My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Fusion and Upgrade! Superb Design Blueprint!

Watching the second floor slowly floating away and heading toward the Underground Shelter, Su Mo, who was standing under the hillside, blocked the dazzling light with his hand and kept gazing at the view.

This kind of feeling was very strange, as if a cooked duck had flown away on a whim by itself. It made him feel clueless.

After the second floor flew away, the hill of the Deep-sea Shelter became a bit “obtrusive”.

“Fortunately, the game is still a bit conscientious, it didn’t cut off the entire top of the first floor, otherwise it would have become an open-air shelter.”

Climbing up the hillside and looking at the thin roof layer, Su Mo called out the attributes of the Deep-sea Shelter.

[Deep-Sea Shelter (Subsidiary)]
[Level: lv2 (the original level was lv5, but due to inexplicable reasons, it has dropped to level three. Currently locked, unable to upgrade)]
[Description: An underground shelter made of concrete, with excellent architectural rigidity. The alloy shelter gate can deny entry to people with “bad intentions”.]
[Space: 220㎡ (story height 4.2m)]
[Completion: 97% (a small gap is detected)]
[Facilities: Third-level alloy shelter gate]
[Transcendent Ability: Water avoidance (lv1)]

Su Mo was not surprised that the lv5 Deep-sea Shelter fell to the lv2 because of the reparation.

On the contrary, this information revealed a lot of problems.

“It seems that if a shelter is severely damaged, its level will be downgraded. This is very troublesome. In the future, when rare objects are collected, once damaged, it would be difficult to restore.”

After writing down this important information in his diary, Su Mo stepped to the gap in the roof of the Deep-sea Shelter.

The gap was originally the stairs that led from the second floor to the first floor. Although the handrails were all removed by Su Mo, after being cut off at this time, the steps of the stairs were still retained. He could still go back to the first floor along the stairs.

“It’s too much trouble. Before having enough materials, the construction of the Deep-sea Shelter will be put on hold until I have an abundant supply of survival points.”

After this gap was closed, Su Mo might not be able to enter the shelter, and survival points would have to be spent to modify the opening method of the gate on the first floor. With that thought in mind, Su Mo shuddered and quickly walked through the gap, and drove the Earth Tiger out.

All the valuable things in the Deep-sea Shelter had been hitchhiked back to the Underground Shelter just now.

For a long time, this place would need to be closed until Su Mo could open it back up again.

Reaching back into the shelter, Su Mo put down the winch and got everything locked from inside. Then he walked out the stairs, concentrating his thoughts, and 35 survival points were spent.

Under green light, the opening that allowed entrance from the stairs began to “heal” slowly until it was completely sealed.

At this point, before Su Mo had enough survival points to rebuild this base, the Deep-sea Shelter would be perpetually submerged, creeping below this land.

Su Mo took out the shovel and began to slowly cover the soil on both sides of the Deep-sea Shelter while it was still noon.

Half an hour passed and the shelter was gradually covered. There were no longer visible signs of a shelter being hidden here. Su Mo tapped his hands and slid down the slope.

“Big Brother Magoo, do sleep peacefully here. I won’t bother you for a long time, and I will be reporting good news to you when I come back next time!”

Standing in front of the Deep-sea Shelter, Su Mo gave a very standard military salute.

Beside him, Oreo, who was adorably confused, put her paws on her head as well, and saluted!

Upon ending his salutation, Su Mo laughed uncontrollably at Oreo, who was still saluting beside him. He then picked up Oreo and placed her in Earth Tiger’s passenger seat, and drove off.

“Earth Tiger… finally has its own home!”

Patting the steering wheel, for the first time, Su Mo felt a little emotional.

After the reparation of the Deep-sea Shelter, it felt that something was missing in his heart and he was not used to that feeling.

However, when the alloy gate appeared in the distance, overlooking the front of the hill of the Underground Shelter, Su Mo let go of that little sadness and became excited.


“There is a garage!!!”

Su Mo stepped on the gas pedal and Earth Tiger’s speed suddenly picked up, letting out a roar, and transmitting the engine’s force to the tires.

The fusion of the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter left no trace or sound.

As they got approached, other than an extra door on the hill, not even a little bit of soil had fallen off.

The main door of the shelter that had been cleaned up was still neat and tidy, and there was no trace of dirt caused by the integration process that turned it into a three-story building.

Su Mo got out of the car and walked quickly over to the alloy gate.

As expected, it was still the same familiar door and familiar smell. Su Mo keyed in the password and pulled on the winch.

Looking at the familiar winch, for the first time, Su Mo felt extremely excited.

Even though the winch had been turned on multiple times, it had a completely different feeling in his hand at this time.

“This is my garage!”

With a yell, generating strength from his arms, Su Mo started to turn the winch quickly to raise the gate!

Rattle, rattle.

The winch made a squeaking sound every time it passed through a point until it reached the top with a humming sound. Su Mo pulled it down firmly, and the winch was fixed into place!

220 square meters of garage space, full of items.

