Chapter 148: Taking Advantage To Loot, Breaking Into The Castle!

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At the back of the castle, there were no bulges or protrusions on the wall. Without professional tools, it would be almost impossible to get in from here.

Were it not for the black color of the figure below that was clearly visible against the white snow under the castle, it would be difficult for Su Mo to spot at first glance.

The figure seemed to be looking at the castle wall, studying how to climb up this smooth back wall.

It took three to five minutes, but when Su Mo’s eyes were a little strained, the figure finally moved.

Seeing what followed, Su Mo suddenly burst into laughter.

This “man in black” seemed to have opted for the same method Su Mo used before to attack the lion people’s camp!

To dig a hole!

Does he intend to dig a hole under the kobold castle?

Seeing that the man in black had started digging with a shovel, even Su Mo felt a headache coming..

Without mentioning just how deep the foundation of such a huge castle was, could one dig through the frozen ground with just a shovel?

At this moment, the rear of the kobold castle could be said to be “quiet in the midst of trouble”.

The speed of the man in black was not slow, so Su Mo simply continued to look around while lying on his stomach; helping the other person to scan the surroundings for movement.

The lion people, who had been hunted down for two days, somehow seemed to have more numbers than before. Su Mo wondered what miraculous incident they had encountered.

The kobolds were also wildly attacking in the night. Despite the presence of mages and gunpowder, the two sides were still fighting fiercely on relatively even terms.

Time passed by slowly, but the fire showed no signs of stopping at all.

While Su Mo was still observing the kobolds trying to put out the fire, Oreo, who was lying at his side, woofed softly.

“Huh? Damn! This person actually managed to dig a hole through?”

The black shadow worked hard for half an hour and, when Su Mo looked at the castle walls, half of the figure had miraculously disappeared into the hole. After lightly kicking against the ground, the rest of his body disappeared as well and slid into the castle!

At the same time, Su Mo could see the ground under the castle wall.

It was not the expected mixture of masonry and stone, or cement. Rather, the foundations of the castle seemed to be constructed with soil!

It was a structure that violated the common sense principles of mechanics and architecture. If it was caught by the system, it would have received numerous complaints and comments about its shoddy construction.

“They really didn’t put too much effort into building this. If ​​it’s just mud under the building, how exactly was this constructed?”

Seeing that the figure was crawling in, Su Mo quickly took out the map drawn by Marshall to check the layout of the first floor of the castle!

The first floor was the living space of the kobolds, and most kobold warriors lived in the rooms on the first floor.

The design of these rooms did not have the beauty or aesthetic of a human castle. Most of the rooms inside were crowded together, placed haphazardly next to each other.

“No wonder Kento Maeda went to the kobold castle once and never wanted to return.”

“This design, plus all the excretions of the kobolds in the castle, it would probably only take a week to ferment before it could directly kill people with its smell!”

Even though he had yet to enter the castle, looking at the map, Su Mo could faintly imagine what the inside of the castle smelled like.

Following the drawings and dimensions on the hand-drawn map, Su Mo found where the tunnel would lead to without much effort.

This location happened to be in the room of a kobold warrior.

According to the current chaotic battle conditions outside, the kobold warriors would have been dispatched in full force, and there was a high probability that there would be no enemies in the room.

The only tricky thing was that this room was inside the kobold castle. He would have to pass through six rooms on the way and pass through a 50-meter long corridor before he could reach the stairway that led to the second floor.

The second and third floors were where the kobold mages lived. The stairs from the second floor to the third floor were set on the castle walls, which was outrageous!

“I won’t keep looking at this anymore. If I take too much time the black thief in front of me will have taken away all the good stuff. Anyway, I will take this opportunity to loot the burning castle. If I can’t get up there, I’ll just retreat back here and make further plans!”

With so many monsters around, Su Mo wanted to use the Dongfeng Missile to let the monsters know what justice from heaven looked like.

However, when he thought about how wasteful it was to use this kind of killer weapon on monsters with a combat ability rating below 5 points, Su Mo quickly dispelled this idea.

“Oreo, stay here and guard Earth Tiger, and wait for me obediently. If it is dangerous, run quickly and leave me behind!”

Su Mo smiled and ruffled Oreo’s head. Oreo looked reluctant to part with Su Mo, but she could only obediently do as she was told. Looking at her expression, Su Mo slowly stood up from the ground and pulled off his mask, his gaze instantly turning firm.

He took out the two K-1 pistols and thrust them into the waist pockets of the combat uniform. He then took out the fine iron electric spear, and gently slid down along the slope of the hill.

Ice crystals had condensed on the clear white snow, and they made a crisp sound as they brushed against the armor.

The improvement of his physical fitness not only brought an enhancement of strength, but also a series of other invisible bonuses.

At the same time, the courage that Su Mo had to enter the tiger’s lair alone was because of the increased overall coordination and the increased athletic ability that he now possessed.

Seeing that the tunnel was already in front of him, he rolled over, and his body instantly reduced the momentum of his slide. He stopped firmly in front of the hole.

