Chapter 138: Reparation, The Astonishing Power Of Levitation

It looked close, but the distance was still a little far to reach by walking. These were Su Mo’s thoughts as he headed to the Deep-sea Shelter.

From a long distance, Su Mo watched the hill from the Underground Shelter disappearing over the horizon. Suppressing the feeling of insecurity, Su Mo quickly accelerated once again, increasing his pace to a steady jog.

“After the reparation this time, the Deep-sea Shelter will be completely useless. Including the gate on the first floor, and the winch that needs to be opened from the inside, it’s all a bit wasteful!”

Thinking of this, Su Mo suddenly felt a little indecisive.

Although there was no problem in centralizing all the things and resources in one shelter, it was very wasteful to just abandon this level 5 shelter like this.

A lot of people still lived in broken wooden houses with leaks and holes everywhere, and here Su Mo was going to put the reinforced concrete flat floor into an idle state.

How shameful and wasteful!

“It’s impossible to leave it idle. I must find a way to use all my resources.”

Su Mo pondered as he jogged.

After traveling so many times on this road, there were marks of Earth Tiger’s wheels on the ground that had not been erased. With Oreo leading the way, Su Mo multitasked in his mind and began to study how to maximize the usage of resources.

The most lacking things in the doomsday world would be food and water.

The issue of food could be researched and planted indoors in the main base.

When it was only Su Mo alone in the early stages, this would not be a concern. The food that came out of opening the treasure chests was completely sufficient to eat for half a year.

“There is no electricity in the Deep-sea Shelter. Even if I want to cultivate plants indoors, I can’t do it without fluorescent lights to replace sunlight, so the idea of food production has to be passed over.”

After crossing this out silently in his heart, Su Mo began to study the possibility of storing drinking water.

At present, the seven liters of psychic energy water per day in the base was completely enough for a day’s drinking, and only 500 survival points were needed to continue to expand the well’s output.

However, there were too many secrets about psychic energy water. Before researching and knowing clearly what was special about it, Su Mo made up his mind to not sell it if he could.

With the current existence of snow water in the trading market, the market price of psychic energy water was developing in two different directions.

In the hands of some “rich” groups who had succeeded in hunting and had a lot of good things in their hands, the price of psychic energy water was not expensive.

However, psychic energy water could instantly treat injuries. When medicines were short in the early stage, a few mouthfuls of psychic energy water might be able to save a life at a critical moment.

That was precisely the reason why these people were eager to keep raising the price of psychic energy water.

On the other hand, in lower-tier markets, for the “poor people” who were focused on basic needs, the price of psychic energy water was not within their acceptable range.

Besides, not only could they not afford the psychic energy water, but they were also unwilling to buy it.

Along with the heavy snowfall, ordinary water resources had become worthless.

There was snow everywhere and all it took was a little effort to collect and boil the snow and precipitate the impurities. They could then be stored in large quantities.

At least until the next water shortage crisis, water resources would no longer be the “currency” of transactions.

“Oh right!”

“I can think of a way to transform the Deep-sea Shelter. With the blessing of the mermaid clan, and the dirt from the outside world won’t be able to get in.”

“In the early stages, it can be used as a backup reservoir, and some clean snow can be stored inside. After it is frozen into a clean water source, it can be used as ordinary water!”

“I can also find a way to build a large water tank in the Underground Shelter, and take advantage of this opportunity to get more water, build a purifier, and connect it to a water pipeline. This would be equivalent to installing tap water facilities in the shelter!”

Slapping his forehead, Su Mo stopped in his tracks and took out the paper sheet with the design blueprint of the shelter. He looked for a blank space above and neatly wrote down the word reservoir.

The basic need of the human body is water, and most daily life activities require water.

In the future, during the development period between each disaster, to manage the large numbers of fast-growing vegetables and grains, a large amount of drinking water reserves would be needed for irrigation as well.

Whether it was the present or future, having a huge reservoir would be beneficial and harmless in every occasion.

As for the extra consumption and demand for safehouse cores, Su Mo looked at the remaining 8 safehouse cores still lying in his storage space and laughed.

Initially, the most lacking ones were the complete cores for the expansion of other modules. Unexpectedly, this had now changed to the damaged cores.

“In any case, the Underground Shelter needs to be constructed with two separate modules, one for water storage and the other for food cold storage.”

Su Mo calculated the enlarged area without including the damaged cores.

The newly built stone modular room was 10 meters long by 10 meters wide, which was a flat floor covering an area of 100 square meters.

Calculated by adding 4.2 meters of floor height, the usable space of the modular space was 420 cubic meters.

The density of water was one gram per cubic centimeter, and one kilogram of water was 1000 cubic centimeters. Based on this calculation, a 100-cubic-meter reservoir could store a full 420 tons of snow water.

Of course, this was just an estimated amount based on the data. After removing the floor space of the water storage tank, and adding in all sorts of miscellaneous things, there would be at least about 350 tons.

