My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Furnace! Resources Overflowing!

As the treasure chests were removed from the storage space, they scattered all over the floor. The dim storage area was immediately lit up by the glow from the twenty-plus treasure chests.

There were a total of twenty one treasure chests, and the loot they were carrying shone in their respective colors, a preview of the different tiers that those colors represented.

Who knew what the chests were made of; no matter whether it looked like wood or bronze, the surface would feel completely smooth like flawless jade.

“Looks like it’s still the same, I’ll start with the wooden chests first to try my luck…”

Other than the twenty one chests, the whole living room also had a shining wall comprising hundreds of treasure chests. It gave Su Mo the feeling of being a ‘billionaire’.

He planned to open them slowly but, with a wave of his hand, Su Mo had already opened 11 of the wooden chests at once.

Once the wooden chests slowly faded away from being opened, Su Mo could finally see the loot from the wooden chests.

“A pirated CD of ‘X Sea Fortress’? D*amn, who would pirate this kind of “good” film? These people are terrible! I’m gonna give them a bad review!”

“Two bags of 100g turnips, a bag of seaweed. Hmm, these are good for eating!”

“PVC pipe? These were great for fighting during high school. Perhaps it would be good to make water pipes out of them if needed. Nice!”

“A bag of yeast, d*mn…these will allow me to begin the era of baking!”

Everything in the wooden chests were loose items. After arranging the loot from the eleven chests, Su Mo received a total of: Yeast x1 , Turnip x2, Seaweed x1, Kiss Kiss Brand Prawn Sticks x1 , Pirated CD x1, Ab Wheel x1, Isotonic Drink x1, and 1 meter of PVC pipe.

These things were not really better than the previous session of loot opening.

But for wooden chests, it was natural that such junk would be obtained from them. As long as they were not children’s toys or…*cough cough*, “dolls”, Su Mo could accept them and say: Okay then!

Wooden chests were meant to be used to get rid of bad luck; the worse the loot was, the happier Su Mo became!

After moving everything over to the side, Su Mo took the iron chests and placed them in front of him.

Compared to wooden chests, Su Mo had prior experience of better loot from the iron chests. Looking at the chests in front of him, Su Mo could not help but keep repeating:

“Please don’t have anything good, please don’t. Keep building that pity score up!”

He placed his hands on the iron chests and opened them in one go.

After opening everything, Su Mo gathered all the items and started tallying:

3-meter long Bull Brand extension cord, Rice (3kg) x1, Maize seeds (2kg) x1, Lao Gan Ma Chilli Sauce 500g x1, a not-so-sharp dagger x1, two 50cm long steel rods (φ12X12, durability of 400E) x1.

“Good! Good!”

The items in the six iron chests were all “pity building”. There wasn’t anything that was worth shouting about.

Finally, Su Mo slowly let out a breath of anticipation. He held his quickly-beating heart, took the bronze chests, and placed them in front of him.

Ever since transmigrating to the wasteland. Su Mo had only seen four types of treasure chests up until now.

The most valuable one was during his first excursion, when he defeated a chameleon, it dropped a silver chest; and also when he first met with the kobolds, after defeating the mage, it dropped a silver chest as well.

The loot from the silver chests were good, but that did not mean that lower-tier chests would not have anything good either.

Just like the blueprint for creating godlike equipment like the workbench; it had been obtained by Su Mo from opening an iron chest.

Naturally, modifications to the workbench required complicated modules and resources, but it could not cover up the possibility of obtaining good items from lower-tier chests.

“Heaven and Earth are Suchness, Impure Qi disperses, the Center of the Cavern, Mysterious Void , Dazzling bright Great Origin.”

“The Eight Directions’ Mighty Spirits, Enable me to be Suchness, Ling Bao’s talisman commands , Universal announcement in the Nine Heavens”

“Bronze treasure chests, open!”

After chanting the Purifying Heart & Spirit Incantation, Su Mo opened his eyes.

Even though the game notifications came late, following the activation of the bronze treasure chests, a magnificent sound rang in Su Mo’s ears.

[Record]: You activated Bronze Treasure Chest x4

[Record]: You obtained Furnace Blueprint x1

[Record]: You obtained Crucible (Good Quality) x1

[Record]: You obtained Plain Flour (25kg) x1

[Record]: You obtained Random Resource Card (Tier One) x1

[Record]: You obtained White Rabbit Brand Milk Candy (588g) x 1

The game notifications came flooding in like water.

Hearing this, Su Mo was stunned and had a glimmer in his eyes. He stared at the game interface, shocked.

“Furnace! Crucible! Resource card!”

“It can’t be that, I, Su Mo, can have EX-rank luck one day as well?!!”

Seeing the blueprint, the crucible that was even larger than a cauldron falling from the sky, and that shining resource card that floated in the air, Su Mo was stunned!

Compared to these three things, the flour and milk candy could stand aside.

What was a furnace?

On Earth, many sandbox games contained this great item.

