Chapter 154: Five Consecutive Card Activations, A Splash Of Resources

“Previously, I copied a resource card with a duplication coupon. Now there are two remaining, and another one was drawn out of a wooden treasure chest, which brings the total to three!”

“The cards drawn were a random resource generation card, a designated resource modification card, and a resource recovery card, a total of three!”

Looking at the cards floating in front of him, he set aside the cards with known attributes and began to focus on two new types of cards.

[Designated resource modification card (Level 1: Modeling): Select a resource that has been detected in the resource panel and carry out the modification according to the specified direction.]
[Resource Recovery Card (Level 1): Select a resource that has been detected in the resource panel and restore it. The current ratio is 10%.]

“Huh? Modeling modification? What is that? Am I turning into a stylist?”

Su Mo specifically clicked on the modification card. After looking at the detailed attributes for a while, Su Mo finally understood how to use this “weird” card.

There were many types of modification cards, with some directly modifying resource attributes, such as transforming barren land into a fertile plain.

Or transforming a soil mountain into an iron mountain or a mountain of gold.

Of course, these modified resources must be first unlocked from the random resource card, and wild resource points were not included in the resource panel, so they could not be used.

“It’s troublesome. I thought that the things that were drawn from the resource card were all good things. Looking at it this way, there are still risks..”

By looking at the modification card, Su Mo now had a certain understanding of the random resource card.

According to the modification card, the random resources that could be unlocked were not limited to useful resources.

For example, the first-level resource card created the geothermal resource node, which was one of the best resource nodes. The common first-level resources were mostly barren land or a small forest, and this kind of resource could straightaway be placed on the original land!

Of course, the more advanced cards would produce better things, and the lowest-level first-level cards had a higher chance of producing junk resources.

“What should I do? Should I gamble on this? I could get some of these urgently needed supplies…”

Sitting in front of the workbench, Su Mo was deep in thought, staring at the card floating in the air, he quickly judged the pros and cons of the card.

From the iron treasure chest, such a card could be drawn out. According to the previous result of geothermal resources, it was indeed a good thing.

However, now everything made sense!

Cards were not so precious. On the contrary, when there were a large number of luxurious supplies near the shelter, it would be terrible if those were transformed into rubbish because of the cards.

Random generation…

Random modification…

“What am I afraid of! The area around my basin is poor and white anyway. There are no mountains, no water, and the land is so barren. Isn’t it better if I just take a chance on it?”

After he slapped the table and thought through the risks and benefits, Su Mo did not hesitate any longer and immediately chose to maximize the number of cards.

Three of the duplication coupons flashed and automatically approached each other, and the random duplication coupons gradually disappeared and transformed into a set of new cards.

In addition to the original cards, there were now a total of five random resource generation cards!

Five cards lined up in the air and were fished out in one hand. Picking up all the cards, Su Mo clicked on the five “create” options simultaneously.

If ten consecutive draws from the treasure chests could unlock good things, Su Mo took a gamble by activating all five cards at once!

The resource panel automatically popped up, and the cards were like meteors, breaking straight into the topographic map before disappearing.

Holding anxiously onto the table beside him, Su Mo waited quietly.

The same loud noise as last time echoed in the shelter’s surroundings. This time, it was going to be even more terrifying and violent!

After the remodeling of the shelter, this was the first time they had experienced the tremors, like a magnitude of a level six or seven earthquake that reshaped the ground.

Even if there was no way to observe the surroundings outside, feeling the vibrations and tremors, Su Mo could imagine the spectacular scene that was no doubt happening outside.

It was as if a god was angry. After five minutes, the surface was still squeezing and being reconstructed.

The loud noise and harsh friction affected the output of the electric lights in the Underground Shelter, causing the electrical supply to become extremely unstable.

Su Mo firmly grasped the workbench to prevent himself from being caught off balance. He breathed heavily, calming the fear of the unknown in his heart.

“Since there is a strong magnetic force outside, maybe something good is being randomly generated!”

Seeing the lights flickering on and off above his head, Su Mo became excited at the thought of the possible reasons behind the strong magnetism.

Reaching out to turn off the light, Su Mo quietly waited for the end of the transformation in the dark.

The five cards were released together, and the movements they brought about were extremely terrifying. It was possible to feel the tremors from dozens of kilometers away.

Regarding any enemies that might be attracted, Su Mo had no fear.

This was also one of the biggest benefits he possessed after cleaning up the area around the shelter.

In this basin, Su Mo was the man standing at the top of the food chain. If the others dared to come in, they would have to pay an unbearable price!

