My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Opening The Treasure Chests! Huge Gains!

Without lighting here, the third floor of the shelter was now completely dark.

Rubbing the back of his hand, Su Mo opened the storage space and took out the flashlight inside.

He switched on the flashlight to illuminate the dark space. Bringing the three little ones with him, Su Mo walked up and arrived at the newly-changed second floor.

The various partitions were positioned like a maze, and the sunlight shining from the crop culture room on the second floor could not directly illuminate the entire space.

Su Mo found the stairs that led upward and, after climbing ten flights of stairs, they came to a passage.

At the end of the passage was the rotary-encrypted main door of the previous three-sectioned passageway.

Su Mo keyed in all the numbers and the bolt automatically retracted with a click.

He then put the handle of the flashlight in Oreo’s mouth and signaled for Oreo to continue illuminating the place, as he began to push on the heavy door.

As the door opened, a trace of light came in.

He pushed until the space was wide enough for a person to walk through sideways. Seeing this, Su Mo could no longer hold back the excitement in his heart and leapt forward.

In front of his eyes was…

A bright and expansive space!

The gate of the basement was still open, and the three-color camouflaged Earth Tiger was parked quietly in front of the basement.

The garage was expansive and arranged neatly, with many stone-constructed facilities and features making their appearance in the basement as well.

Part of the floor had been modified to include a repair bay, with elevated side platforms and a sunken center, that allowed him to park the car on it and work on the chassis from underneath.

There was another huge stone table standing in the corner of the basement. Next to it, there were two stone benches made according to Su Mo’s body measurements, and also a table for placing tools.

On the back wall, there were large and small storage compartments designed like a bookcase, separated by symmetrical stones.

At the moment, all the storage compartments were filled with treasure chests, which looked ever radiant and beautiful.

At the same time, running along the corners on both sides of the wall, Su Mo also saw the lines reserved for the shooting and bombing ports that were to be installed in the center of the garage ceiling.

Although there was no standing room, the space for network cables had been reserved along the walls; as long as the intelligent defense system was activated, the guns could be remotely controlled to suppress uninvited guests who entered the gate. It was…

An extremely perfect garage!

‘Exactly what I wanted!’ In his heart, Su Mo gave the garage a perfect score!

As the first defensive perimeter of the base, the importance of the garage could not be understated.

In the event of an hostile assault, the enemies would have to spend a lot of time studying and deciphering the lock encryption of the heavy stone door.

At this time, the guns positioned in the two shooting ports could cause immense damage.

Then the remotely controlled basement gate could also be lowered, and the individual bombs placed in the bombing port, such as grenades or tear gas, would surely leave unforgettable memories for the incoming intruders.

“Then the first step now is to set up the wiring for the lights!”

Except for the sunlight streaming in to illuminate the garage, after the two underground floors were remodeled, the original wires had been abandoned and decommissioned, so they needed to be reinstalled.

As for the wires he had traded from Shen Ke, after two uses, there was only less than a meter left, which was not enough for this purpose.

“No wires, no problem!”

“What does it mean to have treasure chests in hand? It means that you’ll never have to panic!”

Su Mo drove the Earth Tiger inside and then took out all the treasure chests from the storage compartment and placed them on the ground.

Su Mo divided them into categories; wooden treasure chests, iron treasure chests, and bronze treasure chests, these three types!

There were 45 bronze treasure chests, 55 iron treasure chests, and 52 wooden treasure chests; a total of 152 treasure chests!

Just by looking at the number of treasure chests, Su Mo could already imagine the huge amount of resources would emerge shortly.

“There are so many treasure chests that, even if they were opened by an unlucky person, a lot of good things could still be obtained. I, Su Mo, have changed my fate against the heavens…”

“Let’s start from here!”

There were so many treasure chests that Su Mo no longer prayed superstitiously.

He took out a bottle of psychic energy water and drank half a bottle. When his mood calmed down, Su Mo stood in front of the wooden treasure chests and began to unpack the boxes in batches.

What is happiness?

It is when the long drought meets the morning dew! Meeting an old friend in a foreign country! The first night in the bridal chamber! When one is awarded the gold medal!

However, at this time, Su Mo just wanted to say…

Happiness is when you open treasure boxes till you get cramps!

He opened fifty-two wooden treasure chests without stopping; repeating the movements of squatting down, unlocking the locks, and opening each treasure chest.

Repeating this over fifty times, coupled with the excitement of his racing heartbeat, this kind of happiness would be unbearable for ordinary people!

Once all the wooden treasure chests were opened and disappeared from the ground, Su Mo began to look at the massive harvest from the 52 chests.

On the game panel, it seemed that there were too many boxes opened at once, so the items were also classified into three categories.