Without hesitation, the overjoyed Su Mo immediately grabbed the blueprint that did not look like much and looked at its property panel.

[Furnace Blueprint]
[Description: Module Type Technology. It can be used in wondrous ways. When paired with other modules, it will have even more miraculous functions.]
[Modules required: Crucible module, Iron Felt module, Toolbox module, Strong Reduction module, Strong Reaction module, Storage module…]
[Usage : Upgrade, Downgrade]

It was a simple introduction. There were many modules required and, together with the simple two-word description of its function, the furnace did not look very outstanding at all.

If he did not know about module technology and had not seen its bug-like effects on the workbench and oil well, Su Mo would still be able maintain his composure regarding this blueprint.

But now…

With a rumble, the blueprint of the furnace disappeared into the air, and was replaced by a new interface!

He clicked on the furnace icon and, suddenly, a stream of information was transmitted.

Compared to the previous memory transmission, this time, it was much more relaxing. The game interface only mentioned the materials required to craft it.

“It’s difficult… the workbench was fine and didn’t require much. Forging this furnace requires so many rare earth resources and copper…”

The workbench only needed some wood, glass, circuit boards, wires, and other common items.

However, this furnace required a large amount of copper and iron resources. It also required zinc, tin, lead, nickel, and cobalt; these five common elements.

As for the rest, such as Cerium, Praseodymium, Lutetium, Samarium, and Erbium; these five rare-earth elements, Su Mo had only heard of their existence on Earth.

He could even call out the names of these rare elements. It was only because Su Mo liked to read Popular Science articles, so he could barely recognize them.

“This is difficult. It should not be a problem to gather all seven of the common elements, but I have no clue on how to obtain any of these rare earth elements. I can only try my luck and purchase them directly from others!”

There was a mysterious voice telling Su Mo that, as long as he could forge the furnace, his productive and combat abilities would increase exponentially.

However, these resources could not be gathered in a short amount of time.

Even if he used the System to create these elements, the price tag would still be very high. Some elements even required 2,000 survival points to exchange for just a mere one gram.

Shaking his head, Su Mo recorded all the requirements needed into his third private message channel, which was used to record resources. He then started to study the resource card that was still floating in the air.

The Resource Card was different from the Virtual Coupon that the Kobold squad had dropped previously. It could only be seen, but not touched.

When he reached out to touch the card, he felt like he was holding a credit card. It was solid and reassuring.

After sizing up the structure of the card, Su Mo pulled up the Random Resource Card on the game interface.

[Random Resource Generation Card (Tier1)]
[Description: After using it, you can randomly create a random resource node within a shelter (Current Range: 7500m diameter).]
[Resource Rarity: Level 1]
[Resource Storage Space: Level 1]

“Hmm, what a magical card. It can create resources out of thin air. This is good stuff!”

Touching the card, Su Mo suddenly thought of the sulfur ore not far from the Underground Shelter and the gigantic saltpeter mine.

These things had appeared where they should not have been.

At the same time, there was no natural environment that matched their normal production environment.

It was like… they just appeared out of thin air.

Now, looking at the introduction of the card, Su Mo suddenly understood how these resources appeared.

“Could it be that Magoo used Resource Cards to create those resources? Or could it have been someone else who used the Resource Card?”

The Resource Card did not specify what level one resources were, nor did it describe how many level one resources were able to be produced at one time.

The current plan was to try it out and see how effective it was.

He placed the card into the storage space. Just as Su Mo was about to use it, his eyes drifted to the three Virtual Coupons floating in the corner.

“Eh, isn’t this the Resource Duplication Coupon that I obtained last time?”

With a thought, the three Coupons flew to the center of the storage space.

Su Mo looked at the attributes on it and tried to throw the resource card in. As expected, an illusionary notification popped up.

[Record]: Do you want to use Resource Duplicate Coupon to duplicate it?

The three Resource Duplication Coupons that he had obtained earlier could not be used on illusory items like the Storage Space Expansion Coupons.

This time though, he could duplicate the Resource Card.

Su Mo chose to copy one.

After the Duplication Coupon disappeared, another card slowly materialized beside the resource card.

The two cards had the same stats. With a backup card in hand, Su Mo did not hesitate and chose one of them to use.

With a flash, the card disappeared.

Standing on the ground, Su Mo leaned against the wall silently, his hand on the bag beside him.

One second… two seconds…

Three seconds…

After the card was used, time seemed to have slowed down. After ten seconds, Su Mo was disappointed, thinking that this Tier One Resource Card was of no use…


A noise that sounded like it could split heaven and earth rang throughout the area and into Su Mo’s ears.

It was like an earthquake outside. Even though he was five meters underground and had a stone wall that was several meters thick, Su Mo could feel it—

The entire shelter was shaking.

Ashes floated down from the ceiling of the shelter.

The terrified Oreo was barking in the living room, and Big Spark and Little Spark echoed with clucking sounds.

At the same time, the long-awaited game notification finally appeared.

Opening the game interface, Su Mo was stunned! His face was filled with disbelief!

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