My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again – Chapter 654 – : Sudden Obedience (2)

Chapter 654: Sudden Obedience (2)

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What was going on? It doesn’t look like he was just being drunk.

Xu Weilai gazed at him. She quickly unfastened her seatbelt, pushed open the car door, and got out. She went around to the back seat and opened the car door. She lowered her body slightly and called out to him softly as she looked at him, “Gu Yu, are you okay? Wake up…”

He ignored her, perhaps he didn’t hear her, or perhaps he was in a semi-conscious state.

“Gu Yu, wake up!” Xu Weilai shouted as she reached out her hand and gently pushed him on his shoulder.

Just as her hand touched his shoulder, he suddenly opened his eyes and gazed at her sharply, which startled Xu Weilai.

However, his eyes returned to the gloomy and unfathomable state right after. He took a quick look around the surroundings they were in as if he finally realized that he had returned to the apartment building. He forced himself to sit up straight and then got out of the car.

“You can leave…” before Gu Yu could finish his sentence, his face suddenly turned pale again. He then strode towards the apartment building. His footsteps were obviously unsteady as if he was holding on to the last of his strength to move forward.

Xu Weilai stood rooted to the ground as she watched him from the back, in hurry to leave her for the apartment. Her brows furrowed tighter. Something was definitely wrong with Gu Yu from the look of it. It was probably similar to what she had witnessed the other night. And he had been drinking for so long tonight.., that was probably the reason his body was showing off signs that his health was not in a good state.

What was wrong with him?

In the end, Xu Weilai decided that couldn’t leave him looking like that. She turned off the car, pulled out the car keys, slammed the car door, and went after him.

When she arrived at the entrance of the apartment, she noticed that the door wasn’t shut properly. She pushed open the door and walked in.

The furnishing apartment looked the same as the day she left. This caught her by surprise. Was it because Gu Yu hadn’t been back to live in this apartment since the day she left, or perhaps he hadn’t changed anything in the apartment?

However, she wasn’t going to delve into it right now. She had to go check on Gu Yu first.

She heard some movement in the bedroom and walked in. Coincidentally, Gu Yu walked out of the bathroom. His face was almost devoid of any color, pale as a sheet of paper. This made the trace of blood in the corner of his lips especially obvious, which seemed dreadful to her.

Xu Weilai’s black pupils contracted slightly. Where did the trace of blood come from? Could it be that Gu Yu had vomited blood just now?


Gu Yu didn’t expect Xu Weilai to follow him back into the apartment. He looked at her with a dazed expression, then quickly regained his consciousness. His face was frighteningly cold. “Get out!”

He had managed to only say two words when he started coughing violently again. He coughed until he was almost losing his balance. He leaned against the bathroom door for support, but he still barked insistently at Xu Weilai, “I told you to get out!”

Xu Weilai didn’t move. Her dark eyes stared at his face and said, “I don’t want to stay either, but I can’t leave with you looking like this. Otherwise, if anything happens to you, I would be the last one to come into contact with you. I would become the main suspect.”

As she said that, she walked forward, one step after another. “I’ll send you to the hospital.”

She walked towards Gu Yu and reached out to help him. Gu Yu’s dark eyes looked at her coldly. Xu Weilai was already prepared to be flung away by him, but she didn’t expect him to show such obedience and allowed her to hold him by his elbow and to help him walk.

A flash of confusion shone in Xu Weilai’s eyes as she did not know why he suddenly stopped resisting. As of now, his health was of utmost importance. Thus, she supported him as they walked out of the apartment.