My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Blessing’s Limit, The Mysterious Feather

“Due to the shelter being submerged even further, although the wind from the upper floor can be channeled down through the pipeline, stale air will still precipitate. Without a ventilation system, it might cause serious problems in the Underground Shelter!”

When creating an underground shelter for the first time, the game panel indicated that its development potential was poor.

One of the main reasons for that was that it would be extremely difficult to construct an underground air circulation system!

If ordinary people chose to be underground, they might not have needed to open the door for ventilation at first. However, it would be difficult to even build a window or ventilation system without mechanical assistance after a few months of development.

Therefore, during the first disaster, only Su Mo had chosen to go underground among the top ten shelters.

With the increase in the number of floors in the shelter, even Su Mo felt that the situation had become a bit tricky in terms of ventilation.

Back under the ventilation duct, Su Mo tried to summon the system to examine the properties of this duct.

[Underground ventilation device]
[Description: A simple ventilation device that is connected to the three underground floors through a stone pipe to achieve the purpose of air circulation. The current channel pressure is insufficient and the air circulation efficiency is low. In the long-term, this can easily lead to hypoxia, resulting in a burden on the brain. Upgrading is recommended.]
[First upgrade direction: Increase the volume of the ventilation duct. Increases the pressure of the ventilation duct, increases the circulation efficiency by a small amount, and increases the ventilation efficiency by a small amount. Survival points required (125)]
[Second upgrade direction: Install an electric circulation device. Greatly increases ventilation efficiency, greatly increases circulation efficiency, and slightly increases the overall energy consumption of the shelter. Electronic control system prerequisite. Survival points required (2100)]
[Comment: Take small steps. Haste makes waste!]

“Sure enough, the system has also detected the ventilation problem on the third floor. Staying in this environment, even if it is not life-threatening, one would suffer from anxiety and depression after some time!”

If the brain could not get sufficient oxygen over a period of time, it will gradually deteriorate, causing a reduction in thinking capacity and learning speed.

Su Mo had seen a large number of scientific documents about this matter on Earth.

Looking at the two upgrade directions given by the system, Su Mo began to think about the choices after taking a look at the remaining survival points.

“The first one does not solve the root cause. If more floors are added in the future, this would be a waste of money. It will not immediately solve the ventilation problem.”

“The second is too expensive! I’ll have to rely on getting enough survival points tomorrow if I want it. I have invested so many survival points at this early stage to the point I now feel a bit of a loss…”

Standing under the ventilation duct, Su Mo was caught in a dilemma.

On the first floor, the air in the shelter was controlled by the lion clan’s wind blessing, which was very effective.

Now that the shelter became three-floored, and the blessing immediately lost its immediate effect.

“Make the wind flow faster in the pipe?”

After his voice ended, there was no trace of movement.

Maybe it was because the blessing was only lv1 or an issue with the lion clan’s blessing itself. This kind of small-scale air regulation simply could not be done.

“If the blessing power is unlimited, I can find a way to use density to control the wind…”

“I’ll have to test the limits of the blessing first and see if this power can be used infinitely, or if it is consuming something else that I can’t see.”

As he was thinking, Su Mo stepped out and returned to the first floor.

Su Mo tidied up his things and stood in an open space in the garage, before adjusting the wind blessing to its maximum and recording its duration.

The highest level of wind was blowing toward the outside of the garage, and all the snow at the entrance of the basement was blown up into the air.

The curious Big Spark and Little Spark cooed and spread their wings, flying into the violent air currents. They rolled, floated in the air and flew out.

Looking at the two little ones having fun, Su Mo did not stay idle.

Moving back and forth, he easily moved all the stored food supplies into the warehouse by using the storage space.

The extreme wind speed began to slow down as well.

Standing inside, Su Mo carefully recorded the decreasing rate of the wind velocity. After a while, the wind completely died down and returned to its normal state.

Su Mo tried to continue summoning the power of the blessing, but unfortunately there was no response.

“It seems that this is the limit of the first-level blessing! The continuous maximum wind output time is only about five minutes, and the weakening time is three minutes.”

“It was expected that there would be limits when it came to the first-level blessing but, as long as this power is not sourceless, then there will come a day where it will be fully deciphered.”

In the face of science, there would always be sources that could explain these extraordinary powers.

Although there was no equipment to detect the source of power, Su Mo could faintly feel that this power had gradually faded away from behind its mysterious veil.

The reason why these powers looked terrifying was that their release method was different from real-life objects and that, for the time being, humans could not understand them.

If he was to actually compare things, a large fan would not be inferior to this power at all!

After repeatedly summoning three to five times and realizing that the power of blessing would not recover in a short time, Su Mo simply left it behind and began to sort out the remaining things.

At present, all the circuits in the shelter had been completed, with only a few small locations left unconnected. At present, they were still vacant because he did not have sufficient wiring.

The dozens of meters of PPR water pipes for the water pipeline could only be temporarily stored, awaiting the completion of the design and planning of the construction of the water tank to be included into the design of the shelter.

A 50L freezer was placed on the second floor. After the power input of the shelter was connected to the generator, the freezer’s temperature began to drop rapidly.

The 400Ah lithium iron phosphate battery purchased from before had gradually reached its load limit under the current shelter consumption conditions.

Excluding the electricity required for daily use of the lights, a normal 50L freezer would require a large amount of electricity when first cooling down, before stabilizing to about 2 kwH of electricity per day to maintain the temperature.

