My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Plans


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In the courtyard, Jiang Lan sat at a stone table reading a book.

Xiao Yu was looking at his arm as if she wanted to find a scar.

“No more.” Xiao Yu smiled.

“Junior Brother, didn’t I say that I controlled it very well?”

Jiang Lan glanced at Xiao Yu without saying anything.

It had been so many days before he fully recovered.

Furthermore, did this dragon not reflect on itself?

He didn’t think too much about this, and he was thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow was the appointed time with Imperial Lord Xi He. At that time, he would know what Imperial Lord Xi He’s plan was.

Seizing the Central Palace wasn’t easy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to wait so long and even start the fortuitous opportunity battle.

It seemed that he was able to only seize the Central Palace after the others had become stronger.

He had planned for nearly a thousand years.

Everyone was being used by him, but the others had no choice but to enter this trap.

No one understood the Deity Position better than Imperial Lord Xi He. If one wanted to walk fast enough, one could only participate in the fortuitous opportunity battle.

During this period of time, he had been to the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace once and could feel the power of the night becoming weaker and weaker.

The Deity Position of the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace seemed to be shrinking as well.

It was Imperial Lord Youdu who was currently fusing with the Deity Position. Even his side was affected.

Without Imperial Lord Xi He, it was impossible for them to make such rapid progress. Moreover, even if the others wanted to start the fortuitous opportunity battle, they were unable to do so.

Because they did not know how to summon everyone with a Deity Position.

Therefore, even if they knew that Imperial Lord Xi He wanted to fight for the Central Palace, even if they knew that they were helping him, no one would refuse.

Other than the Devil Ancestor who was eliminated early in the morning.

Although he had some benefits after that, he was still lacking compared to the others.

“Senior Sister, let’s go find a small village in a few years,” Jiang Lan suddenly said.

“What if I transform into a half-dragon?” Xiao Yu asked.

She understood what Jiang Lan meant. He wanted to be an ordinary person and live like an ordinary person.

Her Junior Brother wanted to comprehend more things, so he needed to be an ordinary person.

She would naturally go as well.


If she couldn’t control her half-dragon transformation, she couldn’t be considered an ordinary person.

“The Grand Desolate World is so big. It’s not like there are no demons who have not undergone a metamorphosis to marry humans,” Jiang Lan said softly.

“That’s good.” Xiao Yu stopped thinking about it.

She did not know what would happen then.

But there was no harm in that.

Jiang Lan could already see the front that was blocked by the primal chaos. What he needed to do now was to open up a path.

To understand the path ahead, to replace the path ahead, to create the path ahead.

Life was short, but cultivation was long.

There were some things that cultivators could not experience. A short life and a long life would definitely contain immense astonishment.

In the past, he didn’t feel it properly. Now, he wanted to feel it again.

The next day.

Jiang Lan sent Xiao Yu to the Third Summit.

“Remember to pick me up in the evening,” Xiao Yu said seriously.

This was the same situation as the previous time when her Junior Brother had an epiphany.

Jiang Lan nodded. “Alright.”

This time, he was only going out to talk to Imperial Lord Xi He. It wouldn’t bring too many problems.

Of course, he still had his guard up against Imperial Lord Xi He.

He would not feel that he was fearless after becoming a Dao Immortal.

Such thoughts would bring him a lot of unnecessary trouble, so he should be vigilant and not relax.

After a while.

He appeared in the Ice Cicada Forest. At this moment, he had already activated his One Leaf Vision.

He was waiting for Imperial Lord Xi He.

After waiting for a moment, he felt a gaze coming from above Kunlun.

It was Imperial Lord Xi He.

At this moment, a figure landed in front of Jiang Lan. Unlike last time, it wasn’t just a phantom with the strength of a single strike.

This time, it was a blurry figure.

It should be a power projection.

“Heh, you’re already at this realm, yet you’re still unwilling to show your true appearance?” Imperial Lord Xi He’s voice carried a smile.

He wasn’t very surprised, but he didn’t quite understand.

