My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 540

Chapter 540: The Origin Of The System


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In the Ancient Imperial West Palace’s palace, Jiang Lan stood at the bottom of the hall, quietly listening to Gu’s story.


He had some thoughts.


However, he didn’t interrupt him and just waited quietly for further developments.


He didn’t know if this story would last long, but it should be pretty long.


The Deity Position had already landed on his body, but the fusion progress seemed to have been paused.


It seemed to be intentional.


“The Heavenly Dao collapsed and the sages were destroyed. A portion of them had even collapsed.


Although those below the Sage Realm were spared, they still needed to face the collapse of the world.


The Dao Immortal Realm had become the strongest force.


However, those below the realm of the sages are all ants. The sages are already dead. What can a Dao Immortal do? ”


Gu sighed.


“Everything happened so quickly that no one was prepared.


The experts of the thousands of races had no time to resist at all and had to face the collapse of the Heavenly Dao.


In an instant, half of the world was covered by the Heavenly Dao and became a part of it.


The remaining people were doing their best to resist this collapse, but there were sages and half of the experts from the various races inside.


No matter how they struggled, it was useless.


Everyone was unwilling, but there was nothing they could do.


In the end, they could only watch as the world walked towards destruction step by step.


Of course, their efforts were not without benefits. At the last moment, they awakened their founding primordial spirit.


This was their last hope.


On the other hand, the founding primordial spirit only had the ability to develop the primal chaos. It did not have the power to resist the Heavenly Dao or sages.


After checking for a while, the founding primordial spirit realized that although the Heavenly Dao had collapsed, there was still a portion of it that was clear.


Under everyone’s hard work, the founding primordial spirit cut off the final clearness of the Heavenly Dao and fled the world with the seeds of all races.


The remaining people would buy time for the founding primordial spirit.


They hoped that he could escape far enough.”


Jiang Lan thought about the story as he heard it.


As expected, if he could learn some things from Gu’s story, perhaps he could learn more.


However, he still needed to wait for further developments.


“The world birthed from the chaos, and everything erupts from one point.” Gu sat on the throne, feeling both emotional and sad.


“The world that was once filled with thousands of races was completely destroyed.


What was left behind was just a chaotic mess. There was the resentment of the Heavenly Dao, the hatred of the sages, and even distorted lives.


The founding primordial spirit knew that one day, he would still be found.


Therefore, he needed to make a new world appear as soon as possible and let new experts be born.


The experts needed to be strong enough to resist the collapse and distortion of the living things in the old world.”


Gu looked at Jiang Lan and realized that the other party didn’t interrupt his thoughts at all. It was as if he would only ask questions at the end.


His eyes were calm. If it was an ordinary person, they would have already guessed or questioned him.


Gu then continued.


“The founding primordial spirit stood in the primal chaos, with the Heavenly Dao being born in his body.


He had returned to silence, but he had made all his preparations.


A new world appeared in him and began to expand and grow in the primal chaos.


His head had transformed into a small world since it was the hardest part of his body, and it was used as a defensive mechanism.


To resist and defend against the old world.


His body transformed into a vast world that nurtured all living things and created the experts of heaven and earth.


He had left behind the aura of the old world. If his aura was infected, it might distort.


Therefore, he created another realm to store the aura of the old world.


And his backbone was connected to the three realms.


A new world was born because of this, but it was still very young and needed to be continuously expanded.


All living beings also need to recuperate inside to reach a new peak.”


“Although the Heavenly Dao is not perfect in the new world, the nurturing was still smooth. The world was also rapidly growing.


Connate lifeforms began to appear, as did the hundred races.


When the world began to be occupied by these living beings, they named this world the Grand Desolate World.


And the world above the Grand Desolate World was called the Heaven Realm.


The world beneath the Grand Desolate World that could give birth to inner demons was called the Netherworld.


The ridge that connects the three realms also grew into a towering tree. This tree is built in the Grand Desolate World. They call this tree the Tree of Creation.” When Gu said this, he stared at Jiang Lan and asked.


“Are you surprised?”


“A little,” Jiang Lan answered truthfully.


Although he had guessed it from the start, it felt like a fantasy when he heard it personally.


He originally thought that the Grand Desolate World was merely a world that existed since the start of time. He never expected it to have other origins.


However, after reaching his realm and becoming one of the twelve Deity Position holders, he felt that this was not strange.


There had to be a general truth behind everything.


It couldn’t be considered tracing back to the source and he should know some of the origins.


The story that Gu said summarized the formation of the Grand Desolate World.