With 400Ah of power storage, just one full charge per day could ensure an uninterrupted supply of power under normal circumstances.

“It is still difficult to decide whether I should upgrade the battery to a larger capacity!”

After looking at the 500 survival points required for the expansion of the lithium iron phosphate battery, Su Mo’s heart quivered and he quickly gave up the idea of upgrading.

At present, even small-capacity storage devices had not appeared in a while, let alone large-capacity storage devices.

This was a limitation of the level of science and technology, and also a problem that had not been solved for hundreds of years after the invention of electric power.

For example, what batteries stored was not electricity, but chemical energy, and what a capacitor stored was not electricity, but the magnetic domain energy generated by the capacitor medium.

Even at the famous Three Gorges Dam, the extra power generated will also be pumped and stored to convert the excess electrical energy into gravitational potential energy.

“It seems that I can only patiently wait for the secret trading realm to open to see if anyone is still selling batteries. When the time comes, creating a parallel connection can also temporarily relieve the electrical load!”

Seeing the massive amount of survival points needed for all the different upgrades, Su Mo was overwhelmed. He could only temporarily write down these thoughts and the material requirements.

On the other side, with a generator supplying power, the freezer rapidly cooled down.

Su Mo got up, threw in all the fresh meat, fresh fruits and all the noodles. He would not need to worry about these perishable food items for the time being.

Back in the garage on the first floor, Su Mo tried to summon the blessing power again.

This time, it finally reacted. After summoning the strongest wind, the speed increased slightly and, after three to five seconds, it returned to normal.

“It seems that the power of blessing is indeed maintained by an invisible substance, and it has to be slowly recovered after it is consumed!”

Since he could not afford the electric ventilation device, he could only test the limits of blessing. To solve the problem, Su Mo could only start to study methods to upgrade the blessing.

There were two ways to upgrade the lion clan’s wind blessing. One was to increase the level of blessing; upgrading it from level one to level two.

The other was by reversion; upgrading it from the blessing of ordinary lion people to the blessing of the lion priest to improve the quality of the blessing.

The former only needed 800 points to upgrade, but the latter required 3100 points!

“The pace of development is too fast, and the number of days is too few. I’m unable to provide for such a high-level upgrade of the shelter with my current survival points.”

At this moment, Su Mo finally understood what the system meant by haste makes waste.

Should he live on the second floor first? Or wait till there are enough survival points and then think of a way of settling the lower floor?

Su Mo summoned the core’s turtle armor, looking at the transcendent blessing powers flowing above it. He clicked on the upgrade panel and pondered.

Like upgrading ordinary items, one could also add materials to upgrade blessings. In the upgrade level option, he only needed to add any objects with blessing power.

However, to upgrade the quality, it needed a divine item that was greater than the blessing’s level to achieve it.

“What do I have that is greater than the lion clan’s blessing quality?”

Thinking about all the things in the shelter and looking at the bunch of materials that were scattered about on the ground, Su Mo simply began to try them one by one.

Divine objects, definitely not food supplies, nor fabric sofas…

Su Mo began to try one by one with all the strange materials seized from the previous cores.

A kobold sculpture from Marshall’s safehouse core… it looked promising? response!

A stone that looks like a toy… a bit mysterious?

Still no response!

Notebook? no response!

All the things that were seized, Su Mo took the trouble to try one by one.

In the storage space, items were taken out one by one, but there was still no response and Su Mo put them aside.

When there were only three things left in the storage space, Su Mo felt disappointed and began to select them one by one.

These three items were: an inconspicuous map, a colorful feather, and Kento Maeda’s diary!

The map was put in, but there was no response, and the diary elicited no response either.

A colorful feather that looked awkward! Naturally, there was no res…

“Damn… what is this?”

That last ordinary-looking feather suddenly gave off a colorful light when an exasperated Su Mo put it into the system’s material input!

It looked as if there was a rainbow emerging from the feather, hanging right above the garage; looking particularly gorgeous.

At the same time, the two rays of light, representing the two transcendent powers, on the turtle armor on the ground were suppressed by this ray of colorful light, causing them to hide in the gaps of the turtle armor almost instantly.

“This is impossible… Kento Maeda had such a good thing in his hands?”

The lion clan’s blessing that originally required 3100 upgrade points for reversion were reduced directly to 0 when the feather was locked in by Su Mo in his heart.

Besides that, the system also thoughtfully gave an alternative upgrade method.

[Wind: The Wind of the Lion Clan: Belongs to the branch of blessing under the “Wind” family. Excellent upgrade potential. Obtained by shattering the Lion God sculpture that was inherited by the lion clan.]
[First upgrade direction: Increase the blessing’s level. Enhances the blessing ability, and expands the scope of the blessing. Survival points required (0, select material)]
[Second upgrade direction: Improve the quality of the blessing; reversion to lion sacrificial blessing. Slightly increases blessing attributes, and increases the blessing’s potential. Survival points needed (0, select material)]
[Third upgrade direction: Sacrifice material. Randomly upgrades the blessing quality level according to the material’s properties, changes the blessing properties, and increases the blessing’s potential. Survival points required (300, select material).]

“Good gracious, what is the origin of this feather? How is it so valuable?”

Looking at the upgrade directions from the system, Su Mo looked dumbfounded and simply spent 1 disaster point to identify the feather’s attributes in his hand.

The light of the game panel flashed, and the divine item was no longer concealed, revealing its true nature.

“It is called… the Rat God’s feather?”