Chapter 137: Expansion! Attack On Hill!

“It’s just right. I thought that the third-level alloy gate on the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter was going to be wasted. Coincidentally, it can now be the main gate for my garage!”

As he was not going too far out, Su Mo only put on the combat uniform that he had not yet had time to wash. He came to the command center and hurriedly looked at the shelter’s surroundings to confirm that there were no problems, before walking out toward the passageway.

After he turned the combination lock, he pushed open the thick stone main door.

The noon sun, like an overt thief, was blatantly stealing away the darkness in the passageway of the shelter.

The sky was cloudless and azure blue. If he ignored the fact that this was the wasteland, this place was as pure as the prairies on Earth.

Fresh air, cotton-like snowflakes.

Taking off his mask and breathing in the warm air he had been missing for a long time, Su Mo could not help but sigh.

“The weather is really good but, if this goes on, this loose snow will probably turn into ice!”

The snow at the entrance of the shelter had been frozen and hardened slightly, and there was even a thin layer of ice on it.

Stepping on it, to prevent the door from freezing and making it difficult to enter and exit, Su Mo took out the shovel and began to shovel the snow.

Working under the sun, Su Mo shoveled for an hour until all the snow in front of the shelter door had been cleared aside and a pathway had been opened.

Compared to the dim sunlight over the past few days, the sun rays today were extremely terrifying, and the outdoor temperature had also recovered to over 10 degrees. Wearing the combat uniform, there was a wave of warmth surging continuously.

If this weather could be maintained over the next few days, the human beings who still survived in the wasteland could seize this good opportunity and develop fiercely.

“The wood and stone reserves of the shelter are currently in short supply, and the large shortfall must be solved before creating new floors.”

The big hole blasted by Marshall previously was still exposed to the wilderness.

There was plenty of time, Su Mo did not plan to buy these resources directly on the trading market, so he picked up scattered stone materials from the wilderness instead.

With the function of the storage space, the need for transportation was eliminated. It did not take long for 10 units of stone to be gathered.

Su Mo used 15 survival points for the construction cost, and a green light flashed before eliminating any trace of the previous gap.

Standing on the hillside with a mask to block the ultraviolet rays, Su Mo looked at the sun.

It was about two o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun in the sky was slightly hotter than it was at noon; it felt as if it was midsummer.

This abnormal sign completely violated the common sense principles of astronomy.

“I hope that everything won’t develop in the opposite direction or become too extreme. I hope that such good weather can last until the last day before the disaster!”

After gesturing for Oreo to guard the surroundings, standing on the hill, Su Mo began to take out all the safehouse cores.

There were as many as 9 complete safehouse cores, including the damaged safehouse cores, subtracting the 8 from his previous consumption, and the cores from the storage space of Kento Maeda, the total number was:


“A complete safehouse core is 100 square meters after being put down, and 12 cores are required to expand the area to 220 cubic meters. The reparation of the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter requires 22 cores. That leaves just one for emergency use after all the upgrades!”

As the calculation was straightforward, Su Mo did not need to write anything down either. He took out a complete safehouse core, calling out the game panel.

A familiar prompt appeared but, compared to last time, there were several changes.


[Option 1: Choose to place it above-ground. After connecting, a 120-square-meter stone house can be built, with good disaster resistance and excellent development potential.]
[Option 2: Choose to place it underground, which can be overlaid above the original shelter, forming a 100-cubic-meter underground flat layer with a height of 4.2 meters. After connecting, it will have strong disaster resistance and average development potential.]

The wooden house that was displayed in the beginning stages had now become a stone house, and the underground pit had also become an underground flat layer.

The original disaster resistance ability was weak and the development potential was extremely poor, but had now been strengthened when connected.

“Select Option 2. Generate an underground flat layer.”

[Record]: You have selected to generate an underground shelter. Generating terrain…

The turtle armor burst out with a red light, jumped out of his hands, and landed on the ground.

Along with the gradual increasing intensity of the light, the originally small hill was undergoing some changes compared to its previous height; being squeezed by the underground movements, it was still constantly rising.

Ten meters…

Eleven meters…

It took four or five minutes before the changes stopped.

When Su Mo examined it again, the hill, which was originally only five or six meters high, was now 13 meters high at its peak.

Standing on top, Su Mo looked down at the surrounding lowlands and looked toward the distance. Compared to the previous occasion, this time there was truly a feeling of overlooking the land despite the mere three-meter height increment.

“Surmount the highest peak to see all the mountains below you!”

“No, it should be…”

“There is no mountain in this world but, when you have placed numerous cores upon the land, that will become your mountain!”

Looking at the endless plains below, without knowing the reason why, a kind of pride was growing in Su Mo’s heart.

