President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 1763 A unique test

Mu Yun was very surprised that her elder brother actually lowered his stance and begged her to speak less. Previously, her elder brother had always liked to put on the airs of an elder brother to educate her.

Ling Nua

uan was still nervous. She was really afraid that Mu Yun would object to her being with Mu Weicheng.

“Flowers with beauties, bro, I won’t give it to you.” As Mu Yun spoke, she passed the bouquet of flowers in her hand to Ling Nua

uan. “It’s rare to see my brother willing to have a girlfriend. I’m still happy for you. At least I’m sure that our Ling Family will be able to continue on.”

“Little Yun, what are you talking about? Who said that our Ling family is going to be cut off from the rest?” Mu Weicheng was choked by his sister’s words again and couldn’t help but frown and retort.

“I always feel that way before, you’re almost at the third place, the girl I introduced you to isn’t interested. Last time, I secretly checked your phone and wondered if you liked men. I was just about to ask you directly.” In front of her big brother, Mu Yun was quite tactful. This also allowed Ling Nua

uan to see that she was different. She remembered that she always had a cold and aloof expression at school, which gave her the vivacious personality of a girl of her age.

“Little Yun, if you keep talking, I’ll lose my face.” Mu Weicheng wanted to reach out to touch his forehead. Why did his sister choose this time to take him down?

Ling Nua

uan was flattered. When she heard Mu Yun say that Mu Weicheng might like men, her hands trembled and she almost dropped the flowers. The next second, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Let’s go. Do you want to have di

er tonight or do you have other plans?” Mu Yun was a straightforward woman. She respected the opinions of others very much, which was why she asked this question.

“We have to meet Big Bro, who is warm, tonight. Little Yun, send us home first.” Mu Weicheng answered in a low voice.

“Alright!” Mu Yun nodded. The three of them walked out of the airport and headed towards Mu Weicheng’s home.

Ling Nua

uan didn’t go home. She followed him to Mu Weicheng’s home to rest. It wasn’t until six in the evening when Mu Weicheng drove her to the presidential palace.

“Wow, my brother moved here?” It wasn’t that she was lucky to have made it to this step, but that she had walked her feet on the ground. Now, he had finally fulfilled his dream, and Ling Nua

uan’s eyes were slightly hot.

At the entrance of the main hall, the lights were on. The SUV stopped. Ling Nua

uan pushed open the door and jumped out, ru

ing into the living room.

“Sister-in-law!” When Ling Nua

uan saw Lan Yanxi sitting on the sofa, she immediately shouted out happily.

Lan Yanxi had just put the washed fruit on the tea table. When she turned around and saw Ling Nua

uan, she immediately smiled happily. “Warmth, I haven’t seen you for a while. You’ve lost some weight.”

Ling Nua

uan blinked her eyes with a smile. “This is a good thing. I’ve finally succeeded in losing weight. The only bad thing is that I’ve sunta


Lan Yanxi was amused by her playful reply. She raised her head and saw Mu Weicheng enter. Lan Yanxi immediately smiled politely at him. “Mister Mu, you’re here too.”

Seeing Lan Yanxi walk over with a smile, he thought for a moment, then said, “Since you called me sister-in-law, then I’ll call you sister-in-law as well. Mo Feng is one year older than me, so it’s also appropriate to call you sister-in-law.”

Ling Nua

uan made a face behind Lan Yanxi. The next second, she laughed so hard that her teeth could no longer be seen. She felt that Mu Weicheng was clearly shouting like that on purpose.

At the staircase, Ling Mofeng changed into a set of house clothes and walked in. He heard a voice upstairs, but he was feeling complicated. He didn’t know how to face this couple who suddenly a

ounced their relationship.

“Brother!” Ling Nua

uan noticed Ling Mofeng at the staircase with her sharp eyes and immediately waved happily at him.

Ling Mofeng originally wanted to keep a serious face. After being called by his sister, he instantly lost his skills and laughed out of anger: “You still want to come back? I thought your mind had been clouded by love and was ready to elope with him.”

Wu Junjun was a little embarrassed. When he first saw Ling Mofeng, he was able to remain calm, but now he felt a little guilty.

“Bro, who dares to speak like that? I truly love him, just like you and sister-in-law. ” Ling Nua

uan immediately pouted with an unhappy expression.

Lan Yanxi was afraid that Ling Mofeng’s harsh words would hurt Ling Nua

uan’s heart, so she immediately walked up to Ling Mofeng, using her eyes to remind him not to scold her anymore.

Ling Mofeng smiled gently. Ignoring his sulking sister, he walked straight to Mu Weicheng’s side. “Come with me and chat outside.”

Mu Weicheng’s nerves tensed up. It seemed that he was finally going to face this moment.

“Hey, bro, don’t blame him. This has nothing to do with him, I took the initiative.” Ling Nua

uan became anxious when she heard that Ling Mofeng wanted to talk to Mu Weicheng alone. She was afraid that he would use his identity to pressure Mu Weicheng, so she dodged to the side and stood in front of Mu Weicheng.

