President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 1714 The blame is coming

Xia Ninglan’s blow was huge. She stood still as a rock for a long time before she covered her mouth and cried out.

Mu Weicheng actually liked Ling Nua

uan. Didn’t Ling Nua

uan secretly fall in love with him on her own?

Xia Ninglan felt like she was a joke, a clown making a fool out of herself in front of them.

Damn Ling Nua

uan, she already knew that Mu Weicheng liked her. He didn’t say a word just to make fun of her, what a scheming girl.

At this moment, Xia Ninglan had pushed all the blame onto Ling Nua

uan. She felt that Ling Nua

uan had done it on purpose.

Mu Weicheng went back to his room and saw Ling Nua

uan lying lazily on his bed with a cup of books in her hand. When she came back, he immediately smiled. “Have you settled your matters?”

Mu Weicheng walked straight to the bed and sat down. He looked tenderly at the girl in front of him and said, “Xia Ninglan confessed to me just now. I told her about our relationship.”

“Then what’s her reaction?” Ling Nua

uan asked curiously.

“She can’t take it. She seems to have taken a blow.” Mu Weicheng sighed.

“Do you feel any heartache?” Ling Nua

uan’s expression changed. She turned her back to him, looking like she didn’t want to pay any attention to him.

Mu Weicheng Jun panicked and quickly reached out to grab her shoulders. He helplessly explained, “Of course I’m not heartbroken, I’m just feeling sorry for it.”

“When it comes to matters of the heart, if you don’t clarify them once, there will be endless entanglement. This ca

ot be softened.” Ling Nua

uan reminded him while biting her lower lip.

“I made it completely clear this time. She should be able to understand.” Mu Weicheng obviously knew the relationship between the two.

“I’ve been friends with her for a while, but I still haven’t seen clearly what kind of person she is. Mu Weicheng, am I too domineering?” Ling Nua

uan leaned on his shoulder, blaming herself.

“No, you’re reasonable.” The man replied with a strong desire to live.

Ling Nua

uan pursed her lips into a smile and let him go. “Alright, go take a shower. I need to sleep. I’m very tired.”

Mu Weicheng nodded, took his clothes and went to take a bath.

That night, Mu Weicheng slept beside Ling Nua

uan’s bed, guarding her.

The next morning, Xia Ninglan finished her injections early in the morning. She sat outside the infirmary waiting for the car with a dark expression on her face.

Ling Nua

uan ate breakfast and decided to go back to the village. She was going to ride with Xia Ninglan back to the village on the same car.

She carried her backpack and walked over. Xia Ninglan stared at her with eyes full of hatred. “Ling Nua

uan, in your eyes, am I a joke?”

“You think too much. I don’t think so.” Ling Nua

uan sat down across from her and replied in a light voice.

“Then why didn’t you tell me about you and the Instructor Mu earlier?” Xia Ninglan was even more resentful.

“I warned you, but you didn’t listen to a single word.” Ling Nua

uan pouted and said disapprovingly.

“You did it on purpose, you’re so sinister.” At this moment, Xia Ninglan was so angry that she didn’t want to listen to him anymore.

Ling Nua

uan crossed her arms and ignored her.

“With such a scheming heart of yours, you won’t be able to be happy. I’ll wait to see your ending.” Xia Ninglan said bitterly.

Ling Nua

uan’s expression changed instantly. She stood up abruptly and walked towards her step by step, “Xia Ninglan, are you cursing me? I still don’t blame you for shamelessly stealing my boyfriend, and I don’t blame you for peeking at my diary. But you, the dog, started biting people, I’m warning you, don’t take me, Ling Nua

uan, for being easy to bully, if you dare to say another word, I won’t let you off. ”

Xia Ninglan was shocked by Ling Nua

uan’s sudden outburst and turned pale.

It was for the best, she didn’t dare to reply. After returning to the village, she dejectedly called her family and bid farewell to the school. She left without a sound.

Chu Lie had already investigated all the troublemakers’ information. After many layers of stripping, he finally found Lan Bai’s information.

When Ling Mofeng saw this result, his handsome face turned ugly: “This Lan Bai really doesn’t give up. It seems that he has pla

ed this long ago.”

