My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: The Real “Blizzard”!


Looking at this rare-level item curiously, Su Mo tried pressing the button on the top, while silently sketching an outline of his sister’s image in his heart.

After meeting his family in the secret realm, it did not take much effort. The information slot on the pointer filled up and began to emit light, forming a phantom image of Su Mo’s sister.

Were it not for the fact that the shadow did not light up or speak, Su Mo would have thought that the real person had appeared!

He pressed the button again, and the pointer started to spin frantically. As time passed, the pointer’s spinning slowly came to a halt. Su Mo waited and watched with great anticipation in his heart.

Unfortunately, the moment the pointer was about to stop, the information slot suddenly began to fizzle off rapidly.

In less than a second, the purple information slot became empty, and the pointer could only spin around aimlessly. At the same time, a game prompt sounded in his ear.

[Record]: Failed to use the pointer.

[Record]: Reason for failure: Unknown (Number of uses not deducted)

“Sure enough, all the people who have not been let into the wasteland are either too far away from the humans in the wasteland, or not in the same space entirely.”

“Though it may also be that the level of the pointer is not high enough. The information slot just now…”

Su Mo regretfully pressed the pointer again to search for the location of his parents. After the failure prompts once again popped out, Su Mo could only temporarily put the rare item away.

At this point, all the transactions were completed and the airdrop reward had been received. Finally, the moment when the baptism of the disaster was upon them.

Su Mo returned to the garage again and opened the gate. He watched the moon above his head emit an evil red light again after the sunset.

Facing the disaster this time, Su Mo had no fear at all!

However, the last time before the disaster came, the game detected a 99% probability of passing the disaster and distributed a lottery chance.

This time there was no prompt.

From this alone, Su Mo vaguely felt that the disaster was not as simple as he imagined.

“Even my shelter may not be able to survive this disaster. It seems that this blizzard may be a bit different from my expectations…”

Squeezing the flashlight, Su Mo checked that there was no problem with the placement of the iron and copper blocks. Before 8pm arrived, Su Mo returned to the shelter and began to install the final anti-disaster devices.

Air conditioner!

The electricity in the shelter had reached its limit. If there was an increase in electrical consumption, it would consume the diesel reserves to generate electricity. To save electricity before this, the air conditioner could only be placed in the corner like a piece of furniture.

Now, for safety’s sake, Su Mo chose to install the air conditioner.

Su Mo opted to fix the external unit of the air conditioner outside the garage gate.

This way the external unit could easily be installed when in use and brought back in at other times, to avoid damage to the fragile external unit.

Regarding the ventilation duct, Su Mo invited the mighty system to construct it, utilizing some of the space reserved for the water pipeline. With that, the air conditioner was successfully connected to the shelter.

After some contemplation, Su Mo chose to place the air conditioner in the center of the third floor.

“It seems that even air conditioning can’t bring my shelter’s survival rate over 99%. My goodness, it seems quite scary!”

Su Mo tried to turn on and off the air conditioner and, after confirming that there were no problems, he sat on the fabric sofa and prepared a simple dinner.

The disaster was at the forefront of his thoughts and, even though he was in a sturdy shelter, Su Mo did not have the liberty to enjoy himself at this time.

Natural disasters were different from the invasion of foreign mythical races. Under the mighty power of nature, an individual’s strength would be miniscule in comparison.

Even powerful guns could not help one withstand an impending disaster.

Oreo had also stopped playing around, and laid lazily in the wooden nest that Su Mo made for her when making tools. Su Mo wondered what she was thinking about.

Su Mo adjusted the time of the big clock he bought from the secret trading realm, which was hung in the middle of the living room on the third floor, ticking away.

Time passed by gradually, and soon it was 11:50pm.

After thinking about it, Su Mo put on his combat uniform, and cautiously opened the garage gate, walking over to the top of the hill which covered the Underground Shelter.

The drop in temperature had not yet commenced, and the red moon was still glowing weirdly. As the light spilled through the large black clouds, the entire basin had been stained blood red, creating a strange and terrifying scene.

There was no record of such a scene even in Magoo’s diary.

The unknown would always be a source of great horror.

Looking into the dark depths in the distance, Su Mo simply sat down and waited patiently for the arrival of midnight.

