Chapter 167: New Rules, The Revelry Of Lone Wolves

Previously, the game panel directly prompted him after waking up that he had secured first place and of the live broadcast. This time though, the panel did not prompt him for anything.

Carrying doubts in his mind, Su Mo focused mentally and opened the game panel.

Sure enough, under the chat function, in addition to the World Channel and the regional channel, the previous disaster resistance channel had reappeared.

He clicked into the Disaster Resistance Channel.

This time, the capacity of the live broadcast room had doubled compared with the last time, and there were a total of 20 live broadcast rooms listed on it.

“Oh, none of the top ten shelters from last time were ranked in the top twenty and, looking at these names, it seems that they are all lone wolves!”

The live broadcast last time was eligible for all team shelters. Apart from Su Mo, the shelter that had the least people had seven people!

In contrast, these titles looked more like the revelry of lone wolves.

“The Number One Shelter in History, Master of Survival – An Abstract Lone Wolf Survival Guide with Basket”

“Click into my live broadcast room to avoid disasters with me. You are the best today as well buddies!”

“Don’t simply try to dig a hole, kid. Listen to uncle, everything on the Internet is ethereal. You can’t grasp it, child!”

“Shattering the myth. Speculating on the future development of shelters after the disaster and the downfall of Su Mo’s shelter!”

“Su Mo’s downfall, is it inevitable or accidental? Click into my live broadcast room and let’s analyze it together!”

“Multi-person shelter (×), single-person shelter (√). Only lone wolves can survive in the apocalyptic wasteland!”

In the introduction section detailing the number of people on the homepage, except for a shelter that had six people, most of the other shelters were kept between three to five people.

As for single-person shelters, he had not seen any yet.

Aside from that, in these live broadcast rooms, he did not know who had brought it up, but several of them put the words “Su Mo” in the title to catch the audience’s attention.

After trying to click into the live broadcast room of “Shattering the myth”, his vision turned black, and he once again came to the familiar third-person perspective view.

Controlling the angle of view, Su Mo observed the terrain around this shelter.

The vast mountains!

The undulating mountains were like giant beasts, their towering peaks sturdily blocking the wind and covering the lower areas from receiving the full brunt of the perils of the blizzard.

At the same time, snow also fell along the mountain peaks and piled up on the valley paths connecting the mountains.

Different from the Underground Shelter in the basin, the place where this live broadcast room was located did not adopt the conventional shelter method, but chose to dig a hole in the mountain.

The location of this mountain was not high, and it happened to be in the center of the mountains. At the edge of the viewfinder screen, a striking number was displayed:


As Su Mo switched to the anchor point of view, before he could listen to what the person was saying, the live broadcast room became lively.

“Oh? Let’s welcome the previous first place holder, big boss Su Mo, into my live broadcast room!”

“Did you just wake up or just finished resisting the disaster? Burn more fire, it’s such a cold day. As the hope for Huaxia, don’t fall away~”

Looking ahead, the cynical and skeptical voice of a young man with yellow hair echoed as he stared into the game panel, full of provocation.


After summoning the game panel next to him, Su Mo was surprised to find that the top of the live broadcast room was marked brightly with the words:

[Welcoming the No. 1 ranked player of the first disaster resistance, Su Mo, into the live broadcast room!]

“It turns out that it can still be played like this. It is a bit like the announcement of the emperor entering the live broadcast room on the platforms on Earth!”

He simply shook his head. Su Mo was not annoyed. He patiently watched the yellow-haired dude in the video continue to be arrogant and watched the arguments in the room.

As the first ranked person previously, even after the passing of time, Su Mo could be regarded as popular. At this time, there were many “keyboard warriors” who stood up for Su Mo and argued.

Unfortunately, this yellow-haired dude was also a scheming dog. As long as he saw someone who stood up for Su Mo, they would be muted on the spot.

“Oh Almighty Su, your fans are too powerful, if only your shelter were just as strong!”

Exasperatedly spreading his hands and looking at the yellow-haired dude’s provocative expression, Su Mo deeply remembered his face and left the live broadcast room.

After reading the comments on the screen, Su Mo had a preliminary understanding of the judging criteria this time.

Different from the previous judgment criteria, which was based on the degree of disaster resistance of the shelter, this time it was judged solely based on the overall temperature in the shelter.

Whoever’s shelter had the highest temperature, multiplied by the shelter’s development coefficient, they would be ranked first.

Naturally, the reason why large-scale shelters were not on the list was obvious.

‘Because there were too many shelters, even if the temperature of one room was 10 degrees, if there was another room that was below 0 degrees, the shelter would not be placed on the list.

“If the coefficient is a positive number, then the coefficient would only be meaningful when the temperature is above zero.”

