My girlfriend from turquoise pond requests my help after my millennium seclusion – Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Master’s Past


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“Say that again.”


Chen Xi looked at Jiang Lan as if she couldn’t believe her ears.


How could something so bizarre happen?


“I want to divine my master’s marriage fate,” Jiang Lan said again.


Although it was hard to accept, it was still a serious matter.


When Imperial Lord Xi He heard his words back then, he was also shocked.


However, since it was just a form of support, Chen Xi probably wouldn’t refuse.


“I object.” Chen Xi spoke directly.


Jiang Lan: “…”


For a moment, he was confused. Even Ao Longyu did not understand.


“Martial Aunt, do you think there’s something wrong?” Jiang Lan asked softly.


He really did not know much about the affairs between the summit leaders.


Did he step on lightning because of this?


This could easily bring about a bad effect. He could only hope that it wasn’t a big problem.


Could it be that Martial Aunt Chen Xi also admired his master?


Jiang Lan felt that his thoughts were a little too much. His master shouldn’t be so popular.


His master did not have many striking points that attracted others.


“Back when I was still brothers with your master, I said that if I didn’t get married, he couldn’t.


Now, I haven’t married anyone yet. How can he marry first? “Chen Xi returned to normal and continued drinking her tea.


However, when she talked about the past, her eyes would always be filled with emotion.


Jiang Lan was confused. Was his Martial Aunt a male before?


Ao Longyu was also confused. Her Martial Aunt should be a woman. This shouldn’t be wrong.


“A long, long time ago, before we became summit leaders, your Master and I were as close as brothers.” As she spoke, Chen Xi took the teacup Ao Longyu stole and said.


“At that time, I loved drinking tea, so I made many teacups for Junior Sister Zhu Qing.


Junior Sister Zhu Qing is the most beautiful person I have ever seen.


One cup is equivalent to a lifetime. I have given her many teacups.


I thought of what our future would be like.


At that time, I told Mo Zhengdong that I would marry Junior Sister Zhu Qing one day.


He did not believe it.


This was because Zhu Qing had the heart of a jade girl and would definitely not get married.


In a fit of anger, I asked him to make a verbal agreement that if I don’t marry, he can’t either.


He, who is wholeheartedly focused on the Dao, naturally agreed. Then…”


“Then?” Jiang Lan was curious.


Then, did his Martial Aunt change into a woman after that?


Ao Longyu sat beside Jiang Lan and listened attentively as if she was entranced. They had never heard of such a story.


However, she also felt that Martial Aunt Chen Xi had turned into a woman from a man.


However, they realized that that was not the case.


Chen Xi sighed and said.


“Then, I was targeted by Miao Yue. That period of time was really unbearable to look back on.


Unknowingly, I felt that someone was controlling everything, making me feel exhausted.


Fortunately, it is now much better after a thousand years.”


Jiang Lan: “…”


Ao Longyu: “…”


A thousand years of being manipulated did seem a little uncomfortable.


Jiang Lan was shocked. Martial Aunt Miao Yue’s plan was actually so far ahead.


However, Martial Aunt Miao Yue seemed to really admire his master. Why didn’t his master notice it?


“Later on, my cultivation level reached a certain level, and I was just one step away from stepping onto my Dao path. But one day, I suddenly changed from a man to a woman.


Although I was surprised, it is not an impossibility.


I must have been hit by some enemy’s evil spell.


In the end, I went to look for the Sect Master. He took my pulse and said that he would study it for a while.


After that, I had no other qualms and continued to drink with Mo Zhengdong and Jiu Zhongtian. There was no distinction between men and women.


Then…” Chen Xi sighed again.


“I was targeted by Miao Yue again. This time, it’s even worse than last time.


She smiled and told me that there was a difference between men and women.


As expected, it was another unbearable period of time.


Then the Sect Master told us a shocking truth.


He said that I originally had a female body but because I was persecuted by evil spells since I was young, I turned into a male. Later on, because I had achieved a certain level of cultivation, the evil spell was automatically broken…”


Jiang Lan: “…”


Ao Longyu: “…”


This was really unexpected.


“Although I locked myself up for a long time, I still accepted myself.


I decided to accept my new identity.


I also accepted that there’s a difference between men and women. From then on, I stopped drinking with Mo Zhengdong and the others. I didn’t even want to see them.


Then Miao Yue got better with me.” Chen Xi sighed.


Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu were enlightened. So that was the case.


“Is the story nice?” Chen Xi asked Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu.


Ao Longyu subconsciously nodded before immediately shaking her head. Jiang Lan was cautious and did not forget himself.


Chen Xi didn’t really mind. She looked at Jiang Lan and said.


“Therefore, I’m not considered Mo Zhengdong’s marriage partner.


Do you understand?”


“I understand.” Jiang Lan nodded.


“I just have some questions to ask Martial Aunt.”


“Ask away.” After tossing the cup to Ao Longyu, Chen Xi continued to drink her tea.


This time, she was rather careful drinking her tea, afraid that Jiang Lan would ask another unexpected question.


“Has my master ever had someone he likes?” Jiang Lan asked.


Chen Xi: “…”


Fortunately, she had yet to drink the tea.


She thought for a moment and said.


“No, he is wholeheartedly focused on the Dao and has never had such thoughts.


It was like this before and now.


It is hard to say if it will be the same in the future. Perhaps it will be the same.


At our level, there is almost nothing that can restrain us.


Even the Sect Master can’t do anything to us. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to make Mo Zhengdong change his mind.


It’s useless no matter how much you do.”


Jiang Lan let out a sigh of relief. As long as there wasn’t, things would be much easier.


This way, he could try his best to find a wife for his master, as long as his master agreed.


And he didn’t have to worry about finding the wrong person.


“Then does Martial Aunt think that my master hates Martial Aunt Miao Yue?” Jiang Lan asked again.


Chen Xi looked at Jiang Lan with a faint smile.


“You’re really good at finding people. Is it because of Miao Yue, or do you want to find her yourself?”


After a moment of silence, Jiang Lan answered truthfully.


“I feel that Master is not young. When he doesn’t look after the Ninth Summit in the future, he might be lonely and lack company.


Therefore, I want to find him a wife.


I have naturally considered all the suitable seniors. Later on, I heard that Martial Aunt Miao Yue admires Master, so I had more thoughts.”


Puchi ~


Chen Xi laughed. She felt that Jiang Lan’s idea was really interesting.


Mo Zhengdong’s disciple was different from others. He began to think that his master was old at such a young age.


The retirement arrangements had even begun.


She was rather curious about Mo Zhengdong’s expression if he knew.




There was a turn in Miao Yue’s marriage. Could it be this person in front of her?


It was very possible.


“When Miao Yue entered the sect, she was still a teenage girl. She had been by Mo Zhengdong’s side since she was young. Because Miao Yue was smart, she also caused trouble. Mo Zhengdong was the one who dealt with her.


After becoming independent, he stopped caring about it.


Perhaps in Mo Zhengdong’s eyes, Miao Yue is just a little girl. He definitely does not hate her. In fact, he took even more care of her.


But there are definitely no other thoughts,” Chen Xi explained.

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