Chapter 1390

They were in jeopardy. The tower carefully built by the great power was teetering like it would collapse in the face of the disaster that came without notice.

“Ah… Ahhh…”

“T-This is unbelievable.”

The commanders stared at the orcs dying miserably from the rain of battle gear falling from the sky. It was unreal. Was the ridiculous sight of hundreds or thousands of weapons pouring down like rain really done by a human?

‘Overgeared… God…’

The new title for Grid passed through the minds of the commanders. God—it was a very noble title for a human, but it wasn’t awkward when placed before or after the name ‘Grid.’ The rain of battle gear that punished the soldiers was that great.


The commanders lost their minds until the terrible smell of blood brushed the tip of their noses. Then they simultaneously raised their heads.

Havis ran to the front, shouting as he blocked the weapons attacking the soldiers, “It is done by Grid! Hurry and find his location first! Don’t shrink back! If we step back, it is easier to become a target! Move forward! That way! Don’t mess up the formation due to confusion!”

Grid must be nearby. The rain of battle gear that accurately aimed and shot at the orcs demonstrated that his gaze reached the battlefield.

This was Havis’ judgment and he commanded the army perfectly. He opened a wide area buff to calm the soldiers and increase their agility. Then he scattered them in all directions. The shield soldiers protected their allies as much as possible while they searched the terrain for places where Grid could be hiding.

Thanks to his excellent commanding ability, the order was kept despite the soldiers being scattered. The movement path of the scattered soldiers was perfect as they searched. They stretched out aiming at points where Grid was suspected to be attacking from. However, no one completed the task. Grid was not found in all the locations predicted by Havis.

Flap. A flag waved to show he wasn’t here either.


Havis was surprised to hear the last report and raised his head reflexively. A clear sky without clouds filled his field of view. The sky was empty as well. Grid was nowhere to be found.

‘Yet the battle gear keeps pouring down.’ Havis was suddenly engulfed in doubts. ‘So where is the other person’s location?’

The marching route of the detached force was decided at today’s daytime meeting. Additionally, the same side couldn’t blindly trust each other so they changed their routes several times. They were found and then sniped. However, the important sniping point couldn’t be found.

“It can’t be.”

Was he watching from a distance? Was it from a distance they couldn’t recognize from here?

‘…No, that is ridiculous.’

It was impossible unless he had the skill Clairvoyance that was the exclusive skill of the Bow Saint. There was only one Bow Saint in the world, Jishuka.

‘Even if he can see from a distance, it is impossible for the skill to reach here.’

There was also a limit to ranged attacks. The range of influence was usually limited to tens of meters. In the first place, the formula for using skills at an ‘invisible distance’ wasn’t established.

‘Grid is obviously hiding somewhere nearby.’

Skills with a range of ‘within your field of view’ were very rare. It was because such effects were usually attached to legendary skills. It was natural in Havis’ common sense that there was no link between skill and vision. He couldn’t even imagine it. Therefore, he was sure that Grid was lurking around here. The judgments of the other commanders were the same.

-Grid has appeared in the north-west part of the Orc Kingdom.I’ll say it once again.Grid has appeared in the north-west part of the Orc Kingdom.

Wang Wei immediately reported it to the top. Soon, acts of terrorism would occur throughout Reinhardt in order to shift Grid’s gaze.

“Grid! There will soon be a riot in Reinhardt. Is there a reason for you to waste time in a place like this? Shouldn’t you worry about your son?” Wang Wei shouted toward the invisible Grid. Unfortunately, there was no return answer. The battlefield was still. No one opened their mouths, except for the groaning soldiers.

However, Wang Wei wasn’t nervous. Rather, he waited a while before using magic. “Detect!”


Wang Wei was often at risk of being assassinated since he was in charge of the army. Therefore, he had artifacts to detect the presence of assassins and to cancel stealth magic. Now he expressed the artifact’s ability to neutralize invisibility.

“As expected…”

There was a deep smile on Wang Wei’s face. It was because there was no one around even though he used Detect magic. It was proof that Grid, who had been hiding around here with the ‘invisibility cloak,’ must’ve hurriedly left this place.

“Huhut, it might just be a bunch of graphics, but it is still Grid’s child. Start the march again!”

It was worthwhile to be thoroughly prepared with the help of the government. They got rid of Grid without having to fight him, so it wasn’t hard. It happened the moment when Wang Wei mistakenly thought he fought and won against an enemy—who wasn’t even present—and issued the order to march again…

“Huh? What is that?”

“Are my eyes wrong…?”

