My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Circulation And Ventilation, Upgrade Complete

A colorful, gorgeous, and unusual feather. It had a very strange name.

When did rats start having feathers?

With this curious thought in mind, Su Mo began to look at the attributes below.

[The Rat God’s Feather (Pseudo)]
[Description: It is rumored that the Rat God in hell had a single long hair on his chin. Over time, after divine nourishment, it became a symbol of the Rat God. Later, to worship the Rat God, the rat clan used a feather to represent the Rat God’s long hair, which carried the Rat God’s divine power. There used to be a trace of real divine power in the feather. After use, the rat clans’s sacrificial ceremony regularly infused it to revitalize its divine power.]
[Restriction: Only the prayers of the rat people can awaken the divine power in the feather. The other races are required to abandon their racial identity if they desire to use it. Under the witness of the sacrificial ceremony, they are required to join the rat tribe voluntarily to use the power of the feather.]

[Divine Power – Gluttony: The rat clan member that holds the feather can swallow more than twice its regular consumption of food for 24 hours and convert the excess food into temporary power gain.]
[Divine Power – Empowerment: Consume a little of the divine nature stored in the feathers to temporarily increase the visual acuity for selected creatures. The duration is 24h.]
[Divine Power – Blessing: Burning the feather in the core shelter will permanently add lv1 of the transcendent Rat God’s blessing to the shelter.]
[Evolutionary Food…]
[Resale Value: High (400 disaster points)]

“This feather is worth more than the Lion God sculpture?”

Looking at the 400-point resale value at the bottom, Su Mo was stunned.

The complete Lion God sculpture, which had not been used even once, was worth only 300 points.

This feather, however, that had been passed around god knows how many people’s hands, could surprisingly still maintain such a “high price”.

“This feather should be a loot from the battle between the kobold and the rat clans.”

“Unfortunately, it is still this same set of restrictions. Because Maeda had not joined the rat people, he could not use the first few functions. He couldn’t burn the feather in his shelter and awaken the blessing either; it would have aroused the suspicion, or covetousness, of the kobolds!”

“However, the many restrictions that caused Kento Maeda to keep this feather, has now benefited me instead!”

When he first checked Maeda’s core, Su Mo did not care about this feather at all.

Even without it, a nine or twelve-colored feather could be easily found, let alone a rainbow-colored one.

In small children’s toy shops of Yiwu, a dozen of these feathers could be sold for just one yuan.

Unexpectedly, under the stimulation of the system, this feather burst forth with its original “light”, making its value skyrocket.

“The feather can be burned and used directly to add the blessing of the rat clan, whatever blessing that may be. However, the rat people were exterminated by the kobolds. Comparing strengths, the rat clan was completely feeble, not even comparable to the lion clan. Just based on this reasoning alone, it is too big of a risk. This has to be passed on without consideration.”

“If I choose the third upgrade option of the system, although the evolution of the blessing is still undetermined, it is a good thing based on the 300 survival points requirement listed behind it. However, there is still some risk with this method. If the attributes were of no current use to me, it would slow down the development of the base!”

“Then…there is only the last option left!”

Looking at Big Spark and Little Spark who were standing at his feet, their eyes were filled with longing. Looking at the feather in his hands, Su Mo no longer hesitated, saying with a smile, “I choose…the second upgrade direction!”

Although both of them were currently infused with so-called “pseudo divine power”, the feather had been infused with real divine power before, so its rank was higher than the Lion God sculpture.

However, even if the sculpture’s rank was suppressed, the feather could replace the 3100 survival point requirement to activate the reversion blessing upgrade of the lion clan.

In one fell swoop, he would obtain the lion clan’s reversion blessing of the second level!

After his voice trailed off, a black light shone from Su Mo’s body and went toward the colorful lights hanging on the ceiling.

With the addition of black light, the originally messy seven colors suddenly became neat.

The astonishing black was like a dye, and all the colors slowly morphed into cyan gradually.

Compared with the previous green of the lion clan, the cyan after the transformation was visible to the naked eye, and it was much richer.

After a while, the conversion was completed and the black light retracted. The green light swept forth again, like a large net, capturing all the rays and funneling into the core turtle armor on the ground.

Feeling the power of similar origin, the lion clan’s cyan light on the turtle armor spontaneously drilled out, constantly trying to break through the shackles of the turtle armor, eager to reconcile with the rich cyan light above.

“What a magical power!”

“It can manifest this power in reality!”

Trying to pass his hand through the slowly descending cyan light, Su Mo firmly grasped the light, holding it in his hand like a liquid.

Although the hand holding the liquid could only move within the constraints of the green light, feeling the transcendent power grasped within his hand gave Su Mo a glimmer of hope.

