Chapter 157: Crazy Production, The Arrival Of The Penultimate Day

Three hundred units of wood, relying on the transportation ability and storage capacity of Earth Tiger and storage space, took four trips to transport.

Most of the wood was stacked up in the garage space by Su Mo, which immediately “filled up” the room.

At the same time, a system prompt appeared while Su Mo idled.

“Well, I rested for a day yesterday and didn’t do anything. Only 301 points were added, bringing my new total up to 1873 points.”

Su Mo took a mental note of the survival points he had, but temporarily did not have anything that required spending.

After undergoing the experience of raiding the kobold castle, he knew it was necessary to keep some survival points on hand for emergency usage!

The current development of the shelter had also reached a plateau.

Whether it was to develop the science and technology tree or to promote the development of the base, the biggest bottleneck could not be avoided—material reserves!

If there was no corresponding materials or underlying technology, it was completely impossible to develop things like artificial intelligence and nuclear reactors.

At the very least, there had to be an automated control system for the shelter’s defenses, and at least a computer to manage it.

Though, to create a computer… after looking at the price stated in the system, Su Mo dispelled this dangerous idea again.

The technology in a computer was not too magnificent or complex; parts such as processor chips, graphics cards, hard drives, these were all cheap and readily available on Earth where the production line was fully established. A high-spec computer could have been built for only a few thousand yuan.

However, without the basic underlying technology, if he wanted to make a computer using only the creation function, more than 100,000 survival points were required!

“It seems that the difficulty and cost of using the creation function are not without reason; there is still a certain basis behind it.”

“There is a high probability that it depends on my current level of technology and living standards. If I can develop a computer manufacturing assembly line, the price would probably drop!”

Sitting down to rest and compose himself, Su Mo picked up the three basic subject-matter books that he had obtained and looked through them.

Compared with textbooks from university, the books from the game panel were extremely thick. The book on architecture alone had 800 pages.

The book covered basic to entry-level knowledge. After reading it for a while, Su Mo suddenly felt dizzy.

“Recruiting technical talents would probably be the way to go. Otherwise, if I rely solely on my own learning capabilities, I am afraid that it would take a few lifetimes to master this basic knowledge.”

Putting down the book, Su Mo suddenly understood himself clearly!

The direction of a leader!

Technical posts could be left vacant first. Once he met people with the corresponding talents, he could directly recruit them and provide them with food and shelter. This would be far more productive than him trying to learn the subject himself.

“Oh, and once again, population is the primary driver of development. I don’t know how the protagonists in those novels can live alone so capably in the apocalyptic world. What kind of technology can be used without the proper expertise?”

Thinking about how those protagonists could easily create nano armor with their bare hands, and miraculously research genetic technology alone, Su Mo felt helpless when he looked at the wood chips that were still scattered in front of him.

“You have super technology, and I have a workbench. I’ll show you what miracles could be produced through hard work!”

After cutting ten units of wood, Su Mo returned to the workbench and began to study the production methods of making tools quickly while maintaining quality.

The production of an iron axe was not subject to raw materials alone, but also included some miscellaneous factors.

At his current speed, it would take about 8-10 minutes to make a simple iron axe.

At the same time, a longer duration also represented heightened energy consumption and labor costs.

“At present, everyone has to face the first wave of the blizzard disaster. Therefore, the sales of stone spears and stone shovels would not be very good. A stone axe that can cut wood quickly and a stone pickaxe for ore mining should be received well.”

After determining the types of items to be made and the production methods, Su Mo began to practice producing them in batches.

What is a sense of accomplishment?

Perhaps it was the reduction of the production time of iron axes; that broke through from eight minutes to seven minutes, then to six minutes, and began to enter the five-minute mark.

Perhaps it was the improvement in quality, with excellent-quality iron axes occasionally emerging among good-quality iron axes as he got better at the crafting process.

Most likely of all, it was watching more and more tools pile up in the corner, like a hamster accumulating food; the pleasure of a good harvest.

Su Mo was immersed in producing the tools. Compared with the lengthy time it took to explore the outdoors, time in the shelter seemed to pass at a faster pace.

He had been working from nine o’clock in the morning and, except for a brief respite in the middle, he had worked without stopping until six o’clock in the evening. It was then his stomach grumbled in protests, and he stopped working.

Nine full hours, excluding the one hour of rest in the middle. In almost eight hours, Su Mo produced a total of:

50 iron axes and 32 iron pickaxes!

Among them were 9 excellent-quality iron axes and 3 excellent-quality iron pickaxes.

“My production speed is getting faster and faster. There is one more day left. I hope that tomorrow I can make more tools, then I will be able to exchange them for more resources.”

Feeling the stiffness and pain on his neck, Su Mo stood up and moved around quickly.

Boring production and crazy farming; these processes could be described as “painful but happy”.

