My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots – Chapter 655 – End

Chapter 655: End

For an entire hour, Jiang Hongyi received the cruelest treatment that existed.

One hour later, the five disgusting men left with their pants in their hands. A man in black walked in, pinched Jiang Hongyi’s mouth open, and placed something inside.

Jiang Hongyi knew that he must not eat it, but the man was very skilled. With just a slight push, Jiang Hongyi felt like his tightly shut throat had been forced open, and the drug slid down his throat.

Jiang Hongyi was just a young master from a wealthy family. Although he liked to act tough, he did not dare to say anything when faced with such a brutal man in black—it felt like something that could only appear on television.

After being tortured for an hour and being forced to consume the poison, he could only cry.

“What… What did… You give me?”

Thinking about how cowardly Jiang Hongyi was, the man in black asked in disdain, “Do you know why you ended up like this?”

Initially, Jiang Hongyi’s mind had been in a daze. However, when he heard the word ‘end’, he suddenly understood.

He did nothing. The only thing he wanted to do was to make his move on Selina.

“You… You work for Selina?”

The man in black stood up and punched Jiang Hongyi’s liver.

Although his skin was only slightly red, the punch caused Jiang Hongyi to spit out several mouthfuls of blood. His eyes were filled with fear, and he started to cry again.

“You dare to call her Selina? You should call her Miss Selina.”

Seeing that Jiang Hongyi did not answer, the man in black raised his fist and prepared to land another punch.

“Got it! Got it! Miss Selina! Miss Selina!”

He really regretted it now. If he had known that Selina was such a vicious woman, he would not have dared to take his side at her bed even if she offered herself naked, let alone try to get her.

“You’re mistaken. I didn’t mean to harm Miss Selina. I… I just wanted to pursue her, so I hired someone to scare her so that I can save the damsel in distress. I really didn’t want to kill her.”

The man in black sneered in disdain. “Kill her? Have you overestimated yourself?”

Jiang Hongyi, “…”

“Save her. Are you sure you’re not going to drug her after you save her and then harm her?”

Jiang Hongyi, “…”

“Jiang Hongyi, that idiot Zhong Qianqian has already offended our Young Miss. This matter hasn’t even been resolved, and here you came. Your Jiang family is truly capable! Our Miss Selina is currently aiming for the Gu family only. For you to climb up the ladder so quickly, do you want our Miss Selina to crush the Jiang family that you’re from as well?”

“No… No…” Jiang Hongyi cried in snot and tears as terror filled his heart to the brim.

“The drug you just took is poisonous. This is a new drug developed in Sab that won’t be exposed to the world. Congratulations on tasting it.”

Jiang Hongyi, “!!!”

“No, no! Please! I know I was wrong, don’t…”

“You need to experience the effects of this drug first before we can continue talking.”

“No… No… I don’t want to experience it… Please…” Jiang Hongyi was so scared that he was incoherent.

The man in black looked at the time. “Two more minutes.”

Jiang Hongyi, “…” He did not want this! Boohoo… Please, no!!!

“Jiang Hongyi, our Miss Selina wants to ask you a question…”