My post apocalyptic shelter levels up infinitely – Chapter 124

Chapter 124: I Promise, You Will Definitely Die

“He’s dead?”

Ying Xiong’s words were like a bolt of lightning that struck Su Mo. Su Mo, who at first doubted Shen Yitian, was immediately stunned.

He still remembered the unsmiling and extremely professional Shen Yitian when they first met.

After talking about some details, he did not even stay for a while. He left with an umbrella and hurried away to complete the design…

Such a serious and rigid senior scholar had died just like that?

“Dead! He knew too much, and was going to cause trouble, so Ying Tianlong killed him immediately. I don’t know how he died, those in our family are secretive about this matter anyway, and we never spoke too deeply about it…”

Su Mo frowned, listening to Ying Xiong’s words, thoughts filling his mind.

According to his previous guesses, even if Shen Yitian was not the main participant, he was an accomplice.

Shen Yitian created the design with his own hands, but turned a blind eye to the defects of the design. This was not the ethics that a professional engineer would have.


“Are you sure that he has been killed by Ying Tianlong?”

“He must have killed him. Before the accident, he also specifically notified the people below to cooperate. I don’t know the details, but he must have done it!”

Ying Xiong said those words very confidently. Su Mo thought for a while and felt that Ying Xiong would not lie about things that had nothing to do with his interests.

However, a sad emotion surged from Su Mo’s heart at the same time.

If Ying Xiong was right, then Shen Yitian’s death was probably caused by the design he commissioned.

Had it not been for the commission that night, Shen Yitian might still be alive and devoting himself to revitalizing the Tundra Shelter.

Such a principled scholar, such a respectable person in the face of life threats, had been mutilated by own kind just like this?

In the winter weather, even with the combat uniform to keep him warm, Su Mo only felt cold all over.

Looking at Ying Xiong, who was paralyzed on the ground, Su Mo’s gaze turned firm, as if he had decided on something. Then he retracted the spear into the storage space.

“Want to drink this?”

Su Mo gestured with the psychic energy water in his hand; there were still two hundred milliliters left. Su Mo’s expression was very strange, looking like a creepy uncle trying to deceive a little girl.

This time, Ying Xiong responded even faster than before. He nodded again and again, his eyes full of the desire to be fed.

“If you want to drink this… Dial a video call to Ying Tianlong, I will say a few words to him. When the time comes, the water is yours, and the broad road of freedom ahead will also be yours!”

When the water bottle containing the psychic energy-water was moved to the left, Ying Xiong’s eyes followed to the left, when it moved to the right, Ying Xiong’s gaze followed it to the right.

The blue light changed with Su Mo’s gesture, like a deadly poison, exuding its unique charm.

He thought Ying Xiong would still struggle with this matter, but the reality is…

Ying Xiong acted without thinking, summoning his game interface, indicating that there was no problem at all.

“Ying Tianlong is a beast, even if Almighty Su would like to call and scold him, I wouldn’t mind. Having such a beast relative is also a shame to Ying Xiong.”

While speaking, Ying Xiong patted the snowflakes beside him angrily, cursing and swearing, as if indicating a stance and vowing to sever the relationship.

It’s a pity that the motions of his action were too big and affected the wound, which left him trembling in pain.

Standing beside Ying Xiong and watching his performance, Su Mo was expressionless.

On the contrary, it was the first time he got to look at someone else’s game interface, which made Su Mo extremely curious.

Ying Xiong endured the pain and focused mentally, summoning his game panel.

A message suddenly echoed in Su Mo’s ear.

[Record]: The player “Ying Xiong” wants to share his game interface with you. Do you want to accept?]

At the same time, even though Su Mo did summon his game interface, his blue panel also popped out, sending out a prompt with connection options.

Confirming that there were no problems, Su Mo silently accepted.

In the air, illusory fluctuations flashed, and a screen that belonged to Ying Xiong suddenly appeared in his line of sight.

This screen was different from Su Mo’s sky blue, but it flashed a green that suggested there was no danger.

Ying Xiong was also the first to discover that his panel had changed to this color, and his facial expression had a hint of “shock” that was imperceptible to Su Mo!

“Dial to Ying Tianlong, what are you doing in a daze?”

Seeing Ying Xiong’s blank expression, Su Mo reproached him.

Ying Xiong hurriedly shrank his neck and began to make the call.

Beep… beep… beep…

After sharing the interface, even the chat messages between Ying Xiong and Ying Tianlong could be viewed simultaneously. Before the call was connected, Su Mo browsed through it several times while directing Ying Xiong.

The information it contained was very simple, roughly the same as Ying Xiong’s words, but a little bit different in details, which was fine.

“No answer? Keep calling!”

Ying Tianlong seemed to be busy, this time the phone rang for four or five seconds, before being hung up in a hurry.

Directing Ying Xiong to continue dialing, Su Mo patiently waited as he listened to the beeps.

However, after waiting till the fourth call, Ying Tianlong, that old dog, still hung up and even hung up faster than before.

“Good! Very good, tell Ying Tianlong, tell him that you’ve gotten my treasure! Ask him if he wants it!”

Su Mo sneered and watched as Ying Tianlong’s call came in after Ying Xiong sent the message. Su Mo learned and copied what he did and he instructed Ying Xiong to hang up his call.

Su Mo only had Ying Xiong connect the call after hanging up five times in a row.

