My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots – Chapter 592 – Old General

Chapter 592: Old General

This would put her against the Zhong Family. As a girl who valued kinship so much, why would she do such a thing?

Chi Yang and Leng Jinpeng had been leaking information to find the mole for half a year, but the other party was too cunning. It was as if they understood Chi Yang and Leng Jinpeng’s styles very well. They could never find anything incriminating, and therefore, it was no longer an urgency.

After the justice department of the military base took Li Weiyi away, Chi Yang got off work.

Knowing that Zhong Nuannuan had specially come to treat him and had been waiting at Chi Yang’s place for a long time, he felt bad. Therefore, Leng Jinpeng persuaded Chi Yang to return to his dormitory to get treated by Nuannuan.

Leng Jinpeng, who stayed in the unit opposite Qu Mingyi and traveled back and forth together to work, was about to say goodbye to Qu Mingyi when Qu Mingyi received a call at the crossroad.

Qu Mingyi was clearly excited to receive the call.

He could tell that the call was from his wife.

After hanging up the call, Qu Mingyi’s face lit up as he laughed out loud.

Leng Jinpeng instinctively refused to ask him what made him so happy.

Yet, how could Qu Mingyi, who had been handing out dog chow all day long, let go of such a good opportunity?

“Commander, my wife just called me earlier and said that she was going to bring our son back from Sab to visit me. They’ve already applied for leave and they’ll depart tomorrow morning. They’ll be there when I get off work tomorrow afternoon. My wife said thank you for your constant company, and we’ll have dinner the day after tomorrow.”

Leng Jinpeng, “…!!!”

Seeing Leng Jinpeng’s stifled expression, Qu Mingyi felt proud.

Initially, he had always respected his commander-in-chief, but who asked him to keep stuffing dog chow into his mouth? To avoid himself from being victimized by this horrible commander, he had stopped fooling around with him recently.

However, his wife was coming.

Qu Mingyi decided to return all the dog chow that Leng Jinpeng had given him, along with interest.

How could Leng Jinpeng not know Qu Mingyi’s thoughts? He could not be more depressed and his tone was no longer as amicable.

“Eating together is eating together. Why must we bring each other’s company into this? We’re all men; good comrades. All this talk about ‘company’ doesn’t exist.”

With that, he left the smug Qu Mingyi behind and followed Chi Yang.

He did not want to hear him brag anymore.

Such heartaches.

Leng Jinpeng thought that he and Chi Yang were both middle-aged and lonely men. They were in the same boat.

However, Leng Jinpeng had forgotten that while he could escape from that for a moment, he could not escape for a lifetime. He could never escape the inevitable.

Although he was not stuffed from Qu Mingyi’s dog chow, he could still get a heart attack from the dog chow that Chi Yang and Nuannuan gave away.

When Chi Yang reached the ground floor, he noticed there were guards from Emperor District.

Those were his grandfather’s bodyguards.

Since they were here, did that mean Grandpa…

Remembering that his little wife was still at home, Chi Yang’s heart instantly felt a cat clawed at his heart. He was afraid that the old master would scare his cute, demure little kitten.

At this moment, Chi Yang had automatically tossed the possibility of his wife having a secret identity that was as savage a tyrannosaurus rex to the back of his mind. He could not remember it at all. After all, his head had been injured before.

No problem there!

When Chi Yang knocked on the door and entered the room with Leng Jinpeng, he saw Old Master Chi with a bloody leg.


“Marshal? What happened to you?”

Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang hurriedly rushed over. When they saw the blood on Old Master Chi’s legs, they had an impending sense of doom.