My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 156

Chapter 156: 第一百五十六章 清点物资,制作工具

With the blizzard disaster approaching, and the abundance of water resources in the current environment and weather, the most valuable resources aside from unique items would be food and supplies!

Su Mo did not know whether the game would regroup the 1000 people in the regional channel before the transaction. However, as the date approached, more and more people in the regional channel were boasting that they were in possession of good things and were in urgent need of a transaction.

Billions of people had been simultaneously transported into the doomsday world. Given this large population, as long as certain large shelters’ owners were in Su Mo’s regional channel, that would mean that those shelters were also within his vicinity.

There was a high probability of these shelteStocktaking, Making Toolsrs, or the people in them, having good things!

“While these 300 carps can be traded, they don’t have a lot of meat on their bones. Still, they can be turned into hot fish soup with a little water, so it should be okay to trade them for something similarly priced.”

“Adding my previous stash of 120kg of flour with the 450kg I gained from opening the treasure chests, I now have 570kg of flour in total.”

“In the case of rice, I don’t have too much stored up and, even if I trade rice, it isn’t as filling as high-gluten flour and cannot be sold at a high price. So I’ll just save it for my own consumption!”

After counting the food and supplies, Su Mo decided to take out 300kg of flour to make a flatbread to trade. With a little labor, he could earn some profit on top of the original value of the flour.

As for the carps, he would make a fishing net tomorrow, find a way to get them out, and store them away in the storage space of Earth Tiger.

After running some calculations, Su Mo felt that if he did not add on other trading items, the things that he could exchange for would be very limited.

“I’m currently injured, so I can’t risk going out to explore. Fortunately, the resource card has created the iron hill, so I can mine some iron ore to make tools and sell them!”

“At the same time, I can also practice forging and increase my skill level.”

Even though he could not go out, Su Mo remained very optimistic.

After he got rid of the surrounding enemies, there were no immediate threats in his vicinity. It was probably the first time since he arrived at the wasteland that he could so freely relax and enjoy life.

It was late at night and, after sleeping for the entire day, he felt pain all over his body and didn’t have much of an appetite. After making a simple gnocchi soup, Su Mo began to deal with the iron ores he had picked up during the day.

The remaining wood reserves in the shelter were already very scarce. After counting, he only had three units of wood left.

Fortunately though, the wood resource that was generated earlier that day contained hundreds of trees. Although its location was nine kilometers away from the shelter, this did not pose much of a problem given Earth Tiger’s transportation ability and storage space.

Going back to the energy distribution room, Su Mo filled the generator with oil, and turned on the power supply. He returned to the workbench and began to concentrate on processing materials.

The advantage of the robotic arm was that, even if he was injured, it could ensure that Su Mo’s movements and operations remained within an accurate and stable range.

“If it is processed by the system, I only need to put in the iron ore and the system will complete it. If I process it myself, I’ll have to personally extract it, which is a lot of trouble.”

Regarding the extraction process, Su Mo was completely devoted. He used the LCD TV’s function to constantly observe and correct the errors in his processing.

By the time Su Mo processed all the broken ore he had picked up during the day, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

After cleaning himself, Su Mo fell asleep again while staring at the smooth stone ceiling; his shoulders and arms feeling slightly stiff from the long hours of work.

If he did not need to step foot outside into the apocalyptic world, life remained simple and unpretentious.

A long sleep ensured sufficient energy. After lying down this time, Su Mo had another “long” and “extensive” dream.

The brain would adjust according to the person’s mental state. If one lived precariously every day, or if one was overly tired, lying down would often result in a dead sleep. Only when one opened their eyes would they be “grateful” that they were still alive.

Dreaming was a form of extravagance in the apocalyptic world and, of course, it was also something that only strong players could enjoy.

“You can have hearty dreams.” That would probably be the slogan of a powerful shelter in the future, and also the environment that everyone dreamt of.

“Infantry vehicles…tanks…aircraft carriers…bombers.”

Whispering amidst his dream, Su Mo imagined that he had arrived at a large warehouse full of military equipment.

From left to right, various powerful technological weapons were on display. As if playing a game, Su Mo himself could climb up the fighter plane and pilot it into the sky.

Although the experience was not so friendly when landing, that part of his imagination was automatically filtered out during his sleep.

As for the world outside… countless shelters were taking advantage of these last two days to make their final efforts.

Some shelters instigated the people below them to carry out their final pre-war mobilization against the other mythical races nearby their shelters, looking to fight a deadly battle.

