Chapter 149: Break Through Defense, Laser Tool!

“Getting into the interior of the castle by digging a tunnel, then he manages to find the weak points of the castle structure and go directly through the ceiling.”

“Why does it feel as if he designed the castle, and that this his home ground?”

Relying on Marshall’s hand-drawn map, Su Mo thought that he would be more familiar with the castle than the black thief.

However, in actuality, the black thief seemed more familiar!

“Indeed, the ceiling on the second floor is so thin that it can be dug up.”

“The fourth floor houses supplies though, so the ceiling is impossible to dig through. Let’s see how he handles the next floor!”

He saw the black thief go through the hole in the ceiling and climb up.

Su Mo also moved quickly, he dug directly into the top of the room’s ceiling with brute force.

“Hehe! You can go ahead and find the weak point of the ceiling slate and dig it up. I, on the other hand, have a high-quality stone pickaxe, so I can just smash the slab right through!”

Relying on the special attributes of the stone pickaxe, Su Mo’s movements were not slow either.

Whenever a critical strike was triggered, a large pile of rubble would fall off, clearing the way until it was possible to pass through the hole. Su Mo then supported his body with both hands and smoothly climbed up.

“The direction he went up should be on the right side of the castle. My position is on the left side. The stairs that lead up to the fourth floor are in the middle so, to go up, I must either go up behind him or fight a life and death battle with the man in black!”

The treasure room was at the end of the fourth floor. Whoever arrived first would obtain more treasures than the second.

When he thought about the possibility that the core of Magoo’s shelter and the much needed laser tool were there, Su Mo suddenly felt the intent to kill, so he directly raised his crossbow and rushed over to the stairs.

Judging by the opponent’s skillful means of killing, in the wasteland, he ought to be a ruthless murderer that killed without blinking.

The chance of reasoning with this kind of person or becoming an ally was extremely small, so when they met, the two would have to compete!

The loser would have to offer his life!

The winner would be able to keep everything!

Su Mo’s footsteps were fast, but the footsteps of the man in black were even faster.

When Su Mo had just turned the last corner and saw the stairs, he saw the man in black had jumped past the corner of the stairs and had rushed to the fourth floor. He was very familiar with the structure of the castle.

His purpose was also obvious, which were the stored supplies and treasures.

Taking a step forward, Su Mo remained cautious, but quickly caught up.

Before walking up the long stairs, he heard a constant rumbling sound from above.

Quietly turning sideways, Su Mo looked outside.

In his line of sight, the black thief who ran ahead was in trouble!

At this moment, fireballs were flying about on the fourth floor, and the black man’s incursion had been discovered!

“Sure enough, the kobolds still had some manpower on the upper floors. Fortunately, the black thief was faster!”

The space on the fourth floor was not complicated, there were warehouses everywhere, and there was no room for kobolds to reside in.

At this time, the marked materials warehouse on the map was already close at hand and, as long as there was no obstruction from the kobolds, within three or five breaths, Su Mo could rush over to the treasure room.

Unfortunately, the dozen kobold warriors guarding the treasure room were already fighting the black thief at this time.

Four mages and twelve warriors; it was a fiery war on the fourth floor!

The cooldown period for a mage to release a fireball was about 20 seconds, and every time the four of them would choose to launch at the same time.

Even if the combat ability of the man in black was good, faced with this situation, it was dangerous.

There was once when he was almost hit by the tip of a kobold warrior’s spear while avoiding a fireball.

“If it were me, even without my long-range weapons, these kobolds would probably not be able to survive a few moves. It seems that the combat ability of the black thief is not as terrifying as imagined!”

While looking at the battle, Su Mo imagined himself in the place of the man in black and simulated the fight in his mind.

In hand-to-hand combat, one has to fight more with less, pay attention to the surrounding environment, make accurate and decisive movements when engaging, and remember not to be dragged into prolonged battles.

The man in black made this mistake at this time.

His strength was too small, and he was using a steel knife. His attacks did not have the same reach as the kobold warriors’ spear so, every time, in order not to get hurt, he could only find a way to dodge and counterattack.

“Should I take advantage of the dangerous situation to get rid of the black thief, or help him get rid of these kobolds first!”

As time went on, the situation changed. After watching the two sides fight for about a minute, the kobold had fired three rounds of fireballs in a row, and the winner had still not yet been determined. Su Mo could not help but feel anxious.

Holding the electric crossbow in his hand, he took aim at the man in black who was shuttling back and forth between the group of kobolds.

The arrow velocity of the crossbow was not particularly fast, especially when it came to moving targets in battle. If one wanted to hit the enemy, the first shot from range was vital. If he missed, then it would only cause the enemy to be vigilant.

Su Mo spent ten seconds trying to find an opportunity to release the arrow, but still failed to find the right timing and trajectory!

Just as Su Mo began to feel impatient, the man in black changed his movements, and a small ball appeared in his hand.

He slammed it to the ground fiercely, and a burst of black smoke rose. Even Su Mo could not figure out the battle situation inside.

In the next second, there was a black mist, and the kobold warlock was “blind” immediately, and he could only listen to the wailing of the kobold warriors coming from the black mist.

Within twenty seconds, the smoke began to dissipate, revealing the true content inside.

All the kobold warriors were destroyed!

However, on the waist of the man in black, a wound was also marked, it looked bloody and terrifying!

Without the protection of warriors, the mages could not keep a distance away, and naturally, they could only be slaughtered by the wounded man in black.

