Chapter 160: “Super” Big Pancakes! See You, Family!

“This is… Earth?”

Standing at the center of the Earth and staring at the world rapidly evolving around him, Su Mo was shocked.

From a white, barren wasteland, to being suddenly surrounded by a vast ocean. Before Su Mo could react, dinosaurs appeared!

Then, there was an asteroid that destroyed the world, enough to kill all the creatures from the Great Ice Age…

Then humans appeared!

Although everything evolved very quickly, when humans appeared and quickly took over the world, Su Mo still felt his eyes grow moist.

The times were still evolving very quickly. The Spring and Autumn period… Battle of Muye…The Three Kingdoms… Legends of the Sui and Tang Dynasties… The Great Tang Dynasty…

Standing between these periods as an outsider, more and more actual scenes that only existed in history books started to appear before Su Mo’s eyes.

The moment when the first chimney rose from the ground, when the first car drove down the road, and when the first electric light lit up…

As technology kept improving, the peak of civilization also came to an end.

“Wait! Stop!”

At a certain moment, Su Mo spotted something familiar in his surroundings. He could no longer suppress the excitement in his heart and shouted.

Unexpectedly, the evolution did actually stop and the image slowly began to solidify, no longer changing.

In a city full of tall buildings, even in the daytime, the neon lights on the streets still shone. A neat row of signboards were arranged uniformly, and the wind chimes hanging at the doors made pleasant sounds.

But this was not what Su Mo focused on!

Turning his head, he stared at a family home where figures started coming alive and was so excited that he could not help himself anymore.

“Dad, Mom, Sis!”

It was only one step from the street into the home to meet his loved ones whom he had not seen in ages, but this one step…

Was so close yet so far, as far apart as night and day.

Inside the home was the Garden of Eden that did not belong to Su Mo; outside was his wasteland world!

“So the first place has this kind of benefit. What a pity—next time, I should control the secret realm’s evolution to discover someplace more thrilling.”

Watching the figures in the yard gradually fade away, after Su Mo’s father and mother carried his little sister away, the background was fixed in place.

Though Su Mo was complaining, the smile that would not fade from his face said everything.

The first place had the right to return to the inner world and evolve the trading place.

In Su Mo’s heart, Earth was his home. This little family home filled with his childhood happiness was the place that stored Su Mo’s “soul”.

At the same time, for a brief period, it also let Su Mo see the loved ones he never stopped thinking about and relief washed over him.

In other words, this long street was going to be the trading spot this time!

With a thought, after seeing the confirmation notification that came out of the game panel, Su Mo silently picked ‘confirm’. Everything went dark, and he returned to the wasteland world.

Currently, a golden gate was opened 15 meters outside the shelter’s garage, emitting an alluring light.

Through the light, Su Mo could still see the newly-formed street inside.

[Record]: The secret trading realm in channel number “001” has been opened, and the remaining time it is left open is 05:53 hours!

[Record]: You can enter the secret trading realm to barter now!

Seeing the notifications from the game panel, Su Mo did not rush to enter. On the contrary, he opened the World Channel to observe the current market trends.

“F*ck, which motherf*cker chose this Konohagakure. I bow to you. Get the f*ck out, you two-dimensional fatso!” [T/N: The village from Naruto.]

“Speaking of which, this place looks a little familiar. Looks a little like SSNI… Not saying anymore, I’ll charge in now!”

“That’s not it. The big guys should’ve arranged something a bit sunnier. If you pile up a bunch of graves, and I happily push my little cart in, it’ll scare me.”

“This wave, this motherf*cking wave—I might as well be directly in the atmosphere! Who’s so capable that they arranged this outer space luxury shopping experience. They made me all happy.”

“Incredible. I never got to go abroad on Earth in my last lifetime. I never thought that I would be able to experience going abroad in this one.”

Not seeing everyone complaining about the prices as he expected and instead complaining all over the World Channel about the secret trading realm’s world choice, Su Mo was happy looking at it.

Not every channel’s strongest player were special forces on Earth or survival experts. There were also lucky people who somehow managed to become the channel’s number one by some miracle and obtained a transformation opportunity.

Of course, places like Konohagakure, Mondstadt, Summoner’s Rift, CrossFire’s Transport Ship, Titan, and others that only existed in movies and games had all been realized.

He opened the Regional Channel. There was nobody complaining in his channel, just a large number of people who were already refreshing their screens and welcoming everyone inside. These people were all looking forward to the items Su Mo brought in for trading.

