My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Acquisition of Materials, Crazy Supplies

Restraining the expression on his face until he walked out of the small entrance and, after making sure that the people inside would not hear him, Su Mo could no longer maintain his expression and laughed unscrupulously.


A few pancakes, and a few iron axes and pickaxes, could be exchanged for a rare-level design blueprint. This trade may not be a loss for the other party, but for Su Mo it was definitely…

A bloody bargain!

“My goodness, a few units of iron plus a few units of wood, one or two catties of flour, and two fishes can be traded for a rare-level design blueprint. This feels…”

“More refreshing than opening treasure chests! Damn!”

At this moment, Su Mo finally felt the joy of being a capitalist. It was a useless item in the eyes of ordinary people, but its potential could be maximized to 100% or even 200% in the hands of Su Mo.

“Good lord, with such a rare design blueprint, I can’t be too stingy. I should just use three excellent-quality axes and three excellent-quality pickaxes for it!”

Su Mo tapped on the tools piled in the corner and put them in the storage space, and walked back into the secret trading realm.

The people who had already started a commotion suddenly fell silent after seeing Su Mo re-enter the space.

Everyone’s eyes were full of eagerness, looking forward to what magical tools that Su Mo would present next.

“Ahem, for this design blueprint, I’ll use six excellent-quality tools, five pancakes, and two fishes to exchange with you. How about it?”

He placed six tools on the table in a row, along with five pancakes and two fish. Su Mo watched the blond man quietly, his tone indifferent.

At first, it seemed that two of them would engage in some wrangling but, unexpectedly, after seeing the attributes of the tools, the blond man’s expression changed drastically. Then he hurriedly put the tools into his pushcart, before nodding frantically and carefully leaving the crowd behind.

It was only after the man returned to his little shop, that he dared to take out all the tools and examine them one by one.

After examining them, the man could no longer hold back the ecstasy on his face, and could not help laughing out loud in his shop.

“Buddy, what are you laughing at, what good things do you have? Show us the attributes and let everyone have a look.”

“Yeah, holding an axe in your arms and smiling. People who don’t know might think that you were bought over by Almighty Su.”

“Hey, you dog, what are you talking about? You think someone like Almighty Su needs to ask for help?”

Seeing more and more curious people gathered outside the shop, the blond man did not hide it anymore and directly took out an axe to disclose the attributes.

[Iron Axe (Excellent)]
[Description: This iron axe is made by the beginner craftsman “Su Mo”. It has solid materials and professional production techniques, and has thus achieved excellent-quality. It is a sharp tool for logging and confronting enemies.]
[Special Ability:

Sharpness +5
There is a certain chance of triggering the special energy saving bonus effect when performing chopping or slashing motion (energy saving -50%, trigger rate: 70%)
When felling trees with a hardness rating not higher than 7, a critical hit is probable (instantaneous breakage)]

“Wow! This axe has three special abilities. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

“You just need to have hands to just fell trees with this axe, isn’t that so? Give me one, and I will chop fifty units of lumber a day for you.”

“It was handcrafted by Almighty Su, so it’s awesome. Is Almighty Su’s signature on it?”

“Dude, do you wanna resell it? I will take an axe!”

The attributes of the iron axe did not disappoint the crowd. For a while, everyone’s enthusiasm for getting the axe became higher and higher.

However, the blond man just stubbornly shook his head. He even picked up all his supplies, decisively passed through the small entrance, and went straight back!

This dumbfounded the still-excited audience. Before they came back to their senses, Su Mo, who had processed the three design blueprints, was sitting in front of the shop again and began the second round of acquisitions.

“Are there any more design blueprints? Anything with good-quality or higher will do!”

When his voice ended, there were quite a few people who came out. There were a total of six people.

After collecting all the design drawings, Su Mo looked them through and shook his head regrettably.

Since he had seen perfect and rare design blueprints, these good-quality and excellent-quality designs no longer had the same “sweet” taste and had become ordinary in his eyes.

Among the six design blueprints, five were good-quality, and only one was excellent-quality. They were:

[9mm bullet design blueprint], [Surgical forceps design blueprint], [Concrete design blueprint], [Paper manufacturing design blueprint], [Running shoes design blueprint], and [Lifeboat design blueprint (Excellent)]

Most of these people were unwilling to sell precious design blueprints. Most of the design blueprints collected were those designs that no one could use at present.

After nodding, Su Mo took all the orders and bought them all at the price of a pancake and a fish for good-quality blueprints, and two pancakes and a fish for the excellent-quality blueprint.