The picture flickered and, as the signal stabilized, Ying Tianlong’s face appeared on the screen.

It was not the first time Su Mo saw this brute, but he still remembered his looks from a glance.

Not because of other reasons, but because Ying Tianlong’s face was far too recognizable.

A knife scar slid along Ying Tianlong’s left forehead to the bottom of his right cheek and chin.

Nonetheless, his entire face seemed to have been scalded by hot water and had wounds everywhere. The twisted skin and mucous membranes, after recovering, combined with that smiley face, would make people feel nauseous at first sight.

“Ying Xiong, have you obtained Su Mo’s treasure? What is it, tell your cousin, what is it that makes his life so comfortable?”

At first glance, Ying Tianlong’s eyes gleamed and he did not notice the paleness on Ying Xiong’s face due to the blood loss.

He also did not notice Oreo, who was standing in the corner of the video, in the ice and snow in Ying Xiong’s video background.

Su Mo signaled Ying Xiong to flip the video. On the screen, Ying Xiong’s face suddenly disappeared, being replaced instead by Su Mo’s smiling face.

“Ying Tianlong, it’s our first proper meeting. My name is Su Mo, I am glad to make your acquaintance!”

Seeing how Ying Tianlong’s face turned black in the video, Su Mo’s smile gradually widened.

At the same time, because of Shen Yitian’s death, the anger accumulated in his heart made Su Mo’s eyes look as if they had been lit on fire.

“Hahaha, how can your old dog-face be so ugly. No wonder you can live in the doomsday world. Turns out that you were relying on your dog-face to scare away the monsters, right?”

“The things I like are very vulgar, but they do make me happy. You are also very vulgar, but you are nothing. Did you actually think that you could possibly obtain my “treasure” through these people? Huh? Did burning your head turn you stupid?”

While Ying Tianlong was stunned, Su Mo spoke extremely quickly, creating a classic one-sided conversation online.

With the distance between the two of them, it was unrealistic to deal with Ying Tianlong now.

However, while people may be useless at some things, they couldn’t possibly stand by and just do nothing!

“Young man, you don’t know…”

“I guess you are going to threaten me now, and say what you can possibly do in the future. Tsk, Ying Tianlong, you are not a three-year-old kid. What can your threats do to me? It’s not even certain whether you will make it past the current disaster safely, so just shut your dog mouth and don’t just speak bullshit words all day long.”

As a keyboard warrior in games, if a shameless person like Ying Tianlong could not be subdued, Su Mo would naturally not have made this video call in vain.

In the video, Ying Tianlong’s old face displayed no mood changes.

However, from the tightness of the muscles under his neck, Su Mo still noticed the restlessness in his heart.

“Anxious now? Come on, what do you want to say?” Su Mo made an expression of spreading his hands, taking the initiative to hand over the right to speak.

“Su Mo…”

“Ying Tianlong, don’t worry. You won’t need to wait long. When I see you the next time, you will die! I promise!”

“I promise!”

When Ying Tianlong uttered his name, Su Mo, whose hands had been hanging by his waist, brutally interrupted his speech.

At the same time, he drew his pistol abruptly and shot Ying Xiong in the forehead without looking at him.

The fierce bang, accompanied by Ying Xiong’s scream and Su Mo’s smiling face, was engraved in the video image.

Su Mo saw that Ying Tianlong finally could not help himself, looking shocked and probably filled with a load of cuss words that he had yet to spit out.

When the video ended, Su Mo stopped maintaining his facial expression and laughed out loud!

“Ying Tianlong, sooner or later I will let you know the fate of those who scheme against me…”

Su Mo solemnly put Ying Tianlong on the kill list on the private message channel that held his records of the doomsday world, and looked at Ying Xiong, whose face still had an expression of disbelief next to him. Su Mo’s eyes were cold.

No matter how sweet the words Ying Xiong were, and no matter how rhetorical they were…

Shen Yitian had still been murdered by Ying Tianlong because Ying Xiong revealed the location of the base!

He mutilated compatriots, betrayed the human race, and leaked the design. If he were to add up each of his wrongdoings, he should have been shot back and forth countless times.

It was considered merciful for Su Mo to end his pain so simply, without letting the other humans in the camp vent their anger on him.

After turning him over, under Ying Xiong’s body, Su Mo found his safehouse core.

It was damaged and no different from the ordinary person.

“After mixing with them for so long, and being a dog for someone else, he never even made any progress or improvements. This kind of person still wanted to play the role of schemer; even without me, he would one day play himself to death.”

Su Mo called for Oreo. For Ying Xiong, Su Mo did not want to spare the time to dig a hole and bury him. He directly summoned the shovel to crush the top of the snow and pressed the whole body underneath.

“Be a good person in your next life!”

Turning his head to glance at Ying Xiong’s half-exposed corpse, Su Mo turned his head and left.

Retracing his footsteps, this time, when Su Mo headed back, the trip was very smooth.

The road was familiar and, within ten minutes Su Mo returned to the mining camp.

During this process, he even wiped off most of the blood on his body using leaves and cleaned off the dried blood on the spear with snow.

Without the bloody aura and violent image, he suddenly looked a little more kind and refined.

From a distance, Su Mo first turned on the old phone to observe the positions of the humans, before using the binoculars to confirm that there were no problems. Slowly, he walked out of the shadows.