[Weapons: Not-so-sharp dagger ×1, not-so-sharp fire axe ×1, 9mm bullets ×25 rounds, 7.62mm bullets ×10 rounds, nunchaku ×1, prop spear ×1]
[Resources: 2kg of Lusheng Peanut Oil ×1, Master Kang Spicy Beef Noodles ×1 (Large bag ×12 packs), Jia Duo Bao Herbal Tea ×1 (Box ×12 cans), salt and pepper ×1 (200g), Farmer’s Spring mineral water ×1 (Box ×24 bottles), Wahaha beverage ×1, Vitality Forest Sparkling Water ×1, Green Arrow Chewing Gum ×1, Resource Duplication Coupon (Wood Grade) *1]
[Miscellaneous items: PPR water pipe ×12 meters, Tenda 100M wireless router ×1, Screaming chicken toy ×1, Architecture basics book ×1, Mechanics basics book ×1, Computer basics book ×1, The Three-Body Problem book ×1, Baixue refillable ink fountain pen ×3, GF personal hygiene products ×1]

Line by line, all the opened items were listed and appeared on the ground as Su Mo finished reading it.

Items as small as a book, and as large as a spear…

“Damn… this is so cool!”

After browsing through all the item information, and looking at a large pile of items scattered across the ground, Su Mo almost fainted with joy!

A box of instant noodles, a box of Jia Duo Bao, a bottle of mineral water; these kinds of things were opened from the wooden treasure chests. It was a frenzy!

As for the three books, they were exactly what Su Mo needed most now.

In the 21st century, most people had long abandoned books and turned to more convenient virtual mediums such as instructional short videos or websites. After all, one could just search for a lot of things with simply a click using Baidu on Earth.

However, in the apocalyptic wasteland, every book was the crystallization of the wisdom of human civilization. Only by mastering this basic knowledge could one have the capital to slowly push forward the progress of science and technology.

“Could it be that, because my new home was remodeled today, my luck has improved? I didn’t even receive one wasted item from the wooden treasure chests!”

Taking advantage of his vigor, he moved all the items into the corner of the garage using the storage space, before moving all the iron treasure chests over.

There were more iron treasure chests than wooden treasure chests. They were unusually heavy. There were fifty-five of them neatly arranged in front of him.

Following the same procedure, Su Mo repeated the motions and opened all the iron treasure chests, before beginning to check his harvest once again.

[Weapons: Sharp kitchen knife ×1, fancy melon hammer ×1, thick copper rod ×1, butterfly golden helmet with good defensive properties ×1, ordinary crossbow arrow ×15, blade ×1 (box)]
[Resources: 15kg of rice ×4, 25kg of high-gluten flour ×3, Arowana noodles (1kg) ×12, 4kg of fresh beef ×1, 6kg of fresh mutton ×1, Yibao mineral water ×2 (box ×24 bottles), Storage Space Expansion Coupon (0.5m³, bound)×1, 5kg of fresh mangoes, 5kg of fresh apples, 2kg of fresh Kyoho grapes]
[Miscellaneous: Far East Cable National Standard Wire 125m ×1, PPR Water Pipe 45m ×1, Small Generator 50kw ×1, Small Generator 80kw ×1, LED Ceiling Light ×3, LED Wall Lamp ×2, LED Bulb ×15, Electronic Parts ×5 (units), glass ×4 (square), brand-new bedding ×3 (bed), wool carpet ×5 (square), high-end fabric sofa ×2 (units), Aofeng gaming chair ×1 (units)]
[Design blueprints: Ground thorn trap design blueprint ×1, wooden fence design blueprint ×1, swing design blueprint ×1, sentry tower design blueprint ×1]
[Cards: Tier One random resource generation card ×1, Tier One designated resource modification card ×1]

The harvest from the fifty-five iron treasure chests suddenly appeared on the garage floor after Su Mo examined his inventory.

Piles of items suddenly filled up the 220-cubic-meter garage space.

The two single-seater fabric sofas, and the black and red gaming chair were particularly eye-catching.

Next to this, there were reels of wires and a 45-meter-long water pipe that had been placed outside the garage.

Two generators with power capacities lower than 300kw were sitting in the corner.

Looking at the bag of noodles, and the piles of fresh fruits on top of the bags of rice, Su Mo felt dizzy, really dizzy!

The tension, anxiety and surprise from opening the treasure chests; this kind of feeling was like buying a lottery ticket from a roadside stall. You knew there was the possibility of winning the lottery, but instead of the prize being three or five yuan, or even a few hundred yuan, it ended up being up to five million yuan!

Such excitement! How could this not make one’s face flush and one’s whole body tremble!

Even if he was prepared, Su Mo fainted “happily” on his new fabric sofa.

The soft fabric sofa was like cotton, and very comfortable to lie down on.

Su Mo reached out his hand, plucked a bunch of grapes, and sent them into his waiting mouth with eyes shut.

Su Mo chewed on the plump Kyoho grapes, feeling the fresh juice from the grapes erupting in his mouth, with bursts of fragrance pouring out…

At this moment, he just wanted to rest; to just lie amidst his belongings and rest!

Even if he didn’t open the bronze treasure chests, these things were enough for the base to take a “big” leap in development!


“All in one go! There are also bronze treasure chests. I will open them all now while my lucky stars are still aligned!”

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