Chapter 150: As I’ve Mentioned, No One Will Die!

The sound of kobolds barking sounded through the castle and it was obvious that they had found out about the dead kobolds on the lower two floors!

“Crap, damn lion people! I shouldn’t have trusted them. They are just a bunch of beasts!” Hearing the black-clothed woman cursing under her breath, Su Mo also realized the seriousness of the matter.

At this crucial moment, the lion clan suddenly retreated due to some inexplicable reason, and all the kobolds had returned to the castle.

It had become an extravagant hope to return and leave via the original path they took through the excavated tunnel.

Turning to his side, Su Mo pointed his gun at the woman in black, adjusted his gaze, and looked out.

He could already see a kobold warrior coming up the stairs, rushing to the fourth floor, and barking loudly while looking at the kobold corpse on the ground.

At the same time, the barking also stirred a response from the kobolds down below.

For a while, the castle seemed to be shaking. Even if he did not judge their numbers by the sounds, Su Mo could guess that thousands of kobolds had returned to the castle.

Do you think that I am a rat in a hole?

Looking that the stupid dog at the top of the stairs who was still barking, Su Mo ruthlessly turned his muzzle toward the kobold warrior at shot it.

He would not miss from thirty meters away, and the kobold was left with a hole in its head, ceasing its annoying barking!

Sensing that the situation was not optimistic, the woman in black quickly retracted her shield and said anxiously, “What do we do? Can we still go back down the path?”

After being surrounded, the two had become grasshoppers on the same rope and, naturally, there was no need to start any conflicts with each other.

“Go! Go up!”

Su Mo wore a calm expression. He did not even take a second look at the food and supplies left in the room and quickly thought about how to deal with the situation.

It was impossible to get through the thousands of kobolds single-handedly. Even without a mage, the endless kobold warriors were like a meat grinder that could drag him down by exhaustion.

The only way now was to run up toward the wall, and see if there was still a glimmer of hope or opportunity.

Looking at the black-clothed woman who had retracted her shield and looking out, Su Mo gritted his teeth and directly took out the 80,000-volt stun baton from the storage space!

Pressing the switch, Su Mo had no mercy and hit the back of the woman in black.


At this time, he slammed the stun baton into her back and she immediately dropped to the ground.

80,000 volts sounded terrifying, but it was a very small current and would not cause much harm to the human body. It could only cause the other party to faint temporarily!

However, the woman in black seemed to have strengthened her body before. After being stunned by Su Mo, although she fell to the ground, her consciousness was still very clear!

“Hey, has the stun baton failed?”

Looking at the resentful eyes of the black-clothed woman on the ground, Su Mo reached out and turned her over and, on her still twitching leg, he electrified her again.

This time, the woman in black became much more obedient, and her body was paralyzed for the time being.

He took out the hemp rope from the storage space and, looking at the horrified gaze of the other party, quickly tied a knot around her body and, at the same time, turned over the woman in black and tied her to his back with a dead knot.

“Remember, from now on, you owe me a life!”

The woman in black was not heavy, probably less than a hundred catties. Even if she was carried on his back, there was no feeling of difficulty with Su Mo’s strengthened body.

Su Mo pulled the rope ends together and tied another knot again, confirming that it would not loosen halfway. Then he put the crossbow back into the storage space and, with a gun in one hand and a spear in the other, Su Mo quickly rushed out!

The thick hemp rope constrained his movements but, at the same time, his center of gravity was extremely stable because of the person on his back.

The electrified “Carolla” who was carried on his back was numb all over, her saliva drooling from the corner of her mouth. She was carried by Su Mo, who went out in a storm.

There was no outsider to stop him. Looking at the kobolds that were still rushing up from below, Su Mo covered his head, chose the right direction, and ran straight toward the fifth floor.

There were five floors in the castle but, if the tower floor was included, it would have six floors.

The entrance of the stairs on the fifth floor was in the upper right corner of the fourth floor, diagonally opposite the treasure room.

Turning on the electric power assistance of his boots, Su Mo ran quickly and rushed to the fifth floor before the kobolds had even reached the fourth floor.

However, on the fifth floor, there were also kobolds rushing down!

There were a lot of them, about 30 kobolds!

Su Mo turned around, and the black-clothed woman behind him was startled. Although she could not move, she saw the many kobolds.

At this juncture, not being able to move and only able to watch, a huge sense of despair flooded her heart!

There were so many kobolds that, even if two people fought together, they would not be able to kill them in such a short time, let alone a single person.

“Am I going to die?”

The moment when this thought came to her mind, but before she could continue to think about her last words, roaring bursts suddenly rang in her ears.

Holding two guns, Su Mo faced the kobold squad that rushed forward and showed no mercy. He shot eight times at the six kobold mages standing behind.

The power of the K-1 pistol was not great against an anti-explosion shield, but against kobolds without protective gear, it was simply a nightmare!

Saving four rounds of ammunition in each of the two guns for spare, he tucked them into his waist pockets. Grasping the fine iron electric spear, Su Mo kept silent and rushed forward directly.