The secret trading realm would open once before each disaster and, as time passed and everyone had built a workbench, it would be difficult to make a huge profit from selling tools.

Su Mo hastily made some dinner and, before going to bed, relying on his current high work efficiency, made another 30 iron axes.

This time, even when he went back to bed and laid down, the pain in his whole body was like an indicator, warning him that his body had reached its limit.

After a day of intensive work, by the time Su Mo opened his eyes again, it was already nine o’clock the next day.

[Doomsday Calendar Month 1, Day 20]

Total calculation: Survival points +322

Survival points remaining: 2195

“My survival points have finally returned to the 2000 mark, but time is getting tighter! Tomorrow…is the last day before the disaster strikes!”

The air on the third floor was regularly circulated by the lion clan’s wind ability, maintaining its refreshing feel.

Sitting on the bed, Su Mo felt a burst of tension even though he was fully prepared and confident about weathering the blizzard.

After the disaster struck this time, when the next new players arrived, it would probably be his sister’s turn.

Su Mo looked forward to it but, at the same time, was worried that he was not strong enough to protect his family.

As usual, before getting up, Su Mo opened the World Channel and began to check everyone’s last “hurrah” before the disaster.

The azure blue panel popped up automatically, densely lined with countless words.

“The penultimate day. Brothers, is everything ready? It’s already raining here… Sh*t!”

“The rain here has become very heavy. It’s horrible.”

“Huh? Is that so? It’s still sunny here. I’m wondering if I should go out today to chop up some wood!”

“There is too little food. We have killed all the mutant creatures within 50 kilometers of the shelter and everyone still can’t get enough to eat.”

“If you don’t have enough to eat, then go fight monsters. There are so many mythical races that, as long as you destroy a stronghold, you’ll be able to spend this winter happily.”

“Do you think everyone can go and fight? The Flying Tiger Shelter called up three nearby shelters to fight the taurens together, but what was the result? One hundred and fifty taurens won with their small numbers, and the humans of two of the shelters were all wiped out. The heads and bodies of the people from Flying Tiger Shelter are still hanging in front of the door of the other party.”

“The main thing is that these idiots gave their heads to the taurens. Now they have 600 clan members. Who can beat them?”

“That’s it? That’s it? I just love it when a warrior kills a tauren with just an attack!”

“The fighting power of the Huaxia people is weak. With so many burdens, a team of 1,000 people rebelled after 50 people died. How would you be able to beat others with this kind of fighting spirit?”

“The one above, shut up! If you were in their shoes you wouldn’t say this. Weren’t there two hundred bandits in the team? Didn’t they also run away?”

Seeing that the World Channel was quarreling again because of this issue, Su Mo could only quit the World Channel with a headache.

“The Flying Tiger Shelter was wiped out by the taurens!”

He remembered seeing this shelter recruiting members to conquer the mythical race of taurens on the World Channel a few days ago, Su Mo thought that this shelter might be able to succeed. He did not expect that they would be eliminated so easily.

“Fortunately, although the kobolds are also a mythical race, compared to the taurens, they are not as powerful as a single unit. This is a blessing in misfortune.”

After a pause, Su Mo turned on the regional channel and browsed.

Compared to the World Channel, it was much more harmonious here, and more and more people were chatting on the channel during the last two days before the disaster.

[Sun Xian: It’s broken, the construction of the Kang bed-stove has completely failed. The masters on the World Channel are all liars. Don’t follow the tutorial they provided!]
[Liang Jian: Weren’t you very happy yesterday? All prepared to build a Kang bed-stove, and it failed in only a day?]
[Na Wenxing: Hehe, stop quarreling you two. Tomorrow is a good day, so shouldn’t we celebrate today?]
[Cai Junfeng: Wenxing, you are not being genuine. We are lone wolves who hunt for supplies alone, while your entire shelter’s hope is in your hands. Just wait for us big brothers to beat you up tomorrow!]
[Emma Devon: Isn’t it prohibited to fight in the shelter?]
[Zhao Zhiyong: How can matters between men be described as “fighting”? How vulgar!]

As he entered the channel, he saw that the atmosphere of the regional channel had become strange. Su Mo hurriedly coughed and began to type out a message in the chatbox.

Since everyone was ready for tomorrow’s trading, Su Mo naturally had to create a notice to attract more good things to exchange.

[Su Mo: Ahem, for tomorrow’s material exchange, I currently sell the following: fresh carp, good or even excellent quality tools, and hearty anti-hunger pancakes. I welcome all friends with rare materials in hand to come in for an exchange. Especially technology-oriented materials, no visitors will be refused.]

After sending this message and watching the regional channel that started to heat up again, Su Mo turned off the regional channel and got up slowly with a free and easy laugh.

“The world’s number one… I hope the airdrop tomorrow will give me some surprises!”