“Sir, he definitely isn’t willing to give the ten billion to someone else for free. Perhaps this money is his life. Do you think that he will desperately try to take it back?” Chu Lie also felt that Lan Bai’s actions were a bit too excessive this time. When the Old Master made the decision before he died, Lan Bai could not resist. After he passed away, he did such an embarrassing thing.

“He was certain that Yanxi was too young to handle things, so he dared to do so. It seems that I really need to go meet this person.” Ling Mofeng didn’t want his wife to take any risks now. She had just gotten pregnant, and the doctor had warned her that the first three months were still important so she couldn’t be provoked. Ling Mofeng decided to resolve this matter on his own.

“Sir, if you appear, will it lead to a negative problem?” Chu Lie was a bit worried.

“I can’t care that much anymore. If I can’t even subdue a tyrant, how would I have the face to continue sitting in this seat?” And why can’t I respond to Old Master Lan’s orders? ” If it was said that Ling Mofeng was cautious before the election, it was all because he couldn’t take one wrong step. But now, he had the authority to do so, so why should he be afraid of any threats?

“Mister, you’re right. It’s time to show your prowess.” Chu Lie felt that there was some sense to it. There were still three more fires left in his new position. Mister’s term of office was already stable, so he really couldn’t let Xiao Xiaoshan act so arrogantly.

Ling Mofeng took the results of the investigation to the Lan Family in the afternoon.

When he arrived at Lan Bai’s house, he had already cleared Lan Bai’s house. Lan Bai was in the middle of his afternoon nap, and when he heard his wife’s scream, he immediately got off the bed and rushed downstairs. At the entrance, he saw a tall figure stepping in.

“Ling Mofeng?” Seeing this man, Lan Bai’s face flashed with fear. Other people would respectfully address him as Mr. President, but Lan Bai hated him to the core, so naturally, he couldn’t say what he wanted to say out loud.

Ling Mofeng reached out his hand to unbuckle his jacket, and looked at him with a calm gaze: “Logically speaking, I should call you Second Uncle, but I have my own principles. Only an elder worthy of my respect is willing to be called by my title, and if it’s an elder who wholeheartedly wants my wife to die, then in my eyes, there’s only one image, and that’s the enemy.”

Lan Bai was secretly shocked and questioned angrily, “Ling Mofeng, what are you trying to say? You can barge into my house with your identity? If you go out, my family won’t welcome you. ”

“I’m not here as a guest. You might have misunderstood something, I came to find you to interrogate you.” Ling Mofeng’s thin lips curled up into a sneer and disappeared in a gentle ma

er. The domineering aura on his body was revealed. It was as cold as frost, causing people’s hearts to turn cold.

“Sin? What crime have I committed? ” Lan Bai had an arrogant look on his face. He thought that his voice sounded reasonable.

Ling Mofeng reached out his hand and Chu Lie quickly delivered the report of the investigation.

Ling Mofeng threw the investigation paper onto the table: “The list of people that the charity smashed, the confession, and the information on third party transactions are all recorded in detail here. Do you need me to read them out for you?”

“Ling Mofeng, don’t scare me like this. What I did not do, I don’t admit it, you guys must have co

ed me into doing it on purpose. That’s right, you’re on the same side as that damn girl, Lan Yanxi. Call her over, I want to confront her.”

Ling Mofeng knows Lan Bai is an old cu

ing, thick skin, there is no evidence, he will not plead guilty.

Ling Mofeng opened a page: “You should be familiar with this bank card number. Three million is from your account. Don’t think that just because you have an overseas account, I can’t find it. You’re underestimating me too much.”

Lan Bai didn’t dare to look at that piece of paper because he was afraid. He did come in through an overseas account, and Ling Mofeng really did spend a lot of time and effort to investigate him.

“Even if I smash that institution, you still can’t convict me. The money inside is all our Lan Family, they are robbing, and you and Lan Yanxi are accomplices, you two are going too far.” Lan Bai pointed at Ling Mofeng with his red neck and reprimanded him.

Seeing him lose his composure, Ling Mofeng couldn’t help but sneer: “Are you feeling guilty? Those funds were handled in accordance with normal procedures. They were not stolen, but if you still don’t understand perso

el, that’s fine. When you get a chance, go ask the old man. ”

“You want to kill me?” When Lan Bai heard this, he felt a chill run down his spine.