The soldiers murmured to each other. They said strange nonsense like a ‘wave’ was coming or something. This area was a plain. How could the group collectively see such an illusion? Well, it was understandable. They were suddenly attacked by an improbable attack so it wasn’t strange if they lost their minds.

The frowning Wang Wei and Havis turned their gazes toward the soldiers. Then they saw it. The blue wave that appeared on the horizon and was coming this way. It was a wave like the soldiers said.

“What is this…?”

Why was a wave occurring in the middle of the plain? Wang Wei and Havis’ doubts stopped here. The speed of the wave hitting them was dozens of times faster than they perceived. The moment the wave passed over them, their heads were cut off and they disappeared.


[Experience has been acquired.]
[Experience has been acquired.]
[Experience has been acquir…]


At Rupa, a fortified city in the Orc Kingdom…

“Surely this isn’t going to be nerfed…” Grid stood on the walls of a city in a somewhat primitive landscape and murmured to himself with a blank expression.

It was because the combination of Barbatos’ Vision (5), which allowed him to see up to 10 kilometers away, and the Undefeated King’s Swordsmanship showed a power beyond expectations. The enemy that surpassed 100,000 was forced to be helpless. Even Grid, the one behind the massacre, felt creeped out as he watched them dying without knowing who or what they were facing.

‘Since my experience has risen so much, it can be said that almost all the troops were wiped out.’

He used the help of God’s Command to use the Undefeated King’s Swordsmanship a total of nine times. Before that, he even used Request to Stand with Me. The maximum duration of Barbatos’ Vision was over and he could no longer see the battlefield. Nevertheless, Grid confirmed through his experience gauge that the 120,000 troops had been pushed to the brink of destruction.

It was around 10%. He had gained experience equivalent to one month of hunting. Considering that the amount of experience given by NPCs was overwhelmingly less than the experience given by monsters, this was a huge increase.

‘I think the enlightenment effect played a big role.’

What type of bonus occurred by linking the top skills? Grid had this thought while turning back to the warp gate.


He took a step into the warp gate and a notification window popped up.

[Overgeared King Grid has entered the capital, Reinhardt.]

The warp gate made by Sticks was really useful, except that there was a limit to the number of uses per day.

“What about the riots?” Grid cocked his head when he entered the palace and found knights busy moving around.

The senior knight, Royman, politely greeted him and replied, “Sir Amosphel found some people behaving weirdly and arrested them. The situation is just perplexing because there are so many of them and no evidence that they tried to commit a crime. Of course, we can’t doubt Sir Asmophel, so I am going to seek out experts good at interrogation…”

Grid’s eyes widened. “Asmophel? Is Asmophel back?”

It was on the day that Braham became a member of the Overgeared Kingdom…

After losing to Braham, Asmophel devoted the next few months to training. He didn’t have a desire to become stronger because he lost to Braham. Rather, he had a vague sense of enlightenment and wanted to grab onto these strands of enlightenment.

Grid watched such an Asmophel silently. He considerately allowed Asmophel to fully concentrate on training. Asmophel misunderstood Grid’s consideration as indifference and became depressed, but Grid didn’t know this. Grid believed in Asmophel, who had the ‘Determination of the Number Two.’

Determination of the Number Two—it was a passive skill that had a chance of activating when Asmophel fought someone and lost. The passive skill had an extremely bad activation probability, but it was the catalyst for Asmophel’s growth. Every time it was activated, Asmophel gained a new skill and his stats rose permanently. This was why Grid had so many expectations for Asmophel. He didn’t stop Asmophel, who wanted to leave on a training trip.

Then after months, Asmophel returned.

‘How much did he change?’ Grid was looking forward to it, happy about reuniting with a friend, who had been away for a long time. Royman guided Grid to Asmophel’s location.

At the same time, at the 32nd Hell…

An unexpected bigshot visited the place that was known as the Overgeared Hell Branch. It was such a bigshot that it surprised the demon, Glant, who had lived for a thousand years.

“What happened?”

“This is Grid’s base, correct? I think I have the right to come here often to play.”

Leraje, the 10th Great Demon—she was extremely pleased after joining forces with Grid to kill Barbatos’ subordinate and was much more favorable to Grid than expected.

“What are those succubi?”

“Grid’s subordinates.”

“Hmm, using the demonkin of the 32nd Hell as subordinates. The level of the subordinates is too low to match him. I’ll lend you my chariot soldiers, so take them with you.”


Leraje’s chariot corps were incomparably stronger than the succubi. While the succubi could only hide behind Grid every time he fought demons, Leraje’s chariot soldiers could fight together with him.

Yura nodded coldly. “I understand. I will deliver it.”

Grid’s influence in hell was growing.