Peerless Battle Spirit – Chapter 1823 – The Living in the Tomb

Chapter 1823 – The Living in the Tomb

“Is Qin Nan going to die?”

The rogue cultivators’ eyes widened as they held their breaths.

Qin Nan’s rise was unstoppable. If he was to die here, it would surely stir a great storm once the news of his death spread in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.


The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor, Yuanji, and the others released the remaining immortal force in their bodies into the Heaven-Repairing Cauldron. Doom opened his mouth and let out a roar into the sky. He thoroughly unleashed all his power.

Qin Nan tensed, his hair was standing on its end. He thoroughly utilized the power of the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle staring at the sword intents scattered in the sky.

They could not afford to place all their hope in Lu Qingyin.

In the nick of time, the character on Lu Qingyin’s forehead emitted a brilliant glow. Her voice became deafening too, “Everything between the Heavens and Earth is from the same source! It is everywhere, and everlasting…”


Immortal runes immediately spread under the feet of Qin Nan and the others. Wisps of an incredible force encapsulated their figures.


Immortal Emperor Jiangjue was startled. He was about to make his move, but Lu Qingyin had long prepared in the dark. Following the sound of a mirror being shattered into pieces, Qin Nan and the others vanished into thin air without leaving any trace behind.


The rogue cultivators nearby were left speechless.

They did not think Lu Qingyin would lend Qin Nan and his crew a hand in a situation like this.

“Lu Qingyin, how…how dare you!”

Immortal Emperor Jiangjue was enraged as he collected his thoughts. He flung his hand at Lu Qingyin, unleashing strong immortal force on her.

The woman groaned in pain. Her white robe was stained with blood as her face turned extremely pale.

The hit was most likely going to cost her life if Immortal Emperor Jiangjue did not retain a hint of his rationality!

“Senior Immortal Emperor Jiangjue, I was left with no choice, I have to save my brother.”

Lu Qingyin withheld the tremendous pain and said, “They are teleported ten thousand li to the southeast. They are marked by the Qi of Immortal Spirit still. You can follow the guidance of this talisman to catch up to them.”

Qin Nan was already her enemy, thus she too had a backup plan for it.

“Lu Qingyin, do you have any idea whom the people you just help to escape was? Do you think your brother is more important than them?”

Immortal Emperor Jiangjue’s eyes flickered coldly as he spoke, “If your Tribe of Immortal Spirits didn’t send a Nine Heavens Supreme here, I swear I would have killed you!”

It was definitely beneficial if they could take out the Exceptional Geniuses of other factions. However, he could not afford to do so since the Tribe of Immortal Spirits had sent a Nine Heavens Supreme here too.

Otherwise, not only would his life be in danger, everyone from the Extreme Living Gate would be in trouble too.

It was the main reason why he was pursuing Qin Nan relentlessly. The Sky Taihuang Sect was far away in the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm. It was not involved in the competition in the Six Unity Forbidden Land.

He waved his hand again, shattering the meridians inside Lu Qingyin’s body. He took the immortal talismans and ran out of the ancient city at a shocking speed.

“The battle has finally come to an end!”

The rogue cultivators exclaimed. They were relieved that they did not agree to Long Xuanling’s request. Otherwise, they would surely end up as one of the corpses on the ground.

Meanwhile, a few tens of thousand away southeast of the enormous pit…

Qin Nan and his crew appeared out of nowhere.

“Damn it, these Exceptional Geniuses are indeed no ordinary cultivators. They have so many trump cards up in their sleeves. Even a Peerless Ruler is going to have a hard time killing them in normal circumstances.”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor exclaimed. He vaguely glanced at Yuanji.

“Eight Brilliance, what are you looking at? I have a firm heart in pursuing the Great Dao. I only rely on my own strength. I couldn’t be bothered using tricks like this.”

Yuanji harrumphed.

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor, Xiu Shenliang, Doom, and the others immediately cast a disdainful look at him.

That bald donkey clearly did not receive the support of the Ancient Bodhi Temple.

“That Lu Qingyin won’t let us leave so easily. We should leave this place at once.”

Qin Nan immediately transmitted a message through the badge he received from Immortal Emperor Gulin.

If Immortal Emperor Gulin was not too far away, he might be able to come and lend them a hand, just in case Immortal Emperor Jiangjue somehow caught up to them.

“Doom, how is senior Blood-Eye doing?”

Qin Nan quickly asked. His eyes flickered with pain.

Blood-Eye would not end up like this if it was not for him.

“You woke up in the nick of time. His life is no longer in danger, but his cultivation is destroyed. Once he recovered from the injuries, his cultivation will forever be stuck at the Human Immortal Realm.”

Doom said calmly.

Qin Nan fell silent. His gaze greatly sharpened.

He would not hesitate to help Blood-Eye once he woke up. As for the conflict between them and Long Xuanling, he would not let Blood-Eye be involved in it any further. He would settle it himself.

Qin Nan soon received a response from Immortal Emperor Gulin.

He felt more confident after reading its content.

“Qin Nan, I won’t be going any deeper. I will go back to the Land of Extraordinaries to refine the treasure before coming back here to compete for the successions again.”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor suddenly said.

“I’ll come with you.”

Yuanji and Xiu Shenliang said too.

Their cultivation was currently at a bottleneck. They needed a breakthrough so they could become stronger.

Their strength was going to rise significantly with the help of the artifacts too.

That was not all of it; the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor, Yuanji, and Xiu Shenliang realized that the gap between Qin Nan and them kept enlarging without them knowing. They were going to struggle if they stayed with him.

It was exactly how the journey of cultivation was.

They had to keep improving to continue forward.

“Maybe the Fifth Immortal has left him some remarkable succession. I must stick with the kid.”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor chuckled.

It was the reason why he desperately wanted to improve his cultivation. He bet the bald donkey and Xiu Shenliang shared the same thought too.

Qin Nan nodded. He did not turn down their suggestion.

“Qin Nan, I’ll be going with them too.”

Ling Lanlan hesitated for a while before transmitting her voice, “The thing that the demon blood is related to is deeper into the place. I can’t afford to say too much, but I can tell you that it’s a tomb with someone alive in it.”

A tomb?

With someone alive?

Qin Nan’s eyes glittered.

It seemed like the copper mirror was right; the living person in the tomb must be the key to the mystery of his past life.