Chapter 155: Recovery, Harvesting Carp

The distribution of the iron ore mine was akin to the stars scattered in the sky, very much embodying the saying: “One piece here, one piece there”.

There were many such scattered-distribution mineral mines in Huaxia on Earth, and most of them had been discovered and marked, but not developed.

There was no other reason behind this; it was precisely because such mineral mines were difficult to develop and mine that any investment and profits generated would not be directly proportional to the effort spent.

Looking at the resource modeling modification card in front of him though, a kind of implicit understanding connected these unrelated things.

“It seems that the game’s items aren’t useless at all. So long as I find the correct method and direction of its use, maybe…”

“A magical change can be born.”

Su Mo drove Earth Tiger out a hundred meters away before opening the resource panel and gently input the modification card, and a new way of using resources revealed itself.

There was a sudden blackout and, when Su Mo reopened his eyes, he seemed to have arrived at an empty void of darkness.

The entire space was empty; there was only one table. A small pile of black materials and a large clump of gray materials had been placed on the table.

Su Mo reached out and kneaded them; the feeling of touching the two substances felt a bit like plasticine.

At the same time, the substances corresponded exactly to the distribution of iron ore under the surface.

The gray ones were stones, and the black ones were iron ore.

“If I want to mine them, it must all be above the ground. Should I just maintain the distribution and move all of them above the ground?”

Su Mo tried to manipulate the substances for a while, and found that the game did not allow all the ores to be simply scattered above the ground, he could only pinch out an iron hill according to his previous assumptions.

When it came to the plasticine that he liked to play with in childhood, it did not take much effort for Su Mo to mold it into a hill. After a few minutes, the basic shape of the mine was easily completed.

Next, Su Mo began to refine the mine again.

Along the mine’s structure, he used his nails to carve out a spiral indentation that coiled upwards, leading to the top of the platform on the hill.

This way, he could mine directly from top to bottom, and he could also build a base here. If there was a flood-like disaster-like, he could straightaway head to the hill, which would be extremely convenient.

“Unfortunately…I can’t modify it anymore. Otherwise, I would want to make a triangular hill out…”

Seeing that his plan fell through, the plasticine in front of him blurred and, after the terrain was automatically generated, Su Mo had no choice but to give up the idea of sculpting.

To dig out all the broken ores and merge them to create a channel up the hill was already the limit of the first-level resource card.

After repeatedly confirming that the game panel would automatically process the terrain a second time, Su Mo tapped the “confirm” button.

His view went dark again and he returned to Earth Tiger.

Before Su Mo could contemplate why the transformation had yet to start, the mine had quietly spawned.

“Wow…this technology is awesome!”

Getting out of the car and looking at the forty-meter-high mine, Su Mo was impressed and amazed.

Although the total mass of the mine was as much as three million tons, it was still not worth mentioning in front of a giant structure like this hill.

A hill of a hundred meters, even if they were stones, a million tons of them could easily be moved.

Observing the creation of a forty-meter-high hill of ore, Su Mo was extremely satisfied.

He stepped onto the hill passage he created. It felt different to step on the hard rock under his feet.

Especially when he climbed further up and his field of vision continued getting wider and wider; this feeling became even stronger!

Su Mo kept walking up until he came to the top platform on the hill. Looking down from here, he could already feel the charm of the entire surrounding basin.

The thick fog in the distance had not dissipated yet and, under the scattered rays of sunlight, it looked extremely mysterious.

As for the hill of the Underground Shelter, it looked much more pleasing from this height.

“Now there is finally a hill for the basin. Now only water is left…”

“Hey, it seems like a lake is appearing!”

Su Mo had been surprised by the iron ore mine, so he had not had time to check the information about the lake and carp.

Standing on the high platform at this moment, he tapped on the resource panel and began to examine it carefully.

[Water Resource (Lake) – Level 1]
[Resource Status: Complete, no collection commenced yet, in an exuberant state]
[Mining value: One star (Maximum: One star)]
[Mining difficulty: None]
[Remaining reserves: 40 mu]

[Food Resource (Carp) – Level 1]
[Resource Status: Complete, no fishing commenced yet, in an exuberant state]
[Mining value: One and a half stars (Maximum: One and a half stars)]
[Mining difficulty: Low]
[Remaining Reserves: 500 (Adult population: The number of males and females is divided equally)]

“500 carps, not bad, not bad at all. Doesn’t matter if the carp tastes bad, or if there are many bones, but they are living things after all!”

If he calculated that each fish weight about a catty and a half, it meant that there were 750 catties of carp in the lake waiting for Su Mo to catch.

Before he went out, the area around the shelter had still been barren.

In such a short time, the mine had risen from the ground, the black soil land had covered the ground, and even the lake and carps had appeared.

Su Mo walked down the mine and drove Earth Tiger over to the lake.

This lake was not too close to the shelter; being twelve kilometers away.

The large lake covered an area of 40 mu, and the water was extremely clear; he could even see a few carps swimming leisurely through the water.

Also, the lake generated by the game panel was not simple.

In the process of formation, the corresponding environment and microorganisms were produced in the lake at the same time. There were large groups of algae floating on the surface of the water, creating a viable ecosystem for the carps to thrive.

