought she was too good at eating.

“It’s nothing, it’s normal for you young girls to like snacks. If you want anything to eat, you can tell me and I’ll buy it for you.” Mu Weicheng smiled gently.

“Is that so? “Alright, I’ll come buy it from you in the future. I won’t be polite, I’m going to spend your money.” Ling Nua

uan pretended to be gritting her teeth.

Mu Weicheng was speechless.