Chapter 135: Upgrade! Lv2 Underground Shelter!

[Shabby Design Blueprint of Shelter]
[Description]: A inadequate shelter design blueprint designed by the inexperienced architect “Su Mo”. Contains large and small architectural errors, 42 common sense engineering violations, 7 major defects, and 89 architectural violations. There are 27 minor defects, the planning is extremely unreasonable, most of the area is wasted, and the construction cost is huge. It is not recommended to directly proceed according to this plan.]
[First upgrade direction: Refactor the design of the shelter blueprint, greatly reduce common sense errors, retain the original design concept, and greatly improve the building’s disaster resistance. Survival points required (120)]
[Second upgrade direction: Make amends for the defects of the architectural design, modify common sense errors in the design blueprint, retain design concepts, add water and electrical planning and transformation. Greatly improve the rationality of the design blueprint. Survival points required (300)]
[Third upgrade direction: Search for designs with the highest similarity to the architectural design as a blueprint reference, overrule the design concept, carry out reasonable planning, and slightly improve the use of space, disaster resistance, and comfort properties. Survival points required (280)]
[Comment: In designing this blueprint, your thought process has greatly exceeded your intelligence.]

“Sure enough, my way of thinking is good!”

Looking at the three options given by the system, Su Mo stood up from the workbench, rejoicing while adjusting his stiff neck.

If he had commissioned the shelter’s design to others, it would cost fewer survival points. However, when he thought about the troubles that happened previously, Su Mo immediately dispelled this dangerous idea.

After all, it was the house he lived in. Spend more money and do less work. It was safer and more secure. There was absolutely no loss!

Putting the blueprint down on the table, Su Mo did not choose to upgrade it immediately. After moving to the crop culture room to look at the darkening sky outside, Su Mo began to wash up and prepared himself for bed.

Tomorrow was the day of his harvest from the arduous work he had done today.

Establishing the core of this shelter and relocating the second floor of the Deep-sea Shelter, both were important matters.

Su Mo sat on his small bed and turned on the heating pad. Before the bed warmed up, Su Mo, who had been exhausted from the day’s activities, immediately fell asleep.

In the daylight hours of each day, Su Mo wished that he could double that time and spend them.

His life was the same as a stand-alone game, having a full schedule every day, and constantly completing one task after another.

Even in his dreams, Su Mo often had nightmares of being suddenly attacked by someone or of a monster coming to siege his shelter.

At this moment, all those burdens suddenly disappeared.

Dreamless, Su Mo slept extremely well and even produced slight snoring noises.

In the middle of the night, Big Spark and Little Spark, who were extremely afraid of the cold, slowly clambered onto the soft, quilt-like bed, both of them lying on either side of the bed.

Except for the sound of Su Mo’s breathing, and Oreo’s occasional saliva drooling and mouth moving as she dreamed of delicious food, the stable Underground Shelter was extremely quiet.

Even though he had an extremely standard biological clock, after waking up, Su Mo did not get up immediately, but rather changed his posture and fell asleep again happily.

Time was passing slowly…

Su Mo stayed in bed until about 11 o’clock. When he heard Oreo’s movement running around in the living room in hunger, Su Mo woke up leisurely from his sleep.

The long sleep brought numbness to the brain, and a feeling of chaos came along with the headache.

He fumbled around for the psychic energy water cup on the bedside table, in a daze, Su Mo took a sip.


His head no longer hurt!

His feet were no longer numb!

He felt energetic too!

The magical psychic energy water, just like mercurochrome, could take effect immediately after consumption, quickly alleviating the negative state of the human body.

Supporting himself on the edge of the bed, Su Mo adjusted his shoulders. He then stood up, put on his clothes, and walked into the living room.

The sunshine from the crop culture room was heating up and, with the slow flow of the wind, there was a gradual warmth spreading through the shelter.

Su Mo went to the command center and switched on the old TV.

He began to routinely check for danger outside the shelter.

“Oh, it’s extremely sunny today. The weather is really good. It’s a good time to start construction.”

Turning the mechanical controller in his hand, the picture on the old TV began to change, raising the angle of view. The earth was quiet, and the wind stopped.

If one could look at the world in a calm state and set aside the anxiety that was caused by the impending blizzard in four days, it almost felt like winter was about to pass; spring was coming, and everything was about to recover.

“Without counting today, there are four more days before the blizzard arrives. I wonder how the others are preparing!”