Everyone was excited for it. The words “Su Mo” that used to occur every few sentences had evolved into having to say “Su Mo” to feel comfortable.

He was not anxious to go in. Like everyone else who would be pushing their own little cart, Su Mo was not an exception. Quickly returning in front of the workbench, he used some wood to make a simple cart.

This was the benefit given to everyone in the secret trading realm. Placed on the transportation tool, the weight of everything would become 0. After entering the secret realm together, the transportation tool would naturally carry a storage space 10 times as many square meters as the opened space, providing convenience for everyone to trade.

“I guess these people are all waiting for my pancakes, so I’ll bring some over to sell.”

After piling all the golden pancakes emitting their bready fragrance onto the cart and carrying the rest in the storage space, Su Mo watched the gate close behind him, tidied his clothes, and stepped into the space.

Instantly, the world turned upside down and the sky lost its color. A peaceful and quiet street reappeared in front of Su Mo.

With the crowds of people squeezed on the streets, it really had the feeling of a bustling metropolis in the civilized era.

Someone called out, “The Almighty Su is here!”

The shouts on the street all combined into one, and a few hundred gazes all looked over at the same time.

At the first instant, everyone’s gazes focused first on Su Mo’s face, then automatically traveled to the pancakes piled on top of his pushcart.

At this moment, everyone’s gazes froze!

The golden pancakes and their toasted surfaces seemed to exude a limitless allure.

Even if it was inside the secret realm, everyone’s foul odor had spread everywhere. The corners of all of these people’s mouths involuntarily started secreting saliva.

“Almighty… Almighty Su, how much are you selling the pancakes for?”

After the first person asked about the price, the voices of everyone on the streets turned into a cacophony. Everybody’s gazes burned. Su Mo 100% believed that, were it not for the game’s threat of obliteration, these people who were lustful for food would definitely make a mad grab for them at the first opportunity.


Before Su Mo could speak, there was another sudden change in the streets.

The narrow streets began to widen visibly and instantly became a vast space comparable to an eight-lane highway.

At the same time, on both sides of the street, small shops began to rise from the ground. Each player’s name was written on the shops.

His vision blurred, and before Su Mo could react, he was already standing in the little shop the game arranged.

Others clearly noticed this change as well, but they did not care. They opened the doors to find the shop that had Su Mo’s sign hung in it and rushed straight in.

Not even a minute later, Su Mo stuck his head out the window and helplessly noticed…

Except for the queue outside his shop that was a hundred meters long, the entrances to the other shops were completely empty.

The shop doors could only be opened by the owners themselves, and at the same time, behind the shop doors, the door of light to enter the ruins was automatically opened, allowing players to easily retrieve materials and return.

“Ahem, everyone, quiet down. There are many pancakes, no need to get anxious. Next, I’ll announce the trading price…”

Looking at the queue situation that was already a little out of control, a blast of noise that shook the sky resounded, instantly calming the crazy crowd.

Pushing and pushing while queuing up was, strictly speaking, also considered as using violence. Now, recalling obliteration, everyone became a bit more honest.

Seizing this opportunity, Su Mo hurriedly announced the pancakes’ trading price!

“Unleavened pancakes! The ingredients are good, and it’s filling. Everyone who participates in the secret realm trading can get a piece for free!”

He took out a pancake and cut it evenly into 20 portions. Based on the 708 people on the regional channel, Su Mo cut up 35 pancakes and began to distribute them.

A pancake weighed about half a catty. After cutting it into 20 portions, not much was actually distributed to everyone.

However, this one gesture made the people in the front who heard it burst into tears, their faces full of gratitude as they bowed again and again.

Taking the pitiably small pancakes, some people chose to swallow them in a few bites while others hid them in their clothes pockets like they were extraordinarily precious.

The streets that had originally been very noisy became completely quiet after the last pancake was divided and distributed.

No one pushed, and no one yelled. Everyone stared at Su Mo, gazes burning as they looked forward to the details of the next trade.

Even those who did not eat the pancake earlier, just by placing it at their noses and taking a whiff of it, they could sense how solid this pancake’s ingredients were.

Starch, grease, seasoning!

This one calorie bomb of a pancake was equal to getting a “Danshu Tiequan” for the next three days! [T/N: A fictional item from Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels, that prevents death.]

“Ahem. The pancakes can be purchased individually or in halves. Next, I’ll announce the items I’d like to purchase.”

“First up are perfect-quality blueprints and up…”

Before Su Mo could finish speaking, suddenly three people excitedly shouted and rushed over with their shining blueprints in hand!

“I have it!”