The kobold warriors on the opposite side were still stunned by the slaying of the mages by Su Mo so, as soon as the two sides collided, they were defeated easily.

The electric spear was an extremely lethal weapon. With just a swipe, the six fighters in front of them were like fallen leaves; blown several meters away by Su Mo!

The remaining kobold warriors did not expect that creatures similar to them could explode with such force and, for a while, they retreated fearfully.

I’ll take advantage of your weakness and kill you!

With the foundation of the spear technique in his body, Su Mo discovered that group battles were completely different from before.

Compared to his prior chaotic stabbing, these accurate and precise moves not only saved energy, but also hit the right place with every blow and caused the greatest possible damage.

Twenty kobolds were all slain by Su Mo in just four breaths.

Keeping all the treasure chests that were dropped into his storage space, and seeing that there was no obstacle ahead, Su Mo continued to dash forward.

Although Carolla, who was still stunned and hanging on his back, could not show a shocked expression, her heartbeat expressed her inner shock!

On the ground behind them, the heads of the kobold warriors were decorated with chrysanthemum-shaped holes and there were even several kobolds on the ground that had been directly hewn in two by the huge impact of his blows.

Of course, most of the kobolds did not die immediately. It was just that their spines had been broken and they could only lay on the ground wailing.

Seeing this, his terrifying combat power made her feel numb inside!

The whistling wind flitted in her ears and, compared to the restlessness in the days on this wasteland, despite being in the middle of the kobolds’ den at this moment, a sense of peace unexpectedly and miraculously surged forth.

Unfortunately, her numb lips did not allow her to speak. In her view, the fourth floor’s stairs quickly disappeared, and the fifth floor appeared!

“Damn it, I was wondering why the lion clan retreated. It turned out that the northeast wind was replaced by the southwest wind. The fire can no longer reach the kobold castle!”

Standing on the castle wall and looking at the brigade of lion people retreating in the distance, Su Mo’s expression was incensed.

This kind of change in wind direction was just like fate playing a game with him. How could it change so quickly in such a short time?

“Can’t… can’t go down. We… die, let me… go!”

“Shut up!” Su Mo rudely interrupted the voice of “Carolla”.

Standing on the castle wall and feeling the cold wind brushing past his face, Su Mo’s heart thumped as he looked at the burning bush forest ahead.

The roars from inside the castle were getting closer and closer. Although there was no delay in the battle, they still caught up with them after all!

Taking heavy steps, Su Mo continued to move forward firmly.

Step by step…

When he stood on the tower of the kobolds, his steps halted!

Here, the height was at least about 30 meters above the ground!

If he fell from a height of thirty meters, even if he had a strengthened body, there was absolutely no possibility of surviving.

Unless today’s game version suddenly changed to Assassin’s Creed, and there was a bale of wheatgrass underneath, if he were to jump from here…

It would be game over!

The lingering snowflakes seem to rage even more in the high altitude, like a knife, scratching against Su Mo’s mask and making rustling noises.

Behind them, kobolds were rushing up!

Having seen the tragic situation of their kind from before, the kobolds looked at Su Mo standing on the sentry tower, but they did not dare to approach for now. They only barked, waiting for the larger team to arrive and besiege him!

“Su Mo… let me go… let us run away from both sides and we might just be able to escape. There is hemp rope in my storage space. Let me go…”

The 80,000 volts’ effect on the strengthened human body had gradually lost its effectiveness.

Listening to the woman in black behind calling his name, there was no shock evident on Su Mo’s face. Instead, he became more peaceful.

“Who said we are going to die! Can these kobolds keep me here?”

Holding two guns, and looking at the kobolds in the distance, Su Mo did not rush; he just fired two shots.

The leading kobold was instantly killed, and blood spurted out of the big hole in its skull, scaring the other kobolds into retreat once again.

“Hahahahaha! With your ability, you want to catch me?”

Standing on the high platform, he felt that the wind speed had increased, and when the burning fire had been sufficiently doused, Su Mo smiled and stood on the edge of the tower.

“You’re crazy! Let’s go down and fight them. There is still a chance at life!”

Hanging from Su Mo’s back and looking down at the snow-covered ground in the distance, she felt the high temperatures of the fading flames and panicked.

Unfortunately, Su Mo would not respond to her.

At this moment, there was only the sound of dogs barking between heaven and earth…

More and more kobolds began to assemble on the castle wall. At the same time, the large number of kobolds and Su Mo’s inaction made some of the bolder kobolds dare to approach slowly.

The process of waiting for death was not wonderful, especially when she was still unable to move, tied behind someone else’s back. Before she could continue to speak, a voice exuding endless confidence echoed in her ears.

“As I’ve mentioned, none of us will die!”

Turning around and glancing at the kobolds who were about to rush up, Su Mo took off his mask with a faint smile on his face. He fired the remaining two bullets without hesitation and hit the kobold mages who were about to catch up.

The very next moment, in full view of the woman in black, a huge yellow canvas with a triangle frame appeared in Su Mo’s hands.

Facing the distant fire field and the ground more than 30 meters below, in the horrified eyes of all the kobolds…

Su Mo smiled freely and jumped out!