“When the temperature is zero or below zero, the calculated disaster resistance index would be a negative number, so naturally it would not be on the list.”

This set of rules was very simple to calculate, and it was also a form of balance between the game and all shelters.

It aimed to tell everyone that it was not only large groups that would survive to the final days. Three or five people could also survive and flourish.

Otherwise, if the disaster resistance strength of the shelter were to be calculated according to the same rules every time, then large shelters would be ranked first every time because of the number of people and the advantages they held. Naturally, other lone wolves and small shelters would not be able to get on the list their entire lives or enjoy the airdrop rewards.

“A very reasonable setting. Unfortunately, why do these people think that this is my downfall?”

He clicked into all the live broadcast rooms where the word “Su Mo” was hung one by one. After appreciating these people’s fancy stamp on one’s foot, Su Mo was not annoyed either. He sat on the top of the mountain happily, waiting for the completion of Oreo’s awakening.

This time the selection was more standard than the last time. It was not that, if the temperature of the shelter was raised, then that player would be ranked first.

For example, although the real-time temperature of the three-person shelter currently ranked first was only 14 degrees, it firmly suppressed the second ranked real-time temperature of 18 degrees.

The reason was that the selection of the game also integrated the authenticity of the temperature.

When the temperature reached above 0 degrees, ranks were fixed only if the temperature could be maintained for an hour, which would then be set as that shelter’s temperature.

After reaching the current minimum standard of 6 degrees, the shelter could be on the top twenty list.

Then, when the current temperature of the shelter exceeded its previous historical temperature, if it could keep this temperature for an hour, the temperature score set would be refreshed.

This rule restrained those who thought of just adding firewood and relying on the instantaneous heat generated to surpass others on the ranking.

“Let the situation continue to develop for a while. These people can be arrogant for a while longer. I’m not worried…”

Feeling that his body was a little cold and stiff, Su Mo pressed the heating switch at his waist again, stimulating the hot air to warm his body.

During these three days, Oreo’s safety was his first priority.

As long as Oreo could smoothly awaken the bloodline, even if he had to sit outside all day, Su Mo would be willing!

Time gradually passed, and the heavy snow had already buried half of Su Mo’s body. Lying in the snow and watching the live broadcast rooms, Su Mo was relaxed.

There were a few bold mutant mountain hares. After running away at first, they now gradually ran over and stayed near Su Mo, running around and playing.

Mountain hares were generally independent creatures, except when they were in heat.

They would hide in simple holes built under shrubs in the basin, which they covered with dried leaves and branches from fallen trees, as well as their own shed fur.

These animals would emerge early in the morning, at dusk, and at night. Their nests were not fixed, so there was a saying that “a crafty rabbit has three burrows”.

The monster illustration handbook had also clearly stated that this animal was not aggressive at all. As for Su Mo, he did not intend to chase these neighbors away, so he grabbed a very playful one and put it on his hand, ruffling its fur.

“Unfortunately, rabbits are not suitable for breeding and their IQs are relatively low. If they’re held captive in the shelter they will just become extra mouths to feed. Let them live in the basin to enrich the ecosystem.”

When caught by Su Mo, the mountain hare was startled, but as he spent more time caressing it, it eventually laid down and enjoyed Su Mo’s touch.

Seeing that scene, the other mountain hares also rushed over, making a whining sound and begging Su Mo to pet them.

The mutated wasteland creatures abandoned most of the original habits of Earth’s creatures and were extremely amiable when they found that humans were friendly.

After petting them for a while, Su Mo searched for the remaining plant fibers in the storage space and took out some to share with these little guys. When watching the mountain hares happily running away with the plant fibers, Su Mo’s mood improved.

Each round of disaster heralded not only the bell of death, but also the horn of new life.

With the advent of disasters, the game would create a large number of wasteland creatures to enrich the barren wasteland world.

If an ecosystem with sufficient resilience to disasters could be built, it might become possible to realize the concept of a “small world” through the cultivation of a variety of wasteland creatures.

“Why am I thinking so far ahead? Let’s wait until I find more information regarding the previous disasters!”

Magoo’s information had brought about much convenience, and Su Mo was also curious about humankind’s outcome from the previous iteration.

He opened the friends’ panel and found a friend whose profile picture had been crossed out. Su Mo then created the fourth account for documentation.

“This account will be used to jot down some of my plans for the future!”

After writing this sentence, taking advantage of his free time, Su Mo began to think about his plans after the disaster.

According to Magoo’s diary, there was a period of restoration and respite after the blizzard, so Su Mo decided to take the initiative to explore the outside world.

He must at least explore the 300 kilometers surrounding the Underground Shelter!