Chapter 541: The First Sage


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The gift of the Great Dao?


When he heard this, Jiang Lan naturally thought of the system’s voice.


[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao…]


Therefore, was the system essentially the sage opportunity condensed by a sage and the Heavenly Dao?


He had always received the gift of the Great Dao and had obtained many benefits. So it was because the system was manifested from the Heavenly Dao.


Knowing this, it was no wonder that the Deity Position could not restrict him. No wonder he could obtain the Deity Position so easily.


Imperial Lord Xi He had said that the Ba Country’s actions, together with Kunlun’s uniqueness, were still not enough for him to obtain the Deity Position so easily.


There should be other reasons.


So it was because he himself carried a sage opportunity that surpassed the Deity Position.


Furthermore, it was different from the Ancient Imperial Palace. It was a Heavenly Dao sage position.


“What are you thinking?” Gu asked.


“There are so many people in the Grand Desolate World, so why me?” Jiang Lan asked.


Just like how the sage opportunity gave people hope, it could also crush people.


His talent was not high. It was only because of the system and his master’s help that he was able to become an immortal.


“Why?” Gu smiled at Jiang Lan.


“That’s right. Why you out of so many people in the Grand Desolate World? Do you think you’re lucky or unlucky?”


Jiang Lan fell silent again. Was this luck or misfortune?


He should be considered extremely lucky.


“Whether you consider yourself lucky or not, you have no choice.


But do you think the Heavenly Dao and the Ancient Imperial Palace have a choice?


Finding a suitable person out of countless people in the Grand Desolate World is like finding a needle in a haystack. But so what if one was outstanding?


There was no way to find or confirm it.


The so-called suitable was just a matter of luck. Regardless of whether it was the Ancient Imperial Palace or the sage, they actually couldn’t see the hope ahead.


It was just a bet.


And you just happened to become this bet.” Gu looked at Jiang Lan and continued.


“There are some things that cannot be changed even with the great Dao. One’s physique, temperament, and perception.


How many of these three items do you have?”


Jiang Lan remained silent. His constitution couldn’t be altered.


Indeed, when he cultivated, he only obtained things that allowed him to increase his cultivation level. He never obtained anything that could change his physique.


There were some cultivation techniques that could stabilize one’s temperament. One’s perceptivity was supported by the Dao Comprehension Tea, but in the end, it did not change one’s essence.


“How many years have you been in the sect cultivating?” Gu suddenly asked.


“Eight hundred and fifty years,” Jiang Lan replied.


“Reaching the peak of the Dao Immortal Realm in eight hundred and fifty years? Do you know how long it will take for the others?


More than ten thousand years.


Even with the sage opportunity, it would still take more than three thousand years for one to reach the pinnacle of the Dao Immortal Realm.


And you… eight hundred and fifty years.” Gu looked straight at Jiang Lan with some doubt in his eyes.


“What’s special about you?”


Gu didn’t let Jiang Lan reply. Instead, he said.


“There are actually two paths to take after obtaining the Great Dao’s gift.


One is to walk towards the holy throne that we already have. You should know about this path, right?”


The book that he didn’t dare to touch flashed through Jiang Lan’s mind.


It was indeed a path to becoming a sage.


It led to the Heavenly Dao sage position left behind by the Heavenly Dao.


But that wasn’t what he wanted.


“What about the second?” Jiang Lan asked.


“The second one?” Gu leaned back and looked even more serious.


“The second is to walk a path that is not restrained by heaven and earth and become the number one sage above the Grand Desolate World, surpassing the sages and the Heavenly Dao of the old world, with the power to destroy a world.”


“Is that possible?” Jiang Lan asked.


“It’s impossible.” Gu smiled bitterly and felt sad.


“No one knows this path. No one is sure if this is even an actual path, nor does anyone know how powerful one can be by taking this path.


Even if one succeeds, he might not be able to resist the collapse of the old world.


This is all just a guess.”


Jiang Lan understood that no one else had walked that path before, nor had they seen it before.




He wondered if he could see it.


He would use his own body to explore and search for the brand new path. No one knew if he could become stronger in the end.


Perhaps the title of the number one sage did not exist.


However, he still wanted to find a way to become a sage himself. Regardless of whether he could become the number one sage or not, he had to become a sage as soon as possible.


Only then would he have the ability to resist subsequent changes.


Being a Dao Immortal…


It wasn’t enough.


“Then let’s return to the present.” Gu looked at Jiang Lan and said.


“The Ancient Imperial Palace made a huge gamble with the Heavenly Dao. They placed all their hopes on you. Whether it was intentional or not, this is the result.


In the past, you were just a chess piece on the chessboard. You had no choice.


Now, you have become a chess player on the chessboard and have the right to choose.


There are two choices in front of you now.


The Deity Position has already landed on you. You only lack the final name. Then, do you want to name it?


