My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 131

Chapter 131: A Huge Battle, and A Plan for a New Territory!

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As he muttered the names of the two resources, Su Mo finally understood the reason why Magoo had chosen this location to become a shelter.

The huge saltpeter mine, which produced an incredulous amount of saltpeter, was at least level three according to its star rating. It was most likely not the doing of Magoo.

However, whether in terms of location or quantity, Su Mo was certain that this level two sulfur mine was definitely created by Magoo!

As a soldier, Magoo was not considered old. Based on the information exchange of that era, the technology and knowledge that he could come into contact with mostly came from things that he was familiar with or from others.

A rough outline gradually formed in Su Mo’s heart.

The reason why Magoo chose this location to build his shelter was probably because he had seen such an expansive saltpeter mine. Then, he probably thought that as long as he had sulfur, he could prepare gunpowder.

Therefore, after obtaining the thermal weapon machine and stumbling upon the sulfur mines, Magoo had used the thermal weapon machine to create large amounts of ammunition and sold them in exchange for other resources.

Unfortunately, Magoo was not a firearms dealer, but rather just part of the ammunition production line.

He did not manage to excavate any copper mines, so when he was making bullets, he had to pay huge tax amounts to players with copper mines.

This was why he was not able to accumulate enough wealth.

“Looks like my luck is pretty good! If I can create a copper mine with the resource card and repair the thermal weapon machine, I can directly produce bullets and sell them continuously as a firearms dealer!”

The level of the treasure chest that the Resource Duplication Coupon came from was just wooden, so Su Mo had not known if it could replicate a higher level card than itself.

However, at that moment, looking at the resource card that had been duplicated, Su Mo’s eyes were filled with wild thoughts, and he started to think about the pros and cons.

The increase in productivity brought on by the resource card was very direct.

At this stage, as long as he could gather a variety of resources near the shelter, then he could directly shout “Woohoo! It’s time for take off!”

Staring at the duplication coupon, he was hesitating on whether to use it or not. Su Mo’s eyes studied the random words on the card.

Su Mo slapped his head and suddenly understood!

“How could I have forgotten about this! I still have more than a hundred treasure chests. If I open those treasure chests, I might be able to get other better cards to duplicate!”

With there being a Random Resource Generation Card, it was hard not to predict that there would be a Fixed Resource Generation Card later on.

If he could directly receive a fixed copper or iron ore Generation Card from the treasure chests, even if the production level was not high, it would still be able to increase his growth rate.

“Today… No! Tomorrow morning, I’ll start researching how to upgrade the shelter. When the space has been expanded, I’ll open all the treasure chests in one go!”

Walking to the shining wall of treasure chests, Su Mo’s eyes flashed.

If there was an endless stream of resources, the barren land would no longer be as empty as it was when it was in Magoo’s time.

Copper ores, iron ores, and even rare earth ores, as well as other resources; with the activation of the Resource Card, this piece of barren land would become the richest place in this wasteland, becoming a fertile land that everyone envied.

The new resource function opened the door to a new world.

Even though he was stuck inside the Underground Shelter, Su Mo only felt the urge and motivation to do everything now.

After carefully placing the cards in the storage space, he went to the supplies storage. Su Mo multi-tasked and started to prepare dinner.

“Kobold… Lion clan… I have to get rid of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, with so many resources appearing around me, these monsters will definitely come to raid them. However, it doesn’t matter if they do snatch them. If there are ores, I’ll rob them after they mine some. It would be the same as if I had mined them myself.”

“Hm. Since I’ve gotten yeast now, let’s ferment some dough today and make some steamed buns for later.”

Su Mo picked up the bag of flour that had just been opened and a small bag of yeast. He went to the stove and started to prepare the dough.

Steamed sweet buns were a specialty dish of the Northwesterners.

In the past, he hadn’t had any ingredients, so naturally he hadn’t been able to enjoy them as much. He had enjoyed eating steamed sweet buns and drinking soup along with it, but now that he had the yeast powder to make the dough, it was easy for him.

He took out a bit of yeast and some white sugar. He mixed the two with warm water and poured them into the flour. He kneaded them until the point where the ‘three signs’ were apparent: his hand no longer had flour sticking to it, the basin as well, and the dough was taut and shiny.

He could just put the dough aside and let them rise.

