My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Counterattack, Even Strong Winds Has A Path Home

“What’s this situation, this location seems to be around the kobold castle…? Could it be that all the bushes are burning up?”

Su Mo took out some clothes from the storage space and quickly put them on.

When a “neighbor” was in trouble, help should be given from all sides!

Before going to bed at night, Su Mo had looked at the map of Kobold Castle. At this time, there was a terrible fire going on over there. Awakened in the middle of the night, he would probably not forgive himself if he did not go out and check on things.

Walking over to the workbench, Su Mo turned on the lights above and unfolded the hand-drawn topographic map from before. He began to inspect it carefully.

There was a low bush forest covering a large area just in front of the kobold castle, but this forest would be difficult to light up even if picric acid explosives were detonated there.

The main reason was that the shrubs on the front side were too scattered; it would be difficult to rely on one or two trees to spread the flames to the other trees.

In addition to the snow accumulated over the past few days, the shrubs would be extremely damp, so the thought of these front shrubs burning could be eliminated straightaway.

At this time, only the bushes around the castle were left!

In these two places, the bushes were densely packed, and the area was huge, it could be called a dense forest.

Even so, if one wanted to use a simple torch to light the entire forest on fire, other conditions had to be met.

“My goodness, is it possible that another cobra came to bully the ground-headed snakes that are the kobolds?”

He studied the map and marked X at several places that might have caused the fire. Su Mo began to observe the distribution of this battlefield.

There was an open space in front of the kobold castle, about 500 meters away. If someone attacked, this place would not be the first choice.

However, on the left and right of the castle, there were very lush bush shrubs, which usually helped the castle withstand the strong easterly winds.

The wind direction at this time…

Thinking along these lines, Su Mo hurriedly returned to the TV, adjusting the angle of view and zooming in on the leaves to observe.

After a while, Su Mo discovered that it was the northeast wind blowing at this time!

“It’s not advisable to ignite a fire against the wind, so one can only go downwind to do so… According to this calculation, if the fire was to be lit, it must have been started on the left side of the castle!”

Excluding the right side of the castle, Su Mo began to focus on the topography on the left side!

There was a high slope behind the kobold castle and, if the other party had lit the fire on the left side, they no doubt wanted to use the northeast wind to blow fire into the kobold castle.

Taking a closer look, if kobolds wanted to defend themselves, they just needed to guard the front and right sides of the castle.

If an enemy was attacking, since the left was burning, they would have to break through and attack from the front and the right!

“Who’s trying to find trouble with the kobolds? An unknown human shelter? The lion clan? Or is it an unknown race!”

With the data from the topographic map, Su Mo quickly planned out a driving route.

Along this road, he could go around and avoid any possibility of being exposed.

As long as he could arrive at the rear of the kobold castle, he would be safe. That was the side that no one would go to.

This position, whether in terms of concealment, vantage point, or mobility when an opportunity showed itself, held the most strategic value!

Su Mo patted the table decisively. After remembering all the map routes in his mind, Su Mo put away the topographic map and strode toward the upper floor.

Oreo, who was still barking behind him, followed at a brisk pace, both of them preparing for the battle simultaneously!

Su Mo put on his combat uniform and armor.

Since he had not gone outdoors for a day, all the electrical equipment remained fully charged. After a round of inspections and confirming that there were no problems, Su Mo brought some supplies from the treasure chests along with him.

One standard refined iron saber, two K-1 automatic pistols, fully loaded, all the remaining crossbow arrows, and the 80,000-volt electric stun baton produced by the game.

He also took with him the hooked rope he made previously, and all the fifteen meters hemp rope that he received from opening the treasure chests. After thinking about it, he brought the twenty liters of fuel along as well.

While he was packing up his equipment, Su Mo also boiled some hot water and soaked two packs of instant noodles inside. He waited until the noodles were ready before taking them out and storing them into the storage space as food for the night.

Everything was ready. Not only did the fire outside not decrease, but it became even more exaggerated. Su Mo did not wait any longer and went straight to the first floor to open the basement door and drove Earth Tiger out.

“Sure enough, goals shouldn’t be simply set. I had just mentioned that I would not drive you out, but here we are now departing for another journey!”

The days in the wasteland were so capricious.

Lowering the alloy gate back down and locking the winch back in position, he could hear the wind rustling in the middle of the night; mixed in with scattered snowflakes, it felt as if cold metal was scraping against his body.

Even with the protection of the combat uniform, Su Mo could not help but shiver after getting in the car.

Starting the engine and waiting for the car to heat up, Su Mo turned on the warm air switch of the combat uniform. After slightly more than ten seconds, his stiff body gradually recovered to its optimal condition.