However, the power of the founding primordial spirit surprised him.


He could not do such a thing now.




He seemed to know about the enemy of the Ancient Imperial Palace. This was also his future enemy.


There was no way he could face it without becoming a sage.


It was no wonder that Imperial Lord Xi He had been plotting to become a sage in the Central Palace. How could those below the realm of a sage face the power of the collapse of the old world?


“Just a little?” Gu looked at Jiang Lan and smiled.


“Then continue listening. Perhaps there’s something that will surprise you more.”


Jiang Lan nodded slightly. Gu was telling him stories, but they weren’t all stories.


He was talking about the past. As for how Gu knew about these things, he didn’t ask.


He might say the answer later. It would not be too late to ask again if there was no answer. Now, he wanted to hear the full story.


“After the founding primordial spirit gave birth to the new world, it wanted to tell all living beings to be wary of the old world, but because it had fallen silent too quickly, it didn’t have the time to wait for experts to appear.


It would be useless even if he told a non-expert.


Even if such news was passed down, it would not be trustworthy.


Just like that, the world was filled with vitality and experts gradually appeared. However, everyone was still doing their best to improve themselves and search for a higher realm. It was as if it was no different from the previous world. The only difference was that when they reached a certain realm, they would not be able to see the path ahead, only feeling that there should be a path ahead.


Many people were speculating about this, but no one knew that the danger of the old world was approaching.


Just as everyone was looking for a way forward, someone realized that the root reason why they could not see the exact path ahead was due to this world.


It was as if something was damaged to begin with.


He walked through the heavens and earth, heading towards the Heaven Realm, and then towards the Netherworld.


In the end, he stopped at the top of the Tree of Creation. He found something here. It was something left behind by the founding primordial spirit. It informed him of the origin of the world and the danger he was about to face.


This person did not believe it directly, but he used his own strength to observe what was beyond.


At that time, he had discovered something indescribable. It was as if it was in the void, but at the same time, it was like an individual. The other party seemed to be able to devour everything.


In an instant, his heart trembled. It was as if his heart was filled with hatred, anger, and distortion.


At that time, he finally believed the words of the founding primordial spirit.


Then he began to prepare. He needed other people’s help.


Facing such an existence that could destroy the world, he was far from being enough alone.


He had searched for all the experts of that time and even found a path to becoming a sage for himself.


Being a Dao Immortal was not enough. He had to become a sage.


There was no place for sages in this world. Thus, he used everything in this world to construct a holy throne.


He had made many preparations and found many people and some special races.


It was all for the subsequent confrontation.


This was not a battle that lasted for the blink of an eye, but an endless battle.


After he had prepared everything, he looked back and saw many people following him.


He asked the people behind him, why were they willing to face him together?


Instead, the people behind him asked him why he was willing to lead the way.


This question stumped the person. Why?


He asked himself the same question, but there was no answer, because after learning about this, he began to plan everything.


For himself? Or for the living beings of the Grand Desolate World?


He didn’t know, but he knew that if he stood out, the people behind him would follow. This was enough.


Then if no one in this world can shoulder this disaster, he would bear it. He would be responsible for it.”


Gu leaned back and continued.


“Disaster arrived as expected. The collapse began from the Heaven Realm, which descended into the Grand Desolate World. The world tilted, and the great earth collapsed.


And at this moment, that person completed the final conditions and leaped onto that position.


This was the only sage born from this world.


His name resounded throughout the entire Grand Desolate World: Ancient Emperor.


This was his name as a sage, and also the name that would protect the Grand Desolate World in the future.


After the Ancient Emperor became a sage, the others also advanced one step after another. They began to stabilize the Grand Desolate World, stopping the disaster.


The Ancient Emperor and the Tree of Creation stood tall holding the realms apart. The other races repaired the land and stopped the disaster from spreading.


In the end, the Ancient Emperor used his sage body to push the collapse back to the Heaven Realm and opened up the defensive line that he had long prepared in the Heaven Realm.


From then on, the Heaven Realm would be the frontline battlefield of the Grand Desolate World, a battlefield that resisted the collapse of the Heavenly Dao.


The Ancient Imperial Palace was also born because of this.”


Jiang Lan was silent. He had heard this story before. He had heard it when he was in the Treefront Village. It was just that the perspective now was a bit different.


But the content of the story was the same, which meant that what they said was true.


“The Ancient Emperor faced the invasion head-on. Only he had a way to resist the collapse of the old world, while the others only needed to resist a small portion of the invasion.


However, even a small portion of it made the Ancient Imperial Palace go all out.