The magical thing was that the oil well had already started to operate, rumbling and working tirelessly.

The white-greyish saltpeter ores covered the standing space of the garage, and the broken thermal weapon machine was lying against the wall; some fragments and pieces of items collected by Su Mo were on it.

Even some of the material garbage that had been placed in the corner previously was brought over by the game panel.

“What a magical ability, the previous wind only affected the outside world, and left everything on the second floor untouched!”

Walking into the garage, Su Mo was impressed.

Standing in this room, it seemed as if he had returned to the Deep-sea Shelter, and the familiar feeling washed over him.

Using the storage space to put away some of the saltpeter ores, Su Mo returned to the main door of the passageway. He opened the door and walked in.

Everything was ready at this time, except for that one last thing that could only be completed by the system!

Back at the usual floor where he lived, which was now the third level, Su Mo sat in front of the workbench, he took out the design blueprint and summoned the system.

Compared to the design blueprint he drew last night, Su Mo had modified the design once again. After adding two independent modules, it had changed drastically.

Seeing the system pretending to not notice and unwilling to admit this design, sitting at the table, Su Mo smiled, closed his eyes, and began to silently chant in his heart, “I was originally unwilling to expose my true strength, but in the end, I made a decision that went against my ancestors!”

“This is a design blueprint designed by architect master Su Mo…”

“This is the most powerful and subtle blueprint of a shelter in human history…”


“This is that design blueprint!”

Su Mo kept chanting until he began to believe that this design blueprint was awesome and, sure enough, the system recognized the “crown prince” status of the design blueprint, and it was grandly enthroned!

Chuckling and fiddling with the things next to him, Su Mo concentrated on studying the familiar “savage” attribute panel.

[A “Shameless” Design Blueprint]
[Description: Designed by Su Mo, the rumored 66th generation heir and master architect of the strongest architectural family, the “Su” clan. The overall picture is cleverly conceived, which fully reflects his nine-year compulsory architectural education. In terms of composition, the distribution of straight lines and curves are densely covered, seeming to hide some unspeakable “secrets”, and the upgrade of this design blueprint seems to have attracted the attention of two strong players.]
[First upgrade direction: Garnered the attention of “Bookmate 2018117”, this strong player is capable of reaching the sky and has an actual, high-leveled “hand-drawing” and master-leveled “digital-drawing” techniques. In this player’s design, there are endless ideas. Space is utilized to the maximum. If you choose this, your shelter will be as if it were on a broad bright road. Survival points required (500)]
[Second upgrade direction: Garnered the attention of “Ming Xueyin”, this strong player has a shocking ability, with quasi-high-leveled “digital-drawing” and master-leveled “concept of design” techniques. In this player’s design, the comprehensive considerations of this player is something you would want to look up to. If you choose this, your shelter will be as if it were on a highway. Survival points required (500)]
[Third upgrade direction: Integrating the design concepts of two legendary masters, mixing the original design ideas of the design drawings, matching them with a certain degree of adaptability, and fusing the skills of the three masters: two true masters and a “truly” shameless master. Joint completion of the design blueprints. Survival points required (750)]
[Comment: Please be careful of the attention of the strong players in “SYQ”. They may have good intentions and want to help you, or they may have vicious hearts, hoping that you will die from an unfortunate thousand-year curse.]

“Hmm, my design blueprint attracted the attention of people in the mysterious organization, SYQ? Is this the organization behind the game?”

Seeing that the upgrade directions were completely different from the previous ones, Su Mo sat at the workbench and carefully recorded the names of the two strong players in the diary, marking them with three emphasis signs.

At the same time, the mysterious organization SYQ was carved into Su Mo’s memory and became an existence no less mysterious than the game panel.

“This first designer seems to pay more attention to the follow-up development and space of the shelter, and achieves all of this to the highest level. It is indeed what I need at present.”

“The second designer is not bad as well. His super designing concept is what I need most now, and it can be combined with my design blueprint.”


“I will choose the third upgrade direction!”


After his voice trailed off, it was no longer a green light that emitted from his body, but a crack was suddenly opened in front of Su Mo’s eyes.

There was neither a gust of wind nor a surging wave in this rift, but rather… two blueprint designs flew out lightly.

The next second, the blueprints fell on the table. Before Su Mo could pick them up and look at it, a light that could be called the most terrifying in history, gushed out of Su Mo’s chest.

Lowering his head, Su Mo stared at the dangerous red light, which was like a solid beam of light, completely bombarding the two design blueprints on the work table.


Great horror!

Red was always the color of warning. Even though there was no high temperature, Su Mo felt uncomfortable inside when he looked at this beam of light.

It was unknown from which sacred source that these designs fell out from the crack. After being bombarded by the red beam for three seconds, gray-black smoke emerged and gradually dissipated into the air.

The red light retracted the next second, and the green light that symbolized hope slowly emanated again. The three design blueprints began to merge slowly, taking less than a minute before the green light retracted itself as well.

A design blueprint was lying quietly on the table. Even without the help from the system, it was glowing with a blue light!