“If there is a corresponding instrument, as long as I can collect this cyan liquid, perhaps I can decipher the magical mysteries behind these fantasy creatures!”

“When the time comes, what fireball, or wind magic… As long as I can simulate the corresponding frequency, maybe I could imitate it!”

Mysterious liquid, the possibilities of casting “magic”, the cyan light of the system…

“This world is getting weird…”

Letting go of the liquid in his hand, and letting the green light carry on merging with the blue light below, Su Mo waited quietly.

The cyan light on the turtle armor, like a greedy child, ate gluttonously as the similar power sources merged and fused.

After the last gleam of light dissipated, the turtle armor became visibly larger, and the cracks on its back had also increased in tandem, making it look even more terrifying!

The poor blessing from the mermaids was frightened by the threat of the lion clan’s light and was already hiding in the corner. Curiously, Su Mo opened the attribute interface.

[Transcendent attributes: Gale (lv1) – Growth potential: (Two stars)]
[Transcendent source: Blessing from a real lion priest, with weak wind control and autonomy. In the shelter, the player can control the “wind” according to the player’s subjective wishes. Please find out the specific ways on how to use it by yourself.]

“Evolved from wind to gale, the potential has also increased from one and a half stars to two stars. The ability to control wind has been improved, and has gained the ability to be autonomous!”

Looking at the introduction on the attribute panel with surprise, Su Mo excitedly turned off the panel and began to try out the new blessing ability.

“How about having the wind blowing around my hand?”

After his voice ended, there was no response…

“Is it too difficult?” Seeing that such a simple instruction had no effect, Su Mo thought for a while and changed it to a more specific instruction.

“The wind follows along my hand, blowing up and down, left and right!”

At this time, a breeze gradually developed and began to blow in fixed directions in a cycle.

Seeing this scene, Su Mo had a hint of excitement in his eyes. He stopped the breeze and went directly to the second floor where the culture medium was.

Pointing toward the direction where the pipe traveled downward, Su Mo spoke clearly, “The wind blows continuously in this direction!”

Such a complicated instruction would be completely impossible for the first-level lion clan’s blessing but, at this time, after the reversion upgrade, the lion priest blessing could do it!

The breeze rapidly descended down the hard stone pipe quickly and, after entering the third floor for a time, sucked air upward again, forcibly driving the stale air back up the vent with it; creating a cycle.

During this process, Su Mo was pleasantly surprised to find that although it was initially impossible to precisely regulate the duration of a cycle, after trying several methods, Su Mo finally found a way.


Kobolds were humanoids, and so were the lion people. Breathing was the common similarity between most creatures.

It was through breathing that Su Mo controlled the rhythm of the wind cycle to achieve the function of regular ventilation!

After setting up all the functions, Su Mo stood under the vent and waited quietly.

Using the stopwatch function on the old phone, Su Mo realized that, in about every three minutes, the wind would automatically circulate through the pipe once, bringing in the fresh air, and also sucking away the stale air from below on its way back up.

After three cycles, Su Mo returned to the third floor of the shelter.

As expected, the air on the third floor had become significantly fresher, and because of the circulation function, there was even a feeling of being in the wilderness.

“It’s great, it only took a day to remodel the base. I can finally be relieved!”

After working for several hours, Su Mo was extremely satisfied with the results before him.

Back at the first floor, the sky in the world outside the shelter indicated the approach of evening.

Under the sunset, Oreo sat alone on the ground in the distance, watching her surroundings faithfully.

Big Spark and Little Spark were also curiously fluttering about in the icy snow world. Seeing Su Mo approach, they ran to his feet quickly; their needy eyes wanting his attention.

“Oreo, come home!”

Su Mo yelled and looked at Oreo, who was surprised. Watching Oreo rush back, Su Mo had an old father’s smile plastered on his face.

Seeing the feather, Oreo’s eyes widened and she darted forward, colliding with Big Spark and Little Spark in her impatience.

“Woof! Woo!”

Looking at the anxious eyes of the three little ones, Su Mo did not keep them in suspense. According to the usual proportions, Oreo enjoyed half of it herself, and Big Spark and Little Spark equally shared the remaining half.

Seeing them devour the now powerless little feather, he did not notice any changes in the three little ones. Nevertheless, he was not annoyed, turning around and arriving at the entrance of the basement.

Earth Tiger’s interior was warm from basking in the sun for a day. After driving the car into the shelter, he glanced at the darkening sky outside and the dark clouds that had begun to envelop. Su Mo felt the same as the sky, his face full of worries.

Clank, clank! The alloy gate closed slowly and made harsh sounds. The last trace of darkness from the outside world was completely separated after the gate was lowered.

“Three days left…The blizzard is coming!”