Picked Up A Husband For Farming – Chapter 73 – No House, So Pay Up

Chapter 73: No House, So Pay Up

Xu Jiangxi looked up at Chen Qiulian, who was the greediest. “Because this house was built by Little Qing!” His meaning was obvious. They would see if the Xu family was shameless enough to let their younger sister pay for their elder brother’s bridal chamber.

Old Master Xu glared at Xu Jiangxi. Chen Qiulian was even more furious and almost hit him. “You’re her father. Isn’t the house what that little b*tch built for you?!”

When Xu Jiangxi heard that his mother was scolding Xu Qing, his expression instantly changed. His voice was cold as he said, “Mother, this house is under Little Qing’s name, and it’s also Xiao Qing who contributed money and effort. I can’t make the decision! Also, Little Qing is also your granddaughter. How can you scold Little Qing like this? Besides, we’ve already split up. If I hear you scold Little Qing like this again in the future, it will only make things worse.”

Chen Qiulian clenched her fists in anger. She wished she could tear that little b*tch Xu Qing apart right now! It was all because of her that Xu Jiangxi, a person who would never resist her, had changed.

Old Master Xu’s expression remained dark. He understood that he wouldn’t be able to get the house, but he couldn’t go back like this. His gaze changed. “Since you don’t want to give away the new house, Xu Nai is getting married, so you have to give him some money.”

When Xu Jiangzhong and the others heard this, they panicked. They didn’t want the house anymore? How were they going to show off in the future?

Xu nodded. “I’ll pay.”

“Alright, then you can pay ten thousand,” Old Master Xu said aloofly. He didn’t think it was too much at all.

On the other hand, Xu Jiangxi and Qu Feng’s eyes widened! In a village, who would give so much money for a wedding? Usually, they would only give a few dozen or a few hundred yuan, and their biological parents would only give them a thousand yuan. In the end, they actually wanted an uncle who had been separated from them to give them 10,000 yuan? Then what was the meaning of splitting up? Splitting up meant that they were two families!

Fortunately, they didn’t know that Xu Qing spent two million yuan to build this house. Otherwise, they might have fainted from fright.

Xu Qing patted Qu Feng comfortingly to reassure her. Then, she smiled and said, “It’s not like we can’t pay 10,000.”

Xu Qing’s words made the Xu family feel pleased. They smiled proudly, but Xu Qing’s next words froze their smiles.

Xu Qing said with a smile, “My father is only his third uncle, and he has two older brothers above him. He definitely can’t spend more money than his two older brothers and his own parents. Therefore, if my father pays 10,000, then Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Grandpa, and Grandma will also pay more than 10,000. Otherwise, we wouldn’t dare to give so much.”


“Father, we don’t have that much money.” Zhao Bing covered her wallet and said anxiously.

Old Master Xu glared at Zhao Bing with an unfriendly expression. He said to Chen Qiulian, Xu Jiangdong, and Xu Jiangnan, “Hurry up and pay.”

In the end, under his authority, Chen Qiulian, Xu Jiangnan, and Xu Jiangdong took out one to two thousand yuan.

Of course, in this way, Xu Jiangdong would benefit the most. After all, it was his son, Xu Nai, who was getting married.

Xu Qing turned around and took a thousand yuan from the house. She handed it to Old Master Xu and said, “Since Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, and Grandma’s family has already paid, my father can’t exceed the elders.”

Old Master Xu’s face turned ashen. He was angered by his son and his wife. Couldn’t they take out more and put on a show?

Zhao Bing and Mo Qiu also understood the logic behind this, but if they really took out more money, Chen Qiulian would definitely have a reason to ask them for money in the future. In the end, wouldn’t they lose all their private savings?

In the end, Old Master Xu and his family left angrily. Among them, Xu Jiangzhong and Xu Yunqiao were the most angry.

Xu Yunqiao glared at Xu Qing resentfully. How could this b*tch live in such a good house?! Such a big house should be hers!

Xu Jiangzhong didn’t look too good either. He had already bragged to his classmates and had invited them here to play, but now that there was no big house, where would his pride go?

No matter what, it was all Xu Qing’s fault. What right did that b*tch have to occupy the new house?! How was she worthy?!

Xu Qing looked at the depressed Xu Jiangxi and Qu Feng and comforted them. “Father, you did very well today.”

“Little Qing, I’m sorry. Your grandfather…” Xu Jiangxi lowered his head and hammered his leg dejectedly. That thousand yuan was earned by Little Qing.

“Let’s not talk about them anymore. I want to ask you and Mother when Little Hui and I will get married.” Xu Qing quickly changed the topic.

When Qu Feng heard that it was Xu Qing’s marriage, she immediately perked up. “Little Qing, I’ve recently chosen a few auspicious dates, but when is Little Hui’s birthday? I want to find a prophet to calculate your marriage fate.”

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