In a flash, seeing the man in black rushing into the treasure room, Su Mo was very agitated. He rushed over with his crossbow.

The door of the treasure room was a heavy wooden door with a huge diamond sign engraved on it!

Below the sign, the wooden door was opened to a gap for passing.

On the ground of the wooden door, there were bloodstains left by the man in black and the kobolds.

Since he saw the combat power of the man in black, holding a crossbow, Su Mo had no fear in his heart, and he slid into the treasure room.

The treasure room looked gorgeous and unusual outside, but after entering the wooden door, it turned into a slightly darkened room.

The oil lamp inside flashed, illuminating the materials on the ground.

“Hey, where’s the black thief?”

The moment this thought flashed past Su Mo’s mind, there seemed to be a strong gust of wind blowing past him.

Without thinking or hesitating, Su Mo rolled headfirst on the ground, and instinctively fired a shot blindly!

His reflexes made up for the lack of combat awareness. Even if the enemy had been a step faster, he did not expect Su Mo to react this quickly.

At the same time, the crossbow arrow that had been instinctively shot only caused the black thief to temporarily halt his attacks, but did not actually hit him.

Dropping the crossbow on the ground, Su Mo took out the pistol and shot directly at the man in black.

Between life and death, there existed a feeling of horror!

After experiencing the threat of a steel knife flying over his head, and facing this cruel and cunning enemy, Su Mo believed that there was no need to speak words.

However, the moment he shot, an explosion-proof shield was erected in front of the man in black, and the bullet ricocheted off it.

The convenience of storage space allowed humans to carry many large objects with them.

Only a small opening slit of the explosion-proof shield was exposed. Relying on the power of the K-1 pistol, there was no way to penetrate it in a frontal assault!



There was no way for both sides to attack the other, and neither of them wanted to be the first to initiate action and risk exposing a gap or loophole. Both parties looked at each other awkwardly!

“I only need food, and will leave after that. I can give you everything else!”

“A girl?”

Hearing the cold female voice of the black thief, Su Mo was taken aback.

Did women have this kind of combat ability in the wasteland? Are they so scary?

“What does it matter if I’m a girl. I only need food and can give you everything else. I only have two square meters of storage space as well, so you can take all the leftover food!”

Seeing Su Mo’s surprised look, the person in black was a little flustered. She repeated the statement.

“Impossible! I will be the first to choose and you can take the rest after I’ve taken what I need.” Pointing the pistol’s muzzle at the explosion-proof shield, Su Mo quickly glanced around the treasure room.

On this trip, his only purpose was the two items—the laser tool… and the core of Magoo’s shelter!

These two items were of utmost priority, and any kind of food or random item was irrelevant; even if he only obtained those two items, he would have already scored a massive gain!

After a while, seeing that Su Mo was not answering her, the black thief said again, “Are you looking for this?”

At the same time, a fair hand stretched out from behind the explosion-proof shield, holding a gleaming round object in her hand.

Just by looking at it, Su Mo could instantly confirm that this was the “laser tool” he was looking for!

Regardless of its size or shape, if this item was placed in the groove of the thermal weapon laser manufacturing machine, it would fit just right.

Before Su Mo could answer, the hand retracted itself and the laser tool disappeared from her hand.

“If you want this, then we can talk. As long as we can leave the kobold castle, I can give this to you!”

“Why should I trust you? If you give it to me first, then we can talk!” Su Mo rudely interrupted the black thief.

The atmosphere dampened again, with neither side willing to retreat, entering a stalemate.

For a while, it seemed that the shouting and killing outside had become quieter. The person in black became anxious and interrupted the stalemate with an embarrassing opening, “You should know that even if you kill me, you don’t know the location of my shelter, and you won’t be able to open my safehouse core. Why don’t you take a step back?”

“My name is Carolla, how about you?”

The voice of the girl in black sounded very nice, but Su Mo remained unmoved, and retorted coldly, “Carolla? My name is Daryl!”

The girl in black looked like the invincible Carol from the Walking Dead, and Su Mo was not bad as well, holding up a crossbow, mimicking the wasteland’s “Daryl”!

This cold joke suddenly made the black thief behind the explosion-proof shield laugh!

“Then what do you want? Why don’t we just keep dragging our feet and wait for the kobolds to come back!”

Hearing the black thief’s tone throwing a fit like a little girl, Su Mo showed a faint smile underneath his mask. At the same time, he changed the topic of conversation.

“I can let you have your turn first, but you can only take food, and you must do so at gunpoint!”

The pistol in his hand gleamed under the faint ambient light, seeming to emit a dazzling black light!

The cold gun barrel was as cold as Su Mo’s tone, always occupying the commanding position in this treasure room!

In the end, “Carolla” still chose to compromise, holding the heavy explosion-proof shield, and starting to collect supplies in the treasure room.

The food items that were placed here were mostly things that kobolds did not like. However, they were also the food and supplies that humans most urgently needed.

Corn, potatoes, and some loosely packed rice, were piled up and scattered in the corner of the room.

There were many materials, but the person in black had only collected less than one-fifth of them before her storage space became full.

Then, under Su Mo’s scrutiny, the shadow began to take out the unused items one by one, replacing the food on the ground.

A pot! Two pieces of iron! A shovel…

A bottle full of water and…

A weird magazine with exposed girls!

Watching the black thief pull out more and more weird things, Su Mo was about to fire off a sarcastic remark.

Unfortunately, before he could speak, crazy barking noises suddenly came from outside the treasure room!

“Oh no! They’re back!”