After turning off the TV, Su Mo opened yesterday’s system harvest panel to check the survival points while washing up.

[Doomsday Calendar Month 1, Day 17]
[You took a very comfortable hot bath and feel that your luck has improved (Survival points +15)]
[You have upgraded your vehicle “Earth Tiger” and the vehicle’s environmental adaptability has become stronger (Survival points +15)]
[You caught the human who had schemed against you and interrogated him for a small amount of useful information (Survival points +15)]
[You suppressed your anger and successfully made your enemy feel anxious (Survival points +100)]
[You burned down a camp of a hostile race and seized a small amount of supplies, which greatly frustrated the morale of the hostile race (Survival points +200)]
[You experienced a “bloody” battle in an enemy camp (Survival points +30)]
[You have aroused the spirit of resistance among your same kind and helped them find a way forward. You are very pleased and do not feel ashamed of what you have done (Survival points +100)]
[Addition of a small resource node near your shelter (Survival points +20)]
[You have obtained an excellent technique which greatly enhances your strength in close combat and makes you feel more secure (Survival points +200)]
[Milestone: Wasteland driving distance exceeds 500km (Survival points +100)]
[Milestone: Wiped out more than 10 your own kind (Survival points +50)]
[Scanning host survival environment. Survival points evaluation in progress. 242 survival points gained today.]

Total calculation: Survival points +1087

Survival points remaining: 2304


“Finally broke through to 1000 survival points in a day. The next goal…”

“5000 points!”

With enough water, it was easier for Su Mo to wash up. Seeing the survival points income, Su Mo’s heart was filled with emotion.

Some time ago, even 100 points a day was a huge sum for him and it took a day or two to collect that amount.

Now, his points grew by a thousand points in one day. This development speed was not unpleasant.

“After the meal, I will start to upgrade the shelter. Everything is ready, only waiting for an auspicious time!”

Su Mo took out the rice, put it on the pot and steamed it. After hastily finishing lunch, he sat in the shelter, and quietly waited for the arrival of noon.

When the time had almost arrived, the dark storage space opened up in front of Su Mo, and all the safehouse cores fell on the floor like balls.

The game prompt sounded simultaneously:

[Record]: It is detected that the player has a complete safehouse core and meets the assimilation conditions. Do you wish for it to be assimilated?

This time, without any hesitation, Su Mo selected the core of Kento Maeda and confirmed it silently in his heart.

The turtle shell that belonged to Kento Maeda shattered and turned into a water-based substance that slipped from Su Mo’s palm and fell on the ground.


The entire shelter seemed to be kneaded by a big hand, trembling in waves. As the prickling sound ended, the base was larger than before, visible to the naked eye.

The area of the Underground Shelter shown on the game panel had also increased from 140 to 150 cubic meters.

At the same time, on the floor of the living room, all of Maeda’s belongings were sorted into categories, neatly arranged according to their original storage locations in the core.

At this moment, there were 12 leftover damaged cores from the battles of Kento Maeda and his team.

Su Mo counted seven of them, summoned the game panel, and used all the seven cores at once.

Suddenly, a chemical reaction between the cores and the area seemed to have begun in the shelter, and a tremor that was even more terrifying than before hit.

Standing on the floor of the living room, Su Mo noticed that the objects around him were gradually moving.

The stone bench was moving away, and the sunlight in the crop culture room was also moving away into the distance. Even Oreo who was sitting at his feet began to drift away as the area expanded.

Everyone stood still, but the area was expanding in size.

With a thought, the attribute panel of the Underground Shelter opened automatically, and the new 220 cubic meter area suddenly appeared on it.

[Underground Shelter (Main)]
[Level: lv2]
[Description: A shelter made of thick and heavy rocks. It has two low-level transcendent attributes, which can resist extremely strong external impacts and small disasters. Being in this shelter will make you feel more secure]
[Space: 220㎡ (1st floor: 4.2m high)]
[Completion: 100%]
[Facilities: Psychic energy water well, large scale vegetable culture medium, ventilation and lighting, three-section corridor defense…]
[Transcendent Ability: The water of the Mermaid clan, the wind of the lion clan]
[Currently available permissions]:

[Rebuilding: (Rebuild the layout of the shelter and automatically generate partition walls. Number of uses: once. Please adjust carefully)]
[Connecting: (Maximum distance of Lv2 shelter connection: 200m. After connecting through the game panel, the attached cabin will be automatically share the attributes of the main shelter)]