Peerless Genius System – Chapter 800 – An Opportunity to Climb Up the Ladder

Chapter 800: An Opportunity to Climb Up the Ladder

When Ghost was in her element, she could easily match a Martial Lord. However, it was in the daytime and it was sunny. She had to hold her small red umbrella all the time, so understandably, it compromised some of her fighting ability. Although she might not lose in a fight facing five supervisors at once, she would not be on top of them, either. But the standoff that resulted was only because of the help she got from the Duck Emperor. Without his intervention, she could have lost.

On the other side, Xiao Luo soared into the air to attack the elders of the Mu City Academy. He struck them down and they spat out blood as they hit the ground. The ground collapsed from the impact and tremendous energy spread outward, wreaking havoc like a violent gale and sending many disciples flying.

Dust swirled in the air, and the ground and mountains shook. It was a doomsday scenario!

Everyone was staring at Xiao Luo hovering in the air, overcome with fear and shock. He looked like a heavenly God. The elders of the Mu City Academy fought against him as one, but they still could not equal him. It was unimaginable.

“You should all take a rest for a little while!”

Xiao Luo spread his arms slowly, breathing in deeply with his eyes closed.

The spiritual energy from the surrounding air churned madly and appeared as if an overwhelming power pulled it into him. The wind howled and an intimidating pressure spread across the field. He truly looked like a God, and the people felt a powerful impulse to worship him. They just could not help themselves.

What was he going to do?

What was he up to?

The dean and the elders were fearful and in awe of him. With their eyes wide open, they looked up at Xiao Luo in trepidation. They had never run into an opponent like him before—young but as powerful as a God. If they had not seen him in person, they would in no way have believed it.


A blast of True Inner Force shot from his head into the sky and exploded into myriad crystal silver flakes. As the flakes settled on the ground below, covering the whole Mu City Academy. Then an indiscriminate attack started.

Suddenly, those crystal flakes began to attack the disciples nearby. Whoever was hit would fall to the ground badly injured, or spit blood, groaning in pain, or simply passed out.

Since he had antagonized the Mu City Academy, which controlled the teleportation portal, he had to incapacitate everyone for a while. That was the only way to ensure his safe arrival in the Baiyue Nation.


The elders sustained further injuries and kept spitting up blood. Sitting down cross-legged, they all regulated their breath to maintain the stability of the vital parts. Otherwise, they would die.

That was exactly what Xiao Luo wanted. He landed on the ground slowly and laid his eyes on the teleportation portal.

The portal had been charged with the True Inner Force for some time. It now glowed with energy, which meant it could function again. Xiao Luo walked up to Hu Qingsong. “Do you know how to set the coordinates for the teleportation portal?”

It was a good while before Hu Qingsong came to his senses. “I… I don’t know…”

“Who knows?” asked Xiao Luo.

“Ai Linda,” Hu Qingsong replied and looked at Ai Linda.

“Set the coordination of the Baiyue Nation,” said Xiao Luo plainly, looking at Ai Linda. He sounded determined, and it was clear he would not accept any disobedience.

Ai Linda got to her feet. Staring at Xiao Luo in anger, she said, “You are a devil. I won’t help you even if I die!”

In her eyes, a man who could injure everyone in the Mu City Academy instantly did not differ from the devil.

“That’s not up to you.”

Xiao Luo showed a slight smile. He flashed his right hand to her.

Ai Linda’s pupils slightly shrank. She instantly entered a foggy state of mind. Xiao Luo had hypnotized her.

“Set the coordination of the Baiyue Nation,” said Xiao Luo.

“I absolutely won’t… Absolutely won’t help… help you…” Shaking her head with great effort, Ai Linda was still resisting Xiao Luo’s hypnosis.

Xiao Luo looked at Hu Qingsong. “It’s not for me. It is for Qingsong. He wants to go away with you.”

He certainly could see Ai Linda was deeply in love with Hu Qingsong. She would not have come forward to speak for him otherwise.

As expected, when she had heard Hu Qingsong mentioned, and that he was going away with her, Ai Linda stopped resisting immediately.

“Qingsong, are we going away? Okay. I will help you right now.”

Ai Linda’s eyes were not focusing at all, but she looked she was joyful. She walked toward the teleportation portal and then changed the coordinates.

It was not as complicated as he imagined. The outer circle of the portal was similar to the coded locks of the Original World. Different combinations would show when someone rotated the lock. The teleportation portal had three outer circles of the same size. By spinning them, one could get various combinations of numbers.

Ai Linda looked happy when she completed the task quickly and said, “Qingsong, I have changed the coordinates. The portal will now bring us to the Baiyue Nation.”


Xiao Luo reached out to touch the center of her forehead lightly with a finger. Then Ai Linda flopped to the ground and passed out.


Did that guy know sorcery?

The disciples of the Mu City Academy were all stupefied. The sight sent a shiver down their spines.

The dean and the elders could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

“Ai Linda, Ai Linda…” Hu Qingsong kept calling Ai Linda by her name, deeply concerned about her.

“Don’t worry. She is fine. She just needs some sleep,” said Xiao Luo after turning his head.

“Thanks… Thank you!” Hu Qingsong nodded at him to express his gratitude.

Xiao Luo certainly knew what Hu Qingsong was thanking him for. “No problem. I was just eliminating my threats.” He looked at Ghost, and said, “We are leaving.”


Ghost joined him quickly, and they entered the teleportation portal together.

“Mother ducker, wait for me.” The Duck Emperor also dashed into the transmitting formation as fast as a flying arrow.

In this way, the two people and the duck left.

In the Mu City Academy, everyone was badly injured except for Luo Jinshi. And those injured could not even move at all for the moment.

“Luo Jinshi, hurry and strike the portal. No matter what attainment that jerk has, he won’t be able to resist the power of space,” shouted Dean Ai to Luo Jinshi.


Luo Jinshi was in a dilemma. He looked at the dean and then at Hu Qingsong with his brows tightly knitted.

“Luo Jinshi, what are you waiting for? Do what the dean told you. Strike the teleportation portal.”

“They are now in the space channel. Killing them is as easy as falling off a log. Come on, do it!”

“This is an opportunity for the academy to avenge his insult. As long as you strike the portal, you will become a diamond-level disciple. You will have access to all cultivation resources and use the Scripture Library all you want. You can read everything in the Scripture Library.”

“As long as you kill them, you will get the credit for it. You will be the center of attention, the role model for all disciples. You will uphold the honor of your family and they will all be proud of you.”

The elders tried to persuade him.

Luo Jinshi had been on Hu Qingsong’s side resolutely. However, he was tempted by the elders’ offers. He had always been disgusted with Zheng Feihan, but it was out of jealousy, if nothing else. He was jealous of Zheng Feihan because the latter’s grandpa was an elder, and he could have any pretty girl that he wanted. And now, there was an opportunity for him to climb up the ladder. He could live like Zheng Feihan if he could seize it.