Chapter 146: Maeda’s Diary, Massive Fire In The Sky!

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Before this, even the crazy snowfall from before had not condensed dark clouds like today.

There was no weather forecast, nor the ability to predict blizzards. Relying on his instinct, Su Mo felt that something was wrong.

It happened to be another sunny day today. Some of the snow had begun to melt. Once the temperature dropped the following day, they would turn into solid ice.

At that time, even a well-equipped player like Su Mo would find it extremely difficult to go outdoors, let alone the others.

“I hope… the blizzard will arrive later, otherwise it will be a nightmare if things go on like this!”


Putting away the worry in his heart, he drove Earth Tiger onto the high stone platform. Su Mo then crawled underneath to overhaul the lower chassis of the car.

From below, Su Mo could see the collision marks caused by gravel and stones during his previous trip.

“The chassis needs to be polished tomorrow, and it’s best to reinforce the car as a whole. Otherwise, the car will simply become scrap metal after a few trips into the wasteland!”

After climbing out from the shallow recess, Su Mo directed the three little ones to enter the passageway door. He turned off the lights outside, closed the heavy stone door, and the world became quiet again.

To an extent, the daily activities he carried out provided a constant sense of security and familiarity.

Big Spark and Little Spark walked around the passageway curiously, cooing from time to time as if they had discovered a new world.

Although Oreo was also very curious, she insisted on walking behind Su Mo and guarding him loyally.

“Okay, okay! Don’t have your guard up too much while we’re home. Relax!”

Lowering his body, Su Mo picked up Oreo and strode forward.

After upgrading the shelter, this was the first time that the three little ones returned home from the outside. Naturally, they would be curious about the changes.

Inside the completely changed base, the three-story design, various partitions, and bright lights above.

All of these had a strong visual impact on wasteland creatures.

Putting Oreo down, Su Mo opened the freezer that contained the frozen food and cut out two catties of beef from it.

“Wasteland, Month 1, Day 17; an auspicious day. Today we have completely redesigned the interior of the shelter. Celebration meal: beef dumplings!”

“We’ll have a luxurious meal today, I must pick two bulbs of garlic to celebrate!”

Ceremoniously recording this chapter in the diary, Su Mo felt happy and strode to the crop culture room with the “perfect” excuse.

Finding the two greenest garlic sprouts in the best growth state, Su Mo carefully stretched out his hands and uprooted them.

The time that had passed was too short. Despite the acceleration ability of the culture medium, the garlic was still about one-third smaller than the normal-sized ones, and the garlic cloves were also very tender.

However, for Su Mo at the moment, these were enough!

Smelling the earthy aroma of fresh garlic, garlic sprouts, and the smell of fresh vegetables, Su Mo’s saliva flowed as he hurried back over to the stove.

He quickly mixed and rolled the flour, chopped the beef, and added various seasonings accordingly. Then he cut two garlic sprouts into pieces and added them to the dumpling filling.

While the water boiled, he made dumplings; Su Mo’s hands operated quickly as he multitasked.

Wood fire did not boil water quickly. When the water in the pot came to a roiling boil, Su Mo looked at the dumplings on the chopping board and tossed them into the pot with a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, he poured some vegetable oil into the pot next to him and began to prepare the chili oil.

Smelling the scorching spiciness, and the sweetness of dumplings cooked in psychic energy water, Su Mo forcibly suppressed his inner desires and began to make the dipping sauce.

One catty of beef was sliced ​​into thin slices, while the other catty was wrapped inside the dumplings. The chili oil had a touch of vinegar, a little soy sauce and some sugar to balance the flavors.

Picking up a cooked dumpling with his chopsticks, he dipped it into the sauce. The smell of the combination was amazing!

Putting it into his mouth, Su Mo bit into the dumpling skin lightly, savoring the taste. The next moment, the juice exploded in his mouth along with the dipping sauce, directly elevating his taste buds into heaven.

“Ah, it’s delicious!”

