Chapter 151: A Way Out! Laser Tool Finally Obtained!


“The roc rises with the howling wind, soaring ninety thousand miles high!”

Holding the rudimentary hang glider in his hands, Su Mo constantly adjusted the angle of his grip to ensure that he could get the maximum turning speed, instead of rushing straight into the fire.

In the eyes of all the kobolds behind him, Su Mo flew away as if he had put on wings.


Bark bark bark!

After the first kobold took the lead and barked, all the kobolds on the wall immediately joined in together.

Unpowered hang gliding was the closest a human could get to mimicking bird flight, and it was also a sport that allowed people to have a bird’s eye view of the earth’s landscape.

Rise with the wind, dance with the wind!

At this moment, Su Mo was extremely grateful that he had a surplus in survival points that enabled him to create this magical thing!

Just like how a paper airplane would descend gradually, an unpowered hang glider would do the same unless it caught an updraft.

Speaking of updrafts, the most typical one is hot air.

With the aid of the hot air current from the fire field, Su Mo flew higher and faster. He even surpassed the hundred-meter mark, constantly rising frantically.

Unpowered hang gliding did not have high requirements for physical fitness and stamina. Normal preliminary training could generally be completed in about seven days.

After more than ten days of practice, under good conditions, some students could fly with the dynamic airflow for minutes at a time.

This kind of exercise was not dangerous. Although it was only under the leadership of a coach, Su Mo had tried it a few times.

However, at this time, the strong physical coordination ability brought about was “self-taught.”

“It turns out the reason why so many people pursued extreme sports was to experience this kind of near-death thrill. It truly is a wonderful feeling.”

The fire was burning and, by controlling the center of gravity of his grip, Su Mo processed his thoughts while constantly adjusting his gliding angle.

As for the woman in black behind him, she did not make a sound at this time; she had completely fainted from the shock.

“This woman, she did not faint when shocked by the stun baton, but instead she fainted when we flew through the air…”

The louder the kobolds behind him barked, the more excited Su Mo felt.

In the eyes of all kobolds, flying through the air, Su Mo seemed to have gained an astonishing “magic power” that they desired!

“I’m only flying using a hang glider right now. When I build a plane in the future, hehe… I’ll have air supremacy, and at least 90% of my enemies will only be able to look at me!”

After crossing the fire field, the updraft became much weaker. Su Mo tried to adjust the pole to raise the head of the glider, increasing the angle of attack, and the speed gradually decreased.

Of course, the speed of the hang glider could not be reduced indefinitely.

When the angle of attack increased by a large extent, and the airfoil formed a sharp angle with the incoming flow, the air would no longer flow neatly along the airfoil and then separate to form a vortex. At this time, the lift would suddenly drop, the drag coefficient would increase, and the glider would inevitably stall.

Watching the ground getting closer and closer, Su Mo carefully began to slowly tilt his center of gravity, relying on the airflow to control the speed.

After the speed had dropped to an acceptable level, Su Mo suddenly pulled on the pole and aimed at a bush tree, and the hang glider slammed into it.

As the hang glider’s speed had not dropped sufficiently, this physical landing method resulted in the front of the entire hang glider being directly embedded in the bushes.

The effect of force was mutual for both the tree and the glider, and a huge impact force was transmitted along the structure of the glider.

Su Mo, who was holding the hang glider pole, was inevitably the one to endure the impact, and he reflexively released the pole, leaving him hanging awkwardly on the tree.

“Damn, sure enough, it hurts. It’s not advisable to simply show off and act cool!”

With the cold wind still blowing, Su Mo took off his mask and looked at the ground below with a grateful expression. He laughed out loud.

Taking out a bottle of psychic energy water and drinking it, the effects of the impact on his body gradually alleviated and he felt much better.

At the same time, the woman in black behind him was “knocked” awake.

“It… it hurts… I… Am I dead?”

Su Mo heard the bewildered voice behind him. Since they were now in a safe place, Su Mo’s tension was relieved. He did not mind the question and said while grinning, “Yes ma’am, we are dead. This is hell, Heibai Wuchang just came to ask for your name, but you gave a fake name so they don’t want us anymore!”


Knowing that “Carolla” behind him was startled and vexed, Su Mo laughed loudly.

“We can be regarded as people who have shared an experience of adversity together. Are you still not planning to tell me your name?”

Hanging on the crooked neck tree, Su Mo asked while resting and adjusting.

Regarding the identity of the woman, Su Mo had guessed that there was a high probability that she was someone he had never met before from the west shelter.

“I… Zhong Qingshu…”

Being tied behind by Su Mo, her body was still numb from the electric shock. Now having undergone the impact of the crash as well, Zhong Qingshu’s voice was trembling, and she no longer had the agility and cunning from before.

“Little thief, you were bold enough to try and steal things from the castle alone. Do you realize that, without me, you would be dead today?”

“Thank…thank you.”

Since the danger had passed, Su Mo was no longer anxious. The two people hung on the tree and chatted.

