Chapter 134: Spear Technique Acquired! The Second Plan

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[Yue Family Spear Technique (Excellent)]
[Description: A set of spear techniques from the Yue Family martial arts style, which was passed down by Grand Marshal Yue, full name Yue Fei. The Yue Family Spear has unique techniques and is known as the “king of spears”; its techniques are simple in action, drawing in and controlling the enemy with every move, and killing with a single strike. The offensive techniques are thrust, pierce, stab, sweep, and flick, while the defensive techniques are standard; whirl, hook, parry, and deflect. Yue Family Spear technique integrates both defense and offense in its movements. Defending by attacking and fortifying while attacking, so that the enemy has no opportunity to fight back.]
[Killing move: Solitary smoke in the desert, sunset over the river]
[First upgrade direction : Reduce the loopholes of the Yue Family Spear technique. Slightly increases the power of its moves, and slightly reduces the difficulty of learning and using the technique. Survival points required (220)]
[Second upgrade direction: Match the Yue Family Spear technique with a body forging method. Improves the Yue Family Spear style and matches with the host’s combat abilities, greatly simplifying the difficulty of learning. Survival points needed (580)]
[Comment: Hey! Stop thinking about upgrading to the level of divine cultivation. If you have the time for that, isn’t it better to find an automatic spear?]


Traversing to this world, and having experienced so many strange things, Su Mo certainly held some desire toward the legendary divine cultivation technique.

“The two upgrade methods can greatly reduce the difficulty of my learning and practice. Although I can’t upgrade it to the divine level of martial arts or cultivation, it is still reasonable!”

Touching his head while looking at the comment given by the system, Su Mo’s words were righteous and stern.

Even if he could not upgrade it to a divine cultivation technique, so what? After looking at the pros and cons of the two upgrade methods, Su Mo chose the second one without hesitation.

Only with combat effectiveness could one do more things and obtain more survival points.

Naturally, Su Mo calculated the investment.

580 survival points were deducted, and a burst of black light was slowly released from his body, attracting the booklet in his hand, as it slowly floated into the air.

Even without any wind, it moved automatically, and the booklet began to slowly turn its pages under the guidance of the black light.

At the same time, the original clear ink strokes, under the stimulation of the black light, seemed to be possessed and floated up from the pages.

The text constantly trembled and rearranged themselves while the pictures were repeatedly distorted, as if dancing.

The black light scoured the booklet over and over again, as if baptizing it; injecting new life into the Yue Family Spear technique.

In Su Mo’s vision, the “Yue” in the “Yue Family Spear technique” on the cover of the booklet began to deform, slowly turning into the very familiar ”Su”!

“Su Family Spear technique?”

Before Su Mo’s voice ended, the booklet suddenly burst out in dazzling light, as if it had found its home, rushing straight into Su Mo’s mind.

Complex messages began to be generated automatically in his mind.

Compared to the memory transmission method of the game panel, the system’s method was extremely crude. In an instant, Su Mo seemed to have arrived at a martial arts arena.

In front of him, an illusory figure held a spear and nodded at Su Mo, who looked bewildered. Then, without talking nonsense, the system directly began to showcase the improved Su Family Spear technique.

The figure performed the motions rapidly, moving gorgeously and freely, back and forth between opening and closing stances.

Even if it was Su Mo’s first time seeing the rumored spear technique, he could feel its beauty and fluidity. As for whether he could understand it, Su Mo simply said, “Good, good! Once more!”

‘To arrive at a martial arts arena, even if I can’t understand it, I’ll just watch it as a show, eh? Just have fun!’

The insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride. Su Mo did not understand the use of these moves, so he simply sat down and applauded.

However, the next second, the figure seemed to be provoked by Su Mo.

The originally hollow eyes suddenly seemed to have a hint of life.

At the same time, the figure vigorously threw the spear in his hand in Su Mo’s direction.

“Hey! Really?”

Su Mo looked at the long spear that had fallen in front of him and noticed that another spear had appeared in the hands of the figure, and the figure was rushing over in strides. Its posture made Su Mo scream in fright, and he picked up the spear and ran away immediately.

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Su Mo did not know what would happen if he was defeated in this realm, so he had to lower his head and escape.

During the period of chasing and fleeing, the figure remained two steps behind Su Mo, stabbing the spear from time to time at his waist and then at his buttocks.

“Goodness gracious, if this can be tolerated, what else cannot be? Humiliating me this way… you’re doomed!”

He could feel that the figure was still performing its wretched actions, Su Mo turned around “furiously”, replacing his usual fist motions with the spear, and was about to use moves from his regular combat style.

However, before Su Mo could attack with the spear, subconsciously, his movements were slowly altered by muscle memory, and streams of information were constantly transmitted.

Spear Knee Strike?

Dragon’s Tongue?

Rising Phoenix Sun!

Two Poles Division…

More and more information was being transmitted as Su Mo fought against the figure, and the moves were gradually becoming more familiar to him. Compared to his previous combat style, it was several levels better.

After finishing the first round, Su Mo had gained new insights. Then the second round commenced.

While defending, Su Mo even caught the opportunity to counterattack from time to time.

After the third round had ended, just as Su Mo had been eagerly gearing up to fight, as if a trance had ended, his eyes suddenly became clear. In front of him stood the wall of the Underground Shelter.