For two shelters, it would add up to approximately 800 tons. He would not need to worry about water for a long time from just one reserve.

When the thoughts in his mind were cleare, while Su Mo was still considering the details of the pressure of the reservoir and other issues, the Deep-sea Shelter gradually appeared in his line of sight.

At one point, Su Mo had still been envious of Magoo’s two-story shelter.

Now, thinking about how the Underground Shelter was about to become a three-story building, Su Mo could not help but get excited.

Su Mo climbed up the familiar hillside and once again looked at the nearby building structure with nostalgia. Without hesitation, he decisively pulled on the winch to move the gate.

“Big Brother Magoo…I will use your second floor first okay? It would be a waste to idly leave it here anyway!”

The reason why human civilization could live on this wasteland was that there were countless people like “Magoo” who were willing to leave their relics to later generations.

Touching the rising door, Su Mo said these words faintly; his gaze directed to the spot where Magoo’s corpse was buried above the hill.

Facing the direction of where the corpse laid, Su Mo bowed repeatedly thrice to express his gratitude.

With this third-level alloy door moved to serve as the garage door, Su Mo would at least have peace of mind in terms of safety.

Following the stairs and coming to the first floor, Su Mo started up Earth Tiger that was parked orderly.

As Su Mo moved back and forth, the saltpeter ores stored in Earth Tiger’s storage space gradually disappeared, while the piles on the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter were growing!

Su Mo went back to the first floor and carefully checked whether there were any omissions.

Everything that could be removed and taken away, including rotten tables and iron railings, had been removed and put on the second floor.

Were it not for the fixed flooring, Su Mo even considered removing all the intricate-patterned floorings to bring them back.

Standing at the top of the stairs, he looked around and confirmed that there was nothing else to take away. Su Mo then clapped his hands and returned to the second floor.

Focusing his thoughts, the attribute interface of the Deep-sea Shelter slowly emerged in front of him.

He scrolled to the bottom, focused his thoughts, made a mental selection, and the reparation function of the Deep-sea Shelter instantly illuminated.

At this time, the attribute panel, which was originally an azure blue, was immediately enveloped by the color of monstrous blood.

The original clear water pattern also became strange at this time, as if there was a constant flow of blood in it.

[Record]: Player “Su Mo” chooses to reparate the first floor of the Deep-sea Shelter (subsidiary) to the Underground Shelter.

[Record]: Please select the number of reparated floors.

[Record]: Please select the number of additional floors.

The upgrade notification appeared at the same time as a 3D image of the resource function. In this picture, the left side was the two-story structure of the Deep-sea Shelter.

On the right was the two-story structure of the Underground Shelter.

Su Mo tried to drag the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter and placed it on the top of the Underground Shelter. A prompt rang out again:

[Record]: Please confirm to reparate the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter (Subsidiary) to the third floor of the Underground Shelter (Main)?

[Record]: Please choose carefully, and the player must exit the selected floor!

“I wanted to enjoy the teleport transfer of the game panel at first, but now it seems that I can’t get on this free ride.”

Realizing that his little idea had been seen through by the game, Su Mo shrugged his shoulders and stepped out of the second floor’s door. He stood under the hill, and silently confirmed the action in his heart.

In the next second, a small breeze began to blow outside the Deep-sea Shelter.

Before Su Mo could figure out where this breeze was coming from, an extremely exaggerated scene appeared!

In the distant horizon, a scattered golden light with unparalleled power appeared, picking up snow along the way and forming a long tail.

The speed of this ray of light was quite fast. Although Su Mo tried to trace its movements with his eyes, when he blinked, the golden light had already flashed over to the side of the Deep-sea Shelter.

In the next second, without encountering any obstacles, the sturdy concrete structure was easily cut in half, as if it was made of paper paste, separating the first and second floors.

In the process of cutting, although there was no sound, the impact of the snow that trailed behind the light still knocked Su Mo to the ground.

At the same time, the second floor of the Underground Shelter did not collapse directly after losing its connection from the soil beneath it. Instead, a soft light dragged the second floor and gradually levitated it, gradually separating it from the first floor by a distance of one meter.

With this spatial separation, the entire second floor was stained with a light golden yellow, and it was like an artwork that caught one’s eye in the sky.

As he fell on the ground, Su Mo’s mouth gaped at the completely unreasonable sight in front of him.

He thought that after choosing to reparate, the second floor would directly disappear like teleporting and be directly attached to the Underground Shelter.

However, as the second floor was lifted into the air by the strong currents of the wind and hung in the air, flying slowly towards the Underground Shelter, Su Mo could only be gobsmacked!

“Good gracious, it seems that the game is taking the black technology route! Could it be that this engine is anti-gravitational?”

“Could it be that this streak of light turned the second layer into an high-temperature superconductor, using magnetic levitation to generate buoyancy?”