“It’s a pity though. It would be nice if this lake was near the Underground Shelter. Then I would be surrounded by mountains and rivers!”

Even though his mouth seemed to utter complaints, Su Mo’s eyes and attention were completely focused on the three carps by the water.

The breeding period of carps was in spring. The current situation was not suitable for carp breeding.

Therefore, in Su Mo’s plan, at least two to three hundred carps must be caught and sold in exchange for more abundant resources.

As for the remaining carps, they could only depend on their fate to survive this winter disaster to live another day.

If they could not survive, when the weather improved for the better in the future, Su Mo planned to think of a way to buy and try to breed them.

“It doesn’t matter if there is no fishing tool, hehe!”

With a big laugh, regardless of the pain racking his body, Su Mo jumped directly into the water and grabbed two big carps that had not had time to react.

The carps that had just been released were very energetic, even if they were caught by Su Mo’s immense strength, they still wriggled frantically, trying to escape.

Facing the ground, Su Mo then threw the carps onto dry land. With both hands supporting his body on the water’s edge, he climbed out.

“The fate of the two carps has been decided; stewed carp soup and braised carp!”

Thinking of the graceful taste of fish soup, Su Mo almost drooled. He punched each carp in the head and threw them onto the front seat of Earth Tiger.

At this moment, the trip back to the shelter seemed extremely long.

Although he had just finished eating instant noodles along the way, the spirit of gluttony in his stomach had yet to be satiated, and his stomach was protesting.

After Su Mo parked Earth Tiger inside, grabbed the two carps, and quickly returned to the second floor. He kept one of them in the freezer and took the other to the kitchen. Su Mo then directly began to prepare the carp.

Since he was injured, this carp soup would naturally be a great tonic but, unlike crucian carp soup, stewed carp soup took a lot of thought to cook.

After the regular innards and guts were removed, a little vegetable oil was poured out. Su Mo started to fry the chopped fish segments until they were golden on both sides and set them aside.

He then went to the crop culture room and removed two garlic sprouts with his aching muscles. Su Mo poured a pot of psychic energy water into the pot, and waited until the water temperature rose. Then he threw fish segments into the pot.

Fish soup emphasizes freshness!

With the addition of psychic energy water, Su Mo did not have to add any other condiments except for some garlic sprouts to increase the fragrance.

As time passed by, the tantalizing scent gradually began to waft along the edges of the pot, instantly attracting Oreo, Big Spark, and Little Spark.

“My goodness, your noses are sharp! However, when it comes to fish, Oreo can’t eat too much!”

Without minding Oreo’s pitiful expression, Su Mo looked at the already milky white fish soup. After adding a bit of salt to taste, Su Mo quickly took it out.

With just a sniff, the alluring fragrance would make one faint.

Milky white, rich, sweet, and delicious. After dividing up the portions for the little ones, Su Mo simply sat beside the pot and gobbled up the remaining fish soup.

The browned, deep-fried, and delicious fish meat was very tender inside. The mellow taste and sweetness of the psychic energy water penetrated its flesh, causing it to melt in the mouth. The fragrance made one want to bite their tongue.

The most important thing was that, with the catalyzing effect of the psychic energy water, both the large bones in the middle and the small bones inside the fish flesh had integrated with the fish flesh and turned extremely soft. He could eat the entire fish.

Halfway through the meal, after feeling that the temperature of the soup had cooled, Su Mo simply lifted the pot directly and began to drink the soup with his mouth plastered to the edge of the pot.

Gurgle, gurgle.

The stomach of the strengthened human was like a bottomless pit. Without any seasoning added to enhance the flavor, the mellow taste of the fish soup was even more evident. In one breath, Su Mo directly drank all of the remaining fish soup.

“Phew… such a filling fish soup. It’s so satisfying!”

Sitting on the ground, and disregarding his image, Su Mo looked at Big Spark, Little Spark, and Oreo’s satisfied expressions, and a burst of sleepiness gradually crept up on him.

He had gone out for a life-and-death struggle at two or three in the morning, and the entire trip was nerve-racking and fraught with danger. After eating and drinking, he suddenly felt the protests of pain coming from his body.

Su Mo simply dropped the uncleaned pot and stove and went straight back to his small bed to lie down.

Injured muscles and bones mend in a hundred days. Despite the effect of the psychic energy water, the pain from the violent tearing of the tendons and muscle tissues still made Su Mo sleep extremely poorly.

He slept in a daze until his whole body finally became comfortable. When he opened his eyes, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

This time, he slept for nearly twelve hours. It was also the first time Su Mo had rested for so long in the daytime after he came to the wasteland.

Shaking his sleepy head, Su Mo sat up and drank a large gulp of psychic energy water to refresh his body. Feeling that the pain of his body had worsened compared to earlier, he could only rest on the bedside helplessly.

“Soon, the secret trading realm will be opened, and the airdrops will be launched. There are still 730 people on the Regional Channel. I must seize this opportunity to make some good deals!”

“Before this, the only valuable thing in the shelter I could trade was food. Now it seems that I can make some more tools to sell!”