Su Mo had not seen a living person for a long time. Feeling the body that was emitting warmth through the armor behind, Su Mo’s heart was agitated.

“Are you from the shelter in the west?”

“Yes…” Zhong Qingshu’s voice stuttered intermittently as the effects of the electric shock had yet to wear off.

After thinking about it, Su Mo took out a bottle of psychic energy water that he had not drunk from the storage space. He stretched out his hand and haphazardly placed it in front of her mouth.

“Can you open your mouth?” Hearing Su Mo’s words, Zhong Qingshu finally reacted and began to drink sips of the psychic energy water.

After drinking about 100ml, Zhong Qingshu’s voice no longer trembled and regained a semblance of normality.

“Let me down, I will give you what you want!”

Finally hearing the magic words, Su Mo’s expression was joyful. He quickly grabbed the tree branch, pressed it down, and the two fell to the ground.

He took out the saber from his storage space and cut the hemp rope on his body loose. Seeing Zhong Qingshu sitting on the ground in a daze, Su Mo was not anxious and began to inspect his injuries.

Psychic energy water could only heal certain wounds, and it was not very effective when treating external injuries.

Despite the protection of armor, this kind of abrupt impact caused pain all over Su Mo’s body and back.

However, compared to these, looking at the laser tool in Zhong Qingshu’s hand, all the adventures tonight suddenly…

Became worth it!

Su Mo took the laser tool and activated the system to check its name. After confirming that there was no problem, he put it in the storage space, relieved.

At the same time, after examining the severely damaged hang glider perched on the tree, Su Mo carefully climbed up and brought down the intact components.

“Hey, Zhong… Zhong Qingshu. I’m leaving, you’re on your own!”

Su Mo had been excited to see a living person, but thinking back to the scene where Zhong Qingshu slaughtered the kobolds mercilessly, he still shuddered.

Do not mess with me and I will not mess with you.

Regarding the pile of food in Zhong Qingshu’s core, Su Mo did not have the slightest desire to kill others for supplies.

“Wait…I can spend money, no, I will hire you with supplies. Can you send me back?” Zhong Qingshu quickly shouted from behind. She was still sitting on the ground dumbfounded when she saw Su Mo leaving unhesitantly.

Unfortunately, Su Mo’s figure did not stop moving even for a moment, and he simply walked away without a trace of sentiment.

“Hey, don’t leave me alone!” Zhong Qingshu shouted after touching her swollen thigh. Her waist still hurt, although the bleeding had been stopped.

It was a pity that Su Mo’s pace was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from her sight.

Under the night sky of the wasteland, the distant fire was still burning.

However, these sporadic sparks did not bring any warmth at all. Instead, thick smoke was blown by the east wind, and she choked until she coughed again and again.

She sat on the ground and waited until the tingling sensation disappeared. Zhong Qingshu began to slowly climb up. She grabbed a strip of the hang glider’s sail that fell on the ground and sat on it.

There was no torch and no medical supplies. Zhong Qingshu turned over the food and supplies one by one, and then she angrily threw them aside.

“Food, food, why don’t you starve to death! I would have brought some medical supplies if I knew!”

Looking at the corn cobs rolling all over the floor, Zhong Qingshu pulled on the mask and breathed heavily. She reluctantly repacked all the food bit by bit.

She summoned the azure blue game panel and, after fiddling with it for a while, she turned it off again.

Leaning on the tree, Zhong Qingshu was silently thinking, staring in the direction Su Mo had left.

“Su Mo seems to be very strong; stronger than what Chen Shen mentioned. Such people can only become friends and not enemies!”

“He has guns and is good at close combat. Why have I never heard of this person before on Earth? Is it possible that there really are so-called “families of ancient martial arts”?”

Holding her head, Zhong Qingshu quietly thought about what she had seen and heard.

When she was tied behind Su Mo, it gave her the opportunity to observe the battle and, at the same time, she unearthed more details.

In Chen Shen’s description, that “Lu Bu” battled randomly and relied on brute force to beat the kobolds.

When she thought about Su Mo’s very polished technique today, it was hard to imagine that these two people were the same person.

“Is there a Lu Bu around here? Wow, why are there so many amazing people!”

“Is Lu Bu better, or is Su Mo better, or…”

While thinking, Zhong Qingshu hammered the ground angrily with a hint of shame on her face. At the same time, her action reopened her wounds, resulting in another round of pain.

It was a very cold day and, after experiencing a life-and-death crisis with the other party, her heart was still beating rapidly. Zhong Qingshu had to close her eyes to rest her mind and wait for a rescue party.

Unfortunately, before she could recover and wait for her companions to rescue her, she was suddenly “woken up” by the sudden sound of a horn.

On Earth, seeing a high beam flashing before your eyes would have been extremely annoying but, in the wasteland, it brought great surprise instead.

Three to five seconds later, when the car steadily ground to a halt, a thick voice came out through the window.

“Get in the car, you owe me two lives now!”