At the same time, he took out some rice and lit the firewood under the stove. He used the hairdryer to heat it, and the congee was cooked beautifully.

With the addition of the psychic energy water, the rising process of the dough was sped up.

In just half an hour, when he realized that the dough structure passed the “window pane” test, Su Mo skillfully took out the dough, divided it and kneaded the pieces into the shape of a steamed buns.

He put them into the steaming pot at the side and covered the pot with the lid. Within half an hour, the steamed buns and rice porridge were freshly cooked.

“Hiss… The steamed buns steamed with psychic energy water are too fragrant. I can smell the fragrance even through the lid!”

Swallowing his saliva, he estimated that it was about time to take them out. He lifted the lid of the pot and looked at the big white steamed buns on it. A sense of happiness surged through him!

Of course, when Su Mo turned his head to the side, the trio of pets could not help but start crying out in hunger. They could not wait to ‘share’ the steamed buns inside.

Returning to the supplies storage, Su Mo took out the seaweed and vegetables.

He scooped the porridge into the trio’s bowls and tore some buns into smaller pieces and threw them into the bowl as well.

Seeing the Big Spark and Little Spark eating so happily, Oreo, who was lying on the ground, started barking greedily too. Su Mo himself couldn’t help but start to salivate.

He tore open the steamed bun, added some seaweed strands and squeezed the pieces tightly together!

With one bite, Su Mo bit off a third of the bun. The solid exterior texture of the steamed bun contrasted with its soft interior texture; mixed with the salty and spicy taste of the seaweed strips, the flavors exploded in his mouth almost instantaneously.

The stimulating taste and smell made sweat appear on Su Mo’s forehead immediately.


He took another bite. Before the taste in his mouth dissipated, he blew on the fragrant and sweet rice porridge beside him and gulped down half a bowl.

At a time like this, Su Mo felt that… even if he were to get the geothermal resources, he would not be as happy as he was now!

The dopamine secretion brought on by consuming the delicacies had completely exceeded the original products. It was so stimulating that it made him feel dizzy.

Three bites to finish a bun, and four to finish a bowl of rice congee.

Su Mo ate until his stomach started to protest. When he really could not eat anymore, he stopped.

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve realized that a normal home-cooked meal on Earth could be so enjoyable. I was so busy then and I lost out on many opportunities for happiness!”

Rubbing his bulging belly, Su Mo sat on the ground. He leaned against the stone bench behind him and stared blankly at the ceiling.

After the crazy waves of dopamine surged, they would slowly disappear, and what would be left was just a void.

Naturally, humans would enter the legendary period of “reflection”.

It was only at this time that most people would jump out from the confines of their heavy shells and think from the perspective of God.

“If this continues, it looks like my previous plan will be completely overturned!”

With a wave of his hand, Su Mo’s hand-drawn map slowly flew out of the storage space and landed on the ground. He then pulled out the resource map on the game interface.

Taking out a pen, Su Mo began to seriously modify the data, making the terrain markings on it more precise. He also marked the amount of resources available on the map.

Apart from the sulfur mine and the newly-discovered geothermal resources, there was a whole basin. At the very least, according to the current view, there was a piece of land that seemed to contain fossil fuel below the shelter.

He did not know whether this resource was naturally generated or not. Even after trying, Su Mo could not see the attributes.

However, this also indirectly showed that it was completely possible to move the oil well over!

“Initially, I thought that this was just an ordinary survival game. Now, it feels like a real-time simulator that requires you to build a city…

“Wars of the World!”


On the upper right hand corner of the map, Su Mo used his wrist strength to write these four words!

If he wanted to develop his technology quickly, he would need resources. The most basic ones were copper ore, iron ore, coal, wood, oil, and then ranging all the way to higher-level geothermal and various rare minerals.

If these things were fixed spawns on the map, it would be fine if only one of them existed. Everyone could share it together and there wouldn’t be any conflicts over them.

However, the problem before him had suddenly changed!

Resources were not only available on the map, but could also be generated near the shelter’s territory through the resource card.

As a result, those without resources became poorer and poorer, and those with resources became richer and richer. Over time, there would naturally be waves of competition.

Outsiders would fight for resources, and the humans would also fight amongst themselves for resources.

“If I want to transform this barren ‘Great Depression’ into a rich ‘Su Mo’s Basin’, not only will I need a lot of resource generating cards but, most importantly…”

“Martial force!”

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