The booklet containing the Su Family Spear technique in front of him suddenly lost its ability to float and fell to the ground with a muffled noise.

Squatting down, Su Mo picked up the booklet and began to browse through it under the light.

The cover of the booklet had turned brand new. On the pages, the Su Family Spear technique was as if dragons were flying and phoenixes dancing…

In the booklet, Su Mo carefully looked through the moves inside. Starting from the first move “Spear Knee Strike”, the next moves were exactly the same techniques that he had performed during the three rounds in the martial arts arena just now.

There seemed to be muscle memory hidden in Su Mo’s body of every move and every style.

Looking at the pictures on the booklet, Su Mo felt that it was more reasonable.

“It turns out that the system’s so-called ‘greatly simplifying the difficulty of learning’ means this? I thought that I had to learn it slowly by myself.”

This time he tried practicing the spear technique again in reality. Although it was a bit jerky, every move was able to be performed to a basic level, and he could be considered a “beginner” in the technique.

Su Mo tried practicing a round of the technique, and a rush of heat seemed to gush from his lower abdomen, flowing to all parts of his limbs.

His ligaments, that were originally stiff from sitting on the ground for a long time, gradually felt sore as they were slowly stretched apart.

“My body is too stiff. It’s not too bad though, this spear technique can stretch the ligaments and improve my flexibility!”

The booklet was carefully placed in the storage space. Su Mo was very satisfied with today’s gain.

The shelter’s development, material collection, and personal combat ability; these three lines went hand in hand.

With excitement, Su Mo practiced the technique repeatedly. After a few rounds though, Su Mo stopped; his ligaments protested strongly, indicating that if he were to continue practicing, they were about to split open.

Seeing that it was getting late, after some light movements to cool down, he returned to the workbench. Su Mo began to quietly plan the construction route of the shelter.

The low temperature of minus 20 degrees accompanied by the blizzard was indeed dangerous and fatal, but it was not that human beings could not survive in such an environment.

In history, Stalin, who was exiled six times, was exiled to a small village near the Arctic Circle and lived there alone for five years.

For five years, he lived in a simple wooden house, lived on the resources obtained from the activities of hunting and fishing, and survived a hard life in Siberia with the weather being close to minus sixty degrees.

At the same time, it was this kind of environment and experience that created his steel-like will!

“The current base plan must include two floors. To match the one floor reparated here from the Deep-sea Shelter, this floor must also be 220 square meters.”

On a large piece of paper, Su Mo made his designs and began to conceive them by drawing.

The food and supplies from so many treasure chests cannot be stored given the size of the current storage area.

Even if he were to farm relentlessly after this, he also needed a cold storage facility to keep food fresh after harvesting, and to minimize the deterioration of food resources.

“Build a large-scale cold storage facility!”

On the upper right side of the paper, Su Mo wrote these words. At the same time, he drew a circle with a pen, and put an emphasis mark on the front.

With the instantaneous creation function of the safehouse core, the construction of the cold storage facility did not require a construction team, nor any digging by himself, which was extremely convenient.

As long as the thought was prompted in his mind, he could just put down the core of the safehouse, and the cold storage facility would be constructed.

“I need to open up an underground space for this cold storage facility. The initial area will be set at 100 square meters. When the time comes, it will be sealed directly. I will find a way to build a passage directly to the main shelter and install a door.”

“The materials used in daily life will be stored in the outdoor storage area. After the temperature drops in the cold storage facility, the door will be closed to maintain the temperature inside, which will be used to store large amounts of food and objects that should be kept away from high temperatures.”

With these thoughts, a brief structure began to take shape on the paper after a few strokes.

Compared to the food storage space in the current shelter, it was inevitable that the area of ​​the cold storage facility had to be greatly expanded if a large-scale shelter was to be built in the future.

In this setting, it would be a bit troublesome to place it in the shelter. It would be better to open a separate underground shelter and try to link it up.

“Also a garage for this a new underground space has to be opened and connected to the Underground Shelter through the passageway as well.”

Next to the words cold storage facility, Su Mo wrote down the word “garage”.

There was no computer, so naturally there was no CAD drawing software. To create a qualified design blueprint, after the previous incident with Shen Yitian, Su Mo could only patiently figure out a solution by himself.

Besides, Earth Tiger and other future vehicles would certainly not be constrained to just one, so a large underground garage would be necessary.

However, there was no rush at this stage. He could first create a 100 cubic-meter space to park Earth Tiger.

When larger vehicles were added in the future, new plans could be made.

Suddenly having a new floor plan and two modules independent of the shelter gave Su Mo a headache.

Despite the issues, Su Mo continued to draw for over an hour, a simple first draft slowly emerging on paper, comprising two additional modules, with a two-floored design.

It included the kitchen, the wet and dry bathroom areas, and a toilet.

Additionally, in the space on the second floor, Su Mo specially partitioned some space to build a gym for training as well.

“It’s all over the place. I don’t know whether the system will recognize my design!”

With an uneasy mood, Su Mo focused mentally and looked at the drawing.

“System, system, this is the design blueprint of the shelter.”

“This is the shelter’s design!”

After several moments of silent chanting, it seemed as if the system was annoyed by the chanting, and an illusory interface popped up!