Taking this title is equivalent to accepting the Deity Position and accepting a gift from all of us. This gift will not allow you to become a sage. However, it can be used as a reference to help you find the path to becoming a sage.


And once you accept it, no matter which kind of sage you choose to become, you have to fight against the collapse of the old world.


It’s best not to underestimate the collapse of the world. Even if you really become the number one sage, you might not be able to win.


Therefore, no matter which kind of sage you are in the end, the final outcome might be a bloodbath.


If you’re afraid, you can turn around and leave.


Whether or not you want to participate in the final great calamity will depend on yourself.


Perhaps others will stand up and hold on to this sky. ”


After a pause, Gu looked at Jiang Lan and asked softly.


“What’s your choice?”


Jiang Lan stood where he was without speaking.


Did he have a choice?


Actually, he had no choice. He was not someone who could be satisfied just by surviving. He had responsibilities on his shoulders and someone he cared about.


He did wish for someone to hold up this sky, but what if no one did?


Then the best choice was to support this sky himself.


This was the case for the Ancient Imperial Palace, Qing Shan and the others.


There were some things that needed to be done.


He wasn’t that great, but he had come this far and didn’t want to turn back.


There was no way to turn back.


He already had a lot of responsibilities, so much so that he could not shirk them.


Therefore, this was a multiple choice question that had only one choice.


“I accept,” Jiang Lan replied.


If he did not become the number one sage, he would choose the route of The Unmoved Sage.


But he would try to avoid this.


Hearing Jiang Lan’s agreement, Gu immediately stood up, his voice carrying joy.


“Alright, then I’ll engrave the Deity Position title for you.


Your name will resound throughout the Grand Desolate World. ”




Suddenly, a rumbling sound came from the Ancient Imperial Court.


However, this rumbling did not stop. Instead, it continued to spread throughout the Grand Desolate World.




A deafening sound suddenly sounded above Kunlun.


It was magnificent and awe-inspiring.


Everyone in Kunlun looked up at the sky. The weather was clear and cloudless.


Where did the rumbling come from?




The rumbling sounded again. It was as if the world was telling everyone below to look up at the sky.


“What happened?”


Jing Ting, who was originally in the cultivation field, looked up at the sky. Had there been a change in the sky?


And it was a change he could not understand.


Lin An was also beside him. He was a little puzzled. The rumbling was too loud.


It was as if the sky was about to collapse.


“I don’t know. I’ll ask Master.”


With that, Lin An left and headed halfway up the First Summit.


Bei Fang of the Second Summit was also looking at the sky. For a moment, he could not understand what had happened without any warning.


But he felt that something might appear in the sky.


Lin Siya and Hong Luan of the Third Summit happened to be by Zhu Qing’s side, so they asked directly.


“Master, what’s going on?”


Zhu Qing looked up at the sky, her expression unchanged.


“The Deity Position has only landed on someone else. It’s just that it’s a little different from the others. Wait a while and you guys will hear a voice.”


Lin Siya and Hong Luan looked at each other in confusion.


However, they understood about the Deity Position. This was the opportunity to fight against the twelve Deity Positions, right?


Fifth Summit’s Miao Yue narrowed her eyes and said.


“What a grand scene.”


Lu Jian of the Eighth Summit was stunned. What was going on today?


He almost lost his grip on his sword and it nearly struck straight into his heart.


This rumbling was a little scary.


Mo Zhengdong of the Ninth Summit only looked at the sky and waited.


The change was somewhat unimaginable.


Ao Longyu sat beside Jiang Lan and covered her ears. The rumbling almost shattered her state of mind.


“Is Junior Brother changing his name this time?” She was a little shocked.


Her Junior Brother was really a big shot.



Meanwhile, the four people in the old wine tavern discovered that not only could they hear it, but even the others could also hear it. The commotion was terrifying.


Was this the Fist God changing his Deity Position?


They could not help but suspect it was too exaggerated.


They were not the only ones who felt that it was exaggerated. The others who had Deity Positions also looked up at the sky. They felt that such a situation was way too exaggerated.


Why was the title of the West Palace so famous?


Why was it able to resound throughout the entire Grand Desolate World?






Not only Kunlun, but the entire Grand Desolate World rumbled.


It was as if the rumble was reminding all cultivators to look up.


“What’s going on? How did the title of the Unparalleled Fist God affect the Grand Desolate World?” Imperial Lord Qiong Gou frowned.


“A title isn’t something that can be casually given. What title is he going to use?” The Earth Mother was somewhat stunned.


Using the name of the Eastern Wastelands was already enough, but it didn’t bring any changes.


How did the other party trigger such a large commotion?


Of course, when faced with such a great rumbling sound, some people weren’t shocked.


Instead, they cheered.


Those in the worship square of Ba Country cheered after hearing the rumbling.