After receiving these things, he looked at the hundreds of people who were still standing outside in anticipation. After clearing his throat, Su Mo yelled again.

“I’m looking for any valuable electrical appliances or circuit boards, whether they are broken or intact, whatever grade they are!”

Among the things to collect on this trip, the most important thing was of course the design blueprints. Following that were all kinds of electronic products and appliances.

Whether it was damaged or intact, as long as it could be repaired with survival points, it could promote the development of the science and technology tree.

“I have it! Almighty Su, I have a rice cooker!”

“I have an electric razor. It works, but the battery is dead.”


Speaking of electrical appliances, the dispirited crowd outside suddenly became lively, and dozens of people stood up with a variety of electronic products.

Regarding these messy, useful, or useless electronic products, Su Mo accepted all of them.

There were ordinary little things that were not very useful, there were also broken generators that surprised Su Mo, and even a computer monitor, which was intact.

After arranging for resources that would satisfy both parties according to the price, the transactions were completed.

After this round of trading, for the rest of the time, Su Mo started purchasing basic materials; the most important of which was the purchase of copper ores.

At present, an iron ore mine had been generated near the shelter, and his demand for iron had been greatly reduced. However, a copper ore mine was nowhere to be found yet.

Fortunately, among the seven hundred people on this trip, several of them were in shelters near the copper mines. After completing the deals, Su Mo investigated the background of these shelters and, at the same time, he also paid a price that was considered “lavish” in the other parties’ eyes.

Among other basic resources, he had received a lot of cerium and praseodymium, which was an unexpected gain.

“Are there any materials for sale? Wood, iron ore, copper ore, rare earth resources, steel…”

“Hurry up if there is anything for sale! It’s the final hour!”

When they first heard he was collecting ordinary resources, some people simply ran back out to cut down trees or mine ores. Hundreds of people went in and out of the secret trading realm.

Sitting in his shop, Su Mo recorded each purchase of materials, and counted out the corresponding payment, and handed them out.

Among the basic materials, 1850 units of copper had been acquired so far, which was the most important material. There would be no shortage of copper for a long period.

He obtained even more iron ore, acquiring 3200 units. As the most common resource in the wasteland, 50 units of iron could be exchanged for a piece of pancake and 30 units of iron could be exchanged for a fish.

On the other hand, there was not much wood for the winter. He only obtained 200 units, but it was better than nothing.

There was also a lot of steel; 80 units, and 50 units of lead. Humans could not make these things from the wasteland for the time being. They could only be obtained by opening the treasure chests, which is why they were expensive.

The purchase price of all materials was the price given by Su Mo after referring to the current highest price on the World Channel, after which he increased those prices by 30-50%.

When the transactions were about to end, looking at the remaining supplies, Su Mo was stunned to find that among all the supplies, the best seller was not the pancakes, nor the fish.

On the contrary, those tools to improve productivity, all two hundred pieces, had been traded with the crowd.

“The iron pickaxes were the best-selling tool, and the sales of iron axes were pretty much equivalent. As expected, everyone still holds hope for the future!”

There was only one person in charge of the stall, so Su Mo was extremely busy, constantly keeping track of accounts and getting supplies.

Fortunately, in the last half an hour, everyone had completed their transactions and completed the last wave of stockpiling before the end.

Most people had been busy trading for four to five hours, they were already tired and paralyzed in the secret realm.

Everyone did not choose to leave the secret realm and return to their shelter. Instead, they laid on the main road without caring for their image, looking at the familiar scene nearby, each with different expressions and actions.

Some people were very emotional and talked about the ideals of the apocalyptic world with the people around them. Some people just laid in their shops and slept for a while.

Of course, most people were lying on the ground, looking at the neon signs along the wide road, and falling into deep contemplation.

Once the final ten minutes arrived, the game issued a warning to leave, and these people reluctantly got up and returned to the shelter through the small entrances behind their shops.

“The final balance of the pancakes…32 catties, which is 64 pieces…”

“The remaining carps…28”

“The tools were all sold out and the remaining materials can be stored for my own consumption or for a transaction with the west side shelter…”

Without any tools, Su Mo needed to keep accounts while storing supplies back and forth. At the same time, he made adjustments based on the prices of others on the World Channel and ensured that the supplies were without any problems when dispatched.

To make the brand “Su Mo”, it took five hours, but it felt longer than five days!

“Huh, it’s finally over. I can finally return and count my earnings!”

Touching his head, he saw that the game panel had begun the countdown for the final minute. After bringing the remaining items and checking that there was nothing left behind, Su Mo turned around and satisfactorily ended his trip into the secret trading realm.