Some shelters were studying how to use infrastructure or other equipment to survive this winter safely, and also how to use the advantages of the surrounding terrain to achieve the best temperature conditions.

Of course, most shelters were still single-person shelters.

These large and small wooden houses were distributed all around the wasteland, and inside lived human beings trembling in the wind and cold.

The cold winter cut off all possibilities for travel and they missed the chance to rally together for warmth a week before the blizzard. They would have to survive through the next disaster alone.

Fortunately, the morning’s warmth came on time. As soon as six o’clock arrived, the temperature began to rapidly rise to ten degrees above zero, making it feel like spring had returned.

“Woof! Woof!”

Oreo rushed over early in the morning and began to jump around the shelter, restless.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, Su Mo woke up leisurely and looked at the hyperactive Oreo with a touch of relief on his face.

“A lot of people probably keep pets for this therapeutic reason~”

He touched the bruise on his chest and, finding that the injuries all over his body were recovering quickly, Su Mo was extremely surprised.

After a day of restraint and rest, the blood-purple bruise from yesterday had faded into deep purple. Although it still looked terrifying, it was at least much better than before.

As for some of the smaller wounds, pale pink scars had formed.

“At this rate of recovery, my injuries won’t hinder my movements at all in another three to five days!”

Su Mo slowly got up and felt that the pain from the tear on his inner thigh had been alleviated significantly. Su Mo stood up peacefully and began to cook the other carp.

Compared to the clear stewed carp soup, the braised carp didn’t taste too bad either, especially when served with rice. Su Mo’s appetite was aroused, and half of the carp was consumed in no time.

Fresh fish contained high amounts of protein. Su Mo was not sure if it was a psychological effect, but even the injury seemed to have recovered somewhat after eating.

“Oreo, let’s go out to chop some wood!”

Su Mo called out to Oreo, who was still munching on fish with Big Spark and Little Spark. He quickly put on his combat uniform.

Now that there was a steady stream of diesel oil produced daily by the motor-pumped oil well, the consumption of the generators and Earth Tiger was completely within an acceptable range.

Su Mo poured in some diesel to fill up Earth Tiger’s fuel tank.

Winding the winch to open the garage gate, Su Mo looked at the good weather outside and stretched his body in satisfaction.

No matter what would happen in the future, this kind of weather always made people happy.

Su Mo got into Earth Tiger and closed the garage gate behind him. Stepping on the accelerator and adjusting his direction, Earth Tiger rushed out with a roar.

Larch is a kind of tree from the Pinaceae family. They can reach heights of up to 35 meters, though they normally average between 15-25 in height, and are considered to be medium-large trees.

Their wood is heavy and solid, with high compression and bending strength, and is resistant to decay. It is an excellent material for electric poles, bridges, support pillars, buildings, and others.

At the same time, tannins could be extracted from its bark and resin from its trunk. It is the perfect hardy tree.

Despite his mental preparations, Su Mo was shocked when he saw the dense forest in the distance.

The tall, dense forest contrasted heavily with its surroundings, seeming amazingly out of place.

Su Mo stopped the car and, estimating the height of the forest with his eyes, he found that the shortest larch was over ten meters high, and the tallest was over twenty meters high.

A single tree could generate hundreds of units of wood, let alone this dense forest.

“I thought this was the most useless of the resources generated, but I didn’t expect it to be even more practical than the black earth soil…”

Before arriving at the larch forest just now, he had passed by the black soil land along the way and had inspected it.

However, the result was unfortunate. Although the black soil was fertile, as far as the current ecological environment was concerned, there were no fast-growing plants. If he was unlucky during the next disaster, it was very likely that there would be no harvest.

On the contrary, this larch forest offered him immediate and direct benefits.

He drove Earth Tiger to a safe location. After instructing Oreo to stand guard, he took out his axe, and simply began cutting down the trees.

The wood of larch had a hardness rating that surpassed the special ability of the axe, so he could not trigger the ability.

Even so, with the help of the sharp iron axe, and psychic energy water to restore strength, Su Mo succeeded in cutting down the four of the outermost larch trees in less than three hours.

As for the work of dividing the trees into block units, Su Mo waved his hand and assigned it to the game panel straightaway.

Four larches would result in a total of 300 units of wood, and would cost 15 points as a handling fee.

“I have wood and iron blocks now, so the next step is to make a lot of tools and wait for the secret trading realm to open to exchange these tools for resources!”

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