In the World Channel, as well as the regional channel, more and more people were hiding in the disaster relief facilities that they had prepared, watching the outside world cautiously.

Given the previous warning, there were a lot fewer obtuse people this time.

No one thought that this was a prank. Regarding the impending blizzard, only a strong man like Su Mo dared to observe the situation from outside.




Time was constantly marched forward; there was no time difference on the wide wasteland. No matter where you were, there seemed to be an invisible pressure that gradually pressed down as the appointed time approached.

Finally, when the old phone in his hands started to ring, reminding him that 12 o’clock was approaching, Su Mo took off his mask; he felt a gentle breeze on his face suddenly rising amidst the calm basin.

At the same time, the dark clouds in the sky no longer brewed, and a few snowflakes drifted down with the breeze.

Reaching out his hand, Su Mo caught a trace of falling snow.

The snowflake was not big, even smaller than the snowfall from seven days ago, but before the snowflake in Su Mo’s hand could melt due to body temperature…

The second snowflake fell, and this snowflake was more than twice as big!

The alarm of the old phone rang again, heralding the arrival of 12:01am.

As if the alarm sounded the horn of the disaster, the sparse snowflakes suddenly turned scary.

The wind also quickly picked up; from a level 3 breeze to a level 6 strong wind.

The snow in the sky was carried by the strong wind and began to rage across the basin, engulfing all living things that were still on the ground.

“Could it be that the blizzard…”

“The temperature is not the only highlight, and heavy snow is not the only point to be concerned about, but also this…”


Standing on the hillside, Su Mo spat out the wind with difficulty. Feeling that the wind had once again increased in intensity, Su Mo’s expression turned dark and he walked straight down the hillside.

Blizzard was a vague term on Earth, even abroad.

As long as the weather was below -5°C with heavy precipitation, and accompanied by strong currents of cold air, and when water vapor turns into snow and falls, it would be called a blizzard by the weather station.

Most of the time, a blizzard only required a wind speed of 56 kilometers per hour and a temperature drop to below -5°C to be termed a “disaster”.

One of the largest blizzards on Earth in modern times hit the beautiful state of Buffalo and its surrounding areas in late July 1977.

Buffalo is located in the snow belt east of the Great Lakes in the beautiful country. During most winters, a few feet of snow was commonplace.

However, the blizzard in 1977 was worse, where the wind speed peaked at 113km before subsiding.

Shortly before being transported to the wasteland, the blizzard that had ravaged the beautiful state of Texas only had a wind speed of 40km per hour and a low temperature of -22°C.

However, if the so-called blizzard storm on the game panel was calculated according to the standards of Earth…

The wind speed would reach 120km per hour!

Only this wind speed could be called a “storm”, and only this kind of disaster could be called “disastrous”!

Try to imagine sitting in a car driving forward at 120 kilometers per hour, and then sticking your head out of the window; experiencing the feeling of the wind pushing harshly against your head out like a pair of big hands.

Now it seemed that the wind speed outside would achieve this speed…

“The disaster is unprecedented. No wonder my shelter did not meet the 99% assessment mark by the game panel on surviving this blizzard!”

By the time he closed the alloy gate, the wind speed had already risen to level 8, and was well on the way to reaching level 9.

At level 8, tree branches would be broken, and people would almost be unable to walk amidst the wind. Level 9 would cause thatched houses to be destroyed, and the roof tiles of bungalows and chimneys would be blown off. Level 10 wind speed was rare, but would cause damage to housing structures and smaller trees would be blown over.

If the wind speed reached Level 11, large trees would be uprooted and buildings would collapse.

Silently recalling the song taught by the teacher during junior high school geography class, and feeling the rustle of the gale on the alloy door, Su Mo felt even more worried.

In this kind of weather, if it was a game-generated wooden house, it would be okay, as its foundation would be set very deep. It would be difficult for the storm to blow it away, the worst part of the disaster would be the decrease in temperature.

However, if it was a self-built wooden house…

Thinking about the various videos that depicted wooden houses being directly blown into the air, Su Mo’s heart trembled. He immediately opened the stone door and returned to the third floor of the shelter, which was still warm.

He opened the World Channel. At this time, the number of comments had been updated after 12 o’clock. In addition to the ongoing conversation between people, the secret of the disaster had been discovered.

The speed of comments was out of control!