While waiting quietly, he felt the movements of the surface gradually decrease. After four or five minutes, all the dust settled.

The resource panel opened on its own. This time, Su Mo saw five extra small dots on it, which were very obvious compared to the previous time.

“After the shelter was upgraded to Level 2, the resource generation range doubled again, increasing directly to fifteen kilometers. It’s good to have it this way, as it would avoid all the resources crowding together.”

After observing the topographical map, Su Mo began to check the attributes of the newly-appeared resources one by one, starting from the first grey dot.

[Land Resource (Black Soil Land) – Level 1]
[Resource Status: Complete, undeveloped, in an exuberant state]
[Mining value: One star (Maximum: One star)]
[Special Ability: None]
[Mining difficulty: Very low]
[Remaining reserves: 3000 cubic meters/5m]

“Black soil land? Not bad, 3,000 cubic meters is about five acres in size! The 5m stated should refer to the thickness of the soil.”

Black soil is a unique treasure given to mankind by nature. It is a kind of soil with excellent properties and high fertility value. It was very suitable for plant growth, and the most fertile soil on Earth.

Compared to the geothermal resources that could not be developed, for the time being, such resources were much more reliable. As long as the snow season passed, he could try to study how to grow plants here, and the soil’s fertility meant that it could quickly be transformed into a productive asset.

It was a pity that this spot was about four kilometers away from the shelter, and was not convenient to take care of currently.

With the good luck of the first round in hand, Su Mo looked forward to the next four even more, so he simply clicked to view them together.

[Mineral Resource (Iron Ore Mine) – Level 1]
[Tree Resource (Larch) – Level 1]
[Water Resource (Lake) – Level 1]
[Food Resource (Carp) – Level 1]

“Damn… is this for real?”

Seeing the prompts pop up, Su Mo was stunned as he sat on the workbench.

A person’s luck would not be good forever, nor would it be bad forever.

Before activating the cards this time, Su Mo thought that he would at least receive some junk resources. He even mentally prepared himself for the worst-case scenario where all five of them were junk resources.

However, when the good luck that he desired came calling, looking at the messages on the screen in front of him, Su Mo was still surprised!

“I received an iron ore mine!!!”

Thinking of the strong magnetism just now and connecting it to the iron ore resource node that had been generated now, Su Mo could not hold back his excitement anymore and rushed directly out.

This iron mine was not far from the location of the shelter, located just two kilometers north.

Su Mo wanted to see, wanted to witness this miracle called “creation”, with his own two eyes.

Putting on the combat uniform, Su Mo’s two steps turned into three steps as he opened the garage gate of the shelter. Then he walked along the mountain.

In the distance, toward the north, a small hill that had never existed before appeared before his eyes, emitting an indescribable metallic light.

This was a mine made of pure iron!

[Mineral Resources (Iron Ore Mine) – Level 1]
[Mineral State: Complete, no mining commenced yet, in an exuberant state]
[Mining value: Two stars (Maximum: Two stars)]
[Special Ability – Hard State: The purity of resources produced from the mineral vein has been improved to a certain extent]
[Mining difficulty: Low-High]
[Remaining reserves: 3 million tons]

“A full three million tons of iron ore. That is to say, even if there I don’t have any advanced mining equipment, I won’t have to worry about the lack of iron ore and, because of its improved purity, it may even save me some effort during the refining process!”

Looking at the prompts on the game panel excitedly, Su Mo returned to the basement and drove Earth Tiger to the bottom of the mine.

This was a fresh iron ore mine. Su Mo was not clear on how much equipment could be built with so much ore, but at least the shelter had taken a huge step toward a better structure, other than just stone.

Su Mo was already familiar with the terrain near the Underground Shelter, but when Earth Tiger arrived at this huge mineral vein, a feeling of shock still overwhelmed Su Mo’s heart.

Large tracts of iron ore, like stone bumps, were distributed on the ground.

Besides that, from the process of creation and ground reshaping, there were already dozens of visible broken ore pieces scattered across the ground.

He tried to pick up a piece and summoned the game panel. Sure enough, a new attribute appeared.

[Iron Ore (Good)]
[Description: Higher purity compared to ordinary iron ore. When creating equipment, it can improve the success rate and quality of items.]

“No wonder it was listed in the resource panel as a low to high mining difficulty range. It turns out that most of the iron ores are buried underground!”

After observing the topographical map, Su Mo had a smile etched on the corners of his mouth.

Subsequently, a card appeared in Su Mo’s hand.

It was the first-level resource modification card that could change the shape of the resource!