My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again – Chapter 740 – Filled with Doubts (2)

Chapter 740: Filled with Doubts (2)

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Xu Weilai let out a sigh of relief when she saw that the light in the room was still off. Zuo An should still be fast asleep.

She softened her footsteps when she entered the room and closed the door gently behind her. When she was making her way towards the bed, a voice suddenly came from the direction of the sofa, “Weilai, where did you go?”

Xu Weilai held her breath.

She stood frozen on the spot for a while before she stiffly turned her sights towards the sofa.

Zuo An had waken without her realization and was slowly sitting up. He reached out for the small table lamp on the coffee table beside the sofa and turned it on. The dim yellow light of the table lamp illuminated his gorgeous, gentle face. However, a sense of gloominess clouded his eyes.

Xu Weilai’s tightened her fists, then loosened them. She gave him a smile and spoke to him in the calmest tone she could manage, “Did I wake you up? I’m sorry… I can’t sleep, so I went downstair to get a glass of milk. It should help me sleep.”

Zuo An did not continue on after she finished talking.

She couldn’t tell whether he believed what she had said. But she indeed was telling him the trust. She just chose not to tell him what happened after that.

Countless questions and doubts filled her head after what happened earlier tonight. It wasn’t wise for her to mention what happened to Zuo An since she, too, was still confused over what she witnessed and went through.

Besides that, whether Zuo An knew about Aunt Bai was another mystery she had to unravel. What was his opinion on the relationship between Aunt Bai and CEO Zuo? It would be wiser for her to open her mouth after she figured out the truth about the current situation.

Perhaps her calm appearance convinced Zuo An she was telling the truth, he seemed to have believed what she said. “Are you sleepy now?” His usual gentle voice asked.

Xu Weilai nodded and deliberately yawned. “I’m really sleepy now.”

“Then go to sleep.”

After a pause, he added, “But don’t run around on your own in the middle of the night next time. Wake me up if you really can’t sleep. I’ll keep you company.”

“Sure, Will do.”

She walked back to the bed as she said this, as she lifted the blanket and lay down under the sheet. “Let’s continue sleeping. Good night.”

“Good night.”Zuo An turned off the small table lamp.

Xu Weilai vaguely felt Zuo An’s eyes on her even after she closed her eyes. Perhaps it was just her being too sensitive. She turned towards the other side with her back faced towards the sofa at this thought.

The room turned silent again. She barely slept a wink that night.

Xu Weilai was awakened by Zuo An’s gentle voice the following morning. She forced her eyes open and revealed the red veins around the pupils of her confused, tired eyes. It was almost dawn when she finally fell asleep.

She badly wanted to continue sleeping.

Just as she was about to ask Zuo An if she could stay in bed, Zuo An’s voice rang into her ears, “Weilai, my father is back. We have to meet him for breakfast.”

CEO Zuo…

The mention of this person immediately woke Xu Weilai up.

She had been wondering whether the middle-aged man she saw previous night was CEO Zuo. Now, she had the chance to confirm her suspicion.

Her intention to reject Zuo An’s morning call for breakfast was choked back down her throat. She immediately agreed and sprang up from the bed. “Okay, noted. Give me some time. I’ll wash up and dress up appropriately.”

Zuo An chuckled. “Okay, take your time. I’ll wait for your outside.”

Xu Weilai was ready half hour later and went down the stairs with Zuo An. They saw a man seated at the head of the dining table when they reached the dining room.

That man looked up at her as she walked in.

Their eyes met.