Picked Up A Husband For Farming – Chapter 74 – Destiny

Chapter 74: Destiny


“Mother, it doesn’t matter. No matter what the outcome is, Little Hui and I have to get married.” Xu Qing smiled.

“I know, I just feel that I’ve wronged you…” Qu Feng looked at the silly Little Hui, who was quietly standing behind Xu Qing… Forget it, what else did she want? These days, she could tell that although Little Hui was silly, he only had Xu Qing in his eyes. This was good.

When he heard Xu Qing and the others mention marriage, Qiao Yanhui’s eyes immediately lit up. He suddenly moved closer to Qu Feng and said the date of his birth.

Qu Feng was stunned. Xu Qing was also puzzled. “Little Hui, is this your birthday?”

Qiao Yanhui didn’t answer yes or no. He only said firmly, “Get married!”

“This silly boy!” Xu Jiangxi laughed out loud. He didn’t expect this silly person to be so anxious to get married.

Xu Qing also smiled, but she didn’t expect fool to remember the date of his birth.

Qu Feng smiled when she heard that. “Alright, I’ll go to the temple tomorrow and choose a good day for you.”

Xu Qing didn’t object. She actually didn’t care about these things, but the people from ancient times did. Besides, this way, her parents would be at ease.

The next morning, Qu Feng went to the temple. Xu Qing smiled helplessly. She was about to go to town when she saw Xu Sizhi preparing to go out in a hurry. She said, “Sizhi, have you seen any shops for sale recently?”

“There really is one. It’s a restaurant. The owner lost money and left. It’s now being auctioned off by creditors.” Xu Sizhi hadn’t left the house yet. He’d been really busy recently.

“A restaurant…” Xu Qing’s fingers tapped on the table as she pondered. She had thought of opening a restaurant in the past, but the competitiveness of the restaurant industry was more terrifying. Moreover, there was a faction supporting every restaurant, but now…

“Sister, I support you.” Xu Sizhi saw Xu Qing’s worry and said seriously.

“You should know what I’m worried about.” Xu Qing lowered her eyes. The benefits of having a restaurant were even greater. If she wanted to expand her power in the future, she naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity!

“I know. I’m sure we’ll be able to protect ourselves before long!” Xu Sizhi said firmly.

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Xu Qing looked up at Xu Sizhi. “Alright, I’ll leave the matter of buying the restaurant to you.”

“Don’t worry, Sister.” Xu Sizhi looked excited.

Actually, Xu Qing wasn’t in a hurry. She hadn’t forgotten that she was still a doctor. If she wanted to make some medicine to sell, she had to have a foundation. Otherwise, who would dare to consume it?

This way, Xu Qing would be busy.

At noon, Qu Feng returned with a complicated expression.

Xu Qing couldn’t help but feel uneasy. She quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qu Feng held Xu Qing’s hand and calmed down after a long time. “Little Qing, my poor daughter.”

“What happened?” Xu Qing was even more nervous!

“Hurry up and speak. What’s wrong?” Xu Jiangxi was also anxious.

Qu Feng said with a complicated expression, “The monk said that Xiao Qing and Xiao Hui are a match made in heaven.”

Xu Qing couldn’t help but feel happy. She didn’t expect them to be so compatible! Although she didn’t believe in these things, who wouldn’t like to hear festive words?

“It’s just that Little Qing and Xiao Hui are destined to be extraordinary people. The suffering in the future is not something ordinary people’s lives can compare to. If they survive it, they will be happy and blissful. If they can’t… then they will be consigned to eternal damnation. They will be alone and have no one to rely on!” Qu Feng looked at Xu Qing and then at Xiao Hui. She even had the thought of preventing them frpm getting married. If it were an ordinary person, their future definitely wouldn’t be like this.

Xu Qing seemed to have expected this. She looked at the dumbfounded Qiao Yanhui and smiled. No matter what they encountered in the future, she wouldn’t be afraid. There was always a solution!

Xu Qing thought about it and turned to comfort Qu Feng. “Who knows what will happen in the future? Besides, didn’t the monk say that Little Hui and I are fated?”

Hearing this, Qu Feng felt less worried. She believed that Little Qing was lucky. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have safely given birth to three children and this current life!

In the end, Qu Feng and Xu Jiangxi finalized a wedding date on the 15th of next month. However, it was a little rushed. Qu Feng, not wanting Xu Qing to miss the auspicious day, quickly went to work.

Xu Qing only smiled and left these to Qu Feng. She continued to plan her business, tease the babies, and tease Little Hui. Life was too blissful.

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