My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots – Chapter 622 – Unjust

Chapter 622: Unjust

Ye Hai looked at Leng Jinpeng again. There was nothing he was more afraid of than receiving Leng Jinpeng’s disappointment; that he would not love Ye Hai as much as before. If that was the case, all his hard work over the past 15 years would go down the drain.

“Dad, Lil Rui can be described as proficient and professional when it comes to computers. You have to believe me. I was really just passing by and saw that Jiang Hongyi was going to attack Selina, so I knocked Jiang Hongyi out and tried to save Lil Rui. The police might not be able to find out, but the highly professional personnel from the military base will definitely be able to find out what’s wrong with this video.”

“I’ve treated you so well, but you bring so much harm to my son. Do you think I’ll believe you again? Ye Hai, look at your face.”

After saying that, Leng Jinpeng dragged the video back to when Ye Hai saw that the armed men were about to strike Lil Rui, along with the hateful and satisfied smile Ye Hai had on his face.

His smile was so ugly and creepy that it was scary.

“No… No… Dad, it’s not like that… It’s not like that…”

“What else can it be? Why don’t you explain to me what your expression means?”

“No… It’s not like that… Dad, you have to believe me…”

“Believe? What do you want me to believe? A month ago, you hired someone to assassinate Lil Rui. Do you think I don’t know that?”

Ye Hai, “…!!!” He stopped crying and looked at Leng Jinpeng in shock.

“I didn’t tell anyone about this. After finding out that you were the mastermind, I told you not to stay by my side anymore. You should go away for training, so I sent you away.

“I had already sent you so far away. I thought that would make you realize something and stop hurting Lil Rui. Who knew that after completing your mission, you returned to Jiang District behind my back and tried to harm Lil Rui again. Ye Hai, Lil Rui is my son; my life. You harming him is harder for me to accept than if you harming me.”

Ye Hai, “…”

He found out!

He was so discreet about it. Yet, how did he find out?

“Ye Hai, from today onwards, I officially disown you as your father. I’ll transfer your household registration to you again. I won’t pursue the matter of your assassination attempt on Lil Rui, and I won’t send the evidence to the military court. Just treat it as the last thing I, as your father, do for you before we cut off all ties.

“However, I won’t tolerate what you did today. Everything will be taken care of by the police and the military court will convict you. If you’re innocent, I hope that you can be an upright citizen in both the military base and in society. Don’t be like your father, who has to go to the guillotine to come to his senses. Of course, if you’re guilty, I won’t shield you.”

Having said that, Leng Jinpeng felt that he had done his part for Ye Hai.

As he watched Leng Jinpeng and Leng Qirui leave, Ye Hai, a 23-year-old man, knelt in the interrogation room with both hands on the metal railing. He wailed and cried until the sky turned dark.

“I’m innocent! Dad… I’m innocent! I really didn’t do it! I really didn’t do it!”