Chapter 307: Legendary, The Beginning Of The Overlord Of The Ocean!

Dark purple color?

Orange color?

As they observed the bright orange color that had almost enveloped the entire ship, the villagers who had no idea what it signified were cheering loudly anyway, but for the leaders who knew the details, there was astonishment etched on their faces…

Twelve days ago, they had just obtained the black pot, recliner chair, and lamp from the Zeus Shelter assailants.

Then, as they appraised all the attributes, the glow manifested by the items had blinded their “eyes”.

However, right now…

The moment they saw the 80-meter long Hope One, with its whole body glowing with a bright orange color that only an epic-quality item would possess, a bold guess crossed their minds.

Almighty Su…

Built an epic-quality ship?

D*mn, did it make any sense?


Everyone was looking at each other.

There was confusion all over Qi Qin’s face, while there was bewilderment in Pei Shao’s eyes. Chen Shen was feeling completely dumbfounded from head to toe, and even Zhong Qing Shu who was standing in the corner had a look on her face…

A look that screamed, ‘Am I dreaming?’


What concept was that?

Within the current wasteland world, although epic-quality items and equipment were extremely rare, some people were still lucky enough to get their hands on one.


This was a man-made epic-quality item!

Not to mention now, even after half a year in the future had passed, or a year after, no one else would possess such capabilities.

Moreover, it was an epic-quality item with a length of eighty meters. How terrifying would its special abilities be? Even though its attributes could not be seen yet, it was still more than enough for everyone to wildly fantasize and speculate.

However, it happened just when everyone thought that Hope One was almost completed, and that there would be no further changes.

All the villagers’ yearning eyes were on it. The bright orange color that danced on every steel plate was like a wanderer who had just returned home, jumping and dancing atop each steel plate.

It was as if Hope One had erupted into the bright orange-colored flames, as the lights were constantly burning on it.

Every once in a while, the flames would intensify and the bright orange-colored glow would brighten up a little.

As the earth below them trembled, the lights that covered the steel beast flared up again excitedly!




After the flames flared up three times, it was still the flag that exuded the brightest orange color. Once again, the villager who had first noticed the changes in color, was shouting again.

“Holy sh*t, it’s turning gold! Gold!”

“Our Hope One has turned gold!”

“D*mn, isn’t this the legendary gold color? Is Almighty Su a pay-to-win player?”


This time, even the militia who had still been guarding their posts when they heard about the bright orange color, could no longer suppress the excitement in their hearts once they heard about the so-called “legendary gold” and sprinted forward, afraid that they would miss seeing this once-in-a-lifetime scene.

Without the leaders controlling them, more and more people were gathering in front.

It was as if they were in a market, everyone was buzzing, shouting and cheering.

When the militia hurried there from far away, looking at the facial expressions of the few leaders, they surprisingly found out that…

Compared to the ordinary villagers, these leaders seemed to be…

Even more shocked?

The head of the village, Chen Shen, had turned into a sculpture; he stood frozen on the ground, with a look of disbelief on his face.

Pei Shao, who was in charge of intelligence, was slumped on the ground, without anyone helping him up as he kept on trembling.

Qi Qin, who was responsible for ensuring order in the village, seemed like he was suffering from polio, leaning against the people behind him, unable to move.

Even Wu Feiguang, who was mature and experienced, was no better than the others. He sat on the ground, unsure of what he was mumbling to himself about.

Gold color…

If epic-quality was orange…

Then gold could only be…

The villagers below sounded like they were already celebrating New Year but Su Mo who was sitting in the cockpit had no clue about what was taking place outside.

Besides, as Su Mo sank into the chair, his eardrums were constantly being bombarded!

The moment he turned on the main switch, it was as if the game was convulsing as it began to broadcast madly.

It did not even wait for Su Mo to focus his thoughts; the game panel popped out by itself, and began to violently shake continuously, as if Su Mo had broken some rule.

Such strange changes, this was the first time it had occurred.

Having the system as his support, he sat on the ground, receiving the spam-like notification from the game. After he figured that there was nothing wrong with Hope One, Su Mo did not panic as he waited silently.

The color manifested by the ship could not be seen from inside.

Sitting here, and staring outside of the window, thinking about the grade and attributes of Hope One, although Su Mo held some guesses in his heart, he could only leave the specifics of it to luck.

Fortunately, as time passed, the game notifications that kept on repeating finally came to an end.

At least, the panel was no longer shaking, and Su Mo was finally able to see what was on it clearly.

“Good gracious, there are thirty to forty notifications. The completion of Hope One this time seems even more terrifying than the killing of the Heavenly Dog Pseudo God.”

“Looks like epic-quality to me!

“But hopefully… This was the ship—Hope One—that I’ve put so much effort into. Don’t let me down!”

The shaking game panel and the notifications had finally stopped.

Su Mo could no longer suppress the excitement in his heart as he clicked on mentally; the messages began to pop out rapidly.

[Record]: Player “Su Mo” has been detected to have successfully completed… the construction of the Mini Destroyer Blueprint (Rare).

