Peerless Battle Spirit – Chapter 1822 – In A Precarious Situation

Chapter 1822 – In A Precarious Situation

Meanwhile, above the ancient city inside the glowing gate…

A series of explosions took place. Even though Yuanji and the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor were not as powerful as Qin Nan, they too were unstoppable when it came to crushing their opponents. Even second-layer Heaven Immortals could not stop them.

On the side of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits, even though Lu Qingyin had used a secret art to awaken everyone’s will, they still felt the difference between their strength when the fight truly began.

Each of Qin Nan’s moves would shatter a huge portion of their force of nature. An Earth Immortal, or even a Heaven Immortal would fall almost every breath.

Lu Qingyin had even used two ancient Dao Weapons and forbidden arts to gather the force of Immortal Spirits in their bodies.

Half of the people of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits were slain.

Even Lu Qingyin was slightly infuriated despite her out-of-the-ordinary mentality. These people were her tribesmen, even though they were not directly related to her family, they still had the same bloodline.

“So you can feel anger too? You never thought we would be angry when you’re making your move on us before?”

Doom wore a disdainful look as he tore two Heaven Immortals into pieces with his enormous claws before fixing his bloody eyes on Lu Zhaoming.

He was ranked second among the Ten Primordial Evils, thus he was a savage beast by nature. He treated every creature weaker than him as insignificant as a stalk of weed that he could eliminate as he pleased.

As such, he eventually had a bad habit during battles. The thought of killing cultivators that were weak but possessed shocking identities was thrilling to him.


Lu Qingyin’s expression shifted slightly, but it was already too late. Doom wrapped his claws around Lu Zhaoming and tightened his grip lightly, making him blush.

“Don’t, don’t kill me…”

Lu Zhaoming’s face was brimming with fear.

“Qin Nan, if you dare harm even a single strand of my brother’s hair, I will make you pay even if it meant sacrificing everything I have!”

Lu Qingyin’s eyes flickered with shocking anger. Her aura skyrocketed as if a switch had been toggled. A faint Heaven Immortal aura surged in all directions.

She had found some impressive successions in the ancient city, and her cultivation was on the verge of a breakthrough due to the wild surge of emotions.

Qin Nan did not seem bothered at all. His eyes remained cold. Doom let out an eerie grin as he proceeded to tighten his grip. However, something unexpected happened in the nick of time.


Following a shocking explosion, a magnificent aura surged across the place like a great storm.

The huge ancient city in ruins shook vigorously.

Qin Nan, Doom, Yuanji, and the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor were startled. Their eyes widened as they glanced in the direction of the noise.

“Holy crap! Are you kidding me now!? That assh*** Jiangjue, he’s a peak Peerless Ruler, yet he still came here instead of competing for the successions deeper into the place?”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor could not help but curse.

Qin Nan’s expression gradually darkened.

He was not necessarily afraid of Immortal Emperor Jiangjue. He just felt that the guy was as annoying as Long Xuanling.

“You’ve achieved the Heaven Immortal Realm already?”

Immortal Emperor Jiangjue immediately noticed the change to Qin Nan’s aura. He then noticed the blood and corpses scattered across the place, “You, you killed them all?”

There were around a hundred cultivators from various factions!

Qin Nan was only a fifth-layer Heaven Immortal. How did he even do it?

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor and Yuanji immediately took hold of the opportunity to sprint toward Qin Nan.

A Peerless Ruler had shown up. It was meaningless to fight any further!

“Very well! It looks like I’ve made the right choice giving up on the successions and coming here to deal with you!”

Immortal Emperor Jiangjue quickly reacted and let out a hollow laugh. He emitted a blinding immortal glow while a murderous aura permeated every inch of the rift.

Even the rogue cultivators in the distance shivered in fear. Their scalp turned numb from the chill.

“Even a Peerless Ruler has come! I wonder how the battle is going to end?”

Some cultivators immediately swallowed their saliva. They had been through lots of battles, but it was their first time seeing one like this.

“Damn it, what do we do now?”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor slightly lost his ground. He stared at Qin Nan, not knowing what to do.

The entrance was already blocked off by Immortal Emperor Jiangjue. It was unlikely they could force their way out of the place. Their only hope lied in Qin Nan.

Leaving the Fifth Immortal side, considering how close Empress Feiyue was with Qin Nan, she wouldn’t let a Peerless Ruler kill him, right?

“Don’t panic, I have a trump card to take care of Immortal Emperor Jiangjue, but I must warn you using the thing is most likely going to cause a great disaster.”

Qin Nan took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

He currently had the badge from Immortal Emperor Gulin and the seal from the Divine God of Battle.

It was unlikely that Immortal Emperor Gulin could make it in time even if Qin Nan summoned him with the badge. He had no choice but to use the latter instead.

The Divine God of Battle mentioned that using the seal would most likely result in a great disaster.

If the Divine God of Battle called it a great disaster, it was obviously going to be very terrifying.

“Great disaster it is, we must find a way to survive first!”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor said.


Qin Nan prepared to activate the seal without any hesitation.

At that instant, Lu Qingyin suddenly transmitted her voice calmly, “Qin Nan, let my brother go. I have a way to let the few of you escape this place and give you a head start of around a hundred breaths.”

It was one of her trump cards, but it could only help a limited number of people escape. It was the reason why she did not use it, since she did not want to abandon the people of her tribe.


Qin Nan exchanged glances with the others. Doom immediately grinned, “Sure, I’ll swear an Immortal Demon Oath. If you can help us leave this place, your brother will not be harmed.”

Qin Nan quickly waved his hand to gather Xiu Shenliang, Ling Lanlan, and the Blood-Eye Earth God to him.

“Qin Nan, are you planning to run away? You won’t be able to escape this time.”

Immortal Emperor Jiangjue had no intention to waste any time. He quickly moved and arrived before Qin Nan and the others within the blink of an eye.

He was holding an immortal sword. With the slight flick of his wrist, thousands of sword intents poured down at them like a great storm.

The rift was shattered into pieces.

Qin Nan and the others were startled. The man was a Peerless Ruler after all. His normal attack had significantly surpassed the level of the Heaven Immortal Realm.

They had no chance of resisting even a single attack from the Peerless Ruler.