The Fist God was about to advance to an even greater existence. They were waiting for a new title to appear.


To witness the birth of a new god.


“Everyone, the Fist God is about to become an even greater existence. We have to let the Fist God know of our existence immediately.”


An elder on the altar shouted.


“At once. At once.”


The people below cheered.


Some started worshiping the Fist God.


Some shouted and cheered that a new god was going to be born.


They were all waiting for the new title of the Unparalleled Fist God to appear.




At this moment, an even louder voice sounded in the sky above Ba Country. Everyone raised their heads.


He had come out. Everyone could feel that the new title of the Fist God had come out.


Qing Mu could also clearly feel that it was really going to appear.


“Ancient Imperial West Palace.”




As soon as his voice fell, lightning exploded, and a purple bolt of lightning struck the statue of the Fist God on the altar.




The statue exploded into powder.


However, the powder did not disappear. Instead, it directly headed towards the third statue as if it was transferring over.


At this moment, the new statue revealed its dignity and charm.


Then, his voice continued to fall. It was grand and vast, reaching straight into one’s mind.


“Eight Desolates Overlord.”


The people of Kunlun also heard these voices. The Eighth Prince and the others were surprised to feel that it was different from before.


“Boundless Tribulation Lord.”


Central Plains’ Heavenly Human Yunxiao looked at the sky and listened to the subsequent announcements.


“Mi Luo.”


Ao Longyu sat quietly beside Jiang Lan, listening to the final words.


“Supreme Heavenly Venerable Lun Ling.”


The Ancient Imperial West Palace’s Eight Desolates Boundless Tribulation Mi Luo Supreme Heavenly Venerable Lun Ling.


As soon as the announcement was made.


It shocked everyone in the Grand Desolate World.


Those who knew about the Deity Position felt that it was unbelievable. Those who did not know about the Deity Position thought that something had appeared.


“Boundless Tribulation Lord? Can he withstand such a title?” The Devil Ancestor found it unbelievable.


Not only him, the others also thought the same. How could the other party withstand such a title?


“Amazing, amazing. Those who do not know that I was the one who had taken the position in the Central Palace would think that it was the Unparalleled Fist God who stole it.” Imperial Lord Xi He looked at the Central Palace with a smile.


He didn’t know how the person inside did it.


However, the benefits were ultimately given to Kunlun, so there was no problem.


He always had selfish motives.


Ba Country.


Everyone was stunned when they heard the new deity’s name.


They opened their mouths but no words came out.


At this moment, the elder at the front knelt respectfully.


“We congratulate you on your new Deity Position.”


“Heavenly Venerable.”


“Heavenly Venerable.”


Why couldn’t they shout it out?


Why was there no prefix?


Why was the title so long?


Long Name Heavenly Venerable.


But no matter what, Ba Country was still celebrating the birth of the Heavenly Venerable.


The Heavenly Venerable no longer used his fists to fight. The position of the Fist God had already been given to them. This was a gift from the Heavenly Venerable.


They would forever remember the greatness of the Heavenly Venerable.




Jiang Lan was a little surprised when he received the new title. His title was a little… long.


“It’s alright, right?” Gu asked Jiang Lan.


“I’m not used to it.” Jiang Lan shook his head.


He felt that he couldn’t match it. All he could do now was match himself with the title of a Heavenly Venerable.


He didn’t feel too much pressure regarding the title of Fist God, but the title of being a Heavenly Venerable was extraordinary.


Perhaps one day, he would be able to match it.


However, when he accepted the new name and title, he also accepted something else.


It was a point that he had yet to pay attention to.


That should be a gift.


One point was enough for everything.


“By the way, are there still people who rise as quickly as you in the Grand Desolate World?” Gu sat back down on the throne tiredly.


“Probably not.” Jiang Lan shook his head. He had never heard of this before.


“There should be another one,” Gu recalled and said.


“Back then, the Ancient Emperor had condensed his Dao fruit into an opportunity and threw it into the Grand Desolate World.


Since you have appeared, the other one should have appeared as well.


He is different from you. He walks the path of the Ancient Emperor. Although it is impossible for him to become a sage, he should be able to reach the peak of the Dao Immortal Realm very quickly.


He was born knowledgeable.”


“Perhaps he hid it,” Jiang Lan replied.


He was the same. If he was born knowledgeable, he would definitely wait until he was strong enough before coming out.


After all, the road was smooth and there was no need for him to take risks.


Gu didn’t mind. He looked at Jiang Lan and said.


“I’ve done what needs to be done. I’ve also given you the gift. All that’s left depends on your own comprehension.


No one knows if you can become the number one sage in the future.


If you fail, you know what you will face. ”


Jiang Lan was silent. He knew.


“Then I should disappear too. I’ll leave the rest to you..” Gu watched Jiang Lan as his figure gradually disappeared.