Chapter 143: Big Change, A Luxurious Space!

With the addition of the garage defense perimeter, the three-sectioned passageway turned into a two-stage defense system.

Upon opening the stone door and walking into the first section, Su Mo passed through a disinfection passageway about five meters long. Su Mo raised his head and looked at it. As expected, a hole had been reserved for the installation of a disinfection nozzle in the future.

On both sides of the passageway walls, small, densely packed holes still remained. It only required the corresponding equipment and weapons installed to activate the defense matrix.

“There should be another door here, but it’s an iron door in the blueprint. The game probably couldn’t detect the iron, so it could only leave it empty for me.”

Lifting his foot and turning a bend, Su Mo stepped over the threshold under his feet and descended down the ramp. The ramp on this section was probably a little over 3 meters, but less than 4 meters in length.

Once again going around a bend, he entered the final passageway.

This was the quarantine passageway. After undergoing disinfection in the previous passageway section, the temporarily disinfected items could be placed here and, after the quarantine process was completed, they could then be taken into the main housing space.

The quarantine passageway was not long; probably also about 5 meters. Based on the Z-shaped inclined design, though the passageway was 14 meters in length, the true depth was only four meters.

Pushing open the wooden residential door and descending a flight of steps, Su Mo went down to the second floor and turned on the ceiling light on the second floor along the way.

Instantly, the interior of the second floor, which had been pitch dark, lit up.

Pushing aside the stone door on his left side, a rumbling noise echoed. The motor-pumped oil well that had been transported over was already working inside.

The location of the oil well had been designed to be hidden. There was a recess in the upper part of the wall. Once the oil well was put there, the oil-pumping pipeline below became firmly connected to the ground.

With this design, not only could the oil well be placed on the second floor, but it also effectively reduced the vibration and noise created during the oil production process.

After closing the heavy stone door, Su Mo attempted to listen for the noise the motor-pumped oil well made while operating.

The sound was very obvious, but not piercing. At least, when he did not have his ear stuck to the stone wall, the noise and vibrations that traveled out were completely confined within an acceptable level.

Su Mo nodded in satisfaction and silently praised the comprehensive consideration of the blueprint after the upgrade.

Another section that had noise taken into consideration was in the open stone door on his right, where the diesel generator set was.

The huge 300kw diesel generator and lithium iron phosphate battery relied on each other as they sat quietly in the large energy distribution center, providing the shelter with electricity.

10 cubic meters should have been enough for this area in Su Mo’s initial plans but, after upgrading, the system had increased it to 25 cubic meters to allow for future plans to expand the generator set.

After hearing the rumbling sounds when he turned on the generator, Su Mo closed the door once again and listened intently.

Like the motor-pumped oil well, the thickness of the stone door, as well as the angles of its inner walls, reduced the transmission and amplification of sound within its boundaries.

It could be said that it utilized the space and comfort level to its maximum potential!

Opening the stone door, Su Mo turned the generator off and waited for it to fully halt before stepping out and continuing his walk into the interior of the second floor.

The main purpose of the second floor was to store resources. Therefore, a large portion of the area had been repurposed into a warehouse.

Entering the safety warehouse that had been specially cordoned off by a stone door, Su Mo saw piles of off-white saltpeter and sulfur ores in their respective compartments.

The thick stone door cut off moisture, ensuring that, even if these dangerous chemical compounds were to have some sort of reaction, there would still be enough time for Su Mo to deal with it.

“The area of the safety warehouse should be the largest part of the second floor, with a total of 65 cubic meters. The remaining supplies warehouse should take up around 60 cubic meters!”

The regular supplies warehouse was an open space. Like the previous design, it had three different work divisions for daily use; living supplies, miscellaneous goods and weapons storage.

Walking past these rooms, he went over to the staircase that led downstairs. Directly opposite the staircase was the repurposed crop culture room.

Considering the ventilation in the base’s third floor, it made sense for the crop culture room to be located here.

When the door was opened, warm sunlight spilled forth. It was still a familiar 50 cubic meters in size. The large vegetable culture medium was placed in the corner against the wall. Absorbing the sunlight, the leaves trembled slightly with happiness.

In the original vent, there was a stone pipe connected in the center that divided the air that poured in from above into two parts, before transporting it to the third floor.

Placed diagonally across from the culture medium was the psychic energy water well, which was concealed. A part of the wall was recessed inward, and the well was hidden inside, not affecting the use of space in the base at all.

Beside the well was the large tank that was used to store the psychic energy water. Wooden planks covered the top, preventing dust from entering.

“Heh heh, my daily work will be easier in the future. I can irrigate the ground directly with the psychic energy water.”

Caressing the baby bok choy that had begun to blossom, and the garlic he pulled out, he then looked at the green tomatoes the size of a baby’s fists hanging on the tomato vines. Su Mo felt overjoyed and could not hold back his laughter.

