Chapter 142: First Phase of Transformation, Firearm Blueprints!

After opening more than a hundred treasure chests consecutively, looking at the 45 bronze treasure chests in front of him, Su Mo did not have the patience to open each of them one by one.

The feeling of opening treasure chests consecutively was too good!

Furthermore, Su Mo was surprised to discover that the chances of getting good items were higher when treasure chests were consecutively opened than when they were all opened one by one!

If his hands were faster, it was very likely he could open two or three treasure chests simultaneously and perhaps receive the same item; stacking them all up at once.

For example, if a water pipe that was only 10m in length was opened from a treasure chest, but another three simultaneously opened treasure chests were all also 10m, the accumulated result would be a little shocking.

“I feel a little like a veteran in opening chests now. Since I roughly receive something good every ten consecutive draws, that probably means a miracle won’t happen if I draw just a single one, right?”

While his mouth complained about the cumbersome process of opening treasure chests, Su Mo’s hands worked quickly.

He had blown up two to three hundred of the kobolds’ elite warriors and mages to bits in one go. A harvest like this would be hard to replicate even for shelters with close to a thousand people.

Even if it was possible, when it was divided among everyone, there would not be too many resources to go around actually.

Now, however, these hundred-plus treasure chests were all for Su Mo’s self-consumption. Having all these accumulated by one person was simply terrifying.

“This luck of mine is a little weird. Quite a few cards have already appeared, but why haven’t I seen anyone talk about this on the World Channel?”

Opening treasure chests was a repetitive activity.

As he worked, Su Mo contemplated certain things in his mind.

After opening so many boxes, no matter how dumb Su Mo was, he still noticed that his luck seemed to be just that little bit better.

Especially today’s chests—he pretty much did not receive any useless items at all.

In comparison, the luck of others on the World Channel was not as good.

When most of them opened treasure chests, they would beg and pray on the World Channel, but the effects were still worryingly poor. Getting a pen from a bronze treasure chest, a pair of pants from an iron treasure chest—such situations were not uncommon.

“Is it because the title of the world’s first shelter has a hidden property bonus, or is it because my luck is really this good?”

Since he did not have accurate data on his as well as others’ treasure chest items and conditions, Su Mo could only suppress these thoughts and keep these questions hidden within his heart.

Treasure chests made of bronze were not heavy. Aside from the locks being troublesome to undo, the other steps were simple; it was a physical undertaking.

Absorbed in thought, Su Mo only realized that all the bronze treasure chests had been opened when his hands were empty.

Setting aside his thoughts, Su Mo excitedly opened the game panel to see what terrifying rewards these higher-level bronze treasure chests brought.

[Weapons: 7.62mm bullets x25, 5.56mm bullets x30, 9mm bullets x30, 80,000-volt rechargeable stun baton x1, standard refined iron saber x6]
[Resources: 50kg of flour x3, Mengshui brand canned starfruit x1 (box: 500g x 12), 50kg of high-yield, drought-resistant rice seeds x1, salt x1 (big bag: 250g x 6), gasoline x1 (20 liters), iron x20 (units), copper x20 (units), switch x15 (units)]
[Miscellaneous: Military-grade load-bearing steel cable x20m, hemp rope x1 (15m), cloth x1 (10m), toolbox x1, anvil x1; Haier 50L small freezer x1]
[Blueprints: Workbench blueprint x1; gravel road blueprint x1; M-1 automatic rifle blueprint x1; 5.56mm bullet blueprint x1; Type-80 machine gun blueprint x1]
[Cards: Level 1 Resource Reserve Recovery Card x1]

“Nice! The items previously were all resources, and this time they’re all blueprints! Bronze treasure chests really do give good stuff!”

Looking at the three firearm and ammunition blueprints floating above the bags of flour, Su Mo was very surprised and hurriedly grabbed them to examine them in detail.

Based on its name, the M-1 automatic rifle was another wasteland firearm. At the moment, he could only see that its appearance was similar to the M4a1 carbine developed by Colt, and that it had three firing modes: semi-automatic, 3-round burst, and fully automatic.

As for the 5.56mm bullet, this was very familiar and need not be explained in further detail.

The Type-80 machine gun was the most important thing that Su Mo paid attention to.

As a weapon that could fire a deadly hailstorm of bullets at a rate of up to 700 rounds/min, and with an effective range of more than 800 meters, if he could create this, it would definitely be his enemies’ worst nightmare!

“Phew! Repairing the thermal weapon laser manufacturing machine had better be prioritized on my schedule quickly. Once such a gun is made, it will be the death of the kobolds.”

Releasing a long sigh of relief, Su Mo input the three firearm blueprints. Seeing the three new columns that appeared in the creation panel and nodding, he then turned to look at the other good stuff he obtained.

The small Haier Brothers freezer and the special steel cable that was as thick as his forearm—these two things were not light. The special steel cable especially had many possible applications.

“With things being this way, I won’t lack food supplies for the time being. I’ll only have to keep sufficient supplies for about three months, and the rest can all be exchanged for other supplies!”

These hundred-plus bronze, iron, and wooden treasure chests produced a full 450 kilograms of flour and 120 kilograms of rice when opened.