Mu Weicheng was stu

ed as he looked at the girl in front of him. Her firm back made his heart tremble. The feeling of being protected by a woman was not shameful, but warm.

Ling Mofeng looked at his sister’s protective face and didn’t know how to respond. He said with a complicated expression, “I can’t even get him to smoke outside?”

Mu Weicheng lowered his head and smiled, and comforted her, “Warm, don’t worry, I want to chat with your big brother too.”

Ling Mofeng stared at his good-for-nothing sister. He had really lost his face at home. A girl who didn’t know how to support a girl really needed to go back and reinvent herself.

Ling Nua

uan was dumbstruck as she watched the two men walk out the door.

Your brother won’t be angry. He just needs to have a good chat with Mister Mu. After all, they were once good friends, but in the future, they will become a family.

“Sister-in-law, if my brother gets angry, you have to help me persuade him. Only you can help me.” Ling Nua

uan was still worried. She immediately grabbed Ling Nua

uan’s arm and shook it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you.” Lan Yanxi had treated her sister-in-law very well. Seeing how much she loved her, how could she not put her hand in front of her? It was because she had loved her deeply before, that made her understand the uneasiness of loving someone.

Ling Mofeng took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to Mu Weicheng. Wu Tie took it and took it, and in the next second, Ling Mofeng lit a fire and brought it in front of him. Ling Mofeng lowered his head and took a puff.

“Do you see that? It’s so warm and tense for you.” Ling Mofeng also took a deep breath and blew out a ring of green smoke.

“I’m nervous about her, too.” Mu Weicheng sighed.

“Did she really confess to you first?” Ling Mofeng was a little surprised. He felt that his sister was very careless and would not have fallen in love so early on. But now, it seemed that he misjudged her.

Mu Weicheng lowered his head and laughed: “That’s not important, I just want you to give me a chance to take care of her.”

He stared into the distance, and after a long silence, he said: “If you will take care of her, of course I will not oppose it. However, our two families had once been nervous, so if you stay with Warm Mist now, will someone take out the words for you? The people from your Ling family have opposed me with all their might, so can you guarantee that she won’t suffer any grievances?”

Mu Weicheng’s eyes stiffened. He tightened the fingers holding the cigarette. Finally, he nodded resolutely. “As long as I am by her side, I can guarantee that no one will hurt her.”

With your words, I am relieved. I actually do not object to the two of you being together, I just fear that Warmth is too young, and the matter isn’t too deep. If she is with you, how will she face your family? Ling Mofeng’s tensed heart finally relaxed. What he wanted was only a promise from Mu Weicheng. Now that he heard it, he naturally agreed to it.

“I will take good care of her. I won’t let her suffer the effects of those harsh words.” Mu Weicheng promised with a deep voice. Ling Mofeng nodded and put out his cigarette, “Let’s go. We might have to make di

er ourselves. I haven’t invited anyone over yet.”

Mu Weicheng: “…”

Didn’t you say that you would invite him to di

er? Why did they invite him over to cook di


Seeing his shocked expression, Ling Mofeng couldn’t help but chuckle. “If I don’t test your culinary skills, how can I let Warmth follow you?”

Mu Weicheng was shocked, how could there be such a test? Who would be testing his future brother-in-law’s culinary skills?

“I’ll make di

er tonight.” Mu Weicheng already strode past Ling Mofeng and headed towards the living room.

A trace of pride flashed across Ling Mofeng’s eyes. Wanting to be his brother-in-law was not that easy.

Mu Weicheng felt like he was tricked, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

After entering the living room, Ling Nua

uan immediately ran over to him and asked, “How is it? What did my brother say to you? ”

Mu Weicheng immediately shrugged his shoulders: “Nothing, just chatting casually.”

“He didn’t make things difficult for you, right?” Ling Nua

uan asked with concern as she furrowed her brows.

Mu Weicheng laughed dryly. If it was difficult for him to cook di

er, then it would be difficult for him.

“No, your brother has already promised us.” Mu Weicheng said as he took off his jacket and handed it to Ling Nua

uan, “Go sit on the sofa for a while, I’ll go and see what we can eat tonight.”

Ling Nua

uan hugged Mu Weicheng’s jacket and opened her eyes wide, “What are we eating tonight? Elder brother, have you decided yet? ”

Ling Mofeng then walked in quickly. He looked at the direction of the kitchen and said, “Warmth, why don’t you chat with sister-in-law?”

With that, Ling Mofeng walked into the kitchen. Ling Nua

uan’s face was full of shock. She turned around and looked at Lan Yanxi, who was also dumbfounded: “Sister, what’s for di


Lan Yanxi shrugged her shoulders and spread her hands. “I don’t know. Your brother said he was prepared.”

“You want Mu Weicheng to make di

er?” Ling Nua

uan was instantly speechless.

Lan Yanxi was immediately angered when she heard this. “What’s wrong with your brother? How can he make things so difficult for me?”

“Forget it, sister-in-law. Let them do it themselves. We don’t need to worry about them.” Ling Nua

uan immediately stopped Lan Yanxi who was about to rush into the kitchen. They didn’t need to do anything, so she wasn’t that worried about what they would have for di