Su Mo did not choose to crawl into the hole that had been dug, but walked quickly to a spot about five meters away, which was where the next room was located.

He then summoned the excellent-quality shovel from the storage space.

Su Mo did not know what kind of shovel the black thief had used, but the efficiency would not be as high as this super shovel built by the workbench.

During the first digging motion of the shovel, a light flashed, and the shovel activated a critical hit.

The originally hard and frozen soil became like tofu instantly, and that single motion created a large pit.

The black thief dug the pit for nearly half an hour. In less than three minutes, an even more exaggerated large hole had appeared beside the previous pit.

This hole’s depth was around half a person’s height, and one would only need to squat down to pass through!

Putting away the shovel, Su Mo took a few sips of the psychic energy water and rested for two minutes to recover his strength. After taking a look at the raging fire and continuous fighting outside, Su Mo squatted down and hurried into the pit.




This was Su Mo’s first reaction after entering the kobold warrior’s residence area!

Even on one side of the room, kobold feces were piled up in the corner of the wall, with the distance from their straw mats for sleeping being only three to five meters away.

In the face of the pungent smell that could easily make one faint, the mask that could resist poisonous gas seemed to have lost the majority of its function.

“Even if this race possessed an early advantage, it is impossible for them to achieve victory in later stages.”

“Although they have transformed into human forms and have humanoid bodies, they still maintained the habits of beasts in their dirty souls. Such creatures would never become the masters of the wasteland!”

Covering his nose and mouth with one hand, Su Mo tried to find his bearings. He first went over to the next room, which was the hole dug by the black thief.

As expected, at the entrance of the cave, a homemade animal trap was visibly placed.

If someone tried to follow behind through the tunnel from just now, they would be caught directly by the clamp and would have died on the spot.

“What a ruthless person. Looking at the quality of the trap, it is likely that he has some combat ability!”

If human beings wanted to survive in this wasteland, how could they not be ruthless?

Similarly, this was also the best way to judge a person’s combat ability. Those so-called sanctimonious people, without a protagonist’s halo, would not be able to survive even for a week in the Doomsday wasteland!

With this animal trap stuck at the door, Su Mo glanced outside the door and followed along the path with confidence.

The first floor of the camp was not complicated, and the black thief had also chosen to move forward.

Walking toward the stairs to the second floor, after passing by three rooms, Su Mo finally saw the first dead kobold.

This was a kobold who had been disabled and had one arm missing, which was why it did not rush out to fight against the lion people in this disaster.

However, at this time, an inch-long hole had been carved open in its neck, and blood was still pouring out.

Su Mo lowered his head and aimed the flashlight at the kobold’s neck, carefully inspecting the wound.

“One-hit kill. The only wound was on the neck. The preliminary judgment would be the wound was caused by a sword or similar sharp object. The possibility of daggers cannot be ruled out.”

“The wound did not penetrate deeply into the flesh, and there was no tearing of the skin tissue next to it. There are two possibilities…”

After days of fighting on the wasteland, Su Mo often reflected on his shortcomings after a battle, and had developed a preliminary sense for combat.

There was a lot of information revealed by this wound.

The wound was not deep; this meant that the black thief had a high combat awareness and effectiveness, causing the most damage with the least amount of strength, and the weapon was also very sharp. The other conclusion was…

Insufficient strength!

If it was Su Mo who used the sword, he could hewn the kobold’s entire head off its shoulders with a single strike. It was impossible for him to create just such a small wound.

Keeping his doubts hidden within his heart, Su Mo did not wait any longer. He retracted the electric spear, and pulled out the electric crossbow and pistol!

If the opponent was a person with a high level of combat awareness, close combat would be too risky, and these two weapons were far from sufficient!

There were no dangers along the way. When the second staircase appeared in front of Su Mo, the number of kobolds that died along the way had exceeded nine!

Every attack was fatal. Every kobold’s fatal wound was on the neck, which made Su Mo certain that the black thief was a master!

“Very good, I will let you be my hitman!”

A cold light flashed in his eyes, as Su Mo took brisk steps and climbed up the stairs.

After reaching the second floor, Su Mo quickly stepped into the room next to him and observed the situation on the second floor from the side.

To go to the third floor from here, he had to pass through a section of the castle wall.

There were a large number of kobold mages on the wall at this time. It would not be an easy task to break through!

Just as Su Mo was feeling puzzled, a fiery red fireball suddenly appeared in his vision and, at the same time, a kobold’s scream was heard.

If Su Mo was not inside the castle, this scream would not have been heard outside, where shouts of killing and the howling wind prevailed.

The next second, the black thief appeared from the room where the fireball was launched.

“Okay! This time I’ll see how you make your way to the third floor!”

Standing sideways against the doorway, Su Mo waited quietly and, sure enough, the black thief’s actions did not disappoint Su Mo.

On the second floor, he found a way to go up to the third floor without going through the castle wall!