With just these supplies alone, based on his current daily consumption, if he ate a little more thriftily, it could last him at least half a year.

With such a long timeframe, it would naturally be able to last until the harvest of his first crop of vegetables in the shelter and perhaps even the second batch of crops would have matured!

“I don’t know exactly how much good stuff these people will have in hand when the secret trading realm opens either…”

Mumbling to himself as he stood up, he threw the leftover grapes over to Big Spark, Little Spark, and Oreo, then signaled for Oreo to stand guard at the door. Looking at the warehouse full of supplies, Su Mo felt uplifted.

A single person gaining as many resources as a large shelter would; this was already enough to complete the shelter’s first phase of construction!

Dragging all the wires on the ground into the corner, Su Mo picked up one of the ends and faced the shelter wall as he silently summoned the system.

With the raw materials in hand and the wiring space reserved, only manual labor had to be completed, so the system charges were not expensive.

Laying out all the wires that were needed for the base, installing all the switches, and routing the wires required 112m of wiring and 85 survival points.

This price was absolutely the best of the best!

If it had been during the era of Earth, if one did not have ten thousand yuan to hire a senior electrician, ordinary people really could not handle such a complicated job.

Without hesitation, he took the switch and placed it on the ground. According to the system’s description, Su Mo found the end of the wire and picked it up, sticking it into the wall. Facing the small entrance of the shooting port, he silently confirmed the action.

The next second, a green line shone. The wire stuck on the wall found the reserved space and burrowed into it as if it had gained sentience.

Section by section, the long wires greedily stuffed themselves into the wall like hungry snakes.

Unable to see the internal structure, Su Mo could only stand where he was and sort out the supplies on the ground as he watched the wires move about.

After about ten minutes, the remaining 13 meters of wiring was cut off and fell to the ground with a snap.

“The routing has been successfully completed?”

Su Mo stood up in excitement and walked over the wall, where a push switch was located.

After trying to fiddle with the switch twice, and finding that it was firmly fixed, Su Mo let go of his doubts.

The system’s construction was much more reliable than the game construction. Although the game panel functions were comprehensive, the work produced was very crude.

Unlike the system that could make the switch feel like it had simply grown out of the stone wall.

“The routing is complete, and the switches have been installed. The next step is to install the lights—a total of 3 ceiling lights, 2 wall lights, and 15 light bulbs.”

“Adding in the four lightbulbs that I installed previously, that’s 19 bulbs!”

The ceiling lights had a simple design, but covered a large area. Su Mo estimated that they were at least one cubic meter in size!

The light tubes inside twisted about. He could tell how powerful the light was without even turning it on.

The wall lamps were long strips of 1m each. They could be stuck to the walls or hung directly in the air to act as an electric rod.

“For the ceiling lights… Since I have three stories now, I’ll install one in the center of each story to illuminate the entire floor!”

Though the blueprint did provide the circuit routing, it was completely blank on the lamp design.

Taking out his notebook, Su Mo doodled and drew, starting to design the location of the lamps.

“First, the bedroom definitely needs a wall lamp to be hung for lighting. Then the research center needs a wall lamp too.

“The crop culture room needs a lightbulb too to ensure that, even when there’s no daylight, I can still guarantee that the crops will grow normally by upgrading the lightbulb to mimic sunlight.”

“Gym… Warehouse… Kitchen… Bathroom… I’ll install a lightbulb for all these areas, otherwise it would be too wasteful.”

For things like lamps, when he obtained better ones in the future, even if he did not get the system to do it for him, Su Mo could climb a ladder and change it himself.

After hastily setting all the positions, he held the ceiling lamp in his hand and silently summoned the system.

The manual labor charges this time were even cheaper; he only needed to provide 3 units of iron and 25 survival points to install all the lights.

With a wave of his hand, the 20 units of iron he had just received decreased by 3 units. At the same time, all the lamps began to float slowly along the open passageway.

The ceiling lamp that was to be installed in the garage flew to the ceiling with a smack. Then two iron frames firmly melded the lamp to the ceiling, ensuring that it would not fall off when shaken by external forces.

This time, the transformation was very fast. No complicated processes were involved. In just a minute, after the green light retracted itself from the passageway, Su Mo excitedly pressed on the switch.


A bright light shone. The ceiling lamp above his head shone out with an intensity that would not lose to sunlight.

The dim corners of the garage were also illuminated, sweeping away the darkness!

“Nice! If I previously only had basic electricity, then now I can truly consider myself as having stepped into the age of electricity!”

With the large ceiling light, he did not have to worry about lighting problems even if he worked throughout the night!

Compared to other large shelters that were still using primitive torches for lighting, in just half a month, Su Mo had truly completed a “milestone” leap in the truest sense!

Turning off the ceiling light, Su Mo walked into the passageway, feeling unsettled.

After groping around for a while, he finally found the lightbulb switch at the entrance of the passageway.

After pressing it, the pitch-black passageway was also lit up.

This time, Su Mo finally had the ability to properly evaluate what the lower floors of the upgraded three-story shelter really looked like!