The Fist God’s strength had already reached the peak of the Dao Immortal Realm. Such a person was practically invincible in the Grand Desolate World.

There wouldn’t be any danger in showing his appearance.

No matter what he did, he didn’t need to hide his face. However, the Unparalleled Fist God still hid and didn’t let him see him.

“What does Senior plan to do next?” Jiang Lan asked.

He did not say anything about himself. There was nothing to say about this.

He hoped to hide for as long as he could so that it wouldn’t be too troublesome.

He would quietly stay on the Ninth Summit and find a wife before taking over the Ninth Summit.

This was good.

However, during this process, he needed to fulfill some of the responsibilities he needed to fulfill.

For example, dealing with the thing hiding behind the darkness.

When the time came, he did not know what would happen to the Grand Desolate World.

But he would try his best.

“In two days, I’m going to start fighting for the Central Palace. I need your help with this.” Imperial Lord Xi He didn’t hide it, directly stating that he needed help.

“What should I do?” Jiang Lan asked.

This was originally part of the deal, and what he would obtain was the Ancient Imperial West Palace.

He could then leave the Lower Palace and complete the karma.

This would make his future clearer.

“Give me a push.” Imperial Lord Xi He looked at Jiang Lan and said.

“When the time comes, I will build a bridge. I need someone to push me and let me successfully walk from the West Palace to the Central Palace.

The process is easy, but also difficult.

You need to endure some pressure. If you can’t endure it, you will be severely injured.

Normally speaking, being a Celestial Immortal is enough. However, your cultivation level is extremely high. It is definitely possible for your Deity Position to resonate.

The reason is that you are both powerful and special. If the Deity Position does not restrict you, it might approach you.

This way, the pressure will appear. You have to be mentally prepared. ”

“Alright.” Jiang Lan nodded.

Helping Imperial Lord Xi He fight for the Central Palace was naturally not that safe.

Therefore, he was mentally prepared from the start. This was nothing.

“If I succeed, I will send that bridge to you. At that time, it will be the time for you to leave the Lower Palace. At the same time, I will let the Deity Position leave your body.

This requires some preparation.

You need to do it yourself.” Imperial Lord Xi He handed a diagram to Jiang Lan.

“There’s an array formation here. You need to engrave it in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. When the bridge comes to you, the array formation will be activated. What you need to do is to let the array formation completely bloom.

At that time, you will discover that the Deity Position is escaping.

The moment you are completely free, you need to immediately jump onto the bridge and head towards the West Palace.

I will also leave an array formation there. As long as you stand in the middle of the array formation, the West Palace Deity Position will land on you.

Remember that once the Deity Position falls on you, you have to enter the palace.

If you meet the person inside, you will receive the most benefits.

At that time, you can obtain whatever you want to know and what you want to obtain. But whether you want to accept it or not will depend on yourself.

If you have entered the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace before, you should understand what I am talking about.

It’s just that the Ancient Imperial West Palace is even more special.”

“I understand,” Jiang Lan replied as he took the diagram.

He indeed knew what he would encounter. When he entered the Lower Palace, he saw Qing Shan and obtained the gift of the countless people from the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. He also took on their responsibility.

The Ancient Imperial West Palace should be the same, but the West Palace was somewhat special. It was very special to the people of Kunlun.

This was because the person waiting for him in the Ancient Imperial West might be the Kunlun Ancestor, Gu.

Imperial Lord Xi He knew of this, so he didn’t enter.

He didn’t know why.

Perhaps it had something to do with whether he had obtained the Deity Position or not. Imperial Lord Xi He had just reminded him that he should enter as soon as he obtained the new Deity Position.

At that time, he shouldn’t have completely obtained it. There was still the process of leaving behind a title.

While he was talking, he took a look at the diagram and realized that it was a complicated array formation.

Soon, he simulated it. Indeed, it could let something escape without any obvious trap.

But he still needed to go back and study it.

At the same time, he could simulate the array formation that the other party had left behind.

This would be safer.

What do you think?