Chapter 166: Amidst Wind And Snow! Oreo’s Awakening

“Damn, this snow is too heavy. It’s only been a few minutes and the snow on the ground has already accumulated by two centimeters!”

“I will be buried alive by this snow in just one day, let alone three days!”

“My house has just been blown away by the strong wind, and now I can only nest in a hole in the ground. What should I do?”

“Those who can, prioritize avoiding the disaster by hiding underground. Try not to go outdoors. Do not open doors and windows. Please remember to ventilate the room for heating!”

“According to Professor Wang’s prediction earlier, the storm will reach its peak in 30 minutes. At present, it is estimated that the most difficult period will last at least six hours based on the prevailing conditions!”

“After passing these six hours, you’ll be okay. If you don’t, you can only die!”

“Mind-numbing, it turns out that when disaster strikes, there will be mythical races emerging as well. I just watched a nest of bear people come out near me!”

“Help me…Help me…”

As these anxious words peppered throughout the World Channel, Su Mo’s perspective seemed to have broken through the distance barrier and arrived at the sky above the wasteland.

The crazy wind was still accelerating, without regard for these people who were struggling to survive.

It was also at this moment that Su Mo finally understood why the acid rain was called a “novice disaster”.

In the face of this terrifying blizzard, even if the human race’s desire to survive was strong, and there were no variables, at least half of the people would fall this winter.

“I hope that the storm will stop during the day, otherwise the human race will be destroyed!”

Looking over and over again at the description of the heavy blizzard disaster in Magoo’s notes, Su Mo could only feel anxious inside.

Although the blizzard disaster in Magoo’s era was violent, it was confined to just snow and a sharp drop in temperature; the terrifying wind that caused the current dire situation was not present.

“The disaster attributes are completely different. Just what is the purpose of this game?”

The north wind that blew through the ventilation ducts made ghostly, wolf-like, howling sounds that even Su Mo could hear from the third floor.

Flustered, Su Mo was kept completely awake, so he simply returned to the workbench to continue preparing picric acid and guncotton.

As time passed, the temperature in the shelter gradually dropped lower and lower.

As it approached the negative degree territory, Su Mo checked and found that it was four o’clock in the morning. He halted his work and turned on the electric blanket to go to bed.

The outside world was rife with wind and snow, and the small bed in the shelter felt unusually warm.

After lying in bed, Su Mo, who had been tired after the day’s activities, began to relax and fell into a deep sleep.

For a sturdy underground shelter like his, the effects of the violent storm raging outside were limited.

The iron and copper blocks outside weighed heavily on the ground due to their density and quantity, which also provided some cover against the violent wind.

Other places, however, were not so lucky.

Although the wooden house created by the game had a deep foundation, it did not mean that the storm had no way to affect the wooden house.

The cold wind would flow through the gaps between the wooden boards, quickly taking away the warmth in the wooden house.

Even for a shelter comprising hundreds of thousands of people, this magnitude of disaster was incomparable. Numerous self-built houses were torn from the ground and directly blown away by the storm.

Some people were even blown away with those houses because they could not avoid the gale.

In the face of this blizzard disaster, without shelter, the human body would be ravaged and frozen in less than 10 minutes, and a life would be lost!

Of course, the lives of the mythical races would not be easy as well.

After descending upon this land, even the powerful mythical races could only try to survive within their own territories, trembling while they watched the blizzard.

As for a race like the lion clan that had lost its core shelter, things would be even worse!

Most of the lion people were directly exposed to the blizzard, and the lighter ones would be directly blown away to dance with the wind, losing contact with the larger group.

Even though the Lioness Priestess waved her staff again and again to control the “wind”, this “magic power” was fleeting and feeble when faced with the blizzard disaster.

Death was never far away and, at this moment, it lingered around everyone.

“Coo… Coooo”


When the cooing sounds of Big Spark and Little Spark sounded like a big bell, Su Mo opened his visibly tired eyes.

For two consecutive days, because he went to bed late, not only did he not regain his vitality but, every time Su Mo woke up, he felt a sense of exhaustion as if he had been battling for three days and three nights.

“What’s wrong…”

His words trailed off, and Su Mo woke up with a start, feeling the long-lost feeling of coldness and hypoxia!

There seemed to be two different worlds separating the inside and outside of the electric blanket. Even as he exhaled, he could see his breath condense in the air.

Even if they were lying at the edges of the bed, Big Spark and Little Spark still could not stop cooing.

Su Mo tried to stretch out his arm toward the cup of psychic energy water by the bedside, but was surprised to find that the psychic energy water in the cup had been frozen into hard ice.

“Damn, the temperature in the shelter should already be around seven or eight degrees below zero. It’s too cold!”

Sitting up, Su Mo got dressed and, when his feet touched the ground, he could not help but tremble.