“It’s so cold. I wonder who the opponent is, being so daring as to attack the kobolds in this kind of weather.”

After exhaling some warm air onto the windscreen and wiping the glass clean with a rag, Su Mo slowly shifted the gear into drive. He turned on the high beam lights and stepped on the accelerator.

Compared to yesterday’s snow, after three to five hours of rapidly decreasing temperature, much of the ground had already been frozen into ice.

Driving on this kind of road, he could only keep the speed at about 20 yards per second because of the road and visibility conditions at night.

Driving slowly, Su Mo had to concentrate and give his maximum attention. After only half an hour of driving, Su Mo, who had not had enough sleep, felt a little tired.

This was exacerbated by the warmth from the combat uniform and the lack of air circulation in the mask.

Su Mo pulled the car over and removed the mask. He went outside to take a few deep breaths of cold air. After drinking a half a bottle of psychic energy water, Su Mo continued on the road again.

The fiery red hue cast over the distant horizon was like a guide; extremely obvious in the night of the wasteland.

Hundreds of acres of woods were burning and, even if it was still dozens of kilometers away, Su Mo clearly could see the smoke that gathered in the distance.

As he closed in, Oreo also activated her sixth sense, sitting beside him on the front seat, listening intently.

After a while, Oreo barked in a panic.

“What? It’s very dangerous up ahead?”

“Woof!” Oreo nodded her head continuously when she heard Su Mo’s words, and her face was anxious, as if she had seen something dangerous.

“Will I die if I go?”

There was a moment of silence, as Su Mo slowly and unwillingly asked the question.

At this time, Oreo put on a firm gaze, shaking her head fiercely; she barked toward the front twice.

The meaning of this was very obvious!

“Since I won’t die, what could scare me? It’s been delayed for so long, so even if I don’t go in, I should at least take a look!”

Su Mo’s character had always been a little extreme; when it was time to postpone things, he would do so, but when it was time to rush forward, he would not hesitate.

Even if Oreo indicated the risk of injury, Su Mo was fearless!

This road traveled in the direction of the lion clan’s flatlands. After passing through the low-lying land, the road conditions improved and the car gradually picked up speed, increasing to 35, occasionally 40, yards per second.

Gradually, he drove out of the lion clan’s flatlands and came to the kobold’s high slopes.

At this moment, confronted by the scene before him, Su Mo could no longer suppress the shock in his heart and exclaimed.

“The lion people… could do this?”

Turning on his old phone, he could now see that there were lion people densely packed around the kobold castle.

All the kobolds were outside their castle at this time and forced to fight the lion people outside.

In the night, the horn of killing sounded.

Similarly, this was the last desperate resistance of the lion clan before the disaster struck!

“A disaster is coming, and the lion people knew, even if the kobolds didn’t hunt them, what would happen if they had no shelter or supplies during the blizzard. It’s better to fight to the death and give it their all with their lives in the battle against the kobolds, and try to complete the summoning ritual to change their fate.”

“The most important thing is… can the lion clan’s wind spell be used like this?”

Su Mo drove to the hill behind the kobold castle and he laid down in the snow, staring at the fire.

The familiar Lioness priestess stood at the periphery of the fiery scene, waving her staff repeatedly toward the flames.

Whenever a gust of wind fell into the fire, the fire would increase in intensity a little. The flames could be seen burning on the ground, and some of the burnt wood had been blown by the wind, reaching the front of the kobold castle.

If the kobolds did not come out to defend, in an hour or two, the kobold castle would set alight by this fire, turning it into a burning hell!

The agile lion people had an absolute advantage in mobility.

It was an opportune “time” for the lion clan because of the strong northeast wind and, with the “geographic” advantage of occupying the high ground, and the final trace of “bravado” and “unity” from a desperate race…

“If the kobolds only have these measures to fall back on, regrettably… the kobolds will lose!”

Uncovering his mask and smelling the acrid burning smell in the air, Su Mo’s heart became calmer and his mind quickly processed his thoughts.

At this moment, on the watchtowers, the sentries had already gone down to fight, and the city wall was a chaotic mess.

On the front, on the left, and the right, there were both lions and kobolds locked in a desperate battle.

There was only the rear left… Because there was no door to the rear, even the lion people would not choose this spot for battle and, guarded by the stone wall, the kobolds also gave up defending the rear.

Putting the binoculars in front of him, Su Mo carefully observed whether there were any loopholes behind the castle.


In the view of the binoculars, a figure suddenly appeared under the stone wall behind the kobold castle.

“Damn… There’s someone who has the same intentions as me to forage for some gains?”

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