Seeing that the three little ones were already frantically running around impatiently, Su Mo strained out all the dumplings and distributed them. Sitting in front of the stove, he took a bite of a dumpling and ate it with a piece of garlic. Su Mo was full of joy.

Eating meat without garlic cuts out half its fragrance.

At this time, the dumplings were served with garlic, with large slices of beef garnished with the dipping sauce. The taste and feeling were simply sublime.

The spicy dipping sauce, the chewiness of beef, the deliciousness of dumplings, and the bright electric lights overhead.

In the shelter, Su Mo seemed to have returned to the civilized world. It was as if he was sitting at home during the New Year, the whole family happily eating dumplings and watching the Spring Festival Gala.

Listening to Yue Yunpeng’s crosstalk on the stage, complaining about magic acts that were full of loopholes, and the unforgettable night that would never be absent…

“There are three days left…”

Seeing the three little heads gorging themselves on their food, Su Mo shook his head, and the excitement he had from before disappeared.

Staring at the shape of dumplings, and thinking about the meaning of Chinese dumplings, Su Mo only felt a sour sensation coming from his eyes.

“I wonder how dad and mom are doing, and whether my little sister is eating well. There are four or five days left before the new year, sigh…”

These days, Su Mo had been forcing himself to remain busy to forget the current life and death situation of his parents and sister.


At this time, even though the delicious dumplings were still releasing their aroma, Su Mo felt a little bit dispirited and lost his appetite.

After ending dinner hastily and scrubbing off the stove, he took out the GF personal hygiene products that he obtained in the morning and washed up.

Even though there were electric lights to assist him in working through the night, Su Mo chose to return to the small bed. He turned on the lamp, and laid down quietly.

Oreo seemed to sense that Su Mo was in a bad mood too, as she ran over obediently and laid next to the bed quietly.

Human beings had emotions, which were beautiful, but also heavy.

Su Mo was not a person who was easily dismayed or frustrated. It was just that, at this moment, in this safe shelter, before the upcoming blizzard, he just wanted to rest well.

“They will come! Mom and Dad! Sister! They will definitely be here!”

Looking at the ceiling, Su Mo’s gaze seemed to penetrate the wall and traveled out toward the sky covered by the dark clouds outside.

The icy cold wind gradually began to sweep across the wasteland, which was completely different from the large temperature drop during the day…

It was finally coming!

There were three days left. After midnight on that final day, the blizzard disaster would arrive.

These three consecutive days of blizzard would be like a sharp knife that slaughtered humans in the wasteland.

Sitting on the bed and feeling depressed, Su Mo also lost his usual desire to browse the World Channel before bed. He turned to take Kento Maeda’s possessions from the storage space to examine them.

The feather in the daytime had solved his shelter’s ventilation problem. Kento Maeda was like the selfless sun; even though he was gone, he was still giving out light to “warm” others.

At this time, among all the items, there were only three valuable things.

A hardback notebook containing his diary, and…

Two maps, one large and one small, what was recorded remained unknown.

Putting the maps aside, Su Mo sat up and began to look at this unique “diary” under the soft light of the bedside lamp.

In the civilized era, which serious person would write a diary?

However, after arriving in the wasteland, everyone seemed to have mysteriously caught this habit.

Like Magoo, Maeda also chose to write his diary in a notebook, and the handwriting was extremely neat.

With the aid of the game panel’s translation function, the Japanese characters were directly translated into Chinese ones and displayed in front of Su Mo.

The diary began its records from the fifth day but, at the beginning, Kento Maeda carefully supplemented the records of the previous few days together with other important information.

Reading it carefully, the message on the pages seemed to have brought Su Mo into the perspective of God.

Before Kento Maeda traversed the wasteland, he used to be the boss of a boxing gym from Japan. He recruited some rogues to teach boxing in the gym and liked to bully people daily and commit crimes. Relying on the protection of the boxers employed under him, it was enough to survive in the backstreets.

Japan was not big, but the gap between the rich and the poor was quite big. The people who kept good company got better, and the people who kept bad company naturally got worse.