[Record]: A level three Mini Destroyer (Rare) has successfully been manufactured. You may utilize the function “vehicle” to check out the attributes of the vehicle.

[Record]: During the process of making the vehicle, it was detected that player “Su Mo” implemented modern scientific concepts and modular technology. Your vehicle has gained additional bonus stats x2.

[Record]: Error… Error…

[Record]: A rare-quality vehicle has been detected to possess epic-quality attributes. As the current level of the vehicle has been grossly miscalculated, a second analysis of the vehicle has begun…

[Record]: Vehicle level successfully analyzed. Current vehicle level has been automatically adjusted to… epic-quality!

[Record]: Player “Su Mo” has been detected to have successfully created an epic-quality vehicle, and the vehicle will automatically receive bonus stats +1 as a reward.

[Record]: Player “Su Mo” has been detected to have successfully broken through technical limitations and has become the first person to create an epic-quality vehicle in the wasteland; automatically rewarding a title x1.

[Record]: During the process of manufacturing the vehicle, the contribution level of player “Su Mo” reached 93%; automatically rewarding epic-quality bonus stats x1.

[Record]: Error… Error…

[Record]: Current epic-quality level three destroyer fulfills the prerequisites to upgrade to “legendary” level. Automatically upgrading level…

[Record]: Vehicle level successfully analyzed. Current vehicle level automatically adjusted to… legendary!

[Record]: Player “Su Mo” successfully skipped a level and created a legendary-quality vehicle. The vehicle will receive bonus stats x1 as a reward.

[Record]: Player “Su Mo” has been detected to have successfully broken through technical limitations and has become the first person to create a legendary-quality vehicle in the wasteland; automatically rewarding title x1, automatically rewarding high-level lucky draw chance x1.

[Record]: …

A series of thirty to forty notifications flooded the panel from top to bottom. When Su Mo saw the legendary level notification, even though he had undergone a drastic change in his mindset, at this moment…

He still could not suppress his inner emotions and roared.



“I created a legendary-quality vehicle!”


He didn’t need to calm down, nor suppress his emotions. Seated at the bridge where the robot workers were, Su Mo shouted out loudly; he had to get it out of his system.

With every shout, the pressure that Su Mo had been suppressing in his heart, ever since he had been transported to this “man-eating” wasteland, lessened a little.

With every roar, the countless busy days and sleepless nights; all the efforts had turned into sweet dew that nourished Su Mo’s dried-up heart.

No one knew, and no one would understand.

If Hope One was a failure, it would have been such a huge blow to Su Mo.

Also, no one knew about those unremarkable ten days of hard work; days where he seemed invisible to the villagers; days where no one had any idea of how stressed out Su Mo was while he was working inside the shelter!

The crisis threatening humanity!

His sister’s plight!

The game’s oppression!

All those fetters, and all those obstacles, the heavy burden…

They who knew nothing, feared nothing!

From previously having the mindset that, somehow, there would be people who would deal with all these problems, up to this point, where he had gradually become that particular “person”!

No one knew that, for an ordinary person who lived on Earth, how “difficult” and how “painful” it was to undergo such a transformation!

Fortunately, the legendary Hope One had appeared; the Hope One that carried all of Su Mo’s dreams…


Had finally arrived!

Su Mo closed all the notifications and hid all the lucky draw notifications that blocked the game panel’s main interface. Su Mo saw the new big function that showed up on the game panel directly…


It was exactly like the creation, trading, and chatbox functions on the game panel; the vehicle function took up a similar space, indicating its importance.

He focused his mind and clicked on the newly-appeared vehicle function solemnly, and a brand new panel popped out.

On this panel, there was currently a small dot glowing, on which were written the words—Add bound vehicle: Click to add a bound vehicle into the function.

Su Mo had thought that Earth Tiger and King Kong would appear on it, but both of them did not manage to enter the add to list. Only the level three Mini Destroyer that had a golden-red glow was ranked first.

“It looks like this new vehicle function will only allow vehicles that achieve a certain level to be added in. It sort of smells like contempt and disdain.”

After getting through the excitement that flooded his heart, although Su Mo was still excited, he was still able to suppress it.

It would not be a big deal if the list did not include the lower grade Earth Tiger and King Kong.

Only when he had reached the new world, he would be able to make an epic-quality Earth Tiger or even a legendary-quality Earth Tiger; there was no rush to do this.

Instead, as Su Mo used his mind to select the level three mini destroyer, and after he chose to add it as a bound vehicle, an “old friend”—the naming interface—popped out.

Without hesitation, in the input column, Su Mo used his mind to write in a flamboyant manner the characters for:

Hope One!

Then, like the flickering ripples of flowing water, the vehicle function rebooted automatically. When it switched on again, Hope One had appeared on the list, showing that viewing was available!

“It’s legendary-quality after all. Give me some awesome attributes!”

“It’d be best if it could knock some God of the Ocean, who’s a pain in the *ss, down on the ground!”