“The second floor’s design is not bad. I’m satisfied that it’s large enough to use. In fact, these defense passageways are completely useless. If someone really were to fight their way into here, I probably would’ve used the system to escape and would have been long gone.”

Touching the little holes that protruded even from the culture medium’s stone pipe, Su Mo was a little helpless but, at the same time, he was pleased with the system’s thoughtfulness.

If they arrived at the location of the base’s core, the issue of defense would pretty much be moot at that point.

If anyone had the ability to break through the obstacles at this stage and reach this place, they would have had to have a “hard carry ability” that even Su Mo would be frightened of!

However, at least for a year, Su Mo did not think a person with such a “hard carry ability” would be born.

The outside was protected by a stone wall that was seven or eight meters thick. Inside, there was the third-level alloy gate, heavy stone doors, and not to mention a heavy iron door that had not yet been built, but was already being planned for. With a defense like this, unless a large number of bombs were used, there was no possibility of breaking through.

If someone managed to enter the second floor, at this juncture, Su Mo would definitely run away without hesitation. He would wait until he subsequently investigated the enemy’s situation before exacting his revenge.

Directly facing off with others in the base was too risky and needless.

“Still, if an outsider joins my shelter in the future, it can be used as a deterrent.”

To save electricity, Su Mo returned to the exit and turned off the ceiling light, before walking toward the stairs to the third floor, full of anticipation.

If he were to speak of which floor of the three he was most excited about, in Su Mo’s heart, it was still the third floor!

Compared to the previous two floors, this floor was the place he used to live in. Even if it was just a slight change, Su Mo would be able to perceive it easily!

After he pressed the switch, light shone out, and the gorgeous design of the third floor appeared in front of Su Mo’s eyes.

Although most of the rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom, currently did not have the corresponding furnishings for proper use, this did not affect Su Mo fantasies about what it would look like in the future!

At this time, various partitions divided up the 220 cubic meters neatly. Compared to the previous large flat space, this design appeared extremely comfortable. Even if the space for activities was put aside, it still would not appear empty and make people feel lonely.

Even if a few people stayed in here, that would also be completely fine.

“Ah! System, you’re so awesome, can’t you just create a chick for me!”

With nobody to share this vast base with, Su Mo also felt a little panicked.

This feeling was the same as if playing a farming simulator—online play and solo play had naturally different feelings.

Shaking his head, Su Mo put aside any thoughts of picking up babes… ahem… meeting fellow humans, and started walking around the third floor to evaluate it.

First, he looked at the bathroom that had separate dry and wet areas. The previous wooden barrel that had been used for bathing had been moved in, and there was already a well-made drainage hole in the ground, positioned at a slightly lower height to the uneven ground.

Next to the bathroom was the toilet that had already been set up. It was fully eight cubic meters—six for humans to use, two for Oreo. It was perfectly sufficient for daily use!

After this time’s renovation, the research center was connected directly with the bedroom. It not only acted as a study room, but also satisfied Su Mo’s desire to go to bed immediately after finishing work!

The command center was not large, but still took up a full 25 cubic meters of space. In the room, the LCD TV was situated in the innermost area, while the old TV was in the outer area.

Also, this place was even directly connected to the gym behind!

“This time, the weapons storage was placed in the corner of the gym. I can keep weapons nearby for practice and exercise. At the same time, there is a hidden door in the weapons storage that I can go through too.”

Walking into the currently still very empty weapons storage, Su Mo groped around the wall before finding a slight protrusion that he pressed against heavily.

Sure enough, the stone gate that had looked firm and solid shuddered and opened inward, exposing a passageway.

Darting sideways into the bedroom, Su Mo looked at the stone door that had shut itself again behind him and ran his hands across it. It was sealed up perfectly, with nary a trace in sight.

“The game’s biggest transformation this time is probably this two-way stone door. It’s so convenient!”

“I can take my equipment directly from the second floor and keep a few life-saving or emergency equipment here. If someone comes fighting through here, I can just grab my stuff and run!”

Turning his head, he turned on the lamp inside the bedroom.

What was reflected was still the layout that he was familiar with. The small bed he had created was covered with a three-piece bed set of mandarin ducks, and two roughly-made bedside tables were on either side.

Lifting the up bed boards, Su Mo saw the newly remodeled escape route.

This time, the passageway was placed underneath the bed; very well hidden.

A U-shaped design had been adopted inside the passageway. Although the other exit was currently blocked by the system, the construction inside had not been completed yet either, so it could not be used at the moment.

However, he only had to spend around ten points to complete it. Then he would be able to directly lift up the bed boards and speedily leave the shelter from under the bed.

“The shelter only has one issue left!”

Taking a few deep breaths of slightly turbid air, Su Mo slowly went up the stairs to the second floor.

After the remodeling, not even an hour had passed, but because the shelter’s third floor did not have a complete ventilation system, the air in the third floor had already become quite heavy and stale.