From the beginning, Maeda had written the words… “always a step quicker” more than once in his notebook

From a person who could control the gangsters under his boxing gym, to becoming a person living on the wasteland, gathering up a group of followers, Maeda also had a weak protagonist template.

Looking through the diary of the past few days, Su Mo read with a clenched fist about the reason why Maeda was able to mix with the kobolds.

There were only a handful of kobolds initially, about fifty people, and they were much weaker than the rat and lion clans next to them.

In such an environment, Kento Maeda perceptively discovered the huge potential of the fireball!

He chose to join the weakest force and brought the technology of gunpowder into the world of kobolds.

Sulfur… was beside the rat clan’s camp.

At night, taking a huge risk, Kento Maeda managed to dig out a few catties of ores. It was this risky move that made the kobolds gradually believe him!

Madly creating gunpowder, crazily attacking when there was only a small number of kobolds in the early stages, Maeda led the kobolds and killed no less than 50 human beings placed nearby and finally met the first summoning condition.

At this time, the kobold clan, which originally comprised fifty people, suddenly expanded to 100; gaining the ability to challenge the rat clan of 400 people.

In their first battle, only 9 soldiers’ lives were lost. The kobolds defeated the strong rat clan and obtained the super summoning opportunity, allowing 2,000 of them to be summoned over!

What is this concept?

Watching Kento Maeda express his shock more than once at the arrival of the alien race in his diary, Su Mo seemed to have been transported in his mind to the grand summoning ceremony, watching each kobold walk out one after another.

“It turns out that the castle was also summoned. Like I said, such a tall building, how could it have possibly been built in such a short time!”

“Huh? Maeda instructed Marshall to secretly record the structure of the kobold castle? Could it be that there is something valuable in the castle!”

Reading up to the seventh day of the diary, from what he wrote down when Kento Maeda summed up the gains and losses of that day, Su Mo took out two maps and did the guesswork.

The big map, judging from the crooked straight lines, was a hand-drawn map!

“My goodness, the structures and distribution of the kobolds in the castle had been figured out by these people!”

The records on the map were extremely detailed. Even if it was limited by Marshall’s ability, and some places were not clearly stated, Su Mo could see the structure of the castle in detail.

Besides that, on the right side of the fourth floor, Su Mo also saw a place marked in red with big characters written on it:

“Treasure Room!”

“My goodness, this place should be the place used by the kobolds to collect treasures from the outside. According to this, it is very likely that the laser tool from the thermal weapon laser manufacturing machine is inside here, and the safehouse core that disappeared under Magoo’s body may also have been taken back with them!”

After getting some clues about the two missing items, Su Mo’s heart suddenly became excited. He kept the diary and the other map and began to study the weak defenses of the kobold castle.

Compared to the castle designed by humans, the structure of the Kobold castle was not complicated, and there were many weak points that were clear to the untrained eye.

“Unfortunately, it is as difficult as climbing the sky to enter the castle. Unless all the kobolds are moved away from the mountain, or if most of the kobolds leave the castle, perhaps then there would be a chance for me to enter!”

After looking at it for a while and suppressing the thought of directly breaking in, Su Mo felt a trace of sleepiness. He retracted the map, laid on the small bed, turned off the lamp, and fell asleep peacefully.

Beside him, Oreo sensed the recovery of Su Mo’s mood. She went back outside assuredly and laid down with Big Spark and Little Spark.

However… their sleep was destined to not last until dawn!

When Su Mo was still fast asleep in the middle of the night, Oreo’s manic barking resounded through the shelter and, in an instant, Su Mo was awakened.

“Is there an enemy?”

Oreo shook her head, but the uncontrollable mania on her expression was extremely obvious, and it seemed that something important was happening.

Getting up quickly and walking briskly to the command center, Su Mo quickly turned on the light, and then switched on the old TV, and started to check the shelter’s surroundings.

Taking a look at the scene outside, Su Mo was stunned!

At the moment, the sky outside seemed to be burning. It was originally dark and late at night, but presently, half of it was reflected in fiery red!

It was exactly the sign of a massive fire burning in the sky!