A sweater and thin sweatpants could not prevent the unwanted cold from entering the body.

After putting on the combat uniform hanging in the gym equipment room and turning on the electric heating switch, Su Mo finally warmed up.

“Huh, Oreo, what’s wrong with you?”

When he got dressed, he went to the second floor to check on the ventilation ducts seeing that he felt a lack of oxygen in the air. Then Su Mo saw Oreo lying in the corner.

Oreo, who was always lively in the past, seemed very sluggish at the moment, with a gleam of light radiating all over her body.

Su Mo tried to walk over to hug Oreo but, even through the combat uniform, Su Mo felt the biting cold.

At the same time, there was a “snowflake-like” symbol on Oreo’s forehead, which flashed like it was breathing.

“Oreo, Oreo!”

Shaking her a few times and finding that Oreo was still unconscious, Su Mo quickly opened Oreo’s status panel.

[Pet name: Oreo]
[Status: Growth period (personality has been fixed)]
[Creature description: A gentle wasteland creature. A variant Husky that inherited multiple bloodlines, it will become stronger as it grows.]
[Ability 1: Moves at high speed. Its muscle structure guarantees a certain explosive power. After the ability is stimulated, its speed doubles within 30 seconds, with a cooldown time of 5 minutes.]
[Ability 2: Sixth sense. The biological structure gives it an acute sense of perception. After stimulating the ability, it can briefly predict incoming danger, with a cooldown time of 1 day.]
[Ability 3: Ice? Snow? (???)]
[Current State: Awakening]

“Huh? Oreo has entered an awakening state, and the third ability has some text displayed already?”

Su Mo did not check Oreo’s panel often. This immediately gave Su Mo a surprise.

Even the fragments of the lion clan’s sculpture and the rat people’s feather had failed to awaken Oreo. He did not expect such a coincidence to occur after the blizzard arrived.

“She moved here from her nest, so Oreo must have felt the need for cold weather to undergo her awakening.”

“With that said, Oreo’s cold body should be in the midst of awakening now!”

After finding out the reason, Su Mo’s anxiety eased a little, and he hugged Oreo and carried her over the gate of the garage. After putting her down, Somo opened the alloy gate!



As soon as the gate was raised, the snow that had piled up outside the gate poured in, blown into the garage along with the cold wind.

Feeling this coldness, the snowflake symbol on Oreo’s head flashed even faster, and its brightness increased further.

He kept on working the winch until the gate was completely open. Holding Oreo, Su Mo walked out of the garage and arrived at the snowy world outside.

Compared with the violent gale at night, the wind speed at this time had already dropped, but the wind speed was still around level 7.

The height of the accumulated snow in the basin had already exceeded 1m at this time, and did not show any sign of stopping as they continued to stack up.

Due to the wind, the snow had been compacted. Stepping on it, aside from the slippery feeling, it felt as if he was walking on the ground.

Su Mo first came to the place where the iron and copper blocks were stored near the shelter.

The heavy snow had completely covered the materials, making it impossible to tell that there were thousands of basic materials buried here.

At the end of the horizon, Su Mo saw two wild wolves.

It was a pity that the wild wolves immediately fled with their tails between their legs when they saw him. They gradually disappeared into the distance.

“Sure enough, the temperature, snow and wind are all stimulating the blood in Oreo’s body!”

When it came to the outside world, the snowflake sign that was still flashing at first began to react like a mobile phone that had emerged from an elevator. The light was no longer blinking, instead giving off a constant glow.

At the same time, the terrifying low temperature of Oreo’s body gradually faded and slowly rose to a normal temperature.

In this kind of weather, Su Mo simply started to measure and inspect the situation near the shelter on his feet before the storm would return once again.

Compared with the previously desolate basin, this disaster not only brought wind and snow, but also brought with it a number of paw prints on the ground.

“So in the event of a disaster, other mutant creatures will be released simultaneously. This may become the hope of mankind in the wasteland.”

Looking at the panicked mountain hare in the distance, Su Mo pretended to chase after it, taking two steps before stopping.

He opened the monster illustration handbook that had not been used in a long time. After scanning, the prompt sound was the same as when it was opened.

Within one kilometer of the shelter, there were seven kinds of mutant creatures.

There were 6 snow rabbits!

“Today I’m in a good mood, so I’ll let you go. Be careful in the future!”

There was no shortage of food in the shelter at present, and Su Mo had also decided to forgo hunting to make preparations for the development of an ecosystem in the basin.

Any creature that could survive the disaster may become the next member of the shelter, or be bred to provide a sustainable source of food for the future.

“Huh? It seems a bit weird. This time there wasn’t a prompt for me to enter the disaster list? Is there someone even better?”

Walking up the hillside, and looking at the iron and stone hill towering in the distance in the blizzard, Su Mo suddenly remembered this important question!