After fighting for a long time, the Ancient Emperor realized that he could no longer hold on.


He had to close the Heaven Realm, or it would affect the Grand Desolate World.


In the end, the Heaven Realm was closed. Those who stayed behind willingly would be the last line of defense. Hopefully, they could buy some time.


However, no one knew if new experts would appear in the Grand Desolate World.


They could only make more preparations and try their best to leave behind the power they had obtained from the Grand Desolate World.


This came in the form of the Deity Positions that belonged to the Ancient Imperial Palace.


This was the only thing left for the Grand Desolate World. They did not know how long they could last.


At this moment, the Ancient Emperor made a decision. He separated a portion of himself and was born again on the Grand Desolate World.


He hoped that he could find a new opportunity to become a sage.


This reborn person had given himself a name since he was young. His name was Gu.


He had traveled the Grand Desolate World and his cultivation level had advanced extremely quickly. He, who had gained insight into the world, had created many things.


He created spell techniques, cultivation techniques, and everything else.


However, he just couldn’t find a way to become a sage. Later on, he had an idea about what was above the sky. After a few twists and turns, he arrived at a certain mountain range. He drew out the nine summit mountain range here and called it Kunlun.


After that, he went from the Ninth Summit to the Netherworld. That was not the place he wanted to go. In the end, he found the entrance to the Heaven Realm in the First Summit.


He entered the Heaven Realm.


At that time, the Heaven Realm had almost disappeared. Only a few people were still working hard.


At that moment, Gu learned a lot. Without any hesitation, he stayed behind.




Even with his participation, it was useless.


After being severely injured, he left the Heaven Realm and returned to Kunlun.


At this moment, he began to write everything. He left behind the Kunlun Heart Sutra, various Dharma treasures, and trained a few disciples.


After making all the preparations, he charged into the Heaven Realm again.


There was no possibility of him becoming a sage. The only thing he could do was dedicate himself to killing in there.




He had completely stayed here.


He also stayed in the Ancient Imperial West Palace. This place was prepared for Kunlun.


Gu firmly believed in Kunlun’s strength. He had set up a trap to make all the most talented and tenacious people in the Grand Desolate World come to Kunlun.


Kunlun would gather the strongest humans in the Grand Desolate World.


And then…”


Gu looked at Jiang Lan and said.


“You saw me.”


“What about the Jade Pool?” Jiang Lan suddenly asked.


“The Jade Pool’s existence is extremely special. It can provide power to the nine summits, and it can also condense a special power. It is where the core of the world is, and it carries the power of the world.


Its true use is to suppress Kunlun. Kunlun has the entrance to the Netherworld, so it naturally needs to be suppressed,” explained Ancient.


Jiang Lan remained silent. He had more or less heard of these things before.


However, Gu had connected everything together.


The details were not explicit, but he understood most things now.


However, what surprised him was that Gu was actually a part of the Ancient Imperial Palace. He wanted to continue becoming a sage. If one sage wasn’t enough, he needed another.


“Do you think this story is over?” Gu’s voice came from above.


“Could there be more?” Jiang Lan asked.


“I just said that I will tell you this story because I asked you about your uniqueness.” Gu looked at Jiang Lan and continued.


“What I have just said is just a part of the story. There’s another part of this story”


Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. Instead, he waited for further words.


For a moment, he felt that what he would hear later was what mattered to him.


“There’s no hope of Gu becoming a sage. This means that the Heaven realm is about to fall and even if everyone activates the darkness of night and uses their lives as the last line of defense, it will be useless.


The root problem will not be solved.


The Ancient Imperial Palace was about to die, and the Heavenly Dao was powerless to hold on. They had joined forces to resist it to begin with. Now that the Ancient Imperial Palace was gone, the Heavenly Dao knew that it would continue to be devoured until it became a part of the collapse.


Therefore, with the Ancient Imperial Palace’s help, the Heavenly Dao made its final struggle.” Gu looked at Jiang Lan as if he wanted to see through him.


Unfortunately, he couldn’t see through it. In the end, he could only continue.


“The Heavenly Dao used its core to condense a whole new sage opportunity. This was the final hope condensed from the life of a sage and the Heavenly Dao.


In the end, the sage opportunity was thrown into the Grand Desolate World to find a suitable person to inherit it.”


Jiang Lan was in disbelief. He guessed something and thought of something.


Soon afterward, he obtained an answer, an answer that came from Gu’s mouth.


At this moment, Gu looked at Jiang Lan with a serious expression. His voice was deep.


“Those who obtain this sage position will receive… the gift of the Great Dao.”

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