In the era of civilized Earth, the price of a cubic meter of property in Shanghai was tens of thousands of yuan, and expensive locations could even reach six figures, which was hundreds of thousands of yuan at every turn.

At that time, no one dared to have the thought of having everything that one sees as one’s territory.

Even the president of the fish pond from the Chinese television series once said, “I want everyone to know that this fish pond is contracted by you”. Even he would not have the arrogance to dare say that he owns tens of cubic kilometers of territory.

This time, however…


Facing the open expanse ahead, Su Mo shouted, as if the world was in his hands, the powerful feeling amplified by the echo of his voice!

“Oreo, Big Spark, and Little Spark, this is what your king has built for you!”

Su Mo yelled again. Looking at the bewildered Oreo in the distance, Su Mo nodded in satisfaction, laughing while he looked at the evolved hill.

The originally small hill was a bit like a tomb, it was oval-shaped and covered the ground unwaveringly, sitting like an upturned large bowl on the ground.

After placing down the shelter for the first time and creating the drainage channel, the front was raised at a steep angle, while the rear slope was gentle.

However, after this placement, the 100 square meters of soil below had nowhere to go, so it was raised above the foundation of the hill. This made the hill look no longer like what it was before.

Compared to the gentle slopes of the Deep-sea Shelter, the mountain ledges of the Underground Shelter were steeper, especially in the front, which was close to a 90-degree vertical angle.

Looking from a distance, if a mighty gate could be built here, it would feel like the gate of the world was opening at this spot.

After observing things for a while, Su Mo slowly slipped down through the back of the hillside.

Oreo, who was standing guard in the distance, ran over curiously as well, tilting her head as she was looking at the hill.

After walking around the hill, Su Mo strode over to the main entrance.

The main door that was used for entering and exiting had moved up a little because of the heightened terrain, and the appearance inside has also slightly changed.

As Su Mo opened the door and walked into what was originally designed to be a three-sectioned passageway. As expected, a small opening was made on the side of the wall behind the second sectioned door.

Su Mo took out the flashlight from the storage space and walked into the small opening, as he examined the internal facilities curiously.

The inside of the underground level created was the same as the underground pit he created the first time, it was completely dark.

Stepping in, Su Mo shone the light into the space and touched the surrounding material.

Compared to the wood from before, this time, whether it was the wall, ceiling, or floor, they were built with the same solid stone as the first floor.

Focusing his thoughts, the attribute panel of the shelter naturally opened, revealing the new attributes.

[Underground Shelter (Main)]
[Level: lv2]
[Description: A two-story shelter made from heavy rocks. It has two low-leveled transcendent attributes and can resist strong external impacts and small disasters. Being in this shelter will make you feel more secure.]
[Space: 320㎡ (first floor: 4.2m high, 220㎡, second floor: 4.2m high, 100㎡)]
[Completion: 100%]
[Facilities: Psychic energy water well, large scale vegetable culture medium, ventilation and lighting, three-sectioned passageway defense…]
[Transcendent Ability: The water of the Mermaid clan, the wind of the Lion clan]
[Currently available permissions: Rebuilding, Connecting]

“Sure enough, the game recognizes this upgrade method. Now the area has become 320 cubic meters, and my number of floors has also become two floors.”

“Then next…”

Su Mo took out the 12 damaged safehouse cores in sequence and turned on the area upgrade function in the game panel.

After putting all of them into the game panel, as Su Mo’s voice confirmed the action, all the cores began to dissolve.

This time, compared to the brutal collision before, the transformation was less violent, as if the force could not wait to be expanded.

The expansion of the newly-appeared layer was much more soothing, as it gently expanded and shook gently.

At the end of his line of sight, the walls began to slowly move back.

The progress maintained a very stable turtle speed and, as the walls moved back, the area began to grow larger.

Su Mo stood and watched for a while before realizing that it would take a long time for the area to expand, so he simply walked out of the small door.

“The previous layer that we’ve been living in would become the second floor, and the new one will turn into the first floor. After sacrificing the floor from the Deep-sea Shelter, I’ll also have a garage for the shelter. It seems that the main door must also be remodeled!”

The current three-sectioned tunnel passageway directly to the second floor of the underground shelter, and there was a small door along the passageway on the first floor, which was very inconvenient.

According to the design of the Deep-sea Shelter, the Underground Shelter would also be connecting the three floors by stairs in the future.

So there was no need to design the entrance door this way.

As long as the door of the garage was upgraded, the defensive passageway would be set up through the stairs in the garage that extended down section by section, which would be safe and convenient.

Closing the passageway door, the hill was still creeping up slowly because of the expansion below.

With Oreo next to